Big Brother Recap September 14,2007
Anyone Home? Two is a lonely number

Dick and Dani slept till noon. They had nothing to do and boredom and lack of game play has set in. Dick tried very hard to be nice to Dani and Dani is full of attitude and has had enough of her Dad. Dick did set the table really pretty trying to make her smile but Dani just grumbled about it.

Dani complained and complained about everything. She commented that she hopes she does not have to do the early show or house calls that she was so over this game. Dick spit, farted, burped and smoked. He commented on Dani’s attitude saying that maybe they needed a break from each other, not 2 years maybe 2 days.

Some highlights of the day and evening are:
Dani worked out
Dick talked to himself
Dick made stuffed chicken parmesan for supper
Dick told Dani that once he is out, he wants to go to Ireland and NY and maybe hang out with Eric, he wants to take Vincent with him
Dani said she didn’t want to go back to work because she would have to deal with annoying people
Dick smoked (and smoked and smoked)
Dani Sleeps a lot
BB Gave the House guests 9 Family games (a box containing nine games)
Dick played some of the games himself
Dick kept saying that this season best yet, puts down Howie, Kaysar etc
Dick went to bed at 2 AM
Dani woke up at 3 AM, sat around the table and was back in bed by 3:30 am

Sure is going to be a long four days. I hope they don’t kill each other before they get the check! They hardly talk to each other and there is absolutely nothing for them to do! Thanks to all the wonderful live feed posters this year they have been great. Also, my fellow recappers have been wonderful, helpful and a delight to work with Thanks! Till next year……………….