Happy Saturday morning, 7:15 Brendan & Ragan are first to wake. They head to the BY couches and begin discussing Andrew and how no one in the house likes him. They both feel bad for him because everyone thinks he is weird but agree if everyone was talking about you and making of fun of you, you would be weird too! Brendan says he's going to fight his ass off to win HOH and wants to see what happens. He says he feels like he went out of his way to be nice, cooks for everyone and he's just being himself. He says no one has even said thanks for cooking dinner. He doesn't like how they all want to be his bff after he won POV and that he has a hard time being fake. Brendan says he genuinely tries to be nice to everyone and he admits he was pissed when he was put up on the block and appreciated Rachel comforting him and doesn't understand how others can't understand how he felt after being put on the block. The rest of the houseguests are getting up (wow early birds at 8 am). Brendan, Kathy, Andrew gather in the kitchen. Brendan tells them that they're genuine and not pretending to be something else. He also says he wants to get through without backstabbing and talking about people behind their backs, says he's getting a 2nd chance. Andrew says the cast of BB12 is good, he likes it. Brendan says he wants to try his hardest to win HOH. He wants the HOH to be somebody who is willing to do something that is not what the house wants. He says he has a huge target on his back and has nothing to lose. He doesn't want to play games and appeal to everyone. He wants to be who he really is. Meanwhile, Matt & Regan are in the hammock talking about the pending POV ceremony. They both feel confident that they are safe in the current situation. Brendan & Rachel move back to the Jungle Room. Brendan is trying to reassure Rachel that HE is in control right now, since he is the POV holder and "they" will do what he wants, as far as keeping Rachel this week and who the replacement nom will be once he removes himself from the block. Rachel says she’s scared and doesn't want to go home; Brendon rubs her back a little and tells her not to worry.
Rachel tells Brendon that Hayden wants to make a deal with him, the conversation went like this:

B: If he doesn't do what I need him to do, I'm going to tell him he's going home next week. Whoever is not with me is against me. I'm a wild card.
R: Really?
B: I'm the unpaid saboteur! I'm doing it pro-bono.
R: And you're doing a better job.

Rachel is sure Annie wants her to go, just look at her mood right now. Brendan says the mood is about her game getting caught and 1/2 missing her family. Rachel says that she would have saved Brendan if she won the veto. Brendan assures her that he's going to work it so she doesn't go home. Brendan wants to talk to Hayden.

B: Don't worry, I'll make the best decision.
R: I don't want to go home
B: I'll make sure that doesn't happen.

Brendon wants to suggest Monet up, Rachel says that Kathy is a better choice to put up since everybody likes her and nobody would beat her in the end.

R: You know who I'm starting to like a lot? Kristen. She will play for herself but if she likes someone
B: We can use Hayden to get her
R: If she forms a bond with someone she'll stick to it
B: I'm done tiptoeing. I'm tired of pretending...I'm not gonna piss anyone off cause I don't want you to go home. If someone wants to F*k with me...

Brendon thinks the next HOH will be endurance which he is sure he can win. He says Andrew is different and a little weird, but the way the house treats him is sh*tty. Andrew wanders in, Brendan tells about his HOH comp theory and Andrew says he doesn't think it will be endurance because of time, it will be Q&A. Andrew says you have to make sure you know who you are eliminating from a HOH game.

Brendan says if Rachel goes home, he will become the tazmanian devil and tear the house apart. He jokes that the cameras are all focused on Rachel and not him "what am I? chopped liver?"

Elsewhere, Lane and Annie are now chilling in the hammock. Flirting a little in a joking way. Matt & Hayden on BY couches talking about the impending chat with Braden later.

1:20 FOTH for about 15 minutes, seems they has another “visit” from the Saboteur. It appears that the saboteur mentioned something about two HGs being life-long friends. Most of the HGs are giving their thoughts, and Andrew calls out Kathy for not talking. She says she's thinking. Everyone seems puzzled my this latest twist but go about their activities.

Annie and Brendon chatting at the dining, Annie thinks she's going up to replace Brendon. Brendon says he'll do whatever he can to stop that. He says he'll talk to Hayden. She doesn't trust Kristen and wants to keep Andrew. She also says Hayden's not a part of the main group downstairs and that he's distanced himself. Brendon says Hayden is afraid of him.

Later in the BY, Hayden & Brendon finally talk about POV ceremony and replacement nomination. Hayden says if he puts several people up, Rachel would go home, and there's someone else who could go up but Rachel would stay. Hayden asks if Rachel is the only person Brendon can trust. Brendon says yes she is the only person. Hayden says Brendon cannot trust the person who he's thinking of putting up. Brendon says if they keep that person in the game, she can be used. Hayden says that person has tried to form too many alliances. They both seem to be on the same page with the replacement nomination. Agreeing not to let this week ruin a potential alliance between them. They feel they could be a great team and start discussing other HG to bring in. Brendon says not to trust Enzo or Britney, Hayden agrees.

They are interrupted by rain! The HG are on outside lockdown and it starts pouring rain. They all get under the awning and watch the rain fall. Once lockdown is over, they all head inside.

Matt goes to HOH to wait for Hayden. Once Hayden comes in Matt tells him that Andrew said that he knew two people were not in the same hotel as the rest of them. Turns out, Hayden and Kristen were in another hotel. Haden calls Kristen in to let her in on what Andrew is saying. They say that Lane and Brendon were also not at the same hotel. Trying to maintain damage control, Hayden got Andrew to talk to him and squash the speculation. Matt seems irritated that Hayden told Andrew and is worried that Andrew will be gunning for him. Lane joins them, and general chit chat ensues. Nothing that hasn't been transcribed before. Hayden concludes that the saboteur X’ed Kathy's and Britney's photos to give them a hint that they are connected.. They speculate whether the saboteur is not one of those two. Lane thinks it's easy to persuade Annie, and that she will be riding their coat tails. Talk turns to Britney and her reliability. Hayden asks whether she would put any of them up if she won HOH. They agree that she would target Andrew because she is creeped out by him, then dismiss her as not having any chance on winning HOH. They all agree that they don't feel safe.

Later in the SR, Brendon and Hayden take advantage of the fact that no one is around and decide the only way Rachel will be safe is if Annie goes up. Hayden wants reassurances that he will be safe. Brendon is trying to put doubts in Hayden's mind about Enzo. Brendon leaves and comes back after a minute. He emphasizes that he doesn't want anyone to know that they have anything together. There are too many people willing to backstab them.

9:00pm Brendon and Ragan ask Kathy if there's anyone she categorically doesn't trust in the house. Kathy says not specifically, but she really doesn't trust anyone in this house because it's a game. She says some people are superficial and that will catch up with them. She says she has certain morals she will not change. She will not make multiple alliances and kiss up to people. She hates that her personality is gone because of no food - she's usually fun and lively. She's heard stuff people have said about her. Ragan asks like what. She says that's she heard she's a weak player -- nothing really mean. She says she took part in the have/have-not competition when she could have sat it out. She's not going to be the strongest player but she tries. Brendon says not to let the stuff get to her that people are saying. Kathy says she doesn't. Brendon says some people are probably making up things too. Brendon says some people will do anything and everything and throw anyone under the bus.
Brendon says trusts Rachel, Ragan and Kathy. He knows Kathy is friends with Britney and Monet but he's sorry, he feels they do whatever they need to. Kathy says she doesn't have an alliance with them, but also defends them somewhat to Brendon as just not having game play.

10:00pm Ragan, Brendon, Kathy chatting about BB11 cast and mentions he read on Jokers that Lydia hooked up with someone, didn’t hear who, at the after party.

Midnight in the hammock, Kristen & Annie are chatting about the BB experience and getting to know each other better. Talking about how different they are from the other girls in the house and how they both are more comfortable around men. Annie confides in Kristen that she is bisexual. Kristen is very understanding and supportive about it. Kristen says it upsets her when people judge people because of them being gay. Annie tells her about talking to Ragan and wanting to tell him and be open about it. Annie says she feel isolated from the other girls and she feels isolated. Annie says only Kristen and Ragan know about her being Bi and she might tell others later. Kristen advises her to only share with those she trusts...and assures Annie that she won't tell anyone.

Inside, Hayden and Britney are going over the Annie situation. Britney is upset that people may think she is a liar because Annie is making it seem like Britney told her she is going up. Britney is looking for reassurance from Hayden that he completely believes her because if he has any doubts she will confront Annie and prove she is a liar. Hayden says no he believes her and she should chill out,

2:00am Kristen and Hayden going over the events of the day and they both agree they can't trust Britney; Kristen doesn't believe Brittney has any redeeming qualities to keep her around and that she is weak. They are discussing what is going to happen with Brendon tomorrow, they are going to tell him he's got to vote Annie out if he wants Rachel to stay. They feel Enzo is a risky alliance mate because he'll have everyone wrapped around his finger. Hayden thinks Ragan is a floater and doesn’t really have a read on him. They discuss the possibility of Kathy and Britney being related but still are not sure if that is the twist.

3:00am All HG sleeping… Thank you updaters!!