8:00 am Big Brother Wake up Call. Houseguests starting off their day eating breakfast, primping and getting ready for the pending veto competition.

Matt , Lane and Enzo in HOH discussing strategy. Lane stating that Brittney and Kristin will vote the Brigade way. Matt is laying on his bed with all his different rubber duckies lined up in front of him and holding his stuff zombie squirrel. They think Brendon and Rachel will go after Matt and possibly Andrew if he stays in the house. They are talking about what a baby Brendan is and say when Rachel gets evicted they will have to listen to him whine and cry like a baby. Now making fun of Rachel being the Brendan cheerleader. Enzo doing a good impression. Saying she is a big baby too. Talking about how she was bawling and apologizing to Matt after he won HOH. They joke that the POV will be a physics exam. Matt tells Enzo how Ragan doesn't want Brendon or Rachel to go home, Enzo doesn’t understand. Matt trying to explain how Ragan says they should leave them in so they remain targets and Matt says he wanted to tell him look we're safe, we have a Brigade but he couldn't. Now discussing pros and cons on keeping Kathy or Andrew. Matt thinks keeping Andrew is smarter to keep because they know Kathy would side with Brendon & Rachel. Back to discussing the POV competition and back-dooring Brendon. Matt states that he is worried for Hayden and Kristin because Brendon mentioned a few times that he is going to go after the people that dropped early in the HOH competition. Lane stated that Brendon is a cry baby and a sore loser and if he gets back-doored he will be whining all week. Matt agrees and states that he will have a hellish week of Brendon whining to Matt and trying to make deals if Matt puts Brendon on the block. Enzo is questioning why Kathy voted for Monet to stay. Matt states that Kathy came up to him after he nominated her and said that she voted for Matt because his "on the block" speech inspired her to vote for Monet. Kathy said that when Matt stated to vote how they really wanted to vote and not feel strong armed, that inspired her to vote for Monet because that is what she really wanted to do. Discussion about why Kathy is even in the house since she is a really terrible game player. Enzo states she is happy that she is on the block because she will at least get some tv time out of it. Lane stated that Kathy tried to play the pity card on him last night while they were both brushing their teeth. Matt says that we don't have to worry about Ragan because Ragan want to get the week players and the floaters out of the house. Lane asks Matt is Ragan considers him a floater and Matt says no, he thinks you are with Brit. Matt states that Ragan really only keeps talking about Kathy and getting her out. Matt then says that they just have to keep winning the HOH comps. The rest of the house anxiously waits for the POV to start.

11:30 POV begins - ends at 2:00 Brendon won the Veto. Enzo is upset Matt didn't put 2 strong people on block. All their hopes of back-dooring Brendon and Rachel are gone. Kristen is in the HOH with Matt and Ragan. Kristen says she doesn't want either Kathy OR Andrew to go this week. She says I am so 50/50 it isn't funny with this one. Matt keeps saying this wasn't supposed to happen. Switching to room with Britney Enzo, Lane, and Hayden .. Britney says that Enzo was the best MC ever. He has the right accent for it. Hayden jokes and says, in a New Jersey accent, Two words Knuck- kle. Kristen, Rachel, Ragan, and Matt in HOH discussing the votes and which way they might go. Rachel says a 4/4 vote is dangerous. Ragan says he has two ways of thinking about the vote. One way is to not create targets in the vote, but then the other half because it would be so close, if they were both given a fair shake, let everyone vote with their heart. But it's Big Brother and people aren't going to vote that way. Rachel tells Matt that he is in a position to talk to Andrew after Matt says that he thinks Andrew deserves to be here, even though he's gunning for me. Ragan says, this will be your second time that you've saved Andrew.
Rachel compliments Matt and says that Matt did a good job winning HOH. Ragan says that they should get the mood of everybody and see what they're thinking. Kristen says, most importantly you need to talk to Andrew and Kathy, especially Andrew. Matt says that he doesn't think Andrew believes anything I say. He doesn't like me. I don’t know what to do. I totally get that vibe from him.

Enzo & Andrew in the H/N Room - Enzo consoling Andrew who seems super pissed that Brendon won. Enzo says that you have to think about who they (Brendon/Rachel) will put up next week... he says they will go after Mattie. Enzo whispers to Andrew, asks him when Matt told him that he was putting him up? Before or after? Andrew says that he mentioned it before. Andrew says that he told Matt that he didn't like it, but he can't argue because he was HOH. Enzo swears under his breath. Andrew says he will just be himself all week. He won't talk to Rachel, he won't get in any fights, he will just be himself.

Kristen & Hayden whispering. She seems to be recounting her conversation with Matt and Ragan. Says that the options are to tie the vote and have Matt keep Andrew or to keep Andrew. She thinks that for them it is a better option to keep Andrew. Says that Matt is worried that Andrew will come after him even if he stays. Kristen says she wants to talk to Andrew. Asks if Hayden knows where he is? Hayden says maybe in the Have Not's Room? Hayden says he was upset that not many people came to talk to him after the competition. Kristen finds Andrew and begins to talk game with him. Kristen reminds him that it is a game, she has to be a friend to Kathy and she will console her and make her feel better but to remember that she and Hayden are always on his side from the beginning. She begins whispering lower... she says that she knows they haven't been communicating as much as people in alliances should be. She thinks that it is important that in the upcoming days and weeks that they try to communicate more frequently, just to check in and let each other know what is going on. Andrew says definitely... just let Hayden know I agree.

3:30 Andrew and Matt in HOH. Matt saying that Andrew was never the target. He doesn’t come out and say that Andrew is safe. He tells Andrew that he will give people his opinion on who to vote for but wont tell them. He tells Andrew that he should campaign by saying that Kathy is a solid vote for R/B. Andrew says he’s not happy about it but he’s just pissed about not winning the veto. Matt says that if Andrew comes up with other ideas to campaign then he should tell matt and matt will help him out. Andrew says that for matt's sake he shouldn’t campaign for Andrew, he wants to see who is with him and who is against him in the house. He wants to see where people vote. He says he wont bash Kathy because he likes her.

Brendon, Rachel & Ragan in Taj Room - Ragan still complaining about being have-not. Ragan says he's torn between doing the honorable thing and the smart thing. Brendon encourages him, reminds Ragan how Ragan had talked about how lucky they are to be on Big Brother and not at home doing a 9-5 job. Rachel thinks Ragan won't look back on this experience in a few months and think about how he was on slop. They talk about competing. Ragan isn't sure that the game wants people to be like that. He doesn't want to say that anyone "threw" the competition. Brendon says if he or Ragan had dropped, they would have thrown it. Ragan says something about wearing his heart on his sleeve and DR wanting him to be peppy.

Ragan, Hayden, Brit talking in HOH. Hayden thinks the vote will be split (like a 5-3 vote or 4-2 vote). Ragan asks Hayden if he thinks people are adamantly for one player. Hayden says people are definitely leaning towards Kathy staying. Brit agrees. Both say they haven't spoken to anyone about their vote. But that most people probably want to get out the strongest player. Hayden says he likes both Kathy and Andrew. Ragan and Hayden both say they respect Andrew. Hayden says Kathy is a sweetheart, and doesn't see either one stirring the pot. Ragan says because they are friends. Brit says she will think about it for awhile and consider both options. Hayden agrees with her. Matt says Kristen is really close to both Kathy and Andrew. Both Matt and Brit think Andrew wants Brendon and Rachel out. Matt wants to ask Kristen if that's true, and says that K/H know what Andrew is really thinking. Matt says it's scary that Kathy is a guaranteed vote for R/B. Brit says Rachel and Kathy are on the outs since they haven't talked since she was HOH. Matt says Andrew hasn't won anything but has been in the top 2 for every comp. Matt says he won't be pissed with the house's decision of who goes. Matt says Brendon is dangerous because he hasn't lost much. Matt says he is leaning towards keeping Andrew since Andrew is a better competitor that can compete with Brendon. Says Brendon is taking over everything. Matt says he doesn't know if R/B would come after him next week, since he didn't put them up. Brit says there are people in this house who would target her, but if she targets them, she is afraid people will come after her. Matt says he is going to ask Kristen if Andrew really wants R/B out. If Andrew really does want R/B out then Matt wants to keep him in order to use him to get R/B out. If not, then Matt wants Andrew to be evicted. Matt again says Brendon is unstoppable. Lane says Brendon "is good at this brain crap". They are talking about the POV competition now. Another counting item was eyeballs. Andrew put 33 eyeballs when there were over 100. Rachel put 80 and Brendon put 90.

5:00pm Brendon/Rachel talking game on hammock. They plan for Rachel to talk to Britney to make sure Britney won't come after them and Britney knows they won't come after her. Rachel says she'd be friends with Kristen outside the game but Kristen is playing the game. Rachel says they're only here because of Matt, and a lot of that is only because of Ragan. Brendon says they're also only here because of Andrew. Brendon talked to Andrew last night, and Andrew said he would throw the POV for him to win.
They talk about the POV comp. Apparently Andrew threw the comp for Brendon on the last two questions but no one else suspects. Brendon tells Rachel Andrew told him last night Andrew's been pretending not to like Rachel so that people don't suspect Andrew is with Brendon and Rachel. Rachel says Andrew's doing a good job. She believed Andrew didn't like her. Andrew didn't want Brendon to tell Rachel something (which Brendon did tell), because Andrew was worried Rachel would tell Ragan. Rachel asks if Andrew knows Rachel is close to Ragan, and Brendon says he does. Brendon doesn't like that Kristen acts like she is close to Andrew and knows Andrew. Brendon doesn't even see Kristen and Andrew talk. Brendon feels he knows Andrew -- Andrew is weird, different, but he's sure Andrew wouldn't put the two of them up. Brendon asks whether Rachel is having second thoughts about whether Ragan would put them up. Rachel doesn't think Ragan would, especially not her, not sure about Brendon. Brendon thinks Ragan would put most anyone else up before the two of them, aside from Matt, since the others are untrustworthy and the two of them wouldn't go after Ragan. They also remember Ragan saying it helps him to have both of them in the game. Brendon plans to turn Enzo against the others who dropped early in the competition. Rachel thinks Brendon needs to be careful about that. Brendon agrees, not like an alliance.

Ragan is very emotional in Cabana Room with Andrew. Ragan is talking about believing in the Golden Rule & doing the honorable thing. I look at this week & see how hard you work in every competition, please don't say anything to Kathy, I don't want to hurt her feelings. I want to keep you in the game. I am looking at you and thinking, how...what would I want Andrew to say to me? I want fighters to stay in the game. Andrew says good. I like that. Andrew askes him if he likes Kristen, Ragan says yes. Ragan says from what Bren & Rach have told me, they want you here. Matt is more of an ali to you than you think.

7:00pm Andrew and Kathy in BY. Andrew says he won't campaign against Kathy. He will tell people to do what they want. Andrews says maybe I should just get out there and screw with everybody's head. Andrew tells Kathy he just wants to enjoy the last few days. Comments how he & Kathy were like the Mother & Father figures, cleaning up after others, about the same age etc. Ragan comes over & says he's eating the slop instead of the baby food or bok choy. Kathy says salad dressing isn't an 'approved condiment'.

Kathy and Rachel in HOH. Kathy is nervous, everyone is telling her that they are torn, undecided. Rachel says she will definitely vote to keep her. Rachel says that it is an easy choice for her because Andrew is mean to her. She says that her and Brendon are different people... keeps telling Kathy that she needs to talk to Brendon. Kathy also told Rachel that Andrew has his friends in the house.. he has alliances and she thinks the house is leaning towards keeping him. Rachel says she would be shocked if that was the case. Andrew is so mean to her. Kathy says that she needs to be here, she has her reasons... she says that she can't say what some of her reasons are but they exist. She reiterates that she always voted with her heart, she did what was right. Last week she voted against Matt, which is why she thinks that she was nominated. Rachel tells her that her and Brendon didn't cut a deal to save themselves at Kathy's expense. Kathy says she would never think that... she knows that she is nominated cause of what Matt thought was best. Kathy was saying that she had been down and out for a few days, and she couldn't handle it like she usually could. She says that every day she risks her own like to save everyone else's. She says that she is fighting as hard as she can, she is 40 not 20 years old... that is a huge difference, she lived through cancer, fighting to live when she could have given up and died. She is a fighter. Rachel agrees, says that she knows that Kathy is a fighter. Kathy reminds Rachel that she would never target Brendon and Rachel... it's not even a deal that they have to make... it's a given. Rachel says that she knows. Rachel keeps telling Kathy that she needs to talk to Brendon. Rachel reiterates that she thinks Andrew hates her, that she gets on his nerves but for some reason Brendon likes him.

10:30pm The HG all gather around the counter and spilt into 2 teams to play flip cup ( a drinking game). The have nots are drinking water and juice while the others have beer and sangria. They are all having a good time. High-fiving each other, laughing and cheering each other on. Kristen found a spider (daddy long legger) earlier and put it under a cup on the counter until they could get outside to set it free. During the game, she spilled wine on it and it died. The HG dare her to eat the spider and she does! They are all laughing and think she is super-cool now (ugh). Rachel & Brit are pretty tipsy and dancing around together bumping butts. Everyone having a great time. They want more booze but do not get more.

12:30 am Enzo and Matt joking & cracking up about hiding under Kathy's bed & listening to her. Then Enzo says he cant stop eating the baby crackers. Lane says "next he will be smashing them up on the counter & snorting them." Lane says we have to get [Bren and Rach] out! [pointing @ there pics on the wall. They both look at the wall & how fast the girls are leaving & laughing about it. Enzo tells Lane about how Brenchel mentioned how some jumped off early on the HOH surfboards in order to be haves for the week. Enzo is worried about Rachel AND Bren being in the Jury house since he thinks their vote won't be split, Now they're trying to identify who the life long friends are. Enzo says we made a mistake not nominating them. we should have made a power move. Lane is torn between looking & strategizing the wall & the bag of chips & salsa/hot sauce.

1:30 am Enzo and Matt up in HOH They wonder who has the balls to put up Brendon and Rachel. Matt says they can't let them (Brendon & Rachel) win HOH next week...he seems to be regretting not putting one of them up this week Enzo says having them in the game keeps the target off of the Brigade...Brendon and Rachel are everyone's target Matt "They're all going at some point" Enzo says how important it is for them (Brigade) to win POVs...they have been winning the HOHs but they also need to win the POV...Enzo frustrated he lost the last POV by 14 seconds... Enzo wonders what Andrew would do with HOH....he says he may worry about Matt if Andrew were HOH...Matt thinks Andrew may back-door him Matt is worried Brendon is going to keep winning....Enzo says he can't keep winning "It don't work that way yo!" He thinks the tides of the game are going to change in their favor. Enzo says he doesn't trust Ragan. Enzo thinks if they can get down to the final 8, then the 4 man Brigade will dominate! Matt says that before Monet left she told Britney some stuff about Hayden & Kristen....Matt telling Enzo about all the stuff Monet told Britney about Hayden & Kristen being either lifelong friends or siblings...the birthmark, their physical similarities Enzo says that if he had to pick the pre existing couple he would think it is Kristen & Hayden. Enzo calls Kathy the dopey deputy! They are laughing about Kathy and how she has no game! They are crunching the numbers for next week, if Andrew were to win, they say he is gunning for Rachel and even if one if them went up against Rachel they would be able to send her home Matt "We have the numbers!" Matt doesn't think anyone would nominate them against each other. Matt "We may be sitting pretty next week". Hayden says that next week if the Brigade wins, they have to put up Brendon and Rachel. Matt says that Brendon and Rachel don't care about winning, they just want to make it to the jury house. They talk about how crazy they think Andrew is. They talk about how desperate he was to win the HOH, Enzo says "yo look at the shorts he put on!" Matt calls them "nut huggers!" They are wondering what BB is going to throw at them, wonder if they'll do Pandora's Box again or maybe send the saboteur back into the house. Enzo keeps bringing up Ragan as a huge threat...he says he is friendly with everyone! Matt says that if Enzo is HOH and wants to put up Ragan, then one of the Brigade will have to go up too so that the others don't get suspicious... Enzo says that will throw them for a loop! Enzo is passionate about wanting The Brigade making Power moves, "that's what were about!"

2:30 am Sleepy time for the HG…..Thank you updaters!