A quick Thursday review: Matt won HOH. Ragan was second again, but I saw no on-feed evidence of a deal this time. Kathy was the first one out. The whole thing took less than an hour. Rachel and Brendon wanted to meet with Matt but the other House Guests started a new game where Matt is never alone.

9:00 AM
The House Guests have been awakened by BB. Enzo tips off Brendon that Matt and Ragan are too close and that Britney and Lane are close too.

10:00 AM
The HOH room has been closed by BB. There is much speculation on and off the feeds that a Pandora’s Box is being set up now. Matt let’s others know in no uncertain terms that he will take the box.

Rachel requests a meeting with Matt. He tells her, "When they give me back my room". When by himself he says, "Please don't give me back my room. I don't want to talk with her. I’d rather shoot my face off".

Brendon and Rachel are alone and in full House Guest bashing mode. Rachel doesn't want to be friends with anyone after the game (ed. Didn’t we go through this with Britney, Monet, and Kristen?).

To keep things balanced in another room, Britney, Kathy, Hayden and Matt have an all out Rachel bashing session. They talk at length about Matt taking Rachel’s $5,000 prize from the last Veto comp as a bribe but nominating her any way.

Lane let’s Ragan know about a conversation where Brendon and Rachel called him a cockroach. He is not happy about this.

Ragan thinks Andrew’s outburst before being evicted was a planned effort to benefit “someone” staying in the game. He suggests to the others that everyone should spend one on one time with Brendon and Rachel to see what they say about every one. Lane adds they should "slander" each other to get Brendon and Rachel to top them.

Ragan takes the first shot with Brendon and Rachel and gets her to talk about all the people that threw others under the bus when she was HOH. He was a little too direct with his probing and Rachel would not give up any names. She did manage one reference to ‘his oldest friend’ meaning Kristen though.

Rachel goes to the Cabana Room, closes the door and pulls the blind to pout for awhile. Brendon is not far behind. She does some serious Ragan bashing.When Brendon starts to show a little attitude saying he doesn’t care anymore [about the game], Rachel actually tells him "Shhhh!" He responds “Are you are you kidding me?! You just went on for twenty minutes!!” (ed. Which was exactly what I was thinking). Rachel explains, “I can be loud because everybody hates me and thinks I am a bitch. But you still need to be the nice guy.” She lets him know she heard others having a “We hate Rachel party last night. She was particularly upset that Britney was a participant.

1:00 PM
Catfight! The HOH room is still not available so Rachel takes an opportunity to talk with Matt in the Cabana Room to make a case to keep her and Brendon off the block. Oddly, Ragan is present for this too. The conversation turns to talk of a Brendon/Rachel/Matt final three and Ragan politely tries to excuse himself from the room. Rachel says it’s ok because Matt and Ragan are a pair. Ragan clarifies they are friends, not an alliance. Rachel gives him some attitude and Ragan goes off, pointing out the numerous times he has been in Rachel’s corner. When things got loud Brendon shows up and this does not help. Ragan eventually leaves them all to continue their meeting.

During this time, Hayden was listening outside the door and Britney and Lane were in the Kitchen and could hear the commotion as well. So when Ragan comes out to the Kitchen, they ask him what happened. He was still amped up and did not hold back. Rachel sent Brendon out to keep Ragan from airing the disagreement to everyone and that just escalated to he point Rachel left Matt to go deal with it herself. They eventually apologized to each other but tensions were still high.

2:00 PM
Matt gets called to the Diary Room and BB announced that Lockdown is over. Many are thinking it is time for nominations. And the feeds do go out for more than a half hour.

3:00 PM
Feeds come back and it is obvious it was for Pandora’s Box. Matt explains he had to keep reading stuff until he opened the door. "You may uncover great wealth." Then he opened the door and there was a brief case. The brief case was in a glass case that he had to unlock. Inside the case a card said, "This is the wealth you have attained." It was only one dollar according to Matt. "Beware of the consequences this power will unleash on the house." Ragan thinks that it will be a returning house guest or Coup de tat.

Speculation is wild among the House Guests. Most of it centers on paranoia that America voted for Rachel to have some special power. Ragan is instrumental in egging this on (ed. Making feed watchers believe that he has accepted the new saboteur role).

Feeds go out for more than a half hour again. When they return there appears to be no reason for it.

4:30 PM
Speculations have now shifted from Pandora to why the “Nominations Today” screen hasn’t appeared yet. They begin to think the meeting may be tomorrow because they did the Box today.

When they are put on inside-lockdown they are worried that BB is setting up the stockades and they’ll have to be in them while Matt sets up the nomination box inside. BB has put up the screen so they are aware it will still be the usual schedule.

7:00 PM
Feeds were out for an hour and we see that Rachel and Brendon have been nominated. Rachel is cutting up ingredients for a salad and she is clearly not happy.

Brendon said Rachel discuss the state of things. Brendon says he’ll win POV and take Rachel off the block because she is perceived as the bigger threat this time. Rachel thinks she’ll go home first and she’s ok with it. She can't do this alone. She'll just be mean and bitchy (ed. Yes I know, but she said it, I didn’t). Rachel makes a plea, “America, we could really use your help right now.”

Things are still tense between them and Ragan. When Enzo stops by to offer some encouraging words he asks if they made up with Ragan. Rachel says, "No, he's such a little girl. He's such a bitch"

Later Rachel and Britney talk. When asked, Britney says things are still good between them. She tells Rachel straight up though that if one of them gets off the block, the other will go home no matter who they are up against.

9:00 PM
Sho2 crawl: With Kristen’s eviction, Enzo, Matt, and Lane hope Hayden will now be able to concentrate all his efforts on keeping the Brigade strong. The Brigade might not be a secret much longer since Ragan is beginning to suspect there could be an all male alliance in the house. The new HOH will have the chance to open Pandora’s box and possibly become the most powerful HOH this season, But along with the new power may come a new saboteur. America’s choice to be the new saboteur is Ragan. The conclusion of the HOH competition, the reveal of Pandora’s Box, and the next nomination ceremony will air Sunday night.

Enzo reports to Matt that Rachel thinks he really won a lot of money and is lying about the $1.00. They say that Enzo and Hayden need to keep working on Brendon and Rachel to gain their confidence (ed. part of a Brigade strategy set in motion last night.)

A few minutes later the TV in the living room comes on and everyone starts yelling, “The Saboteur is back!” We get to watch as the saboteur silhouette reports, “Hello Houseguests, Guess who's back. Annie may be long gone but my reign of terror is about to begin. I want to thank Matt for opening Pandora’s Box and unleashing a new Saboteur into the house. My mission is to destroy all of you and cruise towards the half a million dollars. Watch your back before I stab you in it.

This starts a whole new round of speculations. When someone wonders if America voted on the saboteur, Ragan points out there wasn't a food vote this week. They are surprised that anyone in the house would've accepted the saboteur role at this point in the game. Among the excitement Ragan also makes the observation, “Its one thing when its 13 people who don’t know each other. But now that we do, we will know if you are acting weird.

Hayden observes that before the message Rachel and Brendon acted mad and upset and now they seem to be acting better. Kathy chimed in that during the nomination ceremony Brendon said he's coming after Matt. Rachel nudged him to be quiet and she nudged him again during the message. Lane says, “This isn't like America's player. It's like America's train wreck!”

11:00 PM
Ragan tells Hayden he thinks that Hayden and Kristen's families were featured on the live show (ed. Ragan, that doesn’t help us unless you tell us before the BB grab game closes!)

Brendon and Rachel go in the Bathroom to hug and kiss. He says he's going to be the feisty one now. She says she can't be there without him.

Still under lockdown many House Gusts are speculating there will be a POV game to practice tonight.

Ragan thinks that after the Thursday show, BB will do a fart reel.

The House Guests have been given a bowling set up in back yard. Rachel reads the directions to everybody

Enzo manages to knock down the pin on three straight tries, so he leaves to let the others practice.

Matt eventually gets 3 in a row so he leaves to go to bed (ed. Anticipating a Brigade meeting later).

1:00 AM
There was a lot of complaining about Rachel’s behavior. From what I could gather she tried the bowling game and wasn’t doing well. At one point she threw the ball straight up and left the area. Shortly after she was seen coming out of the Diary Room crying. She went to her room and had a total meltdown sobbing uncontrollably. Right on cue, Brendon comes in and lies down beside her. She cries louder and says "I can't do it! I suck at bowling! I fought so hard. I just don't have anything left." Brendon keeps telling her that she's amazing. Brendon tells Rachel that if he leaves she will have Enzo and Hayden on her side.

Elsewhere Ragan and Matt ponder if she has a special power and decide it is best for Ragan to try to smooth things over with her just in case.

Brendon has succeeded in cheering Rachel up. They leave for the kitchen where he tells Rachel he can't wait to see her Jessica Rabbit outfit. She said it's on her Facebook page. She tells him she can't add anyone (very cheerful, smiling and giggling) because she has 5000 Facebook friends. She repeats looking towards the camera "That's 5000 Facebook friends!!"

2:00 AM
Rachel and Brendon practice bowling alone until she is called to the DR. When she is out she is heard crying, but not on camera.

A Brigade meeting starts in the HOH without Hayden, in case it takes too long for him to get there too. They complain about Rachel. They complain about Brendon. They go over many alternatives including a worst case if Rachel has a power to remove nominations. Hayden makes it to the room and reports that Britney would be Brendon and Rachel’s next target.

Eventually we see Rachel crying in the Bathroom and Kathy comforting her. Britney comes in and tries to convince her to talk to Ragan for encouragement. Rachel says Ragan hates her, so Britney leaves her in Kathy’s care.

Rachel makes it to the Backyard with Brendon. Brendon continues to encourage her that Enzo and Hayden are on their side 100%.

Kathy joins Britney and Ragan in the Jumanji Room Britney doesn't understand why Rachel and Brendon are working so hard on practicing for the POV, “Even if one of them wins, we'll just send the other one home.”

3:00 AM
The Brigade meeting continues though Enzo has left. Hayden admits to them that he and Kristen did kiss 3 or 4 times. They start prepping for a best case scenario of a final 2 with 2 Brigade members in the jury to smooth things over with the others.

Rachel and Brendon are still practicing bowling. Her mood is chipper again.

4:00 AM
Rachel and Brendon are still bowling and continue until about 4:30. Others are either in bed or getting ready for bed. There is still much chatter about the saboteur coming from the bedrooms. But finally the house goes quiet.

The deck is now stacked against Brendon and Rachel. Can they manage to pull something off? Will an increasingly confident Brigade manage to out themselves? And what will the Saboteur do next?

Thanks to the efforts of the Updaters. The Recaps would be impossible without you!