8:30 AM Time to wake up for the day! Everyone doing normal morning routines. They wonder what time the POV will be but speculate it will be early.

Kathy heads up to HOH to talk to Brendon. Kathy says she feels something's not right. Kathy says I wish Rachel were here to talk to her. They are gunning for me and you. Brendon says, who's gunning for me? Kathy says the famous group. I know what was said when you and Rachel were on the block. I'm telling you the truth. I want you here with me because you're on my side. All that happened last week, all that crying, call that ganging up on Rachel... They are trying to get you to the Jury house. I don't know why you put Lane up. I do know, Unless we get someone else on board, they're fixing to run this game. Brendon says he has two people on the block and two people to replace them.
Kathys asks who his target is. Brendon says I told them last week whoever wronged Rachel is going home. Lane isn't going home. If anyone wants to use the PoV, I have Britney or Matt as replacements. Kathy says to be honest, they're not nervous. Something else is going on. The only person upset is Ragan.

Britney enters HOH to talk to Brendon. Brendon asks if he surprised her with his nominations, Britney says yes! Brendon says he is not trying to back door anyone. He says he likes Ragan and he deserves to be here too, but Ragan has sat back and let Matt get the blood on his hands. But Matt is going to home before Ragan. Britney asks what will happen if Ragan wins POV. Brendon says that's a tough decision... As far as you and Matt, I am a man of my word.. and I want you to keep your word to. I don't want to be nominated or backdoored. Britney agrees. Brendon says that he wanted Ragan and Lane to understand what it feels like to be on the block and put a fire under them. He notes that Enzo has never been on the block either. They go down the list of players deciding who will use it and who not. Brendon tries to reinforce the idea that he, Matt and Britney can "piggyback" HoHs off each other because they all three worked hard to be in the game. He tells her that he thinks Ragan threw the Paint Can HoH to Matt.

10:45 - 12:45 POV time!

Ragan wins POV! Brit and Ragan hugging each other and telling each other how much they adore one another. Britney tells Ragan if she wouldn't have had you last week she would have shot herself in the face. Both profess hatred still for Brendon. Ragan says he thinks that was worse case scenario for him. Brit tells Ragan that Brendon told her that Ragan lets Matt make all the dirty moves and he doesn’t respect that. Matt says to Ragan that he gets to play in every POV from now on. You made it to final 7. Ragan says is was so nervous towards the end because he couldn’t se the others, but knew he was close. He just wanted to focus on himself so he didn’t look at the others. Ragan tells Matt what Brit just told him about Brendon not wanting to backdoor anyone. Ragan says he hates him. Matt says Kathy was horrible in the comp. Matt says its the worst he has ever seen her. Ragan says she just completely fell off. Matt agrees. Matt is doing some actions to imitate Kathy. He says him & Brit was laughing together at her while they were watching. Ragan says Kathy is definitely their "Jerry" even though she is not as old.

Hayden comes back to the CB room and tells Ragan he did a good job, saying he was impressed. Ragan talks about how he thought he was going to faint because he hadn’t eaten much, but he thought, that would be such a gay way to get out of the comp. The other boys laugh. Hayden says he liked the Zing-Bot. Ragan says is could have been Andrew because in another season Jessie came back. But Hayden says it had long hair though. Enzo asks what they think about the Zingbot making jokes about them all. He thought he was going to give them advice. Now they all talk about old HGs coming back into the house. (None of them mention Rachel coming back) Enzo says maybe someone from an old season will come. Ragan says no it will be someone from their season, maybe Annie or Andrew but he would LOVE if it was Kristen and she could stay. Ragan says if it was Rachel coming back he would stick a gun to his temple.

Bubbles for 45 mins then at 3:00 feeds come back and RACHEL is in the house!! Rachel asked who was going to be joining her in Jury next week. Rachel personally attacking people, specifically calling out Ragan asking if he is such a Bitch just because he is Gay. She said she is back for 24 hours...Rachel says you guys got what you wanted. Why are you still being evil. Ragan says it's because of how she came in. Rachel says why because I said "I'm back bitches!" Come on! Grow some balls. Ragan lecturing her on how she could make this opportunity to have fun. Rachel says she will make every moment of this 24 hours miserable for you, Ragan. Ragan leaves. Rachael says I'm really not that big of a bitch. But there are going to be 6 of you joining me in jury and we need to try to get along. Now the others are asking her questions about the JH...she's saying it's so nice...laughing and chatting with them. Everyone wonders where Brendon is. They speculate that there must have been another Pandora’s Box and Brendon opened it thinking he would be with Rachel but instead he got locked inside, just as Rachel was coming in the front door. All the HG go up to HOH to see if the door is unlocked, it is. They see the Gold Question mark on the PB door so they know there theory was right. Rachel is knocking on the door and calling Bren. She isn't getting an answer. They say he might be gone. Matt says maybe he'll come back after 12 hours. They are listening at the door...not hearing anything. Rachel saying she didn't know Bren won HOH until she came back in. Kathy tells Rachel about the latest Sab message. Matt asking questioning about what she's learned...wants to know things about the game...she says she didn't get any gameplay info or who the Sab was or anything like that. Enzo says he hopes Rach gets to see Bren before she goes. Rachel says she has to ask each HG questions before she leaves.

Rach asks Enzo why he never thought they could be on the same side. He says he just never had enough time to do it and that he's forming an alliance with Hay and Bren. Rach tells him that if Bren can't win, she wants Enzo to win. Rach says she hopes Bren puts Brit up. Enzo says he is going to push for that. Enzo tells Rach that the others planned to trick Bren into thinking he was staying to throw him off for HOH. Rach wants to know when everyone knew the vote was set. She thinks it was Wed. night. Enzo saying he and Hay had their backs against the wall. Rach tells Enzo to keep working with Hay and Bren. "I feel like you're my friend. I don't want to see you in the jury house." Enzo tells Rach that he's going after Ragan and Brit. He's agreeing that Ragan over-reacted to Rach's entrance...calls him a "little bitch". They are laughing about Ragan always talking about previous seasons...says he needs to come up with his own stuff and stop imitating others. Rach laughing and saying they have "Rachisms and Enzites" (their catchphrases)...she says they should have been best friends all along and she can't wait to make appearances together after. Enzo agreeing. Enzo says he worries the others will throw him under the bus now. Rach is now coaching Enzo on studying for comps...tells him about noticing stuff missing from the house. Enzo tells Rach that Brit/Ragan were moving and hiding stuff to throw her and Bren off.

4:45 PM Rachel goes downstairs to see who wants to talk next, Matt jumps up and says me! Matt is very gitty and excited that Rachel is back for 24 hrs. Rachel saying that this season of big brother is the first season that has brought back someone for 24 hours, that they made history. Rachel asking Matt why he wanted to get rid of her so badly and she is saying that up to this point its only been her and him competing up to this point because of their HOH wins... Saying Britney is a strong competitor. Rachel tells Matt that she was told at elimination that "she might" get to see the inside of the house again. Matt says he thought she was the Sab and had some kind of power. Rachel says she wishes she had some power, but she did get to come back for 24 hours. Rachel says "You guys were so mean to me last week." Matt says you were mean too. Rachel says yeah. Matt says everyone here would have done the same thing and put both of them up. Matt says he did not get any money from Pandora's box. Rachel says well what about them going through your stuff. Matt says the dollar was "on top of his open bag". Matt says he thinks that PB is catered to whoever wins HOH. Matt is stating that he thinks America is voting on everything. Rachel says it might have been catered to who the HOH is, but they knew she "might" be coming back at her eviction. Matt says I swear. Rachel says you can swear on anything and then go into the jury room and laugh about it. Matt said not everybody is that way, he wouldn't and he doesn't think that Kathy and Brit would be the type of person to swear to her and then go into the DR and laugh about it.

Rachel says she is relaxing and that just by reading a book she could feel the pressure leaving her. Rachel laughs and says I feel like I'm HOH now! Matt says he doesn't think he was really that mean. Rachel says your good bye message. BUBBLES. Matt says they can cut it. Rachel says honestly I think yours was the first one and I didn't pay that much attention to it.

Rachel says she was shocked when she left. Matt says he thought both R & B were better at different skills, and Rachel can now have the last laugh because they made the wrong decision keeping Brandon who won HOH. He laughs that he didn't vote. Rachel says our season just made history this week. "We are the first season that they ever brought somebody back for 24 hours." Matt says it seems like R has been gone for at least a week. Matt says days are longer as a have-not. Rachel asks why Matt wouldn't work with her, she really wanted them to work together. She says they were the only one winning the competitions. Why as a competitor why were we on opposite sides of the house? Matt says I don't know, I'm not in this alliance with Ragan, it all overlaps. I like Lane and Britany, it's crazy. By the time final 2 happens you will know what happened. Matt says "My alliance is me and I'm going to do what will be the best for me". Matt says putting both of you up was a "power play" for him. Rachel says that they were the easiest people for Matt to put up and a cop out. Rachel says I see your game play, but why wouldn't you keep us in the game, three of the strongest players in the game? Matt says he wanted to be the strongest player in the house! Rachel says that egotistical. Matt says yeah, it may bite me in the Arse. They are both laughing and getting along great!

Kathy is next to talk with Rachel. Kathy tells her that she has been so sad and feels like something is “wrong” in the house but she cant figure out what it is. She says she told Brendon this morning she wished Rachel was here for her to talk to! She tells Rachel about the conversation she heard the other night where Matt, Brit & Ragan we making fun of her. Rachel says they are all spineless and she has 24 hrs to mess up their game. She says she is going to go make cookies and ask them if they want some. As Rachel and Kathy head downstairs, Britney is on her way up. Rachel says she cant talk now as she is about to make cookes and asks Brit if she wants some. Brit replies, no I am a have-not. (LOL)

Rachel heads to BY and goes up to Ragan:

Rachel “Hey Ragan I’m going to make some really big soft gooey cookies do you want some?”
Ragan “Rachel...”
Rachel “What?...”
Ragan “You don’t intimidate me. You repulse me. You are a pathetic human being.”
Rachel “Really…awwww…that’s sad.”
Ragan “Yah really. You are about as classy as your nasty hair extensions.”
Rachel “ewwwww”
Ragan “So you can take your homophobic innuendo and get the ***** out of my face.”
Rachel “Oh what are you doing to do”…. (Ragan repeats her “oh what are you going to do”)
Rachel “Would you like a cookie Ragan?? I was trying to be nice.”
Ragan “Why don’t you go back to Forever 21 and return all of your clothing?”
Rachel “Oh actually it’s not from Forever 21 it’s a lot nicer of designer than what you are wearing right now.”
Ragan “My work out clothes?? Way to go Rachel. That’s a real big win.”
Rachel “Anything you own Ragan—do you even know how to shop….Toby. Oh I’m sorry because you look like Toby. It pisses you off.”
Ragan “Toby??”
Rachel “Why don’t you go with your alliance” (Ragan mimics what Rachel just said)
Rachel “Ewww you’re so feisty Ragan.”
Ragan “Shoot for the roof Rachael. You have a degree and you’re a waitress. Get out of my face.”
Rachel “And what do you do??”
Ragan “I am a teacher.”
Rachel “And so am I dumbass.”
Ragan “Oh really yah”
Rachel “Are you kidding me Ragan??”
Ragan “Do you teach other waitresses how to get glasses and put it on their uhhh trays and bring it to tables?”
Rachel “Yah Ragan I do and I also travel around the world and I have a really fabulous place.”
Ragan repeating Rachel “I travel around the world and I go to Vegas and like I lie about $20,000 bottles of wine….and I’m so bad ass.”
Rachael “Really I lie about it?? What did I lie about?? Tell me three things I lie about”
Ragan “Rachel you’re….everything about you is a lie. Your boobs, your face is a lie, the only thing honest about you…is the pimples on your chin. You’re a wicked witch. Why don’t you get on your broom and fly back inside.”
(Rachel laughs….Ragan mimics her laugh)
Ragan “You’re disgusting repulsive human being and America sees it now too. I can’t wait to watch every single episode of how vile and disgusting you are. I will press play and rewind and pause and just look at how disgusting you are. And I will get a years worth of love and joy from that. So go ahead…keep on talking Rachel.”
(Rachel laughs…..Ragan mimics her laugh)
Rachel – “You are so funny”
Ragan- “You’re so disgusting.”
Rachel “Is that why your family doesn’t want to talk to you? Is that why you don’t have a boyfriend?”
Ragan “My Dad who is dead doesn’t want to talk to me?”
Rachel “Oh no your 7 or 10 or how ever many…..”
Ragan “My mom who I am best friends with?”
Rachel yells “Ragan all you do is ***** cry”
Ragan “My sister”
Rachel “You’re such a baby. You think you are so high and mighty”
Ragan “I’m the one who cries?? Mimics Rachel saying “please don’t use the veto …please don’t use the veto” “Bowling competition” (Ragan flings himself on the ground- cross legged “Ok I will throw it” (he jumps up and mimics Rachel throwing a bowling ball” and lets out a whine)
Ragan “You’re going to call me a crier?? Rachel!!
Rachel “Oh my god all you do is cry. You go in your stupid have not room and you cry because you’re so emotional and so stressed”
Ragan “Rachel I cry because I have to deal with something as disgusting as you”
Rachel “and I cry because I have to live in a house …I had to live in a house... with someone as lame and such a loser that you are. Ragan nobody thinks you’re ***** cool. Get with the program …you’re a gay guy that’s not even good at being gay.”
Ragan interrupts Rachel twice saying “Can I get two rum and cokes and a margarita?”
Rachel “Ohhhhh you’re so funny…why don’t you insult me a little more?” You are so good at this insulting game”
Ragan “Oh you are. Looking in the mirror should be an insult to you.”
Rachel “Because you won one competition?”
Ragan “You won two and you’re out of the game. What are you talking about?” You want to compare stats?? In head to head individual competitions …with your boyfriend…you’ve been in six individual competitions. He’s beaten me in one. So please keep running your mouth.”
Rachel “I beat you in two Ragan”
Ragan “Oh wow you beat me in two…
Rachel “and how many did you beat me in?”
Ragan “I don’t know”
Rachel “zero”
Ragan “because I try to keep you out of my mind. You are a vile disgusting human being.”
Rachel “You’re a worse vile and worse disgusting human being Ragan and I have so many things I want to say to you that I’m not going to say on camera because I have more class (flips hair) than that”
Ragan “Yes when America looks at Rachel Reilley class is the first thing that comes to mind”
Rachael “and when American looks at Ragan being awesome and fabulous is definitely not something that they think.”
Ragan “Oh god”
Rachel “Would you like an awesome gooey cookie like I came out to ask you?” (Ragan is a have not and is not allowed to eat cookies)
Ragan “I would love to have one and shove it in your mouth to get you to shut up”
Rachel “I would love you to shove….. (Rachel starts laughing before she finishes her sentence)
Ragan “Cat got your tongue Rachel?”
Rachel “Oh my god, you’re going to shove something in my mouth to shut me up? That is just like…..”
Ragan (mimics Rachel’s hand movement and says OMG)
Rachel “All you do is talk about season 10.”
Ragan (keeps mimicking and repeating what Rachel is saying)
Ragan “I like your pink hair extensions with your naturally died hair”
Rachel “Thank you. I love it too actually… and you know what else I love?”
Ragan “What? The pimples on your chin?
Rachel “I do love those too thanks…. And laughing…” (Rachel doesn’t get to finish sentence)
Ragan interrupts and says “and your parrot face”
Rachel “I look like a parrot?”
Ragan “Yes”
Rachel “Oh ok”
Ragan “You look like a nasty red parrot from hell”
Rachel laughs and Ragan mimics her saying “Here is my fake laughing”
Rachel “I’m actually really laughing because this is hilarious”
Ragan “Then why don’t you get out of my face? If you don’t like me and I don’t like you-go someplace where somebody in this house actually likes you—by yourself.”
Rachel “Oh and nobody likes me?”
Ragan “Yah”
Rachel “Nobody in the house likes me?”
Ragan “Nope”
Rachel “Nobody?”
Ragan “Nope”
Rachel “Not a single person?”
Ragan “Not a single person in this house likes you”
Rachel “and nobody in America likes me either right?”
Ragan “Probably not”
Rachel “Probably not? Because I’m a nasty disgusting vile loser?”
Ragan “Absolutely”
Rachel “What do you think you are Ragan?”
Ragan “I think I’m a nice person with friends in this house.”
Rachel “Who is your friends? Princess Britney is your ***** friend?”
Ragan “Yep.”
Rachel “Oh because she was my friend for a week too Ragan. And she was my friend week 2 and week 4.”
Ragan “Every person in this house is my friend Rachel.”
Rachel “Nobody in this house is your real friend Ragan nobody likes you in real life.”
Ragan “Really?”
Rachel “Ragan come on. This is a game. If this is your game play you really suck at it.”
Ragan “Rachel you were out of the house last week. The last person I’m going to take advice from is you.”
Rachel “and I’m back”
Ragan “for 24 hours. You’re here for a limited time. Because your boyfriend did a Pandora’s box and unleashed something horrible in the house. Wake up.”
***silence between the two of them for 10seconds***
(Rachel laughs….Ragan mimics her)
Ragan “Your days of bullying me are over. You’re a conniving evil little witch and you got exactly what was coming to you. Out of anybody in this house I was the one person who was in your corner.”
Rachel “When Ragan? When you were crying and I came to comfort you? When you needed a friend?”
Ragan “When you were crying and I came to comfort you!!”
Ragan “You’re absolutely disgusting. Talking to you is like talking to the most vile devil child in the world and I’m done with it baby—because I’m done with you—because your game in this house is over.”
Rachel “owwwwwww.”
(Ragan gets up and walks away from the weight bench….Rachel follows him)
Rachel “You are so intimidating and scary.”
Ragan “Ohhhh you are. Your face is. Your parrot face with your big ugly zits on your chin.”
Rachel “Why don’t you try to insult me a little more Ragan?”
(Both are now walking briskly towards the patio sliding glass door—Ragan walking ahead of Rachel)
Ragan “Why don’t you try to insult me? Why do you talk about me being gay and me being a bitch and me doing all of these other things to you?”
Rachel “Because I love gay people and you suck at it.”
Ragan “Yes you clearly love gay people.”
Rachel “I do Ragan and you suck at it. Because (long pause) you’re not…” (Rachel doesn’t finish sentence but pauses)
Ragan (repeats what Rachel said) “Because uhhh uhhh uhhhh—if you’re going to try to come at me Rachel do it a little bit quicker. In a battle of wits this is like me being an Olympic runner and you being a toddler.”
Rachel “OMG”
(Ragan “mimics her OMG)
Rachel “What are you a ***** theater major? Talk about the theatrics Ragan. Look in the mirror.”
(Ragan sits cross-legged on the ground imitating Rachel “Please take the veto take the veto Ragan please”)
Ragan “Everything that you have done in here has been such a vile pathetic “look at me look at me look at me.” Rachel one day you will realize….”
Rachel interrupts “Have you ever thought this was a game.”
Ragan “Rachel one day you will get a modicum of class and you will realize that the attention that you want is not from negative behavior but by treating people with decency and respect. And if you think that you are going to go through life running over people and treating them the way you have treated everybody in this house—you have another thing coming. The minute you get out of that jury house I guarantee you you’re going to take a long hard look at yourself because everybody is going to treat you the same way you have treated everybody in this house. You will get what is coming to you. Believe me. You are going to be so disgusted with yourself when you watch these episodes. So disgusted with yourself. As I am certain America’s disgusted with you. I have never watched one person leave this house without a single person high fiving them. How many people high fived you Rachel? Done counting already?? Take it as a tip and learn from it.”
(Ragan turns around walks to the patio door-opens it-slams it shut behind him. Britney continues to play pool (she has been playing the entire time) At 8min 34sec into the fight Rachel stands there-in the same spot-looking at the door. Britney continues to play pool alone…not saying anything to Rachel. Britney glances at Rachel a few times but never says anything to her. AT 9 mins 40sec Rachel finally walks inside.) Rachel head to the DR.

7:30PM Rachel goes to Have Not Room to talk to Ragan. She apologizes for the argument and Ragan says he wants to hash this out. Ragan says we would not have been cast if we didn't love attention. Something snapped when he hit 30. Talking about all the drama in his life. The one thing that is constant in all of these experiences is me. Ragan recounts his past giving reasons why he sought attention. Ragan: there is a difference from good/bad attention. You will come to a fork in the road too. You may not see it now.. you are too close to the situation to see it. I think you genuinely are not aware of some of the implications of the choices you have made in this house. Ragan says he thinks she may have been playing dumb. But not anymore. He saw her face when they were fighting and saw she was really hurt and seemed surprised. He enjoyed her the first two weeks but then she morphed into something else. when she won the second HOH is when it started. Ragan says at the end of the day we should respect each other. When he won POV... and Brenden gave him two high-fives. He didn't say anything. Ragan said he thought it was big of her to come out of the DR just now and come straight to the Have not to apologize. Rachel said in her real-life experiences, she doesn't have a lot of drama following her around. As soon as she got out of the house, she read a book and got instant release. she doesn't feel if they were out of this house the heated exchange would never have happened. Ragan brings up when Brendan called everyone pu**ys, etc. Rachel asked when was that? Ragan said the bowling challenge. Ragan says he is friends with everyone in this house. It's been very upsetting to me, I said this to Brenden (about our friendship)... he felt like i have been throwing competitions to let matt have it. I stayed up there. I am not going to jump off. I love this game. When I watch this on DVD.. .I want to see that fighter mentality. To say that about me.. is not really reflective of how hard I play this game. Rachel says I told you I was proud of you for fighting (when you were a have not). Ragan says I thought it was weird for Brenden to target me this week. Rachel says well you won a POV and took yourself off. I'm proud of you for that. Ragan says I'm glad we had this talk.

Brit: how's life?
Rach: I'd rather be here. it sucks. Even if I don't win, i want to be competing.
Brit: tell me about my goodbye video. I said I liked wearing your hair extentions and talking about tequila.
Rach: I thought you were mocking me
Brit: nooooo. I was only mocking brenden. i know you know what brenden said about nick cheating on me. I was sick. it hurt my feelings. but it never had anything to do with you.
Rach: I didn't get it (Brit and Ragan on the hammock fight)
Brit: i think my being friends with Ragan was misinterpreted as r\Ragan and Brit against Rachel.. that was not the case. I didn't want you to feel like you couldn't talk to me since i was friends with Ragan. I was friends with Ragan...friends with you... etc..
Rach: I tried really hard for us to be friends. I felt like you abandoned me.
Brit: I just started hanging out with Ragan more.. you were hanging out with Brenan more.
Rach: that because we were both on the block.
Brit: I wanted to be there for you.
Rach: I felt like you backstabbed me. like you were neglecting me as a friend. and being evicted without anyone saying goodbye.
Brit: I didn't know what to do. I thought you were mad... you and Brendan were kissing and hugging...
Brit: Brendan apologized for everything after you left. Brendan said if Rach were here, she would want the competitors to be here.
Rach: I don't want you to go home this week.
Brit: Brendan was targeting Ragan
Rach: because of how mean Ragan was to us this week.
Brit: there has been no drama this week with Brendan, everyone has been hanging out. There's no tension. He is not completely hated. everyone is getting along. It's been surprisingly peaceful.

8:30 PM Enzo complaining to Hayden and Lane that Matt doesn’t hang out with them anymore.... Matt comes out to BY a minute later.... Enzo wanting to talk to Brendon, Hayden says they might be able to talk to him tomorrow before the POV Meeting.
They think Bren will be back in middle of night. Hay still thinks he's watching it all, but others say no. H/M/L think Brenchel won't get to see each other. Hay thinks outside people hate Rach, Enzo thinks they all have fans.

9:00 PM Hayden goes up to talk to Rachel in HOH. They talk about what it is like being outside of the house. Rachel tells him about yelling in the DR. Rachel recounts her previous conversations with Ragan and Britney. Rachel tells him that Brit thinks Enzo is the Sab and was trying to convince her of this. Hayden is surprised. Rach says yes... and Brit said that Brenden thinks Enzo is the Sabeteur too. Rachel goes on to say, when she was in the game, she and Brit would share information about everything. I don't think Brit is the Sabeteur... because she tells me everything. Hayden says Brit and Lane are best friends in the house. Why would she tell you that lane was stirring up the pot? That doesn't make sense. and now she's trying to convince you that it is Enzo. Hayden doesn't think it's Enzo. I have shared a lot with him over the past couple of weeks and he hasn't told anyone anything i have said. I don't think Enzo is the Sabeteur. Enzo, Brenden and I have gotten pretty close. Rach: stick with Brenden and Enzo it will be hard to beat matt. If matt gets through this week, he will make it to the final four. Hayden says I hope you get a chance to tell Brenden this. Rachel says she thinks Matt is lying about the dollar thing. BB will not go through your bags. Hayden says what if Matt was told if you open Pandora's box.. you HAVE to be the sabeteur? Rach says something good happened to Matt... he's lying.

12:00 AM Hayden tells Enzo about what Rachel told him; that Brit is saying Enzo is the Sab. Enzo is pissed and wants to confront Britney. He talks to Rachel and decides he needs to get this out in the open with Brit. They head to BY. Enzo tells Brit he heard she is saying he is the Sab and wants to know why she is lying about him. Brit denies saying that calling Rachel a liar. Brit is yelling at Rach about Rach twisting Brit's words, Brit says she will swear all night long that she didn't cross people Rachel claims she did. Britney is getting extremely agitated, she's really affected by this - she yells at Rachel that she shouldn't try to start drama. (Note: Britney did say this!) Brit says "Enzo, I NEVER said I thought you were the saboteur." Rach says "Yes you did." Rach says Brit said Enzo was the Sab when they were in theTaj. Lane, Enzo, Hayden, Kathy watching in silence. Matt is on the elliptical in his onesie. She says she did tell Rachel that she (Brit) thought Rach was the saboteur. She affirms for the 50th time that she didn't say anything bad about Lane or Enzo. Brit says she doesn't understand why Rach is coming after her - Brit says she thought they had a good convo about how Brendon was, what was going on in the house, how things were outside, then she went to DR, came out, and heard people saying Rachel was spreading stuff.
3:00 AM Hayden doesnt trust matt because he heard from rachel that matt and ragan were pushing for Hayden to go home over Kristen. he also thinks that matt told him and Kristen that B/R were after them and then told B/R the same thing about K/H. Enzo says that could all just be a smoke screen for the brigade. Hayden brings up the argument tonight with Brit and Rachel, and says that matt was the one spreading false information. Enzo says that the end result of that was that Brits probably going on the block which is good for the brigade. they both feel that matt has been giving them "weird looks" recently. Enzo feels like matt is scared of him when he talks to him. Hayden agrees.
The guys ask lane if he trusts matt. lane says he has seen a couple suspicious things in the past 2 weeks, a couple times where matt has said something that didnt add up.
They talk about the recent argument and how they dont trust britney. they think brit wanted Enzo to go up in Ragan's spot and thats why she said Enzo was the Sab.
They say they dont trust matt. lane says they cant control matt anymore and that they can definitely control Britney. lane says matt must have found a better deal.Enzo thinks its because the brigade hasent won anything and Brit and Ragan win comps. he says matt feels safer with matt and Brit. Hayden says: lets get Matty out. Enzo says that theres a good chance he goes up anyways, lets not push it. lane says matt can further their game still, maybe its too soon. They wonder if Matt has told Ragan and Brit about the Brigade. Lane brings up that Britney has recently been asking about alliances between H/E/L, and he thinks matt may have covered his ass by telling Brit about an alliance between H/E/L.
They bring up that Ragan started crying after he won veto because he thought matt would go up. they see this as meaning that Ragan and matt are really close. lane brings up that matt didnt want to give Lane his vote because he didnt want Ragan to be suspicious and he thinks thats crap. Hayden says that matt wants to go as far as he can with the brigade and then decide which alliance he wants. Lane says that matt said that Ragan can take him far in the game. All: he flipped, lets get him out. Enzo says - lets get him out man. they say, if we get to final 4 he’s going to win. Enzo is pushing to keep him for a little longer cause he wont put them up and because they dont want Ragan and Kathy around. Lane doesnt think he will do anything to hurt Ragan. Enzo is mad that Brit walks into brigade meetings. he thought it was suspicious that matt left the brig meeting as soon as Brit walked in. lane brings up that matt asked him about his closeness with Brit.
L - its going to be harder to get out matt that Britney.
E - thats why we need to keep Brendon, because he will get out matt
they all talk about how cocky matt is. they say hes a smart guy.
Hayden restates that matt tried to turn H/K against B/R. they say Kristen was a cool chick and matt was the one who got her out. they say he flipped. hes playing him for a fool.
lane says that if matt is on the block, they should tell him they have the votes for him to stay. Enzo says that they should tell him they are splitting the votes and let the rest of the house decide. that way matt wont spill the brigade if he goes out. they think even if they split the votes that lane will stay with Kathy and Britney's votes.. They want to find out a few things in the next few days, like if matt could have made up that Brendon thought Enzo was the Sab. Hayden says he trusts Brendon more than matt. lane thinks matt may have seen how close the 3 of them are getting and thats why hes exploring other options. Hayden says hes been seeing this for 2 weeks. lane says matt came to him and made up that Brit thought she had the votes to stay against lane. Enzo thinks he made it up and that
he always starting *****.

Enzo says that matt, Brit and Ragan are pushing a final 6 because they think they can beat them. matt would be in an ideal spot because hes in the middle. Hayden says that if that happens matt wins the game. They wonder what deal matt made with Brendon. they question whether they should gun hard for matt to go up. they decide that matt has to go out this week. they joke about bringing in Kathy to the brigade. Enzo wonders if they should monitor things for a couple days. they say they dont have a couple days. They say they will tell Brendon that Rachel wanted matt out. afterwards, they make Brit and Ragan think they are still against Brendon so they go after each other. they plan to go to final 3 together. Hayden wonders if matt is the sab. he thinks that the only way BB guarantees that there is a sab is by making matt accept it in pandora's box. they think that by asking people to do it they are taking a risk that there is no second saboteur.

Enzo tells Kathy that Matt, Ragan or Brit would put her up in a heartbeat. Enzo says they trust Brendon because he has no one else in the house. Kathy tells them she totally agrees.Kathy keeps saying she does not want to go home before Brit goes home. She says since day 1 she has been saying Britney is dangerous! Enzo says she cries to everyone, she uses that to her advantage. Kathy agrees and says Brit is a spoiled brat, she mentions all of these places she has been in the World. Kathy says Brit doesn't need the money! Enzo says they have to go up to Brendon and tell him that Rachel wants Brit and Matt to be up on the block. Rachel told Enzo to make sure Brendon knows that. He says they have to tell Brendon everything. Enzo points toward the have-not room and says they are trying to play games with us. Enzo says that Lane is safe this week. Kathy "I think I need to go smoke another cigarette" Kathy continues ripping on Britney. Enzo "I'm ready to get her the f***out of here!" Hayden agrees. Kathy says that Brit is intimidated by her, she doesn't get why "I'm 20 years older than her!" Kathy complains about how Britney is always asking everyone about their personal lives in hopes that those questions could come up on a quiz. They want to make sure he puts Brit up in Ragan's place on the block, they don't want to give her a chance to cry to Brendon and sway him. Enzo keeps saying that Rachel likes him, she wouldn't lie to him about Brit saying he was the saboteur. Enzo & Kathy high five in the bathroom. They head to the Taj for bed. Enzo "We're gonna do this Kathy!"

4:30AM All HG in bed!

Note: What a great day to be a live feeder!!