BB8 Daily Recap August 6, 2007
Jen saves herself, Eric goes up, then round and round they go...

9:30 am
Things are back to normal; Kail is the first one up today, making coffee and reading her bible. We are entertained by her multiple attempts to get into the storage room for about 20 minutes (it is locked). Zach makes an attempt to get up but appears to have gone back to bed.

10:30 am
Kail is still reading. Eventually we see that Jen is up. Kail is nervousing about going home if Eric is nominated. Jen assures her he will go home if he goes up. They are suspecting that Eric did the mustard to set Dick up. They surmise that Amber must have lied to Nick. She has shut down since the banner. Jen realized she will be running the POV meeting in her bunny suit.

11:30 am
Jen says if BB doesn’t get her a dentist soon, she won't use POV and will just go home. Kail thinks it's odd that Evil is now trying to get her to stay. Jen says it’s weird that he's being nice to her and people are going to think they have an alliance. Jen thinks they are telling Dick in the DR that he is on his final warning and he needs to stop messing with peoples stuff. Kail saying that Dustin is telling Kail that Dani needs to put up Dick or Zach for her to stay. Jen says well that isn't gonna happen. Zach is up, goes outside and Jen yells "Yeah! It's a bunny!" Zach (in his bunny suit) proceeds to grill chicken and fish for breakfast. Jessica and Dustin are up and in kitchen.

12:30 pm
We get an odd exchange between Zach and Jessica. Zack asks her what time she went to bed. She says around 4:00. Then out of nowhere he says, "The answer to your question is yes, I did want to keep Nick in." She kind of acts confused and says what, and he repeats it and says he doesn't rat people out, that if he says something it's the truth and he expects that from others even though he knows he won't get it. Jessica just sitting there saying, "Right." He then says if she ever wants to talk, he's there, that he likes talking to her about stuff. Then he walks out.

Dustin and Jen talking in the back yard. He says it sucks that Dani isn't going to keep her word (about Kail being safe). Jen says she doesn't see why she (Dani) can't see why her dad is the best person to put up if she wants any chance in the game. Dustin says Kail is nothing in this game because she can't win HOH for 5 weeks and Eric can and probably will, so it makes no sense. Jen says Dick thought he was close to Eric and now he's mad because he realizes he's not.

Dick and Dani are talk in HOH. Dani says she's very very nervous about putting Eric up because it's going to come back on her, but now she has no other options. She said to Dick, “you are acting like it's no big deal but it is to me”. Dick said there are other options, Dustin. She said “no because I won't have the votes”.

Dustin tells Eric about his future Nomination speech when he's HOH. He will nom Daniele and Dick. If Dick gets off. He will put Jen up. He will say at the POV ceremony "Jen I nominate you to go next to Dani. Because Dani, I want you to know that the person you've been trying to get out since week one, the house will choose her over your skanky ass. Meeting adjourned."

1:30 pm
In the backyard, Dick is trying to help Kail stay. He's tells her that she's close to Dustin and should try to get his vote. He said Jessica seemed to be coming around but then Eric got in her ear and now she's giggling again. He says if he doesn't get HOH, he's sure he'll be going up. Then says, "Oh well." He's been up before, she's been up three times, doesn't mean you're going home. Kail says, "Right."

Jameka gives Eric her word that he has her vote to stay this week.

Dani venting to Dick that Kail is making her mad, that she came up to her room last night freaking out and telling her that if she puts her up against Eric it's a guarantee she's going home. Dani says if she comes up to her one more time she's going to tell her that she doesn't owe her anything and she doesn't care if she goes home. Dick reassures her that putting up Eric is a good decision.

2:30 pm
Outside lockdown, prep for Veto meeting.
Zach entertains us with a quote from his dad, "you have to make choices, at certain points in your life your going to be forced to make choices, and you don’t want the choices to make your choice, you should make your own choice, whether its the right choice or the wrong choice, you should make the choice"

We see trivia while the Veto meeting takes place.
When we get feeds back, everyone seems calm. No immediate talk of the meeting.

Eventually we see Eric, Jameka, Jessica, and Dustin talking. Eric says he wanted to whisper in Dani's ear, "You just cost yourself 500,000 dollars".
Dustin says "Next week if one of us gets HOH and Dick leaves we should all get up, turn around, point at Dani and laugh."
Eric attempts to come up with a dance to do when Kail gets evicted

3:30 pm
Dick and Daniele talk about the Veto meeting aftermath and not sure how Amber was taking it. Dick says he’ll wait until Thursday and tell her that Eric says he has something in his back pocket to destroy Amber, to stir things up.

Dustin asked Zack if he had any kind of deal with the Donatos. Zach said not a damn thing. Just that they wouldn't put him up this week and he would vote the way they wanted him to. Dustin says, "Well what ever you do, just know that Kail is leaving this week". He tries to convince Zack to vote with the group. Zach is noncommittal.

Amber tells Jameka we have to keep Eric around, because they'll be gunning for us. (Talking about Daniele & Dick). She also notes that Eric says the exact same thing to her as he says to Jen, which is 'I hate these people! I wish I could spend more time with you. I enjoy talking with you'.

Shortly after, Jen teals Dick and Daniele the same story, "Eric used the exact same words to me". Dani said he told her dad something similar.

In a long conversation, while talking about Eric, Amber tells Jameka that people from New York are a-holes and money hungry and so are Jewish people. Since this was a major topic of discussion on the board, I recommend viewing the whole conversation as posted in the Media forum. For the record, Jameka warns her how that might be coming across. Amber quickly changes the subject.

There seems to be some general Jedi drilling in separate camps, Amber and Jameka in one place, and Jen and Kail in another. (ed. Interesting since two of the four can’t play in HOH for next five weeks).

Dick tells Jen and Kail his plan to go after Amber right before the vote (with the Eric info). Jen tells Dick about her convo with Amber (Eric and the exact same words). Dick says Eric is a big threat. In a friendly way Jen says, “the problem with you, Evil, is that when we tell you things, you run to everyone else and tell them". Dick acknowledges it and says he is trying to get into people’s heads.
Dick later comes back out to say to Kail and Jen in hammock that if he finds out they have any side deals, all bets are off. They say no and Dick walks over to the couches. Jen yells over to Dick, "Do you have any side deals?"

Dick finds Amber alone in the WR and proceeds to tell her about Eric telling him he knew something horrible that Amber told him relating to her boyfriend, that he was keeping in his back pocket and would use later to discredit her and make everybody turn against her. (ed. Wow, it only took 10 minutes for Dick to forget he was saving this for before the vote, lol).
Dick also tells her he already has 4 votes locked up to get rid of Eric and that he just wants a 5th (leaving us wondering if his is delusional or just flat out lying).

Trying to secure Zach’s vote, Kail promises not to put him up for the next 5 weeks (a little Kail humor).

7:00 pm
Amber tells Dustin what Dick had just told her about Eric. She surmises it’s about that she faked being pregnant twice (though Dick never said what it was) and that Eric is going to try to use that against her. Amber is pissed and says she doesn't trust Eric, but she will vote for him this week. Dustin says they should keep Eric feeling safe because BB is a numbers game.

8:00 pm
Daniele whispering to Dick. She said she was watching on the screen and saw Eric, Jen, Kail and (someone) talking in kitchen and Zack walking in and out. She said when she came down the stairs everybody got quiet and when she went into the bathroom Dustin and Amber got quiet and Dustin gave her a dirty look. She's saying to Dick, "I hate this house. I feel like everybody is against us."

Amber and Dustin are continuing to talk for a long time. They compare relationships in the house and how they can improve relations with Zach and Dick (heavily paraphrased).

We find out that the winner of the “Dick Rant of the Day” is Dustin. Dick came out of the WC and confronted Dustin in front of Amber and Jameka that Dustin took the 5K and the trip while he let Jameka take the fall. Dick also outted Dustin about telling someone not to "trust the Donatos", and that he (Dustin) is using others and also told Daniele to put him (Dick) up. (It was one of his calmer rants, I must say.)

Dick does continue the same theme shortly after when everyone had gone to the kitchen. Says that Dustin is the one that is drawing lines, not Dick. Dustin leaves the room before Dick finishes, leaving Kail and Jameka to listen to the rest of it. Dick walks outside.

9:00 pm
Amber tells Jameka about Eric holding her boyfriend/pregnancy info against her. Jameka is taken back that Eric is this deceitful. Dustin comes in and they tell Jameka they are keeping the vote the same because of the numbers. Jameka thought Dick and Daniele were lying if not exaggerating, but her eyes have been opened. (ed. and Eric just keeps going further into the rabbit hole). Amber leaves and Jameka asks Dustin if they are really keeping the vote the same (keeping Eric). Dustin confirms.

10:00 pm
Just general chit chats around the house.
Amber and Jameka play croquet while Zach is commentating from the BY couch. Eric and Jess in hot tub, Jen sitting nearby. Dick assists Zach with commentary.

Zach goes inside and Dustin confronts him about feeding info to the Donatos. Dick used exact wording that Dustin told only to Zach (“don’t trust the Donatos”). Zach denies it and says its no secret. Dustin says then it must have been Jen (half not believing she would say it either). After Zach leaves, Dustin is talking to Amber telling her that Jen is playing all sides.

Zach asks Dick to be careful what he says to people from now on (the “don’t trust the Donatos thing”). He says it doesn't really matter, but it will cause him grief. Dani says everyone has been telling Dick that. (hmmm, second time today that people have told Dick to be careful about how he passes on info). Dick apologizes.

HGs have been given 8 beers and one bottle of red wine.

Dani tells Dick she heard Dustin slept in Nick's bed last night and that makes her mad. She said if she would have been down there she would have told him to get out. Zach comes out, lets them know there is beer, then goes back in to play beer pong with the others.

We get to see Eric, Jess, Jameka, Zach, Dustin playing beer pong.

Amber and Jameka in the bathroom. Amber says “Girl, I am so glad you are here with me, I love you.” Jameka says “I know, I love you too.” Amber says, “You'll see, I never said a bad word about you ever.” Jameka says, “Yeah me either, from the very beginning I knew there was something about you”. (ed. Included this part so you all could gag along with me). They go on to say they can’t look at Eric the same. Amber also says they should vote out Kail (so she can go home), it would be mean to send her to sequester.

Dick and Daniele continue a bashfest of other HGs that has been going on for some time.

Kail calls out Dustin about Dick telling her Dustin is campaigning against her. Dustin says this is about Dick and Eric, and Dick drew the line in the sand when they put up Eric. Kail said, "But this is about me and Eric, not Eric and Dick." (Dustin looked down and changed the subject). Dustin eventually gives Kail the word that she is going home.

Jameka in LR doing Ambers hair says "You have something in your hair, it's it a BUG?!" Amber “No, it's from all the times I dye my hair, there are more of them.” Jameka looks a bit freaked.

1:00 am
Dustin continues to talk with Kail. What he will say when he puts up the Donatos, Kail should be proud that she got this far, next two HOH’s will be crucial.

Jameka continues to work on Amber’s hair for a long time in the living room (ed. guess she came to terms with the ‘bugs’). Jen and Daniele join them. Dick eventually joins too. Just general chit chat.

Eric and Jess in bed talking about American Idol. Then Eric tells Jessica he had a hot streak of hitting the "G-Spot" with his girlfriend and even made a dance for it. Jessica asks for more information. Appears they have moved on to other subjects. Eric describes his 2 minute audition tape, where he sat on a toilet naked with a magazine covering his body parts, all while yelling.

Dustin still talking with Kail. Kail having the “I’m going home, so let’s really talk” talk. Dustin tells Kail that Nick said Amber was the target for the first week, not Carol. Kail swears it was never Amber. Dustin says his noms would be Dick and Dani and his replacement would be Jen.

2:00 am
Jessica and Eric agree to get engaged by live finale, and then have a shotgun wedding the following day (ed. They have the best conversations this time of night). Once they get married and get a dog, Jessica wants to name it Jameka (what?!)

Dustin and Jessica are preparing for 24 hours of staying in bed. Eric is supposed to be the slave and bring them things. They will only be getting up to go to the bathroom and to go to the diary room. (This is just something they came up with, nothing to do with a competition or anything.)

3:00 am
All cams on Kail and Jen in bed having a long conversation. Kail telling her everything Dustin told her earlier. Kail says that Dustin is scared of Jen. Jen said “He should be. I know what a sneaky bastard he is. He is the sneakiest person in the house.”… Jen says to be careful when talking to Dustin. Kail says, “I'm done talking to Dustin I didn't realize what a liar he was. Interesting.”

Jameka is still working on Amber’s hair. Dick starts to talk about Dani’s mother and we get FOTH.

5:00 am
Most HGs are shown sleeping. Amber and Jameka talking about Amber's hair. Jameka says to Dick she forgets that the live feeds are on 24/7. She says things that she wouldn't say if she remembered they were on.

6:00 am
Dick is going to bed; he thanks Jameka for having a good time tonight not talking game and gives her a hug.

Jameka and Amber still in LR talking about the braids Jameka put in her hair, Amber wanting them smaller. They head to the bathroom and then do some cleaning around the house. Amber tells Jameka "everyone is so lazy... everybody!" Jameka responds, “Mmmmmhmmmmm”. They head to bed about 7:00 am.

Will Eric stay safe in spite of himself? Will Kail go down without a fight? Who will Dick pick for “the rant of the day” tomorrow? Stay tuned!

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