10:30AM BB seems to be having a difficult time waking the HG for the day! Everyone slowly waking up after multiple wakeup calls. Just as everyone is finally up and eating breakfast, we get trivia…POV time!

11:15-4:00 POV Comp

4:00 Feeds back - Brendon won POV. Apparently, the competition was “how bad do you want it”. Here is what we know; Brendon’s head is shaved, Brendon and Britney have to be handcuffed together for 24 hours, Brendon has to take ‘Chum baths’ every hour for 24 hours, Enzo is wearing a penguin suit for a week, Lane won a phone call from home, Hayden won $5,000 AND the Hawaiian Trip (but doesn’t tell anyone until later in the night, and he only tells Enzo and Lane).

Lane, Hayden, Enzo and Brendon plotting to get rid of Matt, say he has had it too easy, blaming him for taking $5000 in Veto comp Lane says he's going to tell Brit that he won the phone call so they aren't mad at him. Enzo says Matt didn't try for nothing. It was just me and you [Brendon] trying . Brendon says Matt is cocky, he thinks he's got this game. He won HOH and had the DPOV he thinks he's unstoppable. Bren says he will tell Brit that he won't put her up if she puts up Matt. H/E tell him to promise her anything she wants. Enzo says that tell her she's safe for one week. Bren says because she'll know who his target his next week [Ragan] anyway.

Up in HOH Britney and Lane discussing competition. Britney is crying. She's pissed because all she wanted to do was get out Brendon but now she feels people are using her to do dirty work. She says she won't have any votes in jury - not Rach, not Kat, not Bren, not Matt. She says there's no way she'll win the game, she might as well leave (if only). Brit: "Why am I even here?" Brit says she didn't wager on ANYTHING and finished w/50 points, so Lane, Hay, and Matt must have won everything (because Brit, Enzo, and Bren were playing hardcore to win the veto). Britney says It's uncomfortable for her. I want him out bad. More than the rest of you who go down and talk to him when I can't. He has gone after me personally. I just wanted my HOH to get Brendon out. I feel like I am doing everyone's dirty work. I have no one's vote in the JH. Britney says that she is jealous of Lane's phone call. He tells him she didn't get anything. She ended with 50 pts. She says Mat swears on his wife's life that he didn't win anything either. Lane says well he swore on his wife's life he wasn't the sab either. Britney: This sucks. Brendon is coming after me! Lane: We are all going to protect you.
Britney: I'm pissed...everyone says they are gonna back me up but you all have your plan for Matt and you all throw the comp and took prizes.

Lane: I buzzed in on everything, but only got the phone call
Hayden put down 10 for the 5000 and didn't win it. Who else is left? Matt thinks he is safe so he went for the $5,000

Brit: If Ragan wins POV I am gone

Lane Then tell me what you want to do

Brit: You don't understand, Brendon hasn't come after you, he hasn't come after you. You all are friends with him and it doesn't effect you all. I don't, its uncomfortable for me

Lane: You want him out bad, I get that.

Brit: It just sucks, I just wanted to get HOH and get Brendon out and ...
but you all have your plan for Matt and you all throw the comp and took prizes

Lane: I buzzed in on everything, but only got the phone call
Hayden put down 10 for the 5000 and didn't win it. Who else is left? Matt thinks he is safe so he went for the $5,000

Brit: If Ragan wins POV I am gone

Lane Then tell me what you want to do

Brit: You don't understand, Brendon hasn't come after you, he hasn't come after you. You all are friends with him and it doesn't effect you all. I don't, its uncomfortable for me

Lane: You want him out bad, I get that.

Brit: It just sucks, I just wanted to get HOH and get Brendon out and now I'm put in such a bad predicament...I feel used. I'm gonna have no votes in the jury house..I have no chance of winning this game. All I am doing is the dirty work.

Lane: You aren't doing anyone's dirty work

Brit: I'm not jealous that you got a phone call from home. I would like to go to Hawaii. I didn't get anything...I got nothing and ended w/50 pts.

Matt just swore on his wife's life

Lane: He swore on his wifes life that he's not the sabatuer

Brit: Brendon is coming after me, I don't want to go home
Brendon wins everything. I could have 5 people fighting for me and he wins, so it doesn't matter.

Lane: All those people are playing for Ragan not to win. It won't be another puzzle...all you have left is skill and questions

Brit: Ragan knows his stuff

lane: I think everyone does...they just don't show it

Brit: Why did he pick me for the 24 hours

Lane: Im not a big fan of brendon, but hes not doing it to annoy you

Brit: I also have Ragan, do you know how mad Ragan is gonna be at me. He doens't believe this whole Matt is a bad person conspiracy.

Lane: We have 6 people after this, someone is gonna get pissed. There are 5 after this

Lane: You are gonna be overlooked on these next 2 HOH's How pissed is Enzo gonna be when I have to put him up

Brit: I just wanted Brendon gone. When he gets HOH and DE he will probably put up me and Ragan

Lane: I don't care if its me and Ragan, i have the votes to get off.

Brit: its not about who goes on the block, its who wins Veto

Lane: its gonna be fast fast fast...its quick stuff good for you. You don't have time to think about *****. I think Ragan will buckle under pressure

Brit: Monday I have to put Matt on the block and deal with the consequences of that until Thurs.

Lane I know you are upset and feel alone, but your are not..Im' telling you. I'm not gonna put you in harms way

Brit: I made enemies...I could have just sat back and not won comps and got along with everyone, cause now...Im a huge target

Lane everyone is a target, you did the dirty work...but everyone is backing you. You have better odds.

Brit: How does he always beat the odds, always.

Enzo and Hayden head to HOH. Enzo is in penguin outfit and is complaining that Matt took prizes. Britney says that Matt claimed that Hayden & Lane clearly went for prizes. Enzo is furious. Brit says that Matt thinks he's 100% safe and commented that Hayden & Lane were crazy for not trying harder to win since it's clearly one of them that would go up as replacement noms. Enzo says that Brendon will be happy to do a deal w/ her to get Matt up and out. The only person she has to worry about is Ragan, but everybody is going to be against him next week. Britney says she didn't win anything, not a punishment or a prize, and she's very upset about it. Enzo says that Matt is throwing people under the bus, he was the saboteur, and he needs to go.

5:30 - 6:30 Trivia.

6:30PM Feeds come back apparently Britney opened Pandoras Box! Britney was locked in PB room with Jessie, Mr. Pectacular. Jessie said all kinds of things about himself like he was the cutest HG ever. He is the strongest and he was in Mr. by Universe stuff. He avoided answering questions by talking all about himself. She said he was AWFUL. He made fun of her. She said she she said stuff about Jeff and Russell. She could watch the other HG on the TV. The HG were treated to a Hawaiian party outside while Britney was stuck with Jessie.

7:30PM Hayden asks Brit what she's going to tell Matt. She says she won't tell him anything.. because she doesn't want to have to tell him she's not putting him up when that's what she's definitely planning on doing. Britney thinks Regan is a good person and probably trustworthy but I think he doesn't realize what's going on (with Matt.) Hayden says he thinks he's a good person, but thinks Matt has him wrapped around his finger.
Britney says she doesnt think Regan thinks Matt will ever do wrong. Hayden thinks Regan will never be able to see Matt as doing something wrong. Maybe not. Maybe he'll see it. Regan knows Matt is basically his ticket because Matt has all the blood on his hands and Regan has none. Hayden tells her it's a game and she needs to make a big move. Brit says if Matt's not here, she is the person Regan's closest too so he can't get too mad because he won't have anyone.

Ragan by himself in Cabana Room talking to himself: Why fight? So I can spend two days happy before getting kicked in the teeth again? The camera zooms in and out on his face. "Why when one of my friends win HOH do I still feel like I have to fight?"
Then he says to himself that if he goes up, he will be gone and if Matt goes up he is gone.
"No question."

10:30PM Ragan and Lane in CR. Lane was preparing to give Ragan a pep talk like the one he gave to Britney in HOH. Ragan said he wanted a private conv between the two of them and to not let it get out, but each HG one-by-one comes inside and Matt finally sits down and camps out, asking Ragan how he's doing. Matt asks Ragan if he had a DR
R: No, I went to the DR but for different reasons...
M: How was it?
R: Not good

Then R and L go into the other room

R: People treat Britney and I as if we were expendable, my eyes weren't open til I was on the block it was like if Ragan goes big deal and then I feel like - I think worst case scenario - that I think there are 3 pairs in this game. And I think that the boys don't want Enzo to go. Obviously. So

[Hayden interrupts, walks out after getting a shirt]

R: They are playing both sides (Enzo/H) I don't fault them, that's what should be done, I'm jealous. If I was able to do that I would. If I don't like somebody...my fear is that there's gonna be some half-baked deal to put me or Matt on the block, probably Matt against Enzo and the vote will be Matt who goes home. What pisses me off about that is Matt when he had that power he could have put either of them up against you and they would have gone. I think that people fear Matt and Britney in this game for how strong they are. Every reason why they should be here is why people want them out. People look at what they have and they see how strong they are and they are seen as huge threats. I'm just

L: You're not wrong at all. It's the 3 of you that scare people in this house. Honestly, B hasn't told me if she's putting up Matt or Hayden, so I don't know. I know it's between Matt and Hayden and we'll see in the next few days. I don't want to be in Britney's shoes. You don't see me win challenges. That's a hard thing to put people on the block. I'll have to do it [because there are fewer people]. It will be harder. People will throw anybody under the bus. People will say 'you have to watch out for Ragan' more than likely, you will be against Britney on the block. It will be me and Hayden depending on who's HOH. Considering where we're at you can't take it personally. You got to make a big move to make it further

R: You are right, people will [say anything to win]. when I look at people's actions versus what they claim again Matt had an opportunity to keep somebody he knew he could kill in any competition, somebody nobody would vote for in the final 2, somebody he could annihilate, or he could do what he's done in this whole game and get rid of a better player and do what was right. This shouldn't be a question. Britney and Matt are in similar boats. I know that she will be next. If it's double eviction people might go Matt-Ragan, but if she doesn't stand for what she believes in, she will be next. I don't look at people who are strong as a threat, I look at it as a honor to compete against them if they're my friends. I know I couldn't say a negative word about Matt if we were in the final 2. I would say give him the money.

L: Right

R: I feel very beaten down right now, I feel I spent the last week having to fight fight fight and then the minute I'm given a moment a hope ....I don't feel like I should have to go to my friend and play an angle.

Elsewhere, Hayden and Enzo whispering about Matt. Enzo is telling Hay that Brit doesn't understand that she is in danger if Matt stays. Says she's worried about Ragan wining POV, but she has to know she has 3 people on her side...she might go up as a pawn, like he's up as a pawn, but you have to trust you have the votes. Enzo: "It's just you, me and Lane. In the DR sessions, I've already blasted him (Matt). That's it. I'm done." Hayden tells them that he won the 5K and the Hawaiian trip. They tell him he doesn’t need to tell anyone else. He says he will take them to Hawaii with him. They say he should take Kristen.

11:30PM Brendon & Britney discussing comp. Bren says so why was Ragan so upset? cause he didnt win a prize? Brit says she literally no idea. Brit says after PB Rag was upset. Brit says she was pissed people took prizes when they should be playing for POV.

Brit says she vented because everyone took prizes and she didn't. "why do I feel like I'm alone competing. well, obv besides you an enzo." she says Rag agreed and said at least people know where he stands and he doesnt know where anyone stands. Bren asks if she knows who took prizes, she said it only leaves 3 people, but doesnt want to point fingers... says she knows it wasnt her/Bren/Enzo and everyone else says "I didnt get nothing.. I buzzed in for everything.." so if that's true then the prizes should say no... Brit swears on her life she got no prizes. Bren says he would have rang in for anything if he was HOH. Brit says someone ringing in for a hawaiian vacation makes her want to punch someone in the face... mad everyone wants prizes & think they're that good that they dont have to worry about it... thinks their so cocky that they took the prizes. Brit agrees... Brit says she wished they showed who won what.. any people saying they didnt win anything.

2:30AM Brit and Brendon analyzing Matts Game:
Bren: At some point all these guys will want me out as much as they want you out.
Brit: Matt's argument will be if you keep me in the house I will go after Brendan and Hayden & Enzo won't.
Bren: If you keep Matt, you piss off Hayden and Enzo.
Brit: You weren't the only one who told me Matt was throwing me under the bus
Bren says odd that Ragan was campaigning for Matt
Bren: He didn't want to use the DPOV. If he uses the DPOV and everybody makes the connection. DPOV lasts 2 weeks, Saboteur lasts 2 weeks.
Brit: Knowing he could spare me in this game, he still wanted me to go home.
Bren says it was weird that Matt admitted he would not use the DPOV on anybody for himself. He wouldn't use it on Ragan?
Brit: I feel bad for Ragan cuz I feel like Ragan is a genuinely great person who cannot see through...
Bren: Matt...
Brit: He seems him through rose-colored glasses. He can't see any wrongdoing.
Bren: You are doing the dirty work for Matt
Brit: And I'm making the enemies
Bren: People come after you next week and nobody comes after him. He's good in the game he plays
Brit: He's amazing in the game he plays. If he makes the final 2 he will win.
Bren: He's been called out...sometimes I think he's not that good. Well the DPOV helped him out a lot
Brit: Here is where me and ragan are different than matt. If we get in a argument, I will yell back at you. Matt controls his emotions so well he will talk non-stop about getting you out of the house. If you yell at him, he's cool, he's calm, he makes everyone think they're friends with him but that's not the case. He can stab you in the back and convince you he didn't stab you.
Bren: The DPOV is the first time you see him stand up and be big and bold and cocky.
Brit: Even HOH speeches he keeps him calm
Bren: He always stays in the middle, like getting Kathy out, he says he is cleaning house, no it's just so he has no blood on his hands
Brit: If you get him out, it will win you support on the other side of the house and keep you in longer.

Brit says they are in the same position, if they stay in the house it benefits each other. Bren says they should stay on one side and help them until the other side goes. Brit says she feels like she has no safety net and she knows how Bren feels in the game.
Brit: What is the less risky of two risky options
Bren: If you nom Matt you will have the support of everyone in the house and Ragan will be the next one out.
Brit says she doesn't think Haydon won any prizes because he's a great guy and has no reason to lie about not getting the prizes.
Bren says he doesn't think Hayden feels safe enough to go for the prizes and not get the veto. Bren says Matt is the kind of guy to do it because he's the kind of guy to call him a big dummy and not apologize.
Brit: I don't want to send Hayden home, I like Hayden.
Brendon says that Ragan is playing for Matt and Matt is playing for himself, so he really has 2 people playing for him. Brendon thinks Ragan will totally change once Matt goes. Brit worries that if Matt did leave that Ragan would turn around and try to make deals with people and she would end up going. Brendon tells that isn't going to happen, the guys would go after Ragan not her. They see Ragan as a bigger threat than they do Brit. Brit says Ragan does know everything! They talk about Rachel seeing Matt walk into the Jury House. Brit says she knows that Matt was the one who started the whole thing that got her and Monet put up on the block. They discuss other drama that Matt has stirred up in the house. They see Ragan and Matt in the kitchen. Ragan and Matt go to the cabana to talk.

Matt says that Brit told him after winning HOH that there was a 0% chance of him or Ragan going up in any capacity. They talk about the prizes. Ragan think that Hayden won both of the big prizes. They both swear that neither of them won anything. Ragan and Matt talk about trying to convince Brit that Hayden & Enzo are a much bigger than the 2 of them are . Matt says they both have to have one on one conversations with Brit as soon as she get unhooked from Brendon. Ragan says that Matt and him have been cultivating a real relationship with Britney over the last few weeks. He believes they will all remain friends out of the house. Ragan & Matt both use the restroom. Ragan gets back into bed in the jumanji followed by Matt.

All HG are sleeping except for Brendon & Brit who have to wake up every hour when the bell rings so Brendon can take him chum bath.