Public Enemy Number 1 - Eric
He's Responsible for Everything and He Must Go!!

Morning -

The hgs get up and moving between 10-11am, some are slower to rise than others. Theory of the Day, or maybe of the hour, ED says Eric cast the first extra vote for Kail, but the second one was cast by Dustin. Jen asks ED if he knows why Dustin is campaigning for Eric. ED believes it is Dustin's way of drawing a line in the sand with ED and Dani on one side and the rest of the LNC on the other. ED reiterates how much he has done for his alliance and the house in general. ED smokes and paces the patio while Dani sits on the outside couch planning for her afternoon nap.

ED, Dani and Kail talk game. ED says that Jess, Amber and Jameka know that everything about Eric is true. He says Dustin is going to have his own problems with him. Dani says he will with a lot of people in this house. Kail tells them that Dustin is so sure Eric is safe, that Dustin has been saying his good byes to Kail. Jen is making bunny slop, Zach asks if she has seen an ear doctor, she says no. [Apparently Jen got some of the dump stuff in her ears]. ED and Dani bash on Dustin, saying he is cruel to Dani because he is afraid of ED. ED says Dustin's stupid smile was wiped off his face when ED mentioned his partying gifts. [Trip and money from PoV]. Dani doesn't understand why Jameka would give up 5 HoH comps but not wear a bunny suit. ED says Jameka could have gotten away with taking the 10k in the last PoV because of Dustin screwing her last week.

ED mentions he went to bed at 5:30am. ED says Eric probably went into the DR screaming and stomping his feet because the banner plane called him out and that's probably why they got locked down. Zach laughing at the bunny suits, Dani says he is the only one laughing. Dani mentions she works in Costa Mesa across from the Ikea, hooters right? Dani says to Zach he has a wiener, a bunny wiener. Zach says thanks. Jen asks ED if he lives in Long Beach, he says yes, it was close to school, until he dropped his classes. Talk about HoH baskets. Kail's was lame, ED got 8 Guinness and starbucks, Dani loves all of her candy. Dani thinks it would be funny if Zach got a bunny suit in his basket. Zach think it would be funny if he got 5 pics of Julie Chen. Zach gets called to the SR to get some Advil. Dani tells Zach he looks like a pharaoh, Zach says he is about to get mummified. Zach complains that there are no smiles anymore.

Afternoon -

Dani says they played "Hello, Goodbye" and Kail adds "and Total Eclipse of the Heart". Jen says no they didn't and suddenly we get FOTH. The hgs are on inside lockdown apparently because of banner planes. Kail jokes that they internet fans need to quit ratting her out. From the sounds of the conversation the banner was about Eric being up and something being done. Nothing specific as yet. Jen jokes that no one cared when she was nominated, Dani says that is because they knew the plans they knew she was coming down. Kail says today's show will show the PoV. Jen says that will explain why they are in bunny suits. Zach wonders if CBS will show them in the dunk tank, everyone says yes. They talk about the bunny suits more, Dani mentions right after the PoV she hopped around the yard and wiggled her tail. She was having a serious conversation with Jameka and Jameka finally said "I'm sorry, I can't even look at you anymore". Jameka comes into the kitchen, greeted by the bunny brigade. Dani confirms the lockdown is because of a plane.

Dani speculating about CBS web page and then changing the pics in the background after every show, wonders how band they really are, probably her crying. Kail says the banner plane must still be there because she can see the people working outside to hide it. Dani and Zach talking about the day they entered the house. Talk of how many takes it took to get the entering part of the show right. Kail says she was the last person in the house, Jen tells her that Eric claims the same thing. Dani says they should fight about it. Dani says Nick carried her heavy bag into the house. Dani mentions there were two banners one day, three the next and 5 or 6 the following days. She says that America is trying to tell them something about Eric and that she wishes they could see that. [the hgs].

Jen, Dani and Kail in HoH talking, in bunny suits. Kail is nervous about getting a fourth vote, she wants to wait until Wednesday. She needs to know what to say to each person. They say that Jess knows Eric is lying but she still refuses to vote against him. Dani goes off about Amber again, saying Nick was like a brother to her and then voting him out, why can't she go against her word and vote out Eric. Dani is calmer but being prissy. Kail seems to realize she may be going home. Summarizing here but basically they are bashing Dustin, Eric and Amber, finding reasons to hate them. Dani thinks they are all trying to get on another reality show. They talk in circles, repeating themselves over and over. Jen mentions her ex bf was in the Beach Boys and played at Disneyland a lot. Dani's bf played Aladdin at Disneyland about five years ago. Kail is trying to figure out if she might have gone there with her kids and had a picture of them taken with him.

Kail says she has never caught Eric in a lie. Dani and Jen tell her and confirm that Eric said he wanted to keep Kail this week and get rid of her next week so she would be stuck in sequester and not be able to see her family. [Not able to confirm if Eric actually said this]. Jen thinks Dustin wants Eric to stay because he would still be more of a target. Dani and Jen tell Kail that she would have had a better chance of getting Jameka's vote had she not picked her for the PoV. Kail says she believes everything people tell her, she can never tell if someone is lying to her. Dani thinks the croquet stuff is for the HoH coming up. ED arrives in the HoH. He says he thinks Jess must have a side deal with Eric, Dustin and Amber. Jameka is on the outside but still in for now. Kail says Amber told her she wanted the final four to be Amber, Dustin, Eric and Jameka. Jen tells Kail not to be a Joe and run around talking to everyone. ED thinks Dustin has a side deal with Eric as well. Kail says that ED says stuff prematurely, he says he only says things out loud that are important.

Jameka and Jess talking in the WC. They are both saying they will vote to keep Eric. They have issues with him and are still stewing a bit. In the HoH room, ED asks Kail point blank about the leak. Kail hesitates a moment and then says it wasn't Eric. Someone says it must have been Dustin. Kail says yes, it was Dustin. [ED doesn't linger long on this fact.... strange given the leak was where he started his witch hunt of Eric]. Dani and ED make fun of Eric calling him CEP (crazy-eyed person). ED and Eric in kitchen, ED cleaning something in sink, Eric making pancake batter. ED tells him how much to use in the waffle maker, Eric thanks him. They are being civil to each other. Eric delivers a fresh hot waffle to Jess in bed. ED is making dinner for six, Jen tells him eight but ED says no, six.

ED complains that the first time someone used the garlic press they lost the insert. Chit chat about banners, what they might say, what future ones might say. Everyone heads outside for a lockdown, lots of quiet tension. Kail and Dustin chat by the weights, Kail says Dani hasn't tried to talk to her. Zach and Eric talk on the lounge sofa, tense and awkward. Lockdown ends and everyone heads inside except Zach and ED on the lounge and Amber and Jameka braiding Amber's hair, Jen chatting with them. Dustin and Jess head back to the bedroom, Dustin comments on Dani's winning personality, they laugh. They talk about what they would be doing at home at this time. Dustin declares Jess' mic as sad because it doesn't clip properly. Jess says S-A-D. Dustin says S-A-D-D students against drunk driving, Jess says M-A-D-D, mothers against drunk driving. Dustin says M-A-D-D, mother's against dick donato.

Apparently Jess and Dustin are doing a day in bed, not getting up at all unless they absolutely have to. ED is making dinner for everyone but them because he refuses to serve them in bed. Dustin tells Jess that he used to drink and drive all the time when he was in high school. Eric and Kail talk about votes, Kail tells Eric she thinks Dani believes sincerely she has four votes against Eric. Zach, Eric, Dustin and Jess in BR. Zach tells them the DR told him they get to remove the bunny suits on Thursday AM, but they have to put them back on for the show and HoH comp. Eric figures the HoH comp will be trivia since they have to wear the suits. Kail goes to Dani again about the votes, Dani tells her she plans to use Amber's guilt about Nick to get her vote. Dani assumes everyone is just jealous of her and Nick, meaning Zach, Amber and Jen.

Dani tells Kail that Amber claims she fought for Nick til the end and that is a load of BS. She also tells Kail that Amber and Dustin both claim they have control of the other and are just using each other. Zach comes outside with his bunny suit on backwards so the fluffy tail is in front, he starts hopping around. It amuses Jameka, Amber and Jen. Jen says she would be ok coming in second to anyone but ED, if she came in second to ED she would kill herself. Jen tells Amber and Jameka that Eric and her were very close through week three, and even though they acted like they weren't close, Eric was still telling her everything. Jen also tells them that if Eric wins HoH he won't put up the Donatos, he wants them to stay around. She says Eric does not want to go against Amber and Jameka. Jen claims that Eric told her he was going to trash talk her during the HoH. It was all a plan.

Jameka and Amber are starting to think they need to get Eric out now. Amber wants to go to the Donatos and say she can get Dustin to vote out Eric. Jameka suggests telling Dustin it is a way to get the Donatos off his back. Jameka and Amber say it is a numbers game, Eric will be there, maybe Dustin will put up the Donatos. Dani telling Jen about ED talking to Eric about the banner plane today. Jen saying she expected a blow up at dinner tonight. Dani asks why, Jen says she doesn't know. [She expected her mountain of lies to Amber and Jameka to cause a blowup]. Jen tells Dani she thinks Amber and Jameka are still wavering. Amber tries to get Dustin to vote out Eric. She says "I don't want somebody here I can't trust", Dustin smirks and then realizes she is serious as she walks off.

Evening -

Dani talks about a college teacher saying she was to smart and needed to write less intelligent. Amber and Dustin talk more, Dustin tells her if Eric goes this week, I will go next week. Lots of whispering, ending with them hugging and kisses on the cheek. Zach tells Dani "Your butt looks pretty in that bunny suit" Dani says ewww and calls him a pervert, he says no, he is a man. Amber and Jameka still trying to figure out what to do, how they should vote, looking for wine. Dustin mentions that Eric made a promise to streak, they start saying "Big White Snake", Dustin says Eric should do it soon since he might be going home this week... Jess looks at him and says "really?" Dustin shook his head yes. ED making chicken fingers and roasted potatoes for dinner. Eric tells Dustin, Amber and Jameka that he plans to cut his hair and get rid of the shark fin hairstyle.


The show starts with the recap of Nick's eviction, then the HoH, banner plane about Nick, Amber and Eric and the LNC in general. Dani makes her assumption about Eric being the leak in the LNC. Dani nominates Jen and Kail.

ED tries to be mean to Jen but she just laughs him off. Eric mentions that he knows of the donato plan to evict him after the PoV. Eric, Jess, Amber and Dustin talk about the donato plan and Dustin thanks Jess for bringing this to them and being so honest about it. Dustin lets us know the game has officially begun now and that the five of them [Amber, Dustin, Eric, Jess and Jameka] need to stick together. Amber and Jameka discuss the donato plan.

Zach and Dani talk. Dani says "they made me vote Nick out last week". [Didn't see anyone in that voting room making her do anything]. Zach promises to use veto or not as Dani wishes. Dani says she can use Zach as she need since he thinks they have a Nick bond. Dustin, Jess and Eric whisper in the WC about the Donato plan, Dustin ends the meeting with a growl as if to say it's on.


Dani comes from the DR and announces it is time to pick players for the veto competition. Dani, Kail and Jen pick balls. Dani picks Zach. Jen picks Dustin. Kail gets players choice and chooses Jameka. Dani makes Amber the host. Amber announces the veto competition. Kail tells us when you see things covered in the BY it is never good. Eric says he needs Jameka and Dustin to step it up. The game is called numbers don't lie. How far are you willing to go to win the veto.

Show me the bunny = wear a bunny suit for x number of hours 0-120 hours
Dustin - 100, Jameka - 110, Jen, Dani, Zach and Kail - 120 and have to wear bunny suit for five days.

Dump the Funk - bid 0-24 hours how many hours are you willing to have funk dumped over you every hour on the hour.
Jameka, Zach, Kail, Jen and Dani all bid 24 so they all get funked once an hour for 24 hours.

Ten Thousand Dollars cash. bid 0-10,000, highest bid wins that much cash, but leaves the game.
Jameka, Kail, Jen, Zach and Dani all bid 0 so no one gets the cash and they all remain in the game.

Sloppy Summer - 0-720 hours of eating slop.
Jameka 480, Dani 710, Jen and Kail 720 eat slop for a month, Zach out with 250.

Power Shortage 0-5 HoH competitions you are willing to forego to win Veto.
Kail 5, Jen 4, Dani 3, Jameka 5. Dani eliminated. Jameka and Kail cannot compete in 5 HoH.

Dani is pissed, walks off behind plants, ED assures her it will be fine.

Money Walk 0-250,000 of prize money are you willing to give up if you win.
Jameka 10,000, Kail 248,999, Jen 250K. Jen wins the veto but has to give up have
half her earnings if she should win.

ED tells us in the DR he is so happy right now, it couldn't be any better.


Those who are required put on their bunny suits. Jameka is upset, worried she was to greedy, crying, talking to Amber. Jameka is crying because she realizes she can't get pics and letter from home. Amber assures her she did the right thing, they will all look after her and then on week six she might win. Dani and ED come over to comfort her. Jameka just walks off crying Oh my God, she kneels by the bin in the BY and prays. Jen in foreground talking about needing a white belt. After she prays, Dani comes over and hugs her and asks if Jameka is mad at her. Jameka thinks Dani is full of crap and just wanted Eric out. Jen and Dani head up to the HoH and Dani asks her to work with Dani and her dad. Jen promises to vote as they want. Dani tells her they want Eric out. Dani lays it all out how Eric is the master mind behind everything and has been behind everything.

ED talks to Jen. Offers her a truce, if she does not go after Dani, he will lay off of her. He promises to stop picking on her and apologizes to her. Jen agrees and says she would like that. ED says he is making the truce to use Jen while he needs her. Again he lays out how Eric is behind everything, turning everyone against each other, he set them up, he set up Nick. Blah blah blah. [Sorry but this is just silly, how smart do they think Eric is?] We get a montage of the funk dumps, they stand in the tub, and dump a bucket of funk over their heads then have to rinse off in the outside shower. ED tells Jess that Jen just confirmed everything that Eric has been playing both sides against the middle. [which she didn't]. Jess talks to Jen. Jen claims that Eric has been promising everyone that they are his number one. Jen says Eric says he will not be played by a 21 year old. Jen says Eric has been feeding her info all along.

Jess goes to Dustin and says she believes it now that everything the Donatos said was true, because of what Jen told her. Dustin says he doesn't buy it. Jess tells Jameka and Jameka says she doesn't buy it either, they are just trying to make them all angry at Eric so they help vote him out. Jess is worried she is being played.


Eric goes to the DR and finds out the next task. Eric must convince a hg that Eric will take them to the final two. Jess is the target. Eric is very happy to hear it is Jess. He takes her to the exercise room and they talk. Jess tells him the stuff that Jen said. He says he wants the five, then her, him and Jameka and final two will be him and her. she is very happy with this plan. Buzzer goes off to announce its time for the funk dump again. They are all being pretty good sports, Jen says it doesn't smell that bad, just like manure, I guess that's bad. ED stares at Eric in the hot tub and then comes over and confronts him about lying to the LNC.

Eric tells him he never lied, never betrayed him. ED goes off on him, says Eric was playing both sides, Eric had a deal with Kail, Eric had a deal with Jen etc. Eric says he has never wronged any of them and ED says he knows the truth. ED announces "you are going up bitch". Eric says Dani is allowing him to make her make a very bad decision. Kail says to Jen and Dustin that the best thing Dani could do is put up her dad. Dustin suggests to Dani she might want to consider putting up her dad. Dani refuses to listen to logic, or see how her father might be damaging her position. Dani says she might just put up Dustin.


Jen does the think a lot in front of the memory wall before calling the veto meeting. She calls everyone into the LR for the meeting. Jen asks Kail why she should use the veto on her. Kail says Jen earned it and would in no way ask her to sacrifice the veto. Jen says she is going to use the veto on herself. She tells Dani she has to choose a replacement nominee. Dani says if you have an enemy standing in front of you, you know he is after you and after everyone of you. Nick was setup up, that being said, she nominates Eric. Eric says it is a desperation move and Dani and ED are buried dead in this game. ED says this is so rad, this is so awesome. Jess feels she is the swing vote this week and expects there will be some butt kissing.

AP Task - Who should Eric flatter incessantly to ensure their vote to keep him in the house.


All the hgs are eating, Dustin is assuming there is not enough for him since ED cooked for six. Looks to be plenty of food on the table though. Jess and Dustin talk about Jen, they don't believe her. Dustin thinks there is something going on between Jen and the Donatos, especially since Jen keeps cornering Amber, telling Amber all sorts of stuff. Jess asks about Jen's statement that Eric has something with Amber, Dustin says he doesn't believe it for a second. Jess says she really wants to win HoH. The bunny alliance sits at the table while Amber and Eric do up the dishes. Dustin and Jess head out to get food, Jameka offers to fix them a plate and bring it to them. They tell her what they want and head back to bed. Eric does thank ED for making dinner. ED says your welcome. Dani says to ED that Eric being nice at the table is so annoying, she hates these people. Dani says he is fake, fake, fake. ED says he can't even look at him.

Dani thinks she, Jen and ED should take a pic tomorrow hugging and smiling. ED thinks the viewers are going crazy. Dani says in her goodbye message to Eric that he didn't want to get outplayed by a 21 year old, sorry you got outplayed by a 20 year old. She thinks that will be really funny. ED agrees. ED calls Dustin and Jess the two princesses for them staying in bed all day. Jameka comes out back to try to sort out what happened. Dustin thought ED had not cooked enough food for him and Jess, but ED says he cooked for everyone but refused to serve them in bed. Dani says she sent Jen to ask them if they were going to come out and eat, Jen says they told her no so Dani did not set plates out for them. Jameka says it is no big deal and tells ED thanks for dinner.

kail talking to Dustin and Jess. Dustin is curling his eyelashes. Kail acts all amazed and impressed because he does this without a mirror. Zach tells Amber that her hair makes her look like she just came back from the Bahamas. Eric putting on makeup to get rid of his bags. Dani complains about the bunny suit, says she is so over it. ED wonders what is up with Kail trying to get rid of the hat part of hers. Dani wonders if she gets a letter for her birthday, who it would be from. Jen tells Dani and ED that Zach is concerned because neither Eric nor Kail has come to him about his vote. Zach is doing something with m&m's. ED says he will talk to Jess tomorrow if she gets out of bed. He thinks she is a dimwit but that she has fooled him twice. ED says now that Joe is gone, he can't call them the Gonorrhea Guys, Dani says she likes Prissy Prissy Princess. Dani says Nick hated Jess.

Zach asks if anyone has seen The Princess Bride, Dani says she hates that movie, because of ED, made her watch it to much. ED says he loves that movie. ED says the people watching Showtime must be thrilled with them tonight. Dani thinks it has been cancelled. Zach, Jen and Amber all do green facial masks. Dani says Jen still talks about Nick all the time, she is like obsessed with him. Dani says that Nick said all kinds of crap about Jen and that Jen is in for a rude awakening. Amber, Jen and Zach are all called to the DR in their facial masks, they say Yay!. ED jokes about wearing a Jensamember shirt and proposing to Jen if Julie asks him about her. Amber talks to Jen and says her worst trait is her indecisiveness. Jen says if she gets HoH she might put up someone from each side, since she is being blamed for playing both sides.

Zach made a pad of smoothed out foil and was going to use a safety pin to write on it to study who had won previous competitions. BB made him throw it out. He is using the m&m's now to do that. Dani says Eric is always asking what he missed. ED says he hated James from BB6, not sure if he was making a comparison between Eric and James. Dani, Jen and ED talk about BB7, ED thinks Erika was robbed of the car. Jen says she likes not being aligned. ED mentions that Eric said the women might align. ED talks about if he puts up Dustin, he will bring up his PoV performances again. Dani thinks it's odd they are hanging out with Zach again. They talk about the scenes where they were given their keys and found out they were going to be on the show. How Dani and Jen were asked to redo it and act more surprised and excited.

They talk about watching the show after, Jen suggests a viewing party. ED thinks their will be fights if they do. ED asks Jen about wearing a Jensamember shirt. she mentions Eric wants one too, he says not to let him since he is probably going home. They start talking about Julie Chen, bashing her a bit, saying she is brutal to them. Jen mentions being on Wheel of Fortune. She says they recruited her at school. Jen talks about how she got her job with Vanna White, met the kids on the set of Wheel of Fortune. Amber joins them. They talk about Temptation Island and how it was a horrible show that just wanted to break people up. They talk about how some people are so desperate to be on tv that they will do anything, like Zach running on the treadmill in the bunny suit eating a carrot. They all hope they have something to do tomorrow. Dani is excited about her HoH blog, Amber asks what a Blog is, Dani explains it. Dani says she has a lot to say to people. Jen asks about Dani's bf and if Dani thinks he will be mad at her. Dani thinks he will not be mad.

Jen says Kail tried to sneak her a peanut when she was on slop. They talk more about the PoV, about Jameka swishing wine in her mouth when she was on slop. ED does not understand Jameka and giving up the HoH's in that PoV contest. ED starts pressuring Amber about voting out Eric. She tells him that she promised on her daughters life she would not vote him out. ED says just tell him you made a mistake. Amber hems and haws, ED says she is just using her promise as a cop out. ED tells Amber he doesn't lie. ED keeps at it and finally tells her that if her and Dustin vote out Eric, they can make a 1 week deal, they won't put up Amber and Dustin next week and Dustin and her don't put up the Donatos. It looks like Amber is convinced and now planning to vote out Eric. She says if Dustin won't vote him out, she will. ED assures her that God will understand. Amber says Eric will be gone, period, end of story, she swears to God.

Amber tells ED that Eric said ED did the mustard thing. ED is pissed about this and says it is not his style. Dani agrees and says ED would have poured the mustard over her head. Amber thinks Dustin and Jameka are tired of Amber talking about how she feels sick over voting out Nick. Amber promises against to vote out Eric and leaves. Dani says not to let Amber get away with Dustin promising to vote out Eric so Amber can vote to keep him, that is to dangerous. ED says yeah, Dustin lies. They talk about who ED would put up if he gets HoH. He says he doesn't want to think it about it yet, probably Kail and someone else.

Amber goes inside to talk to Dustin about voting out Eric. They go back and forth a bunch but in the end Dustin says he will vote out Eric and Amber should not change her vote. [I am confused now, but maybe Dustin is just saying this to get Amber to keep Eric?]. Dustin goes out to talk to the Donatos again, because Amber asked him to. ED pleads the case to Dustin on why they need to vote out Eric. ED goes over the deal again about giving Dustin and Amber a safe week. Dani confronts Dustin, says he treats her badly and made her cry earlier. ED and Dani once again say that Eric MADE them vote out Nick so Eric has to go. They continue grilling Dustin about Eric and in the end Dustin tells Amber she can keep her vote the same, to save Eric and he will vote Eric out, that way she doesn't break her word on her daughters life but they get Eric out. They all agree to this. The four of them say they will leave brutal goodbye messages to Eric. They are all happy and giddy now about voting out Eric and being friends again.

They continue to talk and analyze Eric's game. ED says he screwed up with the hinky votes, that if not for those no one would have been suspicious. Even the first hinky vote would have slid by if the vote for Nick had been 7 to 1. Dani figures out that Eric set up Mike, Nick and Zach as having an alliance because they were the only ones in the house he couldn't play. Inside Jess goes to get water for her and Eric and comes back telling Eric that Dustin and Amber are outside talking to the Donatos. Eric whispers to Jess and she asks Why are you worried? Jess says now you know how crazy it looks with you have late night meetings. Eric tried to go outside but ED told him they needed a minute and that was three hours ago. Eric is nervous now. Dustin and Amber head inside. Dani says something still doesn't add up since Amber was on the banner too.

Dani and ED talk in the backyard about putting up Jameka. Worried if Jess will seek revenge for Eric. Who they would put up, who might win HoH. Wanting to break up all the groups in the house and who they can use from which group to get others out. They talk about knowing Eric was a weirdo from day one, just not what kind of weirdo. ED says he wants to look at Eric, he will be shaking like a Chihuahua, Dani says Eric is a spaz. ED decides if he wins HoH he will put up Jameka and Jess. He goes to wake up Kail to tell her not to talk to Amber and Dustin, she does more harm then good when she campaigns. Amber tells Jameka about her and Dustin talking to the Donatos. Jameka is thrilled, ED and Dani come in and they all hug in a happy fest that they are getting rid of Eric. Jameka tells Dani and ED good job at dissecting everything. ED wakes up Kail to tell her the good news, that she is staying.
They are all elated. Jess gets up and talks about Eric being creepy, watching he sleep, trying to put his arm around her etc. Jess tells Jameka that Eric comes in her bed every night and she doesn't want him there, she doesn't want him to like kill her in her sleep. Jameka worries they might bring someone back, like Eric and that she would feel better if she knew if someone was coming back or not. Jameka says to Jess that this is all on tape, him staring at her while she sleeps... do you really want to be that guy? Jess asks Amber if Eric is going, Amber says yes, Jess says ok I am fine with whatever. Amber relates the lying to her bf story to Jess and Jess says she feels so stupid right now. Jess wants to talk to Dani, she says you guys can spend time with Eric today. Jess says she is glad he is going, she doesn't want to be taken for a fool on national television.
Ending at 7:15am with the party still going about Eric leaving.