Sounds Like a Winning Combination to Me!

Morning -
Nick gets woke up to go to the DR room.
Dani, Jen and Kail wake up and are talking in the bathroom.
10:45am - Official wake up call from BB
By 11am the house Jenius is napping in the hammock. Dani and Mike want to tan until they smell like burnt flesh. Eric wears his eyeglasses today instead of contacts. Kail thinks she might have an eyeglass fetish given she likes how they look on him.
11:49am - hgs on lockdown inside.
By noon the entire house is napping.
Afternoon -

When the lockdown ends, the guests start to migrate outside to the BY. Kail lifts weights. ED wandering the kitchen with his shades on. The hgs all complaining about how the house stinks. ED reminds everyone that BB says the cannonballs into the pool have to stop because the water level is getting to low. ED talks about a tattoo he had put over a scar, Kail wants to know if you can tattoo over stretch marks. The others are tanning or in the pool. Eric admits without his specs or contacts he can only make out general shapes.

Dustin does a handstand in the pool. Amber tells Eric she loves the person she is today. ED jumps into the pool, Amber and Eric move to the hot tub. Amber seems intent on talking Eric's ear off without saying much. Dustin and Dick talking again about the mustard prank. ED mentions Dustin has come out of his shell since Joe left. Dustin mentions the same happened with Jessica. They chat about ED and Dani chatting last night, Dani told Dustin the talk was difficult but positive.

Jen gets her third call to the DR. ED, Amber and Dustin complaining about others [Jess, Nick, Kail, etc] not contributing to the housework. Amber says Kail does nothing anymore, ED says "yeah what happened to her being mother of the house"? Dick and Dustin clean the backyard, spraying down the hammock. Eric and Jen inside talking about chicken dinner, who cooks in the house and who doesn't. Nick and Amber talk, Nick is worried he will end up the guy who offers to do everything for someone and then gets walked all over. Amber says he could always go back to Jen. They laugh.

Nick goes inside to get cereal. Jen comes out and then Jen and Amber are joined by Dani. Dani tells them about a dream she had last night. In the dream there were lots of really ugly people trying to put Amber out of the house and Dani stood up for her. Dani heads back inside. Jen says with all the time they have in the house, no one should not look their best in their DR interviews. She couldn't believe in previous seasons people often looked horrible in the DR.

Jen says she doesn't talk to anyone alone anymore. She is sad she can't trust Kail. She can't believe Kail never told her about her MRA given they shared a bed for 19 days.

Around 5pm as Dani and Mike are talking, Dani says the show is on, which it isn't... she is an hour off. Around 5:15pm there is an inside lockdown. Jessica, Eric and Dustin are in the Big room talking about Zach.

The obligatory recap.... Evel on the block, Kail his only vote for eviction, Evel wins HoH, Dani melts down about Nick, Evel threatens Nick, Evel nom's Jen and Kail, who will win PoV? Will they use it?

ED says again he nominated both of them because they campaigned aggressively to get him out of the house. Kail says she is going to reinvent herself. ED reveals Jen is not really his target. Kail wants Dustin to come up with a game plan. The hgs dare Zach to streak to the pool and back. He runs from the house, jumps in the pool, the hgs run into the house and take Zach's towel with them. They laugh and make fun of him.

Jen and Kail talk about the noms. Jen thinks it might be better for Kail that she is the main target, Kail asks how, Jen doesn't know. Talking about who to pick for PoV. Mike comes in and says if picked for PoV he would try to win and use the PoV to save one of them. Kail says she has to win PoV. ED checks in on Kail to make sure she is ok. ED says she made stupid moves and is not a very good player. Kail thinks the house will vote the way that ED wants. He says she has no chance of staying in the house unless she wins PoV.

AP - Eric goes to DR and finds out he has to vandalize something of Jen's. It pleases him that America hates Jen as much as everyone in the house. Eric waits for his moment, sneaks into the bedroom and put mustard all over her Jenth degree shirt. Jen starts asking everyone who is in second grade. She starts investigating Mustardgate. Lots of talk, Dustin says the mustard must have come from the store room because the one in the frig is still sealed. Eric gets a check mark for completed task.

PoV competition. ED picks Zach, Jen picks Jess, Kail picks Nick. Eric will host. While waiting for PoV to start, ED tries to mess with Kail's cool. ED tells Jen that Kail wanted him to change the votes to Jen, threw her under the bus as it were, although he says sell her under the bus. Kail denies this, ED calls her a liar. Jen goes to the bedroom and says ED is trying to intimidate Kail. ED tells Jen again that he is not lying. Mission accomplished, Kail is all shook up for the PoV.

PoV competition - Eric is dressed as the mad hatter complete with huge top hat. There are costumes for all the contestants. They are all mad hatters, they have to stand on pedestals while balancing a glass on the top hat. Kail is the first out after just a few minutes. Kail removes the costume, goes to the bedroom and hides under the blanket. The other hgs come out in costumes and jeer them to try to get them to loose balance. Jess is next to drop her glass. Nick is next. Zach is next. Only left is Jen and ED. ED tries to mess with Jen but she stands strong. Dustin comes out in the unitard bathing suit.

Mike does a pathetic job of acting like a baby, hardly making a sound or doing anything to shake him up. Kail does her best to find distractions among the items in the box inside, but to no avail, even the other hgs are bored by him. Mike says he cannot be intimidated and he doesn't care if he goes on the block or not. ED drops his glass and says fine, you're on the block. ED thinks Mike has just dethroned Marcellas as the stupidest player in the game, since Mike was safe and just placed himself in danger. Mike feels he demonstrated he is a loyal and honest person.

Oh and Jen won the PoV.

Kail says if Mike is next her after PoV ceremony, its in God's hand, not Evel's hands but God's hands. Nick, Jen and Zach in HoH room, Nick asks Zach and Jen to leave. ED asks Zach not to go into the HoH when he is not up there. ED goes to HoH and throws Nick out. He says the last thing he wants to see is the former alliance members alone in his HoH room. ED says he is furious at the situation. Nick comes at him. ED says he doesn't want to talk in front of Kail. At this point ED is still pretty calm, Nick is more riled. Dani comes out and asks to talk to ED, but ED says she has to wait.

Dani goes off on ED about how he is treating everyone. She says its not fair that she has to deal with the backlash of ED's actions. ED says it isn't fair that she never told him that Nick was in an alliance. She doesn't want to talk about that. Dani says ED is talking down to everyone in the house. ED asks Dani how he wants to approach her, Dani just whines and says he is frustrating her. ED tells Dani he would be willing to do family counseling when they get out of the house.

ED meets with several others in the BY and lets them know he doesn't trust Nick. From the talk they all seem to agree that Nick is not to be trusted. [Ok have to add an edit here, the way this played out on the feeds and the way it ended up edited for the show are very different. ED looked much more reasonable, as did Nick and Dani. It's very odd.]

PoV ceremony
Jen starts the PoV ceremony. She lets Kail speak about using the veto on her. Kail says she would never consider asking Jen to use the veto on her. Jen asks herself why she should use the veto to save herself. Jen gives her own little speech and announces she plans to use the veto to save herself. She then tells ED he has to nominate someone to replace her. [They all laugh at how Jen asks herself]. ED nominates Mike to replace Jen. Meeting adjourned. Mike is not surprised at all. Mike says let the games begin. ED say Mike is an idiot who should have kept his mouth shut. Kail hates being up next to Mike. Nick says ED is pissing people off and needs to watch his back.

The show ends with the new AP question, who should Eric work to get evicted? Then the commercial for the call in or use the website.


ED, Dani and Nick talk about international BB. Eric and Jess take a bath together in the HoH bathroom. Jen tries to clean the smell in the under the BY shower by pouring bleach on it, BB advices her to stop and then thanks her when she does. Eric found out that Dustin and Nick have been hiding his clothes [Amber talked] and he plans to get them back. Eric and Jess talk a little game in the tub, about ED and Dani needing to go soon, Nick going cause he has been shady. Jessica says she wants to be the only blonde.

ED asks Jen if she has had a boob job, she won't confirm or deny. He asks her what size she was before she had them done, Jen answers... Ummmmmm. Dustin walks out and Jen tells him he might not want to join the conversation. Dick says I was asking Jen if she had a boob job. Dustin asks how long ago she had it done. They all laugh.

More talk between Eric and Jess about who Zach would put up. He says he would put up Zach and Nick. They think Kail, Jen and ED might make a truce to stop the drama. Jen talks about being the least sexual person. ED says she should get a vibrator, Jen says it does nothing for her. He asks if she has ever given herself an orgasm, she says no, not with a guy either. ED asks Jen is she is a sexual retard, she says she prefers to make other people happy.

Jen admits she lost her virginity at 15. She was drinking at the time, says it was big, but she didn't know anything at the time. She had never been kissed before that. ED says so this was preboob job? Jen says he is ridiculous and laughs. Jen takes her banana bread batter to Amber and Dustin to share. ED joins Eric and Jess up in the HoH bathroom. Kail joins Jen, Amber and Dustin. Kail says she wants a tattoo of a half moon to cover her stretch marks but she isn't sure if it means something. [Yes Kail, its the pagan Goddess symbol, that ought to scare the daylights out of her].

Jameka beats on the HoH door and ED answers, tells her to come in. Jameka declines and says she just wanted to make sure Jess was ok. Eric and ED take offense to that remark.
FOTH for a bit.

ED is playing air guitar and listening to his CD. Dustin, Jen, Jameka and Amber doing abs class in the backyard. ED rocks out to his CD in the HoH, drumming, air guitar, general rock and roll dancing. Looks very cool :D. Eric calls out Jen on hording the bananas. She claims she cleared it with everyone but Eric says that no one has asked ok'd this. Asks her to actually ask everyone before doing that again. ED rereads his letter, gets emotional, wants beer.

ED joins everyone downstairs, they are eating noodles and chicken. Zach announce "no beers". Dani tries to sing the sesame street song but gets busted after the first line. ED and Jess rig the faucet on the kitchen sink so it will spray the next person to use it. Dani is the next at the sink, the water sprays her, the floor she shrieks and everyone laughs. ED and Jess both want beer. Dustin talks about his whole family being big sneezers, he thinks its hereditary. BB tells them to check the SR, beer!!!

Nick talks about his argument with Zack earlier, Zack accused him of slander, worried what his company back home will think. Nick reminds him he ran around outside with his angry inch flopping free for the world to see. Zack, Mike and Jess start playing quarters with a shot glass of beer. They are eventually joined by Eric, ED and Jameka. Dani, Amber, Dustin and Nick are talking out on the couch in the BY. Jen is apparently in the DR. BY talk is about who is America's Fav and who would win an America's Choice and what the prize might be. They think America's fav is maybe ED or Eric. Amber thinks she is America's fav.

Nick thinks Jen looks more and more like a transvestite everyday. ED refers to Eric as the "crazy, quarter-bouncing jew", as he demonstrates his skill at quarters. Jess gets up to pee and when she enters the WC, Nick heads towards the door and Jameka announces loudly, Jess is in there, Jess is in there! [Jameka seems overly protective of Jess] Dustin excuses himself, goes inside and Amber whines not to leave her there, she doesn't want to be a third wheel. Nick says for her to be a third wheel they [Dani and Nick] would have to be two wheels. He is one wheel ready to commit to being on a bicycle but the other wheel is flat.

Note to CBS - Turn of the mics when they go into the WC, I don't need to hear the commode flushing. Thanks.

Dani and Amber whisper about Nick. Dani mentions that Amber looked at the memory wall and said Nick was so Mandy Moore. Dustin returns, sits next to Nick and they whisper behind a pillow. The girls tease them and say they are making out. Amber says she has a crush on the voice in the DR at night, BB tells them not to talk about the DR. BY group tells Amber she has to just keep those feelings to herself. Jameka thought that Johnny Carson was on only one night a week, the quarters gang corrects her. Amber talks about her dream, that Nick and Dani are in an alliance and playing her.

BY crew talks about the Jensa member shirt, Dustin has to explain it... the Mensa reference etc. Jen joins the BY crew, she thinks Eric was just kidding earlier about the bananas. There is debate inside on whether or not there is a booger on the quarter they are using. Jess announces they have six beers left and brings three to the table. They continue with the game of quarters. Jameka is demonstrating some sort of strange dance. Eric and Mike drinking lots of penalty shots. [Maybe they are hoping Mike's personality will come out if he is drunk].

Kail and Jameka are not playing quarters, just sitting at the table observing. Jameka directs the conversation toward colonoscopies and colostomy and colonics. Kail joins the BY crew. She mentions her IQ score was just below genius.... "30? Does that sound right?" [lol] The quarters crew is now dedicating their attempts to people but missing all of them. Jess finally makes one and dedicates it to Mr. Crane, her neighbor. Party foul, someone sloshes beer.

Dustin is trying to do the flipping move that Eric did with Jess yesterday. After a couple times, Dustin is done but Nick wants to give it a try. After each flip, Kail throws her arms up into the air like a gymnast at the Olympics finishing a routine. Now they dancing, swing moves... first Nick and Kail and then Dustin and Kail, then back to Nick. Jameka joins the BY dance club. Kail demonstrates she has less rhythm than a two year old on a sugar high as she tries to coordinate steps and claps. Jameka has to get up and show her... seems like it might be something she had shown her before and Kail forgot.

Dani and Nick have moved up to the bed in the HoH room. Dani and Nick are using the remote to try to snoop on others around the house. Nick leans over Dani as if kissing her or whispering something to her. ED joins the BY crew to have a smoke. Quarters seems to be over.

After Midnight -
BY volley ball. ED, Kail, Dustin, Mike and Dani vs. Eric, Jameka, Jen, Zach, Nick, Amber. Everyone seems to be having fun, lots of laughing and shouting. Eric seems a bit tipsy and falls down, Amber runs over to make sure he is ok. Kail continues to do the dance steps from earlier that Jameka showed her. Jess comes out of the DR and seems upset. ED stops the game for her but she storms off to the bedroom and throws her mic down. Eric heads in to see what is wrong with Jess.

Jess is upset with the DR producer, apparently because she had been drinking she may have opened up to much. She also seems upset with Amber for looking at her oddly when she took a bath with Eric. Jen and Eric wrap Jess in a blanket and drag her out into the hall. Eric "stage slapping" Jen, telling her next time she hides the bananas he is going to slap her. Mike and Nick are in the hot tub, when Jen comes out, Nick leaves. Jen and Mike remain in the hot tub.

Apparently Kail won the AP vote, as Eric wants everyone to re-examine the decision to vote out Mike. He thinks they need to decide among themselves what is in their best interests. They decide to talk later. Dustin and Nick are playing with a magnifying glass while Dani and Zach watch. Eric has decided in revenge for Dustin and Nick taking his clothes, he is doing to take Dustins gray v-neck sweater and Nick's floral bathing suit and hide them above the lights over the balcony.

More talk of Mustardgate. Eric says he hates mustard, he would have used ketchup. ED says he would have used red wine. Talk about how they should have chosen better names for the rooms, the round room isn’t round, the little room is actually the biggest room. Talk of Zach's smelly farts, oust being used. Nick's beer is being rationed, when ED asks why, Eric says it is because of the other night when ED and Nick were fighting. Jess and Eric are playing a color game.

Eric asks what color is the couch, Jess says red. Jess asks what color is the wall paper, Eric says green. Eric asks what color are Dustin's nipples, Jess says red, Eric says more of a peach color. Nick walks by and farts, Eric asks what color are Nick's underwear now, Jess says brown. Mike and Jen talking game. Mike says soon people have to decide who they want in the jury house. He asks Jen if she knows which way the house is leaning for eviction.

ED at night. He thinks it would be a miracle if he and Dani make the final two. ED says he was a finalist in seasons five and six. ED wonders what is up with Amber. He heads up to the HoH and comments no one cried today, amazing! ED talks about Nick, he thinks Nick did the mustard thing. Trying to figure out in his mind everyone's part in the game. Not sure what Dani's is. Everyone in bed by 6:46am.