A fond farewell to you Natalie as you fade off into oblivion....

You are now out of the house and can be yourself. You can no longer hide under the guise of the game. There is no more game-playing strategy. Yet, you said during your interviews that that Jessie is bitter because, “He found out I got engaged.” Now you may be able to pull that off on the TV viewers, but the live feeders know better because we heard you. You shadowed Jessie the whole time he was in the house. We saw you shower after he showered, do your laundry after he did his, ate when he ate and lay in bed all day for days at a time while everyone else was outside in the backyard. You almost exclusively hung out with Jessie, you did not, as you falsely stated, just hang out with the strong players.

You said during post-show interviews that you knew you did NOT have Jessie’s vote and had stated you told Jordan that. Well, you may be able to get away with that with the TV viewers or interviewers as they will resist questioning you further, but live feeders heard you say numerous times that you have “ONLY JESSIE’S VOTE” and “MAYBE Russell's”. (You were obviously trying to downplay the jury votes to Jordan and Kevin so that you would look like the least threat and best choice to take to the final two.) Point being and conveniently that is not what you’re claiming now. Yet, the live feeders saw it all and heard it all and KNOW you are a horrific liar who tries to rewrite history and make us question our own memories.

In the beginning, you milked your shoulder strain for more than what it was worth while you manipulated a relationship between you and Jessie. Now you are going around giving interviews and angrily stating that Jessie got mad at you because you turned down his advances toward you and have become engaged. Cleary a fabrication woven in an attempt to save face with your boyfriend, family and viewers.

Those tears you shed for Jessie were not to just “to join in” with the rest of the girls as you desperately tried to convince us during your interview with Julie Chen. You cried in the DR as well and tearfully went on and on about how great a person Jessie was, but after voting against you winning the $500,000 you proclaim that you didn’t like him because of the way he treated Lydia. (Yet, if memory serves me correctly, you unequivocally stoked those fires of hatred. In fact, you were the person to start those fires against Lydia as Jessie found it very stressful to mediate between you two and only wished it would all stop. Many times, you clearly stated that Lydia was your least favorite houseguest. So, which one is it? Apparently, you’re getting caught up in your own deception and lies.

The truth of the matter is, when your beloved Big Brother companion Jessie finally left the house, you cried your heart out during his mournful vigil right alongside Chima and Lydia . Now he’s gone. You’re sad. You are seen crying and defending his honor and vouching for his greatness in the DR. But that doesn’t last long, because you now have time to discuss Jessie and his late night antics with Lydia and Kevin. ONLY then do you discover about Lydia and her taking the night shift (along with other newly revealed hot secrets) as the live feeders look on and watch as you begin the back peddling. Many thought it rather amusing to watch as you desperately tried to rewrite history. No more tears for Jessie. There’s suddenly a huge turnaround. We now listen as you now tell the DR that Jessie liked you, but you told him that he doesn’t stand a chance with you because you never really liked him. Did you tell him that in your goodbye speech to him --- to what purpose? I believe Julie Chen asked you that as well. Weren’t you worried about his vote? Couldn’t this have waited until after the show? Or is it that you got so involved in trying to fix your relationship with your boyfriend that you anxiously began every possible means to do so...and coincidentally, the boyfriend (pre-engagement) who you never wanted to speak of before with the other houseguests is now an open topic for discussion --- strange timing.

We could tell you were nervous about the Jessie situation during your phone conversation with your dad as you asked him to convey to your boyfriend that everything you did was for strategic reasons. (Nice job at damage control.) But I don’t believe one bit. I don't believe that your controlling harsh attitude, substandard hygiene habits, manipulative tactics, lying and scheming all came to you in a bolt of lightening just as you entered the house.

It is comical to hear you NOW claim that you never thought you had Jessie’s vote to begin with, but sadly, it’s beginning to get a little insulting to everyone you speak to while as you desperately pray for mass amnesia while frantically trying to deviate us from the truth. You clearly underestimate the public’s intelligence. We know better, despite what you think. You’re out of the house now, Natalie, it’s no longer game play, yet we are hearing the same things, getting the same attitude and listening as you defend everything you did and said in the house. Do you not know that we have the live feeds 24/7?

From all the 14 houseguests who played Big Brother 11 this season, Jessie knew you most and when it came time to cast his vote he chose Jordan. You need to be honest and ask yourself why. In the end and unfortunately for you, Jesse did NOT cast his vote in your favor. I just find it sad that you cannot accept his explanation and instead choose to claim, as you have in your many interviews, that he is just a bitter person. You cried the last time you saw him, yet claim bitterness after the voting. It doesn’t take a veteran detective to see what is obvious. Nonetheless, I’m sure it felt good for him as it did for many, many others to see you get back a little bit of what you’ve been dishing out to so many, for so long.

You feverishly try to make us believe your lame excuses simply to save yourself from your own embarrassment. More importantly though, it shows your lack of character and dignity on your part, as well as your contemptible attitude toward us, the viewers, as you expect us unable to judge for ourselves blindly accept your definition of what transpired over our own.

Jordan may not have been the perfect, incomparable Big Brother player of all time (from what I hear, the infamous Dr. Will holds that esteem status), but rather she showed us a person; who while not without flaws, was filled with an abundance of all the characteristics that we love to see in each other; such as being a friendly person, decent, ingenuous and just down-to-earth. Some of us watched her as we wished for more of that in the world around us. Some may have wished they had more of those characteristics in themselves, while others may once have had them in the past, but may have lost some for one reason or another; hard times, the loss of youth, life’s goals not yet met...any number of reasons. Maybe she reminds us that it’s still possible to achieve in ourselves and our lives those qualities that we admire so much in others and saw in her. I found her to be a genuinely fine young woman.

Ultimately, Jordan won the grand cash prize. I believe that this is further proof, that you do NOT have to play this game through malicious or vicious means to come out a winner.

Perhaps that philosophy would work for all of us outside the house as well.