Chima Simone Benson pranced into the Big Brother house with big, glossy lips, a crazy mane of hair and an unending sense of entitlement. After being put on the block, and declaring to all of America that Braden was a racist, she all but sealed her fate. Aligning herself with the people who had the power at the time: Jessie, Natalie, Russell and somehow, Ronnie; Chima now had the power she was looking for – if only by association – and it tasted good.

In watching the events unfold, my take is that she actually believed that she had some semblance of control over the game. When she told her alliance what she thought, she believed their actions were a direct correlation. It didn’t matter that perhaps they were thinking the same thing.

Having grown up in Dallas, I knew the story of Chima’s horrible rape to be a true one. I remember it well. Two weeks prior to the serial killer’s first victim, I moved back to Dallas from going to school in Arlington. I lived in the apartment complex where the first victim was found in her bathtub. While I didn’t know Chima by name as any part of the case, when she talked about it, I knew it was true. I cannot even begin to imagine what a horrific event that was for her. The fact that she was able to escape with her life is truly remarkable. However, it does not excuse her behavior.

Chima didn’t hate men when they were in power. She attached herself to them. Her sexual banter with Russell became uncomfortable at times. I didn’t feel he wanted anything to do with her, but was trying to be careful of her feelings. The minute – the second – Chima realized she could not control Russell, she lashed out. Her way of playing the victim. What Russell called her on was true. . She did want Russell to be back-doored in week two. Should he have cornered her? No. Did he know that? No.

She flew off the handle to take the focus off what was actually being said. She was wrong. She knew it. She needed to divert the attention off her and make Russell look like the bad guy. And she did. To get in a man’s face – or anyone’s for that matter – is unbelievably out-of-control. But, I believe this has worked for her in the past. When she knew that he wasn’t going to back down, she started throwing personal barbs at him. Of course, he responded in kind.

Here’s the thing, people say things in the heat of the moment. I get that. But tossing around words like “terrorist” to a person of Middle Eastern descent is beyond a normal response. Her true colors – and beliefs – came flying out, slapping everyone, including the viewers, in the face on the way.

When Russell let everyone know about her sexual advances, telling them about how she figured out how to get away from the cameras, she was embarrassed. Her only response was to make sure that everyone knew what a misogynist Russell was. Fail.

Chima was smug, to say the least, when she won the HOH competition the next week. It was hard to believe how full of herself she was. She had control. Everyone must do what she says. She’s the only one who sees the way things really are. Over and over she berated Russell for putting Ronnie up because it was personal (although I think it was pretty strategic). But, when she nominated Russell, it was perfectly fine. What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander.

While America knew that Jeff possessed the Coup D’etat, the house guests were unaware of who truly had it. Chima repeatedly told everyone in the house, that they better not use it – or else.


Or else what? You have no power. The point of the HOH is to nominate two people for eviction and then if the POV is used, to make a replacement nomination. She nominated Russell and Lydia and the POV was not used. Her control was over, just as it had been for every other HOH before her. Oh, but this is different. This is Chima’s reign over the house. Apparently, it’s never ending.

She talked smack about every single person in the house. She repeatedly called Russell a “terrorist”. She stated that “America hates Middle Easterners”, so it’s fine. Huh? What made her statements even more reprehensible is that she is a person of color. Black people have been persecuted just for the color of their skin for hundreds of years and she pulls out this card? I imagine that black folks aren’t stoked at having Chima as their spokesman. I know that I, as an American, didn’t like her speaking for me. I was repulsed by her behavior and hatred. And even more so by CBS’s editing of her. Shame, shame, CBS.

The night before evictions, she pounded her plan of an all-girl alliance into Natalie, Lydia and even Michelle’s head once again. Ad nauseum. Repeatedly saying that if someone uses the Coup, she will go off and, yet again, how all the men in the house “hate women”. Chima hijacked the live feeds for days with her repeated threats to production that she “would ruin their show”. So much so that the producers and CBS decided to tape their live show. They catered to her whims. They handed her control. She knew it and we, the viewers, knew it.

What happened next was priceless. Jeff used the Coup D’etat and the houseguests sent Jessie packing, becoming the first person in the jury house. However, this was only after he revealed the t-shirt he was wearing – of himself. I was pleased and somewhat surprised with Jessie’s response to Jeff. Telling him basically, “good move”. But, he knew it was coming. Seemingly, he was the only one in his alliance to see it. While Jessie ran around all week freaked out that he would be going home, Chima didn’t even once consider it. She sincerely thought that no one would go against her – not even the people that she was against.

Cut to: Chima, Lydia, Natalie and Kevin sitting around the dining table. Crying. Literally. Tears are rolling down their cheeks as they reminisce of “The Man, The Myth, The Legend”.

Here’s my take on why they are truly upset: Natalie knows that her bestie is gone. She hasn’t won a single competition, nor even come close. As long as Jessie was there, she was safe. Lydia is a deeply troubled girl who uses sex as a replacement for love. She fooled around with him, thus he is her boyfriend – even though he voted to evict her the week before. Jessie barely talked to her during the day, but she would climb into bed with him, construct some sort of super-secret tent and, well, you know. Have a little pride in yourself, Lydia. In fact, she knew right where she would hurt Jeff and spoke in rather creepy detail about stabbing him in the, ahem, balls. Chima was more upset that her power was usurped than about Jessie leaving. She didn’t get her way after her endless tantrums and now she had to face it. Once and for all, she knew her made-up supremacy was gone.

The girls began ranting and raving about everyone else in the house. Once again, Chima’s true colors came flying out suggesting that “Russell is a terrorist and I’m the Twin Towers.” Ugh. What a piece of work this girl is. They behaved like little kids who didn’t get their way. It was perfectly acceptable and, of course, downright genius, to evict Braden, Laura and Casey, but how dare someone else play the game. It’s not fair!

I imagine that calls and emails poured in to CBS. And rightfully so. She continually crossed a very sensitive line. As a writer, I believe in free speech to no end. But, as a television entertainment show goes, this behavior should not be allowed and thus condoned. It’s the same as one of the receptionists at CBS randomly spouting hate to unsuspecting people calling in for a pitch meeting. I don’t much like being blind-sided by racists when tuning in to a reality show. But, honestly, what could CBS or the producers do? Aside from having their advertising dollars pulled, not much. Just because, we didn’t like it, doesn’t mean that Chima can’t behave that way.

Michelle, who has been a lone wolf in this competition, pulled the wool right off Chima when she was the next one to win HOH and nominate both Chima and Natalie. Chima was so sure it was going to be Natalie and Lydia – the thought never crossed her mind. She was so wrapped up in her own little head about how great and righteous she is that she didn’t even see it coming, even thought Michelle gave her hint after hint.

What ensued were Middle School pranks run amok: Jeff’s clothes being tossed on his bed from his drawers; Lydia threatening to put red M&M’s in Michelle’s drink because she’s allergic to the red dye; the hiding of very personal Rosaries, sulking, plans of vengeance, the wearing of Jessie’s clothes, not allowing Jeff and Jordon to do their laundry and the hiding of Russell’s expensive hats.

When the indoor lock-down was over, the trio and Kevin headed outdoors to practice the Veto competition, which is similar to putt-putt. Plans were hatched to not let the others – as if this is some sort of M. Night Shyamalan film – practice at all. They would take all the balls inside and hide them. Yes, folks, this is all they have.

While production continually asked Chima to put on her mic, she refused, flipping off the cameras. Lap dog Kevin retrieved her mic for her. Her response was to throw it in the hot tub. This action, in and of itself, was the out, I believe, the producers had been looking for. She destroyed physical property.

As the feeds went black and Chima ransacked people’s stuff because they stole her Cheetos, we knew what was happening. Or, at least, hoped what was happening.

Insiders later confirmed that Executive Producer, Allison Groedner arrived at the house, called a meeting and let Chima know that she would need to pay for the mic pack (estimated at around $3000-$5000) and it would be taken from her stipend. If some reports are true, the house guests receive $750 per week as a stipend, so that wouldn’t even come close to covering the cost.

She backed the producers and CBS up against a wall, thought she was winning, and learned how Hollywood really works. Welcome to the real world, Chima. Again, when she knew she was defeated, she lashed out. Only this time, she found out who had the real power in the game and quit.

While it hasn’t been confirmed by CBS yet, and probably won’t until the next live show, whether she quit or was physically removed doesn’t really matter. What matters is that someone with entitlement issues as big as my ranch, has been taken down a peg. My guess is that she won’t get the help she truly needs and will blame everyone else but herself as she has done the entire season. As a woman, I am grateful that someone is not on national television, or on-air anywhere, spouting extremely racist remarks, full-on hating men and behaving like a three year old with no respect for anything or anyone around her.

Jeff was correct when he said that people would kill to have the opportunity the house guests have. It’s true. Chima is a person who is so full of hate and entitlement that it got the better of her. So much so, she threw away a chance to win $500,000 because she didn’t get her way, because someone had the nerve to go against her in a GAME. Oh, and because they ate her Cheetos. To be fair though, I heard they were power flavored.