No real wakeup call from BB today so the HG sleep until 2PM!

2:30PM Hayden & Enzo talk game! Enzo tells Hayden even if Lane takes him, he thinks Hayden will win the whole thing. Says Hayden. killed the comps in the end and the jury will see that. Once they find out about the BG, the jury will be mad at all of them. Thinks Ragan, Matt, Brendon will get over being mad & vote for who did best. Enzo thinks Kathy will vote for Lane, Hayden thinks Kathy will vote for him. Enzo says it sucks to be in the position he's in because he cant do anything ... Hayden says "yeah, tough spot .... but you still got a chance, don’t pack it in." Hayden thinks Enzo would have beaten him in the last comp. Hayden reminds Enzo that Britney said he had "the best social game ever" Enzo says, nah, "they're gonna chew me out." Enzo is mad that Hayden told him that he'd beat Lane in F2. He is worried that Hayden has been telling Lane the same thing, diminishing his chances of Lane picking him for F2. Lane tells Enzo that he'd be a dodo to choose Hayden if he wins the 3rd part of the HOH comp. Says Hayden will be mad at him but if he wins, he will "walk out the door with Enzo", insinuating he will choose him over Hayden.

The 3 Brigade members spend the day, sleeping, talking football, playing blackjack and patting themselves on the back…

1:30AM Enzo and Lane are talking about having their own reality shows after BB. Enzo says his could be called the Meow Meow Down South. He says he could travel all over the South eating weird things and hitting up bars. Hayden joins them. They start talking about Texas....Enzo says there are college campuses every few blocks in Texas. Hayden and Lane start naming some of the colleges in Texas. The guys talk about the different campuses, Enzo is asking them questions about the different schools.

2:30AM Hayden says this BB dream is ending on Wed. Enzo says this isn't a dream its a nightmare, he's so ready to get out of the house. He thinks the dream will come after the game is over. They say this is what they have to do to get to the dream. They talk about how Annie was in the house for such a short time! They wonder why she chose to be the saboteur, it ruined her game, but then they say, well Matty made it far and he was the saboteur. The guys talk about getting to answer questions and talking to Julie during the live show. Lane says in the beginning it made him nervous but now he really likes it! Lane brings up how many people there were in the beginning and now everything is focused on them. Enzo is cracking the guys up by telling them Day 1 when he asked everyone if they had nicknames, he brought it up and proclaimed himself the meow meow immediately because he was so worried someone else would have that nickname (the meow meow)! The are talking and laughing about the first few days of being in the house. Enzo says he couldn't remember anyone's name, looking around at everyone he thought he wouldn't have any friends because they were all so different than him. Hayden "I just wanted to not be the first one out and then make the Jury and now we're in the Final 3, with the people I want to be with in the Final 3". They laugh about Annie starting the girls alliance Day 1. Enzo says everyone knows you don't start an alliance Day 1, you do it Day 2! They talk about what the Jury House probably thinks of the Brigade. They think the Jury is thinking it is awesome! Enzo says he can see Rachel trying to s*** on the Brigade on Wed night "Don't even say it Pelican, don't even say it!" Enzo "We made side alliances AND controlled the votes" They talk about how amazing the Brigade was/is.

3:00AM Lights out! Goodnight!

Thank you to all the updaters, see you next season….hopefully with a better cast!