Good Bye Big Brother 11

Another season of Big Brother
Will soon be in the past
I wonder what fans will think of
When they think of this seasonís cast

Will they think of Ronnie
And just how low he played this game
Will they think of Braden
And wished that heíd remained

Will they think of Laura
And how she could have changed the house
Or will they think of Michelle
This mighty little mouse

Will they think of Jeff and Jordan
Cus to think of one is to think of the other
Will countless fans hold their breath
That they be the first to wed from Big Brother

Will they think of Casey
And how he became the banana man
And how this 5th grade teacher
Came to have so many fans

Will they think of Chima
Or will the thought just make them cringe
Or will they think of Lydia
And how this girl is on the fringe

Will they think of Kevin
And his funny gay demeanor
Or will they think of Natalie
And need to shower to feel cleaner

Will they think of Russell
And ugly things he often said
Can they bear to think of Jessie
And his gynormous swollen head

I guess Iíll think of all of them
Until the memories slowly fade
Iíll think of the lies and the deals
And the way they all did play

And to whoever wins on finale night
I guess theyíll deserve a tip of a hat
I just hope and I just pray
That that player isnít Nat

And when the house lights are turned to low
And we hear someone say thatís a wrap
Iíll say my good byes to another season Of Big Brother
With a promise that next year Iíll be back

Thank you CBS for players who got our blood boiling and some who melted our hearts.