BB Recap 7/23/10
Operation backdoor goes in effect once again!

9:10 AM – After the wild night, Rachel and Kathy are the first to wake up. Rachel cries a bit then heads to work out doing some cardio. (Always a great way to sweat that alcohol out of your system. ) Rachel stops for like 5 minutes in the middle of her workout, crouches down and appeared to be crying. Then she got back up and resumed her workout. After she talked to Kathy about how drunk she got the night before and how bad her face was breaking out. Kathy told her it was probably stress, then she told her she was going back to bed for a few hours.

11:00 AM- Rachel, Matt and Brendon talk in the HOH room, Matt said he would try to keep them off the block until POV was played. Matt explained that the whole house expect and want him to put them up after they called him out at the house meeting last week. Matt said that he didn’t want to put them up, that if they kept him safe next week he wouldn’t push for POV to be used. That all he wants is safety if either of them get HOH next week. Neither really agreed to do that, instead they started talking about the other houseguests and how they throw people under the bus.

Once they leave Andrew entered the HOH. He asked Matt what was up, Matt told him that Kathy was his target this week because of her suspicious and had very odd behavior. He tells Andrew he is going up as a pawn. He tells Andrew that whoever wins VETO will use it, and then he will put up Brendon or Rachel. Andrew feels OK with the arrangement. He leaves, next through the revolving HOH door is Brittany.
Brittany seems to think that the secret pair is Hayden and Kristen. (Guess she doesn’t know yet that they tangle the sheets each night)She thinks they are twins. She claims they have the same birthmark. Matt replied “I wondered why they never hooked up”. She said they have the same mouth and are the same age. That is why they never cuddle or anything.

The brigade starts chatting on the outside couch. They think that Brendon and Rachel will not put them up next week. After the brief lock down we find out that the have nots can eat baby food and bok choy. Brendon pulls a little hissy fit and refuses to eat the baby food or bok choy. He wants the fish sticks.

4:45 PM – We get trivia on the feeds and the nomination ceremony was underway. When the feed return at 6:30 (1 hour 45 min later) we learn that Kathy and Andrew are on the block. Seems they picked VETO players too, Andrew, Matt, Kathy, Brendon, Rachel and Lane are the players this week.

All night talk was about getting Brandon out. The brigade wants him out bad. Brandon and Rachel talked about winning POV. Rachel wouldn’t even drink the sangria because she wanted a good night’s sleep for the POV.

1:43 AM Matt and Hayden had a little discussion before bed, here is the summery: Matt brushing teeth in HOH room. Hayden comes in and sits on the bed. Matt tells him that he wants him to know that Ragan says that Brendon/Rachel are targeting Hayden/Kristin next week. Matt says that Ragan is his side alliance, and he's useful to have around because he just talks and talks about everything. He says that Ragan said they didn't specifically say Hayden and Kristin's names... but that Brendon was saying that there were "two people that have an obvious close friendship that dropped too early in the HOH competition"

Hayden and Matt saying that Brendon has to go this week. Hayden asks Matt if it is between Kathy and Andrew, which does he want to go home? Matt says it's a tough one... Andrew is obviously stronger in competitions, but Kathy is a definite vote for Rachel/Brendon so it is probably better to get her out.

Hayden and Matt talking about scenarios for next week. Hayden says that Kristin is good to have around, but she is completely expendable. They say the brigade is the number one alliance. Say that brigade is running the house etc etc.

Matt recaps that Ragan is such a talker, a great resource to have. Says again that Brendon didn't name names, but he thinks that he was talking about getting rid of Kristin and Hayden. Hayden says again that they have to get Brendon out this week. Matt asks Hayden not to tell Kristin. He says that he doesn't want to be the bearer of bad news, but they have to keep an open line of communication about these things. Hayden leaves and Matt goes back to the bathroom to take some pills and brush teeth.

Hayden and Kirsten had their nightly rumble under the covers. Hayden then returned to his own bed. All house guests were asleep by 3:15.

Who will win the POV? Will Matt’s HOH be wasted? Will Hayden stay loyal to the brigade? Will we still be watching Brandon and Rachel next week? Only tomorrow will tell!