Q: Have either of you had job offers in L.A. Will we see you on TV?
Jeff: No offers yet... it's been a whirlwind. Got to get our heads together

Q: Jordan, Does your mother like Jeff as much as America? Jordan: Yes, she LOVES Jeff. Jeff: Let me settle down first at home, and then I[ll visit Charlotte. Jordan will also visit Chicago in a couple of weeks

Q: Jeff, you said you would be surprised if Jordan made it (when you got evicted)? Are you surprised? Jeff: No, I knew she could. I supported her all the way.

Q: Jordan, Jeff said he would quit smoking after BB... how's that going for him? Jordan: When he drinks, he'll smoke... when I start agravating him, he'll smoke LOL

Q: Jordan, what's your fondest memory of BB other than you winning? Jordan: all the fights and all the speeches, Chima's speech, Casey's speech... but mostly all the fights

Jordan, will you go back to school? Yes, I will Jordan's major is dental hygiene. She likes Jeff's teeth

Q: Jordan, how has your life changed since winning? Not really too much. People notice me...maybe not when I'm alone, but when I'm with Jeff.

Q: Do you guys still doing BB habits? Jordan: yes, looking for my mic.

Q: Are you two in love? Jeff: No, we're not IN love. BUt we are together! (Audience applauds)

Q: Whats your best and worst memory? Jordan: Best is Jeff using COup. My worst is Russ and I getting in a fight and me chest bumping Russ

Q: Jeff, how much did you miss Jordan when you were in the jury house? Jeff: I missed her a lot. When you're with someone 24.7, you get used to it. It felt like more than a week. I was so excited to see her on finale night and she just gave me a brushoff

Jordan, did you miss Jeff? Yes, I was SOOOO bored. We played so many games. I was so bored cuz i was with Kevin and Nat
(audience boos at the mention of Kevin and Nat's names)

Q: Did either one of you have any idea that Nat was lying the WHOLE game?> Jordan: No. At the beginning, i thought maybe she was lyin

Jordan: I did Nat's hair and makeup on finale night.

Q: What did Michele do to make you guys badmouth her so much at the end? Jeff: Just little things, she would go with Russell, you would ask her a question and she would say "I don't remember"

Q: What kind of feedback are you getting from family/friends? Jordan: Good feedback. i had no idea how we were portrayed, and at finale night everyone yelled my name and so i knew we were liked.

Jeff: All good feedback. I'm so blown away. I had NO idea that it would be like this. I thought I got the Coup just because people wanted things switched up in the house, not necessarily that I was liked.

Q: What was it like when you were on the set of Bold&Beautiful? J/J: It was like an 80's outfit, Jordan's hair was out to "here" and JEff wore like a pirate suit. It'll air on October 27

Oh, I think they asked her how did "booger" come to meet sex? She's rambling on about her grandpa coming up with that.

Q; will either of you go to Nat's wedding? *audience boos* Jeff: i have no probs with any of the HGs. Me and Russ are great. Some peeps don't get along. If it does go through, and I do get invited, then we'll see.

Q: how are you dealing with all this attention? Jordan: all the fans have been so nice, i don't mind it, taking pics with peeps. Shannon Elizabeth is a fan. JEFF: As fast as it came, it'll go so away that fast. I'm enjoying it while it's here. Jordan: I feel bad cuz today this lady wanted to take a pic but we were in a rush

Q: Jordan, since you haven't watched BB in the past, was Vegas weird since you didn't know ANY of the previous HGs? JORDAN: YES! Howie came up to me and I was like, Who are you? They would have to tell me "I'm so and so from Season 2"

Q: Jeff, why did you change your alliance to Kevin/Nat? JEFF: I was taking Jordan to the finals. When things started breaking off with Russ/Mich, they wouldn't really answer my questions when I talked to them. I felt it was easier to get to the top by getting rid of Russ.

Q: Are you REALLY a couple or are you just stretching it out? Jordan: We are REALLY a couple. JEFF: We still haven't had a chance to get in the real world and we do live in diff cities, so we'll see how we can make it work by living in diff cities. We are trying to make the next step

Q: Jordan, have you spoken to your father? Jordan: Yes

Q: What is it like being famous and having women throwing themselves at you, Jeff? JEFF: This is just my 15 minutes, and it's awesome and I'm soaking it in.

Q: What does your wrist tattoo mean? JEFF: It means strength and honor

Q: Jordan, when Jessie told you Hakuna Matata, did you realize what he meant? Jordan: I thought he was being sarcastic.. was he saying No worries? I didn't know... i thought he was being sarcastic and rude. I would put all my money that he would vote for Nat and he would NEVER turn on her.

Q: Jeff, how surprised were you that when you went to the jury house, everyone hated Nat? Jeff: SHOCKED! I think Lydia had a hand in that. But i was shocked.

Q: Jordan, would it bother you when Jeff would tell you to shut up all the time>? Jordan: NO, i knew he was kidding

Q: Jeff, will the Bears go to the Superbowl, and did you watch last Sunday's game? JEFF: No, I fell asleep (too tired after flights). And if Jordan can win BB, then the Bears can win the Superbowl. LMAO

Q: Jeff, i know you got a lot of flack for a certain word you used in your fights with Russell... ugh, this is a political question. Jordan: I know I shouldn't have used it, its' not the proper term to use, no one's perfect, it does offend people, i do have a lot of gay friends. if you love someone, you love someone, I"m all for it. (audience cheers)
Jordan: my uncle's gay, i have gay friends (since i work at a hair salon), i'm guilty at the beginning of BB i would say, "That's so GAY!" but i always treat people the way I think they want to be treated.
I offended Michelle and I apologized. You don't realize it offends people, I didn't mean to offend anyone.

Q: Jordan, will you go back to work? Jordan: Yes, I already called my salon manager and said I wanted to go back to work. But not waitressing.

Q: Jeff, would you act or model if offered? Jordan: He would do underwear modeling! LOL JEFF: Yes, if different opportunities came up, I'd be interested.

Q: Since Chima left under unusual circumstances, were you guys afraid someone would be coming back into the BB House? Jordan: I was afraid Jessie was coming back, but then Rich said that no previous HGs would be coming back into the house. JEFF: You are NOT allowed to talk about production. LOL

Q: Have you talked to each other's parents? Yes. Jordan teasing Jeff on how he says "MA!"
Jeff saying Jordan's mom reminded him of his own mom. Awwwwww

Q; Jeff, were the uneasy times in the jury house? Jeff: Not really, it went pretty smooth. When the camera is turned on, so did other people in there. Russell was awesome in the house, he was my friend there. Jeff/Lydia were doing their own thing

Q: were you guys worried about stuff coming out about your personal life while you were in the house? Jordan: Yes, I watched what i said about my dad. Jeff: I don't have skeletons, so i wasn't worried. whoever you are will come out and your true colors/personality will come out. I prob offended alot of people at the beginning (by using the "f" word), but I used it to learn and better myself in life

Q: Jordan what will you do with the money? Jordan: I'll have my mom look for houses, give money to my cousins for college, buying Jeff season tickets for the bears. Chelsia: ONLY if he takes you to Hawaii, right? LOL Jordan: I would also pay for Jeff to get Lasik eye surgery

Q: Jeff, are you going back to work with Nimo? Jeff: Yes. My friends told me "You ruined my summer, having to watch your show all summer long, etc."