Oh What a Night!

Wow what a show! Big Brother fans got just what they wanted last night as Jessie was finally evicted…again. I wonder if he experienced deja vu. This time around he went out week five instead of week four. Hmmm by my calculations if Jessie were to return to BB every season making it one week further each time it would take him let’s see…carry the two, divide by…four or five more seasons (double eviction/s included) to get to f-2, and he still wouldn’t win! But he did make it to week five, which makes him the first member of this season’s jury. Hmm there’s something a little satisfying thinking about Jessie alone in that house for an entire week knowing that he’s there by America’s (and Jeff’s) choice. Stew in it Jessie! Oh and that T-shirt! More on that later.

The show opened with the regular filler, highlights post POV ceremony, and Chima…ugh Chima. Never before has a head gotten so big (not counting hair) in the BB house. Her smug attitude and threats regarding the ‘wizard” power made towards production cast her in an already bad light. Pssst Chima, never bite the hand that feeds you! It was then rumored that because of her threats to “go off” if the “wizard power” was used, the show was taped rather than shown live. Pssst production, were you afraid of being bit?

The show then switched to the two houseguests Chima nominated for eviction: Russell and Lydia. Russell went right to work trying to get the votes needed to stay in the house and Lydia, well Lydia went right to bed.

Natalie and Jessie then hatched a plan to try to find out who held the “wizard power”. They suspected either Jeff or Jordan held it so they put their plan into motion, trick them with a racket sport and a ball in the pool. Natalie worked on Jeff by dazzling him with her badminton skills…yeah moving on…and Jessie worked on Jordan by asking her to play catch in the pool. He got shot down pretty quick, but at least he could blame the cool water for the “shrinkage” he probably experienced and not the rejection itself. Needless to say their plan was so lame even Jordan caught on…eventually.

Then were treated to what I call the BB warm and fuzzy: the visit with a hg’s family/friends. This is where I usually get something to drink, answer a few e-mails or change the channel while the family/friends tells us how wonderful the respective hg is…yawn. But tonight I watched and Chima’s Grandma, bless her soul, pretty much gave as much of a disapproving critique I think a grandma can, saying that she wished Chima would not get personal and that there should be some civility. Deuces Grandma! They also spoke of Chima’s desire to always have her way, cut to Chima saying that she’s just a little high maintenance. Yeah, that’s like saying the Pope’s just a little catholic!

Finally we got to the part of the show every BB fan was waiting for, the eviction! Julie asked the person who held the power if he/she wanted to use it and if so, to stand. Jeff stood, Jessie sank, Chima saw red, and Jordan reportedly still has not closed her mouth. Julie announced it was the coup d’etat power which Jeff held. There was a collective gasp (which also could have been the sound of Jessie’s ego deflating the jury’s still out). Jeff replaced Chima’s nominations with Natalie and Jessie. Nat took to her seat rather calmly whereas Jessie began do disrobe revealing a tee shirt under the shirt he was wearing. On the front of this tee shirt was a picture of his truly with the words: the man, the myth, the legend written above…seriously? The only thing worse than arrogance is pre meditated arrogance. It should have read the man, the myth, the end! Jessie took to his seat deflated and defeated. In a last ditch effort (and with rather confused math skills) Jessie pleaded, especially with Kevin for his fellow hg’s to keep him in the game. But it was to no avail as Jessie was sent packing, big guns and all. See ya sucka!

Then, as with every week, the show ended with the HOH competition, this one called hit the road. It was a round-robin type elimination competition with questions based on previous HOH, POV and have/have not comps. It also featured a bus. (Could this be the very bus they keep throwing one another under?) Anyway, by the end of the Game Michelle came out on top and was crowned the new HOH. There wasn’t the usual celebrating though; the hg’s pretty much stood there looking a little confused. Could it be because they felt like they weren’t sure what Michelle would do with her HOH? If so I know how they feel, I’m kind of lost there too.

And so another live eviction Thursday came to an end but not before Julie announced that next week’s show will feature a live double eviction. Geeze, Ronnie gone last week, coup d’etat used seeing Jessie gone this week, live double eviction next week, how much more excitement can a BB fan handle?

This season is starting to look up!