8:59 BB time- 10:59 BBT
The feeds go live and all the houseguests are heading to the backyard. Through a discussion between Rachel and Annie, its determined that Rachel and Brendon are up for eviction. Annie calls Andrew a few names because just after the feeds came up, he ran over and pulled her blanket up and yelled something about doing a Gyno exam as a joke, which she didn’t find funny. Annie tells Rachel that Brendon isn’t going to campaign against her and Rachel says that she would use the POV on Brendon if she won.

Annie then moves on to talk with Kathy. They talk about how the boys could do damage and that they both think Andrew needs to go because they think he’s the Saboteur. Annie says she likes Hayden and she thinks she can pick his brain. The two ladies do not want Rachel to win the veto because she did something rude to Monet. Annie says that Brendon has been hitting on her the whole time and that she doesn’t want a showmance because she has a relationship and since she rejected him, he went to Rachel. Kathy tells her that she feels like everyone’s mom. Monet joins them and says she wanted to punch Rachel in the face when Rachel had an attitude when Monet’s name got picked for POV.

Enzo, Lane and matt all agree that Andrew needs to go next week and that Brendon is trying to get in with the guys. Lane says that he’s heard Andrew telling people that Lane and Enzo are in an alliance. They talk about the POV players- Hayden, Rachel, Brendon, Monet, Enzo, and Andrew. Ragan and Britney join the group in the kitchen and Ragan says that Andrew has nothing to lose if he wins POV and takes Brendon off because he thinks Andrew knows everyone thinks he’s the Saboteur. Annie joins them and the group talks about trying to convince Andrew to not use the POV.

Monet and Kathy talk about how they don’t know where Britney stands and Kathy says that she is afraid that because Rachel and Brendon can’t backdoor Monet any longer, they may try and backdoor her. Monet says that Annie will go along with whoever she’s sitting with and calls her fake. The two ladies say they feel solid with Enzo. They mention that Britney and Annie have Lane and Matt wrapped up and that Annie is working on Hayden.

Andrew talks with Enzo about how everyone gets quiet when he comes into a room and that he knows everyone is in a group and thinks he is the Saboteur. Enzo tries to convince Andrew that it is better for him if Brendon gets kicked out this week. Once Andrew leaves, Enzo tells Lane that he doesn’t trust Andrew.

Enzo then talks with Annie in the bedroom. He says he doesn’t want to go against HOH by making a deal with Brendon. They both agree that Andrew would be an idiot to take either Brendon or Rachel off the block. Annie and Enzo make a deal that each is safe if they win HOH, and Hayden would be as well.

Kathy and Andrew begin talking about how Annie never stops talking, and that she has a thing with Brendon.

Britney, Enzo and Lane tried figuring out what was moved in the house and the things the Saboteur could have done, like putting X’s on their photos with tape. The three agree that they don’t trust Andrew. Ragan comes in and says that if Andrew wins HOH, two strong guys will be on the block and that he was impressed by Andrew in the Have/Have Not competition.

Andrew tells Kathy that he wants to eliminate all the women, but thinks Kristen is alright. He tries to make sure he had Kathy on his side and she responds “absolutely.” He questions her as to whether or not he should try to win the POV. She tells him he’s safe at the moment, so there is no reason to win.

11:00 BBT-
Lane, Enzo and Matt are playing pool. They say they need to get both Andrew and Brendon out and that they need to approach Kristen because she’s a wild card at the moment. They also mention Britney being a wildcard and that Kathy and Money are together. Matt and Enzo head upstairs to play chess and they discuss throwing HOH since everyone is on board to get Andrew out. If Brendon leaves this week and Andrew next, there are only 4 guys and they feel they can dominate the competitions.

Enzo Matt join Hayden in the HOH and after discussing Andrew, Hayden says the only way that Enzo or Matt will have to win HOH is if Brendon doesn’t go home. Enzo says that he’s going to try and keep Annie close by making a fake alliance, but that he thinks she is shady. The boys all want to keep Rachel and get rid of Brendon. If Brendon comes off the block, they’ll put Kathy up so that Rachel will definitely be gone.

Kathy, Britney and Lane discuss the possibility of an alliance between Brendon and Andrew. Kathy says that it would be war if Andrew takes Brendon off the block.

Rachel and Brendon discuss sthe PoV and Andrew in the Cabana room. Brendon says that he trusts Annie but not Andrew. He knows Annie is playing both sides too. Rachel is worried about going home if Brendon gets saved. She thinks that Enzo and Andrwe will both take Brendon off the block. Brendon says that Andrew will be too hard to save if he did go through with an alliance to him. Brendon thinks he has a good chance to win PoV. He leaves and goes to talk with Enzo in the kitchen. Brendon tells him that if he uses PoV on him, he’ll have Enzo’s back. Enzo stays noncommittal.

Ragan and Kristen discuss the Saboteur and who it possibly could be. They agree that they have to keep an open mind about who it could be.

Back in the Cabana room, Brendon and Rachel are flirting. She wishes that she wasn’t a Have Not so they could sleep together and he says he’s already thought the same thing. They are both openly attracted to one another.

The house gets quieter with everyone sleeping and Rachel and Brendon making out. Sweet Dreams Houseguests!