Backstabbing, neck stabbing and floor mopping, oh my! Everyone knew it was coming, even Russell, he was to be back-doored.

The week of Jordan’s HOH started off pretty good for her alliance. Russell, for once, could relax and wasn’t paranoid. Michele, well she continued with her odd behavior, but that’s just her. Jeff and Jordan were stoked for the win and secure in the knowledge they were in a position to continue eliminating the other side of the house, who were once again lashing out because they didn't win.

Then, the “Last Minute Lie” was hatched and Kevin presented it to Jeff. Telling Jeff that Natalie, Lydia and himself had overheard Michele and Russell talking about a Final Two deal. Jeff was upset, and rightfully so. While he had never been close to Kevin or Natalie, the way Kevin told it was genius. “They didn’t want me to tell you because they wanted to laugh in your face when Russell sent you home.” Totally believable perfection.

Jeff relays the lie to Jordan, who is completely shocked and poor Michele immediately walks into the lion’s den. While I interpreted what he said when he asked her about it differently than most, the fact is that he confronted her about the conversation. Michele’s standard response? “I don’t remember.” By now, everyone has caught onto Michele’s selective memory, so Jeff and Jordan automatically believe she is lying. Jeff becomes angry and I don’t blame him. At this point, his head must be spinning. Neither him nor Jordan thought they needed to worry about Michele’s alliance with them. The doubt is now there and she’s the one who cast it. How can she be a solid Final Three with them if she is Final Two with Russell?

To add to Michele’s confusing behavior, she later tells Jordan that while she was taking a shower, she remembered the conversation – it did happen. For some reason, she then embellishes that Russell went as far as saying that he wanted Jeff out the following week. Whoa. I can’t wrap my head around Michele’s thought pattern, or lack thereof. I’m not sure if she thought it would throw some of the heat regarding the conversation off her and squarely onto Russell, but the fracture of the Final Four was solidified with this statement.

Jeff and Jordan made new alliances with Natalie and Kevin and decided they needed to talk to Russell and Michele and get to the bottom of what was said. Jeff said he would confront them over and over, but drug his feet until it became too much for Jordan to contain. She stormed her way to the backyard and made a beeline for Russell. While there are so many holes in the lie that we know because we can see all sides, they aren’t privy to this, so their emotions kicked into high gear. Russell, of course, denies the allegations. Michele, again, says she can’t remember. They are going nowhere fast. Round and round with no end in sight, Jeff suggests they let it go and continue the Final Four pact. Everyone swears on their families, except Michele, who swears on her dogs with Jeff adding, if they backstab him, he “will kill your families.”

I’ve known guys like Jeff. Italian. Macho-ish. Believe me, they didn’t have half the personality of Jeff. He’s from Chicago and apparently runs in a circle where your man-hood (read: ass-kicking ability) should never be a question. When he said it, I immediately had the image of him sitting around with all his friends and someone taking the last beer - “If you do that, I’ll kill your family.” That’s the context of Jeff’s statement. He was joking, albeit poorly, but that’s all it was. I’m pretty sure all his friends talk like that. While I don’t understand it myself, I’ve seen guys like that before - it may not be normal in our version of society, but it is in theirs.

As Jeff and Jordan flip-flopped at a dizzying pace all week about sending Russell home, they made the decision that Lydia needed to be the one and sent her to the Jury House. Jeff won the next HOH competition and weighed his moves. Michele, Natalie and Kevin continued to add fuel to the fire. When Russell and Michele would talk, she would immediately tell Jeff and Jordan selective things, and of course, embellish facts as well. Jeff and Jordan’s collective head was spinning. At this point, they were resound to the fact that Russell could not be trusted and he would be gunning for Jeff the next chance he had.

The POV competition was played, with Jeff winning. Russell knew what his fate was going to be. And how could he not with Natalie, who is on the block, prancing around the house with that smug little smirk of hers, like she doesn’t have a care in the world. He later said that he told production, in advance, they better have security standing by for the Veto meeting. I don’t believe this for a second though.

The Veto ceremony was held and the outcome was Kevin coming down and Russell going up in his place. I think it’s important to remember here that in Russell’s DR sessions, he suggested that if Jordan were smart, she would get him out, that it would be the perfect time to do it. He made similar statements regarding Jeff’s reign, which were confirmed by Executive Producer, Allison Grodner.

After the ceremony, Russell went outside with Jeff following. As Russell seethed on the couch, Jeff hopped on the fridge to have a smoke. He asked Russell if he wanted to talk about it, with Russell not responding, except for some weird grunt. Jeff asked again, adding, “you know it’s a good move.” Russell immediately brought up Jeff’s statements regarding the killing of families. Jeff said it was a joke. Russell continued to say it over and over and then became aggressive saying, “I can’t wait until you get to the jury house. I’ll mop the floor with your face.” Jeff started laughing while Russell continued. In pure macho-Italian fashion, Jeff said, “Yeah, and I’ll stab you in the neck.” Both were pretty lame statements coming from grown men.

My take on the “fight” is Russell got schooled. He thought he could bully Jeff, like he did most people in the house, and Jeff didn’t back down. He thought he’d be tough and scare Jeff, but it didn’t work out so well for him as Jeff merely laughed at him. The macho banter continued with Russell clinging to the only thing he has, the killing of families, interspersed with juvenile character attacks. Russell: “You’re 31 years old and on a TV show.” Jeff, laughing: “What? You’re 25 and on the same show.” Russell’s tough-guy didn’t work on Jeff, and he was backed into a corner.

Everyone seemed content with Russell leaving, minus Russell of course. But, Michele had a weird reaction as well. She was emotional regarding the back-dooring and I’m not sure why. It could be that Jeff and Jordan didn’t tell her it was going to happen. (They didn’t because they figured she would tell Russell and they’d have to listen to him for that much longer.) Or, it could be that her back-up plan would be gone. I think she’s aware that Natalie and Kevin are still gunning for Jeff and Jordan, which they should realize also. If Natalie and Kevin get their way, someone from her alliance will be gone for sure – or even possibly her. I sincerely think if she had responded to Jeff’s questioning with a simple, “No. Didn’t happen.” or “Yeah, but it wasn’t in the Splish/Splash room, it was in the kitchen and I already told Jordan about it.” This whole mess wouldn’t be happening. If Michele’s is concerned, she only has herself to blame.

Jeff had a mini-breakdown last night in the HOH room with Jordan and was throwin’ stones left and right. Right or wrong, I can understand his frustration. Michele has followed him around since the beginning. She laughs at every little thing he says. Everyone has picked up on her uncomfortable yawn. She obviously has some kind of social anxiety, but it’s grating on him. It’s not flattering, it’s flat out weird to him and he’s endured two months non-stop of it. You could see a lot of Jeff’s macho bullshit coming through as he was spouting off to Jordan. He said a few times that if he wasn’t in the house, he’d “knock him out right then and there.” He seemed concerned about his apparent tough-guy image at home; if it would still be intact or not.

While I don’t agree with a lot of the things he vented to Jordan, I think it’s been a long time coming. He carried immense pressure as soon as America gave him the Coup D’etat and it’s been building ever since. He’s lucky he has someone like Jordan. She listened, let him get everything out and then calmed him down. She was very loving, caring and, I believe, genuine. She talked him off the ledge and reminded him what he’s there for. “Put your pride aside.” Who ever thought that Jordan would be the voice of reason?

This is a game, plain and simple. Did Natalie and Kevin play Jeff? Yes. Should Michele be blamed in addition? Yes. Did Russell get played when Jeff struck first? Yes. Do I think Russell would have taken Jeff out had he been given the chance? Yes.

All in all, the game-changing Coup D’etat didn’t quite change the game at all. It is Natalie and her web of lies that has turned the house upside down from the start and she’s done it once again. Her and Kevin made a last-ditch effort and it worked. Worked only because Michele, per usual, confirmed something that didn’t take place exactly as was stated and then embellished it. I hate to say it folks, but it looks like Natalie is going to lie her way to the Finals. And with Jessie, Lydia and now Russell, she has three votes most likely in her favor. Well, at least until the house gets turned upside down again. The only hope of that happening is if Michele wins HOH (although she said she wanted to throw this one) and nominates Natalie and Kevin. Hopefully then, Kevin would call out Natalie on all her lies and she walks out the door because of it.

Michele, throughout the season, has been the deciding vote on evictions. It looks like, once again, the game is in her hands. She could flip on Jeff and Jordan, vote with Kevin and send Natalie packing this week. Or, she could continue her alliance with them and hope that neither Kevin nor Natalie win the next HOH as even though they are gunning for Jeff and Jordan, Michele could get caught in the cross-hairs. Now is her chance to show America if she's really playing the game. I, for one, can't wait to see the outcome.