BB Woke up the house at 9:30 AM. Once they awake they notice a major infestation of ants and roaches. This is because they left a ton of food from the night before out and dirty dishes. (They evicted everyone that cleans so now they don’t understand why there is ants). Brit and Enzo throw away a ton of food from cabinets and fridge. Enzo wanted to throw the dishes too and start fresh with new dishes too.

At 11:30 we get bubbles for a bit and we find out that Lane opened Pandora’s Box. He had several envelopes to chose from, he chose 3 with punishments and 3 with rewards.
Hayden and Lane discuss game and decide that it is best to put up Ragan and Enzo, with Enzo being the pawn. If they put up Britney then she will play for POV hard. Lane promised Brit last week that he would not put her up.

After a brief lockdown we see that Lane had opened a letter and he won $91.17 and they find out their punishment was that they now have no drinking glasses or utensils, BB took them away. (That’s kind of good anyways because no one was cleaning them).

Ragan spent the day studying. HE studied on the hammock, outside couches, inside couches, in bed and while staring at the memory wall.

Enzo kept pushing for Lane to put up Brit but he totally refuses so then Enzo pushes for him to put up Hayden. Enzo did not want to go on the block again. Hayden told Lane to tell Enzo that it is his job (Enzo’s) to go up because he does not win anything.

After and hour of the feeds being blocked out at 6:00 PM they returned and we see that Lane did nominate Enzo and Ragan. We see Ragan still studying while Enzo is still waddling around in that dirty penguin costume.

9:00 PM Enzo finally took off the penguin suit for good. Now he is no longer a penguin on the block just Enzo on the block. Enzo is worried that Ragan will win POV and that Brit will not be put up. He is worried that Lane would put up Hayden against him and that he will be sent packing. Enzo still does not realize that Hayden and Lane have a final 2 deal.

Later they play pool sit in the hot tub while Ragan studied some more. Brit made a comment that she thinks Ragan has studied so much that he has checked out like Brendon did.
All houseguests were asleep and the house was quiet by 2:00 am.

Will Ragan win POV? Will Brit finally go up? Will these guys do anything exciting??? Only time will tell!