Another live feed fact is that Jessie did pour his heart out to her and confessed his love, he then told Chima about his love for Nat, We watched him be totally smitten by her & we also watched him use Lydia in the house. The boards were lit up over these facts because they were words spoken & they were things we all witnessed.

Nat burned Jessie & it's real obvious that Lydia was jealous. We all were taking bets on how long it was going to take for Lydia to spill the beans to Jessie about all those long comparison talks the girls had concerning Jessie. Remember when Lydia told Nat about what happened to her hoodie? That girl knew exactly what she was doing. Any preconceived notion that Nat "might" have had about hooking up with Jessie after the show just got squashed. Then Lydia arrives to the JH & promptly tells Jessie all the things that a hurt Nat said about Jessie after he left. I'm curious if she told him that all these things were said AFTER Lydia told all her sordid secrets about what her & Jessie did behind Nat's back while he was pouring his heart out to Nat.
Nat's engaged, moving on with her life.

I like Lydia but I thought that was totally F'ed up her calling in & telling Nat she was going to kick her ass, then when all the twats on twitter cheered her on she continued to go on the attack like it was some freak show for her fans.

So what that Russell has talked to Nat & told her about the jury house. I'm sure Ronnie has had everyone talking to him about the jury house too since he wasn't in there, Laura has probably heard stuff from others along with Casey & Braden. Was there a memo that said not to talk about the JH to anyone that wasn't in the JH AFTER the game?

So what Nat lied about her age! If the house had known the pit bull side kick of Jessie's was really 24 she would have been evicted pretty quick because she was opinionated & confrontational. Everyone brushed off some of her crap because they blamed it on her age. It worked. The JH crap had nothing to do with the game, it was personal. Jessie was totally pissed off when he found out that Nat was engaged & had said she used Jessie in the game. You could read that on his face like he was an open book when they showed him learning that news in the JH, Lydia saw his reaction too & was pissed. Remember her reaction to this? lol

I just think that the attacks on Natalie & her family are beyond wrong. This was a game where lying and being deceitful is part of it. If she was a man she would be totted as deserving the win. Just like Russell on Survivor right now, he's one of the most devious players I've ever seen but if he makes it to the end he will have earned the win.

Natalie played the game & fought to stay in that house. She had to make up some big lies to survive in there & the bottom line is the lies worked. It is not her fault that the jury house voted personal. Jordan is a sweet girl. She had fun this summer & out of all the houseguests she needed the money the most. But this is a game & the person that played the game from beginning to end deserved the win just as much as the person who needed the money the most.

All these HG did things that weren't cool in the outside world. They lied, they said things that hurt, they stole, they deceived, they got in other's faces & threatened. All is fair in the game of BB & ya know what? I still love this game. Nat deserves a spot on all-stars if they have another one along with Michele & Russell. : )