I was selected,along with a group of people, by the folks at Real Player to participate in a live audience chat with Jeff & Jordan from Big Brother 11. Here are the details of my wonderful night!

With me yesterday was my baby sister Andrea, who is also stationed here on Ft.Lewis. Wherever we go, drama & trouble follows and yesterday was no different! We were on the way to the gas station, literally 3 blocks from home, when my speed demon sister got pulled over We were already a little concerned with the time but couldn't leave any sooner because we were having my oldest daughter (12) watch all of our kids (ages 8,3 & 18 months) and didn't want to leave them alone for to long. So, yeah, I was completely freaking out because my email from Chelsia said we had to be there no later than 5:30PM and when we got pulled over it was 4:20PM and it takes about 45 minutes to get to Seattle from Ft.Lewis (without traffic,which of course, there was). Thankfully, even though the MP moved slower than molasses, he let us go with a verbal warning *phew* We got some laughs out of it though, I said to her "maybe we should tell him we're on our way to meet Jeff & Jordan from Big Brother" and she said "What if he's the one Natalie fan?"...we're still laughing about that one!!

On the road we go...for 3 miles until we hit completely stopped traffic *sigh* Jeeves, our GPS system, was telling us at that rate, we'd get to our destination at 6:00PM, not good!! After a few exits, we had no traffic for a good ways & we were...*ahem* speeding again LOL. Now Jeeves was telling us we'd get there at 5:40, still late, but I thought I could still talk my way in. We hit a few more minutes of traffic, but our exit came quickly and I thought "YAY! We'll make it!". Well, I thought the event was IN Seattle, as in the city, and when we got of our exit, it was clear we were not in the city. I truly thought Jeeves had backdoored us, thinking "Holy crap, we got got by Jeeves!" and immediately thought that Jeeves was in an alliance with Natalie & had overheard our crack about her earlier. At this point, I tweeted that "I don't think we're gonna make it, sorry guys" & was really, really sad. After some really curvy streets & scary hills, we made it to the theater & into the parking lot. It was 5:50 and I still thought we were not going to be allowed in. I literally ran into the building, tripped up the stairs & stumbled into the person at the door with the list of attendees. He looked at me & said "It's OK, slow down, you're fine"...RELIEF!!!

I tell him my name and he says "OH! You're Holly Bennett!! Chelsia has been calling your name for 10 minutes!!" That gave me a little giggle and he quickly led us to our reserved seats, which were in the front row, right next to Missy, several computers & a few of the staff from Real Player. It's as this point I realize we didn't pay for parking, so my sister asked Missy if she had time to run out and pay and off she went! Missy came over and said "Are you ArmyWife98 from Twitter?", which surprised me, and said "You're great! I love reading your tweets"..which made me laugh. Well actually, I was thinking "Oh crap,you've seen all the things I've said about Real Player!" D'OH!! Missy is a sweetheart though, very nice & we truly do not see all the work that goes on behind the scenes (more on that later).

I was heading back to my seat & I heard someone yell out "HOLLY!" and I had completely forgotten that I had a friend there I've talked to the same group of wonderful BB fans in chat room 4 on Real Player chat for 7 years now. These ladies (& a few guys!) have been there for me through a lot of stuff; we've laughed, cried, hated HG's, etc. for 7 years and it was truly a blessing to finally meet one of them. I ran over to Jamie & we hugged like we had been friends forever I know sometimes people think internet friendships only exist on the internet or aren't real, but sometimes they can be & I was so happy to finally meet someone who I had spent so much time online with! While I was talking to Jamie, everyone started clapping & whistling and I turned around in time to see the backs of Jeff & Jordan walking backstage. FINALLY!! The excitement hit me! Jamie was sitting apart from us, so I hugged her, told her I'd see her later & made my way back to my seat. They flicked the lights, so we knew it was that time & just in time, a waitress came over and took my drink order. I needed a nice cold white wine at this point, so thank God for her!!

A few minutes later I looked at my BlackBerry and saw it was 6:10 and I said to my sister "Uh Oh, I know people are saying damn those Real Player people, they are late AGAIN" and we laughed a little because Missy heard me & laughed too. The reason they were late starting was because they knew everyone was having technical difficulties and did not want to start without having the feed up. I could see the chat that Missy was watching and WOW, people were riled up!! I felt bad for Missy & the RP crew because some of the stuff was very hurtful; including many comments about how "fat ass Missy is probably sitting on the cord" and things of that nature. I told her how sorry I was & that I had been frustrated like that before and she said it was OK, they were used to it and people don't realize what goes on when they do these events. I could see all of the tech crew trying to fix things, pushing things through (code wise on the internet), making more chat rooms so more people could come in, chatting with people trying to explain what was going on, etc. They ALL worked VERY hard to make this happen and personally, now that I know what goes into an event like this, I won't complain again. Honestly. Like I said, I was sitting right next to the RP crew and I know they had troubles throughout the broadcast & again, they all worked their tails off to fix things. Once the show was started though, they couldn't stop for long periods of time because Jeff & Jordan were tired and wanted to be sure they could talk to all the people that were there after. OK..so that's that.

Chelsia came out and off we went!! Let me say, Chelsia is stunning in person, really beautiful! She's super thin & you could tell she was a little nervous but the audience tried to welcome her warmly to calm her nerves. She went through her spiel and it was Jeff & Jordan time!! When they came out the audience went crrrrrrazy; lots of cheering, clapping & whistling Since we were in the front row, we were one of the first people that Jeff looked at and I'm surprised I'm still here to tell you all about it. WOW!! That man is a MILLION times hotter in person than he was on feeds/pictures/tv. His eyes *whoa*, he looked at me when he came out and he smiled and my sister and I just sat there with our mouths open..we probably looked pretty stupid LOL. Jordan also looked our way & smiled and she too, is so much more beautiful in person! She has an incredible smile and yes, she has lost weight (even though I never thought she needed to). She is very, very petite and she really lights up the room when she smiles!

Since you all saw the live chat, I won't recount every little question & answer (there are You Tube vids in media for those that missed it), but I can tell you little tidbits. First, while I won't hypothesize about their relationship because hey, I'm not in it, I will say, Jeff & Jordan are VERY comfortable with one another. I now know that the people we saw late at night, laying in bed & chatting are the exact same people outside of the house as they were inside. They play off each other wonderfully, they finish each others sentences, they smiled at one another while the other was talking, Jeff rubbed Jordans leg a few times when he thought he had hurt her feelings with certain comments, etc. If they weren't known for being on TV & I were there for another reason, I would think they were in a truly comfortable, honest & caring relationship. I interact with my husband in a lot of the same ways they interacted, including the "stones" (LOL) & while I don't read WAY into it, I think it's pretty crystal clear that they care about each other very much.

I also know now how the questions are filtered in when someone is taking questions from a chat Missy takes the questions from the different chat rooms & puts them in a program that sent them to Chelsia so they aren't reading all the other "stuff" to find a question. Chelsia would just read through the questions in front of her & ask the ones she wanted. I thought there were a good mix of new questions; I think they could have been better, but I have no idea what the other ones were & I think the two that were asked from the poster here at Jokers (MaggieMae) were GREAT!! I think Jeff & Jordan do like answering our questions, but I could also tell that when a question veered towards something that had been discussed before, they were like "Oh boy, AGAIN?!", so I'm glad that there was a mix. In the future, I think things would work more smoothly if RP had people submit questions days in advance, have someone go through them & compile a set list to ask. It was frustrating for us to see Chelsia search for a "good" question, so I am sure it was the same way for you all.

Next came some audience questions! When we came in, those of us who were chosen to interact with Jeff & Jordan were told what part we would do. As we know, I wasn't chosen to ask any questions and I was pretty bummed about that! I had carefully written down the questions you all asked me on an index card & not to toot my own horn (TOOT TOOT!), I thought our questions were better than the ones asked Now, the lady who asked the garden question about Jeff taking his shirt off. Good grief!! She was sitting behind me & I swear, the whole night she was shaking her leg & HITTING ME IN THE ASS!! I mean, square in my ass, repeatedly! I didn't want to turn around & say something because the microphones for the RP cameras were right next to me (in fact, in the You Tube vids, I can hear myself cackle LOL) but I figured if I turned around enough & looked towards her foot, she'd get the hint. NOT!!! I don't know if her foot wanted my ass or what, but it drove me INSANE! I kind of knew her group was going to ask the type of questions they did by listening to them talk. They lurrrrrved Jeff & while I do too, I wouldn't have asked those kinds of things. I don't know how it played on the internet, but I think that question made Jeff a little uncomfortable & even though he ended up taking his shirt off for her later that night (I can't see him saying no to much), I think it weirded him out a wee bit. Also, when the guy asked about the gay comments & what Jeffs political stance on it was. Well,again, I don't know how it played on the feed, but you could hear a pin drop in the theater! It REALLY brought down the good time feel of everything & while I think Jeff was glad to clear the air, the way it was asked & then after he answered when the guy again said "So would you vote for it", made Jeff feel weird. Of course, these are just MY thoughts, I don't KNOW if Jeff felt the same way, but that is how it came across to me. There was a large contingency of gay people (NOT a bad thing, I love the gays!!) there last night, so I don't know if he was asking for the group or what, but it did bring down the room. NOT because of the question, but just in the way it was asked

A few people asked me in PM what happened during the breaks. During the first break, Jeff & Jordan went backstage, so I don't know what they were doing. We all just chatted a bit, got more drinks, I chatted with Jamie, people used the restroom, etc. During the 2nd break, Jeff & Jordan stayed out on stage & took pictures, talked to a few people. Me? I had to PEE. BAD! Of course, someone was in the ladies room so I went potty in the boys room (single stall,not a big open bathroom lol). Right when I came out, Jeff ran into the bathroom LOL...good thing he didn't see me come out of the mens room, I would have D-I-E-D!!

OK, so the game show portion. I read everyones comments here & on many other BB boards so I know mostly everyone hated it, but it was A LOT of fun. Contrary to popular belief, Jeff & Jordan LOVED IT;did not whisper to each other that "this is stupid & we look like idiots" or anything of the sort. In fact, when Jeff & Jordan were talking to one another privately, I heard them say how nice it was to get a break from JUST questions and how much fun they were having with it. I can see why the format didn't come off very well on the feeds, especially since it took away from answering questions, but it was wonderful for those of us there The audience had really loosened up at this point; lots of laughter & CHEATING lmao! In fact, at one point during the first part, I yelled out to Jeffs group "QUIT BEING A NATALIE!!" and J & J doubled over in laughter...which I think brought out the discussion of the HoH log rolling competition.Jeff & Jordan said they had a chance to see a view things via You Tube & RP flashbacks, but they had no idea about the issue with Kevin looking at the gears or the controversy with Natalie holding on above the key. It was interesting to see Jordans face during that part! She also didn't know that Natalie gave that portion of the HoH to Kevin & the discussion that had taken place after she went inside. She was VERY surprised when she heard that & said that would be one of the first things she checked out once she was home.

So, it was my turn to go on stage & I was NERVOUS! I of course wanted to be on Jeffs team after I saw the other girls switch but was just as happy to spend time with Jordan. I walked over & took my spot & she immediately turned to me, asked my name & gave me a BIG hug and said she was happy we were there and happy to meet me. My nervousness (is that a word?) went away at that moment; she made us feel so comfortable up there! They were still discussing the woofer debate when we were there & I said the correct pronunciation and Jeff looked at me & said "Thanks!! I always get that stuff wrong" and waved at me *swoon* FYI, when this whole game show thing began, I thought it would be a BB question contest so this whole battle of the sexes thing irked me a little bit...ESPECIALLY because for the first two rounds, Jeffs team consisted of Jeff & 2 gay guys! Again, not meaning this in a bad way AT ALL, EVERYONE laughed, but of course they knew about make up & lip liner! Geez! I completely biffed the light bulb & wrench questions, but I got the NASA, boxing, Dirty Harry & basketball questions right with help from my team member. Jordan kept turning to us & saying "Sorry,I'm so dumb!!" & we told her she was not dumb & we all laughed and had fun. After our round was done, Jordan gave us another big hug and I went walking past Jeff & he said "Hello, am I going to get a hug too"...good thing I had peed previously! He pulled me in close & gave me a nice big hug...boy his sweater was soft & ladies, that man smells like puppies & rainbows...just delicious!! No sooner had I gotten in my seat did my BlackBerry light up & one text from my husband saying "Ahem, that was a long hug LOL"...BUSTED!!

After the game show ended, they did the part where they dressed up J & J like Julie, which was HILARIOUS! Jeff was dying laughing, especially when the lady that was with him pulled his snazzy sneakers off to put him in heels. I couldn't hear everything he said clearly because people were laughing so loudly but I did hear "Look Ma, I'm pregnant! Sorry you had to find out this way!" & we all cracked up.

The chat was over at that point & Chelsia thanked everyone and after the feed was turned off; she told us that if went into the bar area, Jeff & Jordan would take pictures, sign things & they would pass out t-shirts. Jeff yelled loudly "I will meet every single one of you, no matter how long it takes so don't kill each other!!" LOL; so cute!! We made our way out to the bar area & it was pretty packed. It took a little while for them to get out there because people don't listen & stopped J & J in the hallway, etc.

It took quite awhile for us to get up there & when we were about 5 people away, someone came up & said "Are you guys the Army Wives?" We said that we were & Jeff stood up and said "Wait, who are the Army Wives?" & we raised our hands. He then said "What the ***** are you doing here getting my pictures & autograph; I should be visiting you & getting pictures of you and your husbands! I sat on my ass all Summer while they protected us!! PLEASE tell them Thank You & Thank you for being here & sharing your time with us" *le sigh* I pretty much almost broke down & cried, but make up & all..I hadn't taken a picture with them yet LOL. The Real Player folks gave me a pink Superpass shirt that said "Big Brother Live Feeds" & then it was our turn to talk to Jeff & Jordan. They thanked us again for being there, asked us if we had fun,etc. I was able to ask the question about had Natalie offered up her vote for the Hawaii trip would Jeff had taken the deal & he said "Hmmm. Yeah,I wanted to stay in the game, I would have. But if she had screwed me, I'd send her pictures from Hawaii!!" & we all laughed...hysterically. They both signed my shirt, took a few pictures with me (one with my regular camera & one with my BBerry so I could tweet it right away) & Jeff said to my sister "Did those come out OK? I feel like I blinked, can you check them?" He is SO funny & SO sweet and caring! The pictures, of course, were beautiful..at least on their end. Jordan is just so adorable! She asked if we had kids, where we had driven from & how much they both loved Seattle. I asked if they would ever come back and they both said they would love to! I knew they would like it here; the same reasons Jeff mentioned are the same reasons why I love it here. We said our goodbyes & moved along

We went outside to talk to Jamie & her Mom & unfortunately, while we were out there, a car drove by & we heard shots Luckily, it was just a BB gun; unfortunately, one of the BBs struck a lady who worked for Real Player in the head. Police, fire trucks & ambulances swarmed the area (I don't think J & J saw any of this) and it was very, very scary. It appeared the lady from RP was OK, but very shaken up. They did try to remove the BB on site, but could not, so I assume she went to the hospital. I hope I can find out if she is alright because it really did scare the daylights out of me. BB Guns are not always toys people!!!!

As we were saying goodbye to Jamie, Jeff knocked on the window & asked us to come back inside! We went in & because I had mentioned that my kids loved them (they say "We got got" every time they get in trouble LOL), Jeff had grabbed another RP t-shirt and Jeff & Jordan had signed it and personalized it for my girls I thought that was BEYOND sweet and even though I already knew how wonderful they were, it reminded me once again. We took a few more pictures; Jeff had someone use his camera to take some of us; said our goodbyes and then the security guard (Yep! They had a security guard!) asked us if we wanted him to walk us out to the parking area. Well after the BB gun incident, we accepted !

All in all, it was something I won't soon forget. I don't consider Jeff & Jordan to be "famous stars" & they don't either and they talk to you like we're all old friends. They are kind, sweet, humble & caring and people who truly have genuine hearts. I wish them all the best life has to offer; wherever that road leads them!

I am going to upload my pictures shortly, my poor kids need food (BTW,I gave them their shirt this morning and they DIED! They were SO happy & my 8 year old said "I saw you hug Jeff, hubba hubba Mommy, he's a hunky monkey!!" hehe). Once I get them uploaded & fix the red eye, I'll post them in the media section.

Any other questions, feel free to ask here or PM me or tweet me Thank you ALL for sharing last night with me; it really made me smile thinking of everyone!!!