As we check up on the houseguests this morning, we find they have been up most of the night at the hands of the Saboteur. After planting a seed last night that there would be a competition, the Saboteur started showing up on the screen very early this morning with the following messages:

Wake up Houseguests, Wake up.
Remember to expect the unexpected.
Did you miss me?
I hope you said your prayers tonight.
Could someone be leaving tomorrow?
What's wrong? Am I keeping you up?
Your time is running out.
Being evicted is not that bad.
Are you having nightmares about me?
Insomnia isn't really that bad.
Have you packed your bags yet?
I suggest you say goodbye.
Who do you trust in the competition?
Hope you slept well. There is no competition today.

The houseguests seem to be even more convinced now that Rachel is the Saboteur.

The Saboteur is pleased with himself.

7:00 AM
Matt and Ragan discuss replacement nominations if Ragan uses the Veto to save himself. They consider if Britney goes up, she will be evicted. If Matt goes up, he will stay and take out Brendon. Ragan excuses himself to go to the bathroom and we get to hear him pee.

Hayden, Britney, Matt and Enzo go over the Saboteur messages in case they are used as part of a trivia quiz for HOH.

Everyone goes back to bed.

8:00 AM
We see Ragan thinking aloud in the hammock. He ponders evictions. He ponders an alliance with Brendon. He suspects Enzo, Hayden and Lane have a deal since week one and even wonders if Matt is in with them too. He talks directly to us, “What do you think Live Feed? What do you think people at Jokers, people at Reality BBQ? What should I do Big Brother fans? This is the move that will make or break my game.”

8:30 AM
Ragan wakes up Matt to go outside and talk. Ragan believes that Brendon is going to put up Matt as the replacement nominee. Matt says “Don't do anything uncomfortable on my behalf. If I am up on the block, we will work on the votes.” Ragan thinks it might be hard to convince Brendon to put up Britney but he will try.

9:30 AM
Ragan makes his pitch to Brendon in the HOH, “I am sure you have a deal with Britney and Matt. If you have to break one of those deals, is it better to break a deal with someone going home?” Brendon says “I am not worried about Britney or Matt staying in the game. Ragan says he trusts Matt more than Britney. Brendon says that Rachel really wants Matt gone and tells Ragan, “I appreciate you being honest and not making a deal with me because you are uncomfortable.”

10:00 AM
Big Brother chimes in “Good morning, Houseguests. It is time to get up for the day. They got to hear ‘Forever’ by Chris Brown as their wake up music.

Ragan reports back to Matt about his meeting with Brendon. Matt thanks him for his efforts.

Britney takes her shot with Brendon in the HoH, but doesn’t get far before they are put on an outside lockdown to prepare for the Veto Ceremony. We get a Diary Room leak of BB explaining to Ragan the steps he should go through (Look at the memory wall, get the Veto, etc).

Meanwhile Brendon and Britney strike a deal outside. If Britney stays and wins HoH she doesn't go after Brendon in exchange for not going up as the replacement.

11:30 AM
Feeds return and we learn that Ragan saved himself and Matt is the replacement.

Matt tells Hayden that there might be a power that could save him, “I think it is a strong possibility which is why I am not totally pissed off. We just need to keep it to ourselves.” Enzo comes in and Matt explains the same thing to him adding “to not out the brigade yet.”

Later Matt tells Ragan he will enjoy the next couple days and not play until Wednesday. He doesn't want to make people feel awkward.

Brendon talks to the cameras, “Matt goes this week. Ragan will be in slop depression and is already down because of Matt going up. He hopes Hayden wins HOH. I'm a little bit of a hypocrite because I did go back on my word with Matt. But Matt sent Rachel home.”

At the same time all others except Kathy are in the Cabana room comparing notes about the deals Brendon made with them. They also agree that Kathy should not make Final 2.

Brigade meeting: Matt talks about the mysterious power that’s out there. He says if he stays, he will put up Brendon and Britney. Lane would put up Brendon and Ragan. When Matt is called to the Diary Room, Enzo and Hayden note that was the most he talked to them in 2 weeks.

2:00 PM

Frolicking in the pool and general joking around in the back yard. Lane points out to Britney that he has not been on slop yet. Matt says that's no way to get votes.

Matt talks to Lane. He tries to feel out Lane about where he thinks Enzo and Hayden are gamewise. Matt says it would be so easy for him or Lane to switch sides next week and join forces with Britney and Ragan. Lane says if he goes this week that he better see Brendon right after him. Matt agrees. Lane says Brendon is playing this game as if Rachel is still here so we have to evict Rachel twice.

4:00 PM
Matt, Enzo, and Hayden have a meeting in the Storage Room. Matt asks them about getting Brendon out and tells them they have to start winning.

Enzo tells Hayden in the kitchen that they need to tell Matt on Thursday that they are voting him out. Hayden said that he knows just how to tell Matt the news.

Back in the Have Not Room Enzo asks Matt if he and Hayden should split the votes. Enzo says this is the biggest decision he’s had to make.

As he left, Matt gave Enzo "The Horns".

Matt and Britney go to the Storage Room and find new frozen eggplants dinners. They are very excited and start cooking them immediately.

6:00 PM
Hayden tells Lane that maybe it's Matt who has the "power." Lane says he wouldn't mind if Matt sent Britney out with a power. Enzo joins and says, "Yeah, he is talking about the power a lot."

Out in the hammock, Matt tells Ragan he is sure there is a power still floating around the house. Ragan says “If you stay this week, I will cry like a baby. (ed. Who are we kidding, he’s going to cry like a baby either way). Matt says “Please, don't cry!”

Matt and Ragan work on their abs.

(or maybe they are trying to use their knees as walkie-talkies)

Later, Kathy tells Ragan that Rachel left Brendan a message to evict Matt. She asks him not to tell anyone.

8:00 PM
Ragan tells Hayden he believes that Brendon's plan was to back door Matt all along. Hayden asks, "So Matt has a power?" Ragan replies, “No.” Ragan proposes a Matt/Ragan/Hayden/Enzo Final 4. He likes Britney but doesn't trust her.

Elsewhere Enzo tells Lane that Final 5 will be the Brigade (minus Matt) with Ragan and Britney. Hayden is brought in on this plan as well.

9:00 PM
Show2 Crawl: Brendon is the current HOH. Ragan and Lane are this week’s nominees for eviction. Hayden and Enzo begin to question Matt’s loyalty to the Brigade. Matt still holds the secret Diamond Power of Veto. The Veto competition and ceremony will air this Wednesday.

Britney tells Kathy, “I hope its a double eviction so we can get Brendon out and get it over with.” She wants to be the one to put him up and out.

Lane asks Britney if he has her vote. She says, “Yes, will you make it worth my while?” He jokes, “No!” He makes sure she knows Ragan is campaigning for Matt.

Matt and Ragan complain it is unfair that Rachel left a message for Brendon (using pretzels) saying Matt should go. They can't even make a smiley face without getting yelled at. Matt said he asked production and they acted like they didn't know anything about it.

Enzo asks Brendon if he thinks Matt has a power. Brendon says, “I guess we'll find out on Thursday.” Then both start to discount the idea.

Britney wants Kathy to tell her a story.

Hayden gets in on it too.

Brendon won a pool tournament and goes to put his name in the bowl. Hayden says once he is evicted they can just erase his name.

11:00 PM
We learn Lane lost his virginity right before he turned 16. Enzo was at 14 or 15 and Brendon was at 19.

Brendon invites Hayden and Enzo up to the HOH. He says he is so glad to see Matt go this week. They go over the Saboteur messages. Brendon says he had to send Matt home because that's what Rachel wanted. They all do some Britney and Ragan bashing.

Kathy joins them in the HOH and they quiz each other about events in the house.

Hayden meets up with Lane and they say they have each other’s back. Even against Enzo, if it comes to that.

Later Enzo and Hayden talk about the votes and go back and forth whether or not to tell Matt.

1:00 AM
Hayden and Enzo go to talk to Lane in bed. They continue to debate what to tell Matt. They consider the possibility of Kathy winning HOH and start laughing.

They leave Lane and go to the other bedroom with Kathy and drill through the Saboteur messages yet again before going to bed.

Brendon has been wandering around the house by himself and heads to bed too. The house goes quiet.

(Whoever is on Quad 4 has one serious 'tent'!)

Will Enzo and Hayden tell Matt he will be evicted? Will Matt use this against them and use the Power? Or will Matt say too much and end up losing the Power? It is going to get interesting!