Sometimes you just really, really, really want to know what's going on behind the scenes of Big Brother (if you're a true blooded Joker/Jokerette this is a 'duh' statement, I know). The Big Moment of "Must Know More" came last night (Friday, early morningish) when Chima went 'overboard' and threw her mic-pack ...uh ... overboard into the hottub. Natalie did a nice impression of a Golden Retriever in trying to save the poor microphone from drowning but to no avail.
Anyway... Chima who? Right?
Let's take a walk down memory lane with Chima, shall we?
Here's the rather controversial/infamous POV Nomination 'Save Me' Speech:

Oh wait! We forgot her 'Meet Chima' video!

"I definitely have a temper. But only when provoked!" Prophetic words, indeed.

Moving right along to the big blowup between Russell and Chima (with a little help from his friend, Michele).

Amazing how Chima turned that around and got Russell all mad at Michele, huh?

This is one talented player here, folks! Don't mess with The Diva!

But Russell did get in Chima's face (la la la la la) and got called a terrorist for his trouble. In Chima's defense, she was right, Russell was a Terrier, err Terror, around the house! That's right, Jack! Let's watch that moment together, shall we? (it's around the last minute mark on this video)

But wait... there's more! We can really feel that sexual tension in this little
tete-a-tete between our two lovebirds:

There's more, but I'm sure but you get the picture. She pretty much was a firecracker from the get go, and really pushed the envelope of bitchiness (I'm just being honest here!) Once the Coup d'Etat was played and Queen Drama found herself on the block (against her decree not to use that Wizard Power during HER HOH Reign)...well, following the big Jessie Pity Party and Cry Fest, she slunk down into her poor-little-me pout and simply would not be cheered out of it. For awhile all was peace and quiet in the house, but not for long. Oh no, not long at all. Chima couldn't take this usurping of her authority and in a fit of rage... flipped off the Big Brother Cameras right and left (gasp!) and then... oh, no she dinna! the final indignity to Big Brother! She threw her microphone into the hot tub (accidentally perhaps, but she did throw it! ok, she tossed it over her shoulder, but definitely in defiance of big brother!) Hey! That gadget is at least $5,000 big ones Sister! And THAT is the bottom line, ladies and gentlemen. You DO NOT defy Big Brother and 'get away' with it! Nor do you cause budget overruns or potential litigation issues! Production had already done a few things to smooth her feathers (there was much-to-do about special lotions as I recall, and the 'look the other way' to her and her coven sisters' vandalism antics. In short, they gave her an inch, she took the whole mile and then some. She warned of The Big Stink if the Power was used. Here it is. Deal with it. They did deal with it. They held a meeting. Production (including Allison Gardner) and the HG's. We can all imagine how that went... AG woke up from her beauty sleep! WTF??? Perhaps we (the fans of the show) will get some clippage of that meeting and other juicy tidbits in the upcoming days (but don't count on it, it's was unexpected after all!). As I write this rumors are flying rampant and "Chima" is the top trending topic on Twitter, which is a pretty big deal for a D-Lister!

Personally, I'm glad she was booted. Not so much for her behavior, but the message it sends to future players. Here is the Line in the Sand. Do NOT Cross it. DO NOT PULL A CHIMA! Sure, we love the fights and such. But just being a bitch 24/7 (girl or guy bitch, btw, I'm talking generic bitch here!) well, that's not fun for anyone, especially the fans. Get OVER yourself. Seriously!

Ok, that's my soap-box and I'm stepping down now.

Zenny, Joker4Life.