Dustin Plans to Take His Girlfriend to Barbados

Morning -

Kail is the first one up, around 10:30am, she goes to the WC and then out to the hammock. Nick joins her soon after. Eric up shortly after and heads straight to the DR. Kail heads into the kitchen and is soon joined by Dustin and Jen. Nick is working out in the BY. Amber tells Eric is he is hot with his new haircut, not cute anymore.

Bits of ED talking game with Dani and Nick, then with Amber. ED, Dani and Nick talk in the kitchen while the others are all outside laying in the sun. Zach is swimming. A bit of jen bashin in the kitchen, talk about DR, producers, ED mentions his DR last night was funny. Nick starts singing and we get FOTH. ED comments about how Jen doesn't clean anything including her [private parts] ED and Nick get some pickles from the SR. Eric is in the BY and says laying out gets boring, they should play a game.

Zach and Nick talk in the WR. Zach thinks the house is starting to split along gender lines. He thinks Eric is being played by the girls. They discuss letting Eric in on this and Nick says he will talk to Eric. Eric got a couple more people to say his catch phrase... "I'd do that for a dollar". Jen says that one of her goals is to learn how to be empathetic. Amber asks her "You don't know how to be empathetic?" Jen says "no".

Nick and Dani talking. Dani jokes around that if she gets HoH she will boot out Jen so Jen and Nick can hang out together. Nick reminds Dani that if Jen leaves next week, she will be going to sequester. The hgs get lockdown inside due to a banner plane flying overhead. Dani describes Dustin as Marcellas in a crown. Dustin, Amber, Eric and Jen talking about which celebs annoy them. Dustin says Sandra Bullock. Eric says Owen Wilson and Tyra Banks. Jen says Scarlet Johansson.

They decide to describe their perfect mate using features of the other hgs.

Dustin picks Nick's body, Eric personality, Mike's treatment toward his mate, Eric's penis and Nick charisma.

Eric chooses Amber's compassion, Dani's body, Jessica's attitude, Jen's determination and Jameka's sense of humor.

Jen chooses Nick body, Eric's sense of humor, Mike's cooking and cleaning.

Amber can't decide, despite the fact she suggested this game.

ED says he hopes fans are sending his myspace a bunch of friend requests.

ED does a little campaigning to try to keep Nick, Eric is not buying it for a dollar or any other amount. ED says he hasn't mentioned it to anyone else. Eric says his take isn't going to change and he doesn't think the groups will either.

Jen follows ED around the kitchen until he turns around and she is in his way. ED says to Amber "See, Amber, this is what I am talking about her following me around the house". ED walks out of the house and Jen washes some things in the sink.

Afternoon - 12:35pm

ED, Dani and Nick talk about Bob's Big Boy and how it was not good at all. Nick starts to ask about another restaurant and the feeds go to FOTH. ED wears Dani's huge white sunglasses. Dani and Jameka in the kitchen, Dani explaining about the blow up last night. ED joins them and talk switches to the banner plane. They think it was probably about Nick.

Nick tries on ED's Suicidal Tendencies shirt, Dani says he looks like he just got out of prison. ED tries again to make the case for keeping Nick, this time with Dustin. No luck. ED talks to Dani about this idea and says he thinks it will only upset the group to discuss this now. Dani says if they don't raise the question, it won't even be considered. Jameka and Dustin talk in the HoH, they wonder about a possible alliance between ED, Dani, Nick and Zach.

Dani, Nick, Amber and Jameka in the kitchen discuss the self-cleaning oven. ED comes in and Jameka asks "How was your nap, Pumpkin?" They talk about Carol and how she told everyone everything. Nick smells chips while eating slop, he says it makes him feel like he is eating chips. Eric and Zach both nap in the SBR. Jess, Amber and Jameka have a little girl talk on their beds. ED, Dani and Nick chat while Dani fixes some food. When they move to the BY, Zach joins them and they talk about who Julie will ask questions of during the show.

Dustin tells Amber "You're pulling a Joe over there, seeking out compliments instead of waiting for one". Nick and Dani have a spat over his staying/going. Apparently every time he suggests saying or doing something, she tells him not to do that or say that, so he has decided to doing nothing and just accept going home. ED tries to show Amber how to use the grill. ED goes inside and is putting his clothes over the cams. Outside, Zach talks to Jess in the hammock. Tells her he made a huge error with the MRA.

Zach continues to campaign for Nick to stay, trying to get Jess to agree Kail is worse. Jess remains noncommittal. Amber calls that dinner is ready, Jess tries to get away but, Zach continues on. He flatters her that she is the perfect girl because she loves drinking beer and is always happy. He tells her he was booted out of his fraternity because he kept getting naked at parties. Zach blames his position now on Kail's betrayal. Jess continues to refuse to commit.

Zach then goes to Nick to report on his convo with Jess. Nick thinks he is going home. Zach offers Nick use of his apt but Nick says if he leaves he is going home to his family. Nearly everyone in kitchen now while Jen works out alone.


The standard recap ending with the questions, who will win PoV and will they use it on either Jen or Kail.

ED gloats in the DR about the nominations. Jen cries in the bathroom about being nominated. Kail and Dustin talk in the HoH room about the fact Zach is his true target, not her or Jen. Nick talks to Jen in the bathroom and is soon joined by Kail and Zach. They are comforting her. Kail tells Jen not to worry, they are the toughest girls in the house.

Amber and Dustin have a whisperfest. Amber suggests the idea of backdooring Nick. Dustin enters the house and announces that it is time for PoV competition. Dustin picks Dani, Jen picks Jameka, Kail picks Jess. Jameka says in a DR that she feels Jen picking her ball is God's way of telling her she should play her best for Jen. Jameka tells Kail that she feels she has to play hard for Jen. CBS chooses to prelude this discussion with organ music. Jen enters the bathroom to use mouthwash, Jameka asks to speak to her, she wants Jameka to wait and she says no need, she doesn't need Jen to talk. She informs Jen she intends to play hard for her and remove her if she wins. Jameka then informs the rest of the house of her decision.

ED thinks this is a completely ridiculous idea. Jameka feels it is already predetermined who is going to win the game. Jameka says in the DR that ED is an atheist and she is not going to compromise herself for him. ED says in the DR that he thinks God has better things to do than worry about her ping pong ball in the BB game. He believes this is Jameka's will, not God's.

Veto competition -

Cheesy french accents and berets abound, they take a trip to the BB art gallery, just inside the house. Wine and cheese was offered for the gallery guests. Featured artist today is Vincent Van Veto. They all start with 1000 BB bucks.

Puzzle Answers: head of household, memory wall, diary room, power of veto - Dani out on answering just veto
Kail in the lead. Spending portion - 750 bucks for a trip to Barbados - Dustin buys the trip, he looks happy and says in the DR that he and his gf get to go to Barbados, the rest looked confused and pissed. Back to puzzles - nominee, alliance, Jameka takes the lead, julie chen, chopping block. Spending portion again - 1500 bb bucks for 5000 dollars, Dustin took the money and everyone is pissed Amber is crying in the DR, she was really crying hard about Dustin's greed and the fact Jameka could have taken the money. Jameka in the lead last puzzle - Power is up for grabs - Jen guesses incorrectly - Safety
Smart move on her part, quick answer means either she gets it right and wins or she gets it wrong and Jameka wins. Either way she is safe.

Jameka says in DR she thinks Jen through the last question because she knew Jameka would use the PoV on her. Jameka regrets telling Jen she would use the PoV to save her.

ED confronts Dustin about his taking prizes instead of trying harder for the veto. ED says it was a selfish move. Dustin admits in DR is was selfish and now everybody hates him. Given Dustin told Kail that neither she or Jen were his targets this week, I really don't understand what all the tears and fuss is about. They can still get out Zach or Nick. Jameka talks it over with Amber. Jameka says God is Gangsta, putting things out that to trip you up and such. Amber cries.

Dani is pissed about Dustin, Eric talks with Dustin and Dustin tells him that he only has 2700 dollars at home in the bank. Eric thinks Dustin made a complete fool of himself. ED calls out Jen for throwing the last question and putting the PoV on Jameka's shoulders. Jen claims she was just trying, ED claims she did it to screw everyone else. Dani tells ED to stop because he is upsetting Jameka.

AP task - Start the catch phrase "I'd do that for a dollar". He starts by saying he would crawl into the pillow case .... he would do that for a dollar. He tells Dick he has an idea. He is tired of Amber and her expressions, so he is going to say "I'd do that for a dollar" to show her what its like everyone else in the house. ED says he is on board. He jumps into the pool fully clothed. They all think he is a little cracked.

The LNC meets in the HoH. Dustin states since Jameka is going to use the PoV to remove Jen, he doesn't want to argue that, so moving on from there who do they nom, Nick or Zach. It's a majority rules that it should be Nick. Dani is the one exception. Dani starts to argue the point about Jen, thus making Jameka feel badly. Dani ends up walking out. Jess says it is not their job to deal with Dani's personal life and it is better for her and them to have Nick gone now. Dani cries in the DR about the possibility of Nick leaving.

Jameka now says if up to her, Zach would be gone. But the majority still feels it should be Nick. Jameka does the obligatory think walk in front of the memory wall before calling the PoV meeting to order. Nick is not at all worried, he feels certain that Zach is going up and going home. Kail believes the same thing. Jameka finally calls them all in for the PoV ceremony. Jameka gives both Jen and Kail to chance to say why she should use the PoV on them. Jameka uses the PoV and remove Jen from the block, and tells Dustin he has to choose a replacement nom. Dustin chooses Nick. Nick looks surprised and annoyed. Dani cries in the DR some more about Nick leaving, but personally I think it's just really frustrating for her. Dustin wants to cut some of those ties that are forming. Kail is confused. Nick thinks he is just a threat. Jen is upset with Dustin for nom Nick, she thinks Dustin is just a turd.


Amber and Kail talk in the kitchen. Amber talks about her first marriage and how it lasted four years and was not healthy. She says she had no reference for a healthy relationship. She met her current bf right after her marriage broke up and treated him awful for three years, but now they are happy and things are good. She talks about being excited about picking out a wedding dress and as she talks about her bf she seems to just light up inside. Jen stops her workout after about ten minutes and joins the kitchen crew.

Nick and Dani talk in the bedroom. He is annoyed that she kept cutting him off and not letting him finish a sentence. He says he is going and he just wants to savor his last few days with her. He says his relationship with her is way more important than the game. Dani says this has been the hardest week ever. Dani says Nick is hurting her feelings, Nick says he just wants to enjoy his remaining time in the house. Dani says she is just trying to help Nick. Nick says is in this predicament because he is so personable and everyone approached him about an alliance. They can hear laughter from the kitchen.

Eric gets called to the DR. Dani and Nick continue to argue. Zach enters the room and lays down. They hear everyone out in the kitchen laughing and yelling. Nick asks what is going on with the people out in the kitchen. Zach tells him they are playing some game with the keys.

Key game - One person places the hgs keys into random slots and then the contestants try to guess who's key is under who's picture. If you guess correctly you get that key and another try. The person with the most keys wins the game. Nick gets up from bed and heads out to the hot tub and talks with ED. ED tells Nick that the group decided and it was a strategic decision. ED tells Nick not to trust Dustin if it comes down to a tie. Nick tells ED he can trust him 100%, ED says he doesn't trust anyone 100%. ED says he would love to see Kail gone this week and Jen next week.

ED and Nick join in on the key game in the kitchen. Everyone seems to be having fun. Zach gives up on trying to sleep and joins the kitchen crew for the game. Nick gets called to the DR. Nick and Zach play golf in the BY. Jess and ED talk in the BY. Jess says she held out having sex until she was 21. She had planned to wait until she was married. ED asks why and she says because she was drunk. ED laughs and says that was the best answer ever, but that he was asking why she wanted to wait until she was married, she says its because she was catholic.

Jen complains to Kail about the gap in her teeth, especially now that she has lost her retainer. Kail helps Jen tie floss around her two front teeth to close the gap. Eric goes up to listen to Dustin's CD. Dustin tells ED he could walk into any bar and pick up women just like ED. BY crew talk turns to poop. They talk about not being able to poop, consistency of poop, etc. They think it has to do with the slop. Amber and Nick talk in the WR. Nick says he is not going to campaign but he hopes he can get the votes he needs to stay. He knows it was a group consensus to put him up. He is ok with going home.

Amber heads to the treadmill, Nick heads back to bed with Dani. Nick and Dani spooning. Zach goes to bed as well. Dustin, Jen, Jameka and Amber doing their abs class in the BY. Jess told Dustin about her talk with Zach and Dustin is convinced that his wanting Nick to stay just proves they are in an alliance together. Jess and Dustin decide that sending Nick home this week really is the best thing. They suspect the next HoH comp will be endurance. ED pranks Dustin with a very salty drink but Dustin sees the salt all over the table. They think the only vote to evict Kail will be from Zach. They talk about how important this next HoH comp is. They talk about Nick looking scary this week. Jameka talks about shrinking her feet by having some bones removed. She went from a size 9 to 6.5 and has scars on her feet from it. They are wondering where Eric is... DR.

Jen and Amber put on facial masks. Jen says they are Asian because the Asians always have the best skin. She just can't read the instructions. Eric finally comes out of the DR. Eric seems talkative and happy. Jess is arranging the chess pieces like a wedding party. ED is watchin her and seems charmed by her. Eric joins Jess and is helping her arrange the chess pieces. Eric, Jess and Jameka talk about ED, he is consumed with his personal agenda, great casting but lots of tension. Eric plans to try to get Zach to vote with the house. Eric talks about his anger building and if Jess sees steam coming out of his ears she should tell him to leave the room, and Eric jokingly points and Jameka and says it will be directed at her!. Jameka sits down and they move onto other topics.

ED joins Eric, Jess and Jameka. They go into a detailed discussion about the possible ages of the Jetson's characters. Dustin, Dani and Amber are in the kitchen. Dustin heads off to bed and ED and Dani talk about him after he goes. They think he will talk about his prizes in his HoH blog. ED tells Dani not to get her hopes up about Nick staying. Dani thinks its a mistake to vote out Nick. ED says he is tired of looking out for the group. ED thinks there is something going on with Amber and Jen. They both want Jen gone.

Eric says he doesn't really want HoH, because the pics and goodies would mean more to someone else. Jess said she would like to get it so she might get an update from her brother who is over fighting the war. She thinks about him alot. She says when he comes back he gets to stay home for nine months and then has to go back for another tour. Eric and Jess both got accepted for BB very quickly. Eric says if they have an AC for a phone call he doubts he will get it because he put down the name of a friend, so he thinks someone who would get to speak to a family member would get it. They think Amber will be like April and be crying and mad if she doesn't get the phone call.

Eric and Jess continue talking in bed. ED and Dani have a long talk about strategy. Dani says she pretty much can't stand anyone in the house. She thinks Nick will be mad about some of the stuff she has said in the DR. ED says everyone will be mad at him for stuff he said in the DR. They think people will be mad about Eric's DR. They think Eric and Jess throw comps to fly under the radar. ED seems suspicious of Eric and his long DR talks. Dani says when Nick is gone everyone is going to drive her crazy. Jameka and Amber having bible study in the kitchen. Eric and Jess still talking in bed.

Dustin and Amber talk in the HoH as Dani and ED talk in the BY and Eric and Jess talk in bed. Eric, Jess and Jameka move to LR and talk about voting Nick out. They are not sure they trust D&D [ED and Dani] because they seem to be wavering. They want everyone to stick with the plan and vote out Nick. Eric seems more than a little annoyed with ED at this point. They talk about how Dustin taking the prizes messed up a good plan. ED left the door cracked to the BY. ED and Dani walk in and Jameka says "Good Morning Pumpkins". Dani heads off to bed. ED says he is going to sleep with his butt to Jen and Kail. He doesn't brush his teeth before bed and smells like smoke. They think CBS did a good job of casting personalities. Everyone finally heads off to bed about 6:30am.