Crying, crying and more crying

9:00 am - The house guests were woken up . Rachel immediately starts talking to people. She knew what she wanted to do but wanted to secure some safety for her and Brandon too. Hayden wouldn’t commit to forming an alliance with her. Brit and Monet agreed to work with her and protect her (neither said her and Brandon.) Rachel wants to put up Monet and Brit because she saids they are floaters. She also wants to get the girls out of the house because she feels the guys will go after the guys.

11:00 am – Brandon and Enzo search the house for more beeping devices. They find two and think that BB planted them to drive them nuts.

1:00 - 4:00 PM – We had trivia on the feeds while the houseguests play the have and have not competition. When the feeds return we find out that Brit, Monet, Enzo and Brandon are have nots. They can eat fish sticks and fruitcake because that is what America voted for them.

4:30 – We got brief trivia on the feeds as the houseguests were told that Annie was the saboteur. When the feeds come back the houseguests were hooting and holloring because they got the saboteur out in week one.

6:00 - 10:45 – We again get trivia on the feeds. This time for the nomination ceremony. When the feeds return we see Brit and Monet crying. They are upset because they are the nominations this week. Enzo tries to cheer them up but both are upset. They both trash Rachel and can’t accept their nomination. They both think that Kathy threw them under the bus since she never tried to console them and her key was pulled first. Rachel tries to console them, reminds them she was in the same position last week. That things change. All they wanted to do was cry. They cry all night. Rachel starts to feel bad and when she talks with Brandon she starts to cry saying it was all her fault that Kathy won’t talk to Monet and Brit anymore and that she hates sending someone home etc. Brandon consoles her and tells her again it is all a game and if she wants to win then she has to send people home. They start snuggling and kissing and Rachel feels better.

11:00 PM – All are getting ready for bed. The have nots are the last to go to bed. They all knew they have to be up at 7:00 am for the veto competition.

At Midnight Matt and Lane had this conversation: Lane and Matt talk about who they'd be safe with in next week's HoH -- the Brigade and whoever stays out of Britney or Monet. Matt would also be fine if Ragan won, but not sure about the other guys.

Matt asks whether Lane felt threatened when Rachel had him make a deal. Lane didn't feel threatened, but he did think he would have been put up if he had said no. Matt asks whether the deal was not to put Rachel up, or not to put Rachel and Brendon up. Not sure what Lane says - think he's worried about people hearing in the other room.

They feel they've had bad luck the past week. Matt says they should be running the place.
Brit and Monet get called separately to the DR very late. Rachel goes in to DR once they are done. Everyone was asleep by 3:20 am.
Will Brit and Monet ever stop crying? Will Rachel get her way and send one of them home? Will people catch on to Kirsten and Hayden? Who will win VETO tomorrow?