Jeff and Jordan, it’s all swell but what happens when the swelling goes down?

Holy over exuberant fans Batman! Everywhere you look in the Big Brother world there are fans of Jeff and Jordan swooning over their every single move. Ooh they were in Vegas. Ooh they filmed a soap. Ooh they held hands. Ooh they were out for dinner with Shannon Elizabeth. Ooh they were on the Bonnie Hunt show. Ooh they were interviewed by James Rhine. Ooh they were asked the same questions in every interview. Ooh they gave the same answers to every question. Ooh I think I’m going to be sick!

Okay okay before the rotten tomatoes fly, I know they were the Big Brother darlings this season and that they have legions of fans, fans that want the story book ending complete with a wedding which will see Jeffie galloping in on his white steed marrying the good little girl. And then swooping her into his masculine arms and riding off into the sunset together where he, the manly hunk of stud that he is, will teach her, the innocent girl who has barely boogered new and wonderful things she never dreamed possible….like learning how to tell time. Yeah I know that joke’s getting old, but so too is the constant distraction with J/J.

But all joking aside, the ongoing obsession the fans have with these two is bordering on the ridiculous, or as Kevin would say ridonculous. I get that they were sweet in the house and it made for some endearing moments in an otherwise totally f’d up game. And the fact that these two found an escape with one another and in the process a friendship that may or may not grow is nice, but is it worthy of so much attention? And will all the attention and pressure fans are putting on them, can it last? Everywhere you see posts, videos, tribute videos, tweets, threads and the list goes on and on all about Jeff and Jordan. I have to wonder what they think of all this attention and the pressure that well meaning (and at times annoying) fans are putting on them. Pressure to hook up, go to Hawaii, get married, build that picket fence, booger like bunnies, have beautiful Jordeff kids and let us in on every step of the way…that is until the next show and the next player/s who take our attention away. I wonder too if they are together because they want to be or if they are together because the fans demand it.

Also Jeff and Jordan both have yet to return home, hence to their “real lives”. They are still within the bubble of Big Brother and its afterglow. But when the bubble bursts and the cameras stop clicking and the interviews grow further apart and they are eventually geographically separated and their fans eventually lose interest (which they will) will the bloom fall of the J/J flower? Or will their relationship then and only then be allowed to move forward naturally and not under the glare and pressure of celebrity? Perhaps and perhaps not, time will tell I guess. Would I like to see them together? Sure I’m all for happy endings I suppose but I’m not betting on that ride off into the sunset just yet.