9:00 AM
After an entertaining evening of Let’s Make a Deal starring Britney as the Veto holder and Hayden and Kristen (appropriately dressed) hopeful that Door Number One isn’t the booby prize, BB has awakened the House Guests and we look forward to The Big Deal of the Day or at least maybe some bonus rounds.

Lane tells a story about paying for a lap dance he never got. (ed. An emerging trend, since he previously reported paying $3800 for a motorcycle on eBay that he never got too.)

Lane and Britney continue a game where they start a conversation with Brendon and one of them leaves the other having to listen to Brendon. Lane wins the first round as he heads to the Cabana room and laughs.

10:00 AM
Britney lets us know its 10 o’clock and she still doesn't know if she's using the POV. But, she manages to win round two leaving Lane with Brendon in the back yard by asking Kristen to go talk in private.

Kristen says if Britney takes Hayden off the block, she would try to keep Britney safe and she wouldn't gun after Rachel (ed. Not quite the all out promise she made last night where she offered up everything including her jury vote to Britney). Britney is still receptive though.

Britney goes to the HOH Room to speak with Rachel. They both did a lot of thinking over night. Rachel doesn't want to make a deal with her enemy that ultimately sacrifices her friends down the road. Britney thinks keeping Hayden and Kristen in the game could take the target off their back just a little. Rachel wonders if Britney could still have the deal with Hayden if she put up Lane instead of Kathy. Rachel is OK with using the POV if they can guarantee Kristen goes home. Britney tells her if she wants Kristen out then she shouldn't use the POV. They agree not to use it and Britney goes to talk with Hayden.

Britney gets called to the DR on her way to talk to Hayden.

Brendon manages to get to Rachel though and gets the scoop. He said the only person he worries about winning the next HOH is Matt. Rachel mentions he could be bought with her 5K prize.

11:00 AM
Feeds are blocked for the Veto Ceremony. Britney never did get a chance to speak with Hayden or Kristen.

When the feeds come back just after Noon, we learn that Britney did not use the POV. We see her explaining to Hayden, “I had to go to the DR and couldn't talk to you. Rachel told me she was gonna put Lane up so I couldn't use it. I feel bad for Kristen and Kathy is down there acting like Kristen’s best friend when Kathy begged me not to use the Veto.

A little later Rachel tells Hayden that it was Britney’s decision not to use the POV.

Britney finds Kristin to explain. She told Kristin she was begging the BB team for more time so that she could go talk to Hayden and tell him what was going on.

Rachel asks Britney to be in an alliance with her and Brendon. They are all great competitors who can make it really far together. Britney agrees to an alliance (ed. To their face).

Britney reports to Lane that Rachel was considering putting Lane up if the POV was used.

Kathy asks Britney to be there for her after next week. Kathy will never go against her. (ed. That’s two new alliances offers in ten minutes for Britney, even after she has no more power this week).

Kristen has a little cry telling Hayden she is still going to fight to stay and he says, "It's ok."

1:00 PM
Rachel and Brendon try to think of an alliance name that includes Britney.

Kristen curses BB saying they put Hayden in the house just to distract her and vice versa. They share a tender moment then Kristen talks to America saying she will do ANYTHING to stay; hoping there is some kind of America’s choice that will save her.

2:00 PM
Matt tells Hayden if he and Kristen stayed, Ragan would have gunned for them instead of Brendon and Rachel.

Ragan reports to the backyard crew that he just had to listen to Brendon's 30 minute explanation of why he liked NBA but not Kobe Bryant.

Kristen thinks there will be a 3/4 vote. Ragan thinks it will be a 6-1 vote based on what has happened in the house already, but gives her hope that anything could happen.

Lane and Britney question why Hayden was trying so hard to keep Kristen, and why Hayden was so happy yesterday when he thought Kristen might be staying.

4:00 PM
Kristen asks Hayden if he regrets what happened between them, Hayden says “no” and asks Kristen to be his date at the wrap party. She smiles, “YES!” He showed her a “cool” handshake with a thumb’s up at the end (ed. It will be interesting when she learns it is actually the super secret Brigade handshake).

Once alone, Hayden gives a quiet shout out to his Mom, Mad Dog, B, Grandma, Grandpa, Dad, Andy, Home, and Everybody.

Not much else goes on other then general chit chat the rest of the afternoon with everyone getting along very well.

7:00 PM
Kathy, Rachel, and Ragan talk about how double evictions work. This has been on the minds of several other House Guests lately.

While playing pool, Brendon asks Britney about her meeting with Kristen. She says it was uneventful, that Kristen just listed her reasons on why she should stay and asked for her vote. She's keeping an open mind.

8:00 PM
The House Guests got 4 bottles of wine.

Rachel takes an opportunity try to pursuade Ragan to vote Kristen out.

Kristen has been busy talking to everyone except Rachel and Brendon throughout the day. Her main points are:
She can be a benefit to their game
She's honest
She’s a competitor
She’s the only one that would put up Brendon and Rachel
She needs to stay because she doesn't have anything at home (house, job, money, etc.)

9:00 PM
The Sho2 Crawl reads: Rachel is the current HOH. Hayden and Kristen are nominated for eviction. Enzo, Matt and Lane are trying to keep Hayden focused on the game and not Kristen. The Brigade’s mission is to try to win Veto so none of them are used as a replacement nominee keeping their secret alliance safe. The Veto competition and Ceremony air on Wednesday night.

Rachel and Ragan start a game of truth-or-dare. Ragan picks truth. Rachel asks him who's the hottest guy in the house and Ragan says "Me.". No one else wants to play so the game ends.

Rachel, showing early signs of drunkenness, twirls around the kitchen flapping her dress up and down. She makes the comment, "I can do pole dancing". She gets loud and asks everyone to guess what the most expensive bottle she sold at a club. She informs them it was $250,000 for a 6 liter bottle of Crystal. She explains to the guys why it is better to buy a $400 bottle than to buy individual drinks. When the guys don’t go for it she puts on the hard sell and keeps getting louder. She insists she loves Vegas and Vegas loves her.

Outside Britney tells Lane and Enzo, “If Brendon wins HOH next week, I say we all leave together. We just walk to the back yard and push the button together.”

Enzo throws Kristen some hope and says “Give me til Thursday and I'll tell you where the house is and what’s going on”.

11:00 PM
Brendon and Rachel go to the HOH where he spends a half hour explaining how bothered he is by Rachel’s Vegas talk. This brings out the I’m-going-to-kill-you-in-your-sleep stare from Rachel. He goes on way too long and she says nothing for way too long. When he finally asks her to talk to him, there are some moments where it looks like it is over as far as Rachel is concerned, but Brendon keeps pulling her back in with the Love talk and before long they are kissing.

Ragan asks Kristen who is the strategist. Kristen says she is but Hayden is more into the big picture of the game. She makes her usual pitch to him but adds that the guys are going to be going after the weaker guys and he'll need a strong girl like her.

Elsewhere Enzo, Hayden and Lane talk game. Enzo thinks even if Brendon wins the next HOH, they are OK because they will be up against Kathy. Lane prefers Britney to win HOH instead of one of them so that she is the one to take out Rachel or Brendon.

Rachel and Brendon go outside. Rachel gets in the hot tub still wearing a short dress over her bikini. She lifts it up so it doesn’t go in the water. Brendon tells her to watch out because her boob is showing. She adjusted her top and says no one can see, "Brendon, stop being such a Brendon!"

Kristen tells Ragan she may have 4 votes by tomorrow. Ragan says he is going to talk to some people and feel them out about their votes.

Britney and Lane do some non-flirting flirting. She tells him he is going to meet someone new and it will be totally worth it. She can't wait for him to get married. She is coming to the wedding.

1:00 AM
Brendon and Rachel are back up in the HOH with the lights out. Apparently there was a disagreement about the boob showing incident. Brendon gets in bed and Rachel appears to be sleeping on the floor. Brendon gets up and picks Rachel up off the floor and puts her in bed. She says "Brendon no". She needs to brush her teeth, He helps her take off her mic and she goes into the bathroom.

She asks why he is so mad at her. He says he's not. She says they fight a lot and he's mad at her every night. This was apparently foreplay as it leads to them pulling the covers over themselves and some rather steamy sounds follow.

Elsewhere Hayden and Enzo are stoked they've made it to the jury house. Hayden says when they get down to 8 people left there is a 50% chance that a Brigade member will win. They bask in the glory of the Brigade.

2:00 AM
Brendon and Rachel are still spending quality time under the covers. During a break in the action Brendon says he loves her. She giggles. He says the drinking fights scare him, but he's not going to run away. And they go back under the covers again.

Brendon says "We are gonna keep doing it. They haven't seen nothing yet." (ed. This was actually referring to their game play, though it was fitting in other respects as well).

Outside Kathy and Kristen are talking. Kristen says Rachel has no good reason to want her out. Kathy says it is because Rachel wants to be left alone in the house with all the guys. Kristen does more vote speculation, maybe 5-2 or 3-4.

Once everyone has migrated to their beds, Kathy asks them to tell Socks good night. A string of "Goodnight Socks" follows. The house goes quiet for the night.

Oops, my bad. Rachel and Brendon are still kissing and talking about how they can win the game with each other before finally going to sleep too. The house goes quiet again.

Will Kristen be able to sway any more votes? Will she eventually throw Hayden under the bus to do it? Will anyone else ask Britney for an alliance? Will Brendon and Rachel still be together by the end of the week?

Thanks Updaters! You hung in there through a mostly amiable day.