9:45 AM
Enzo is the first one up and noticed they are on a lockdown. He tries to listen at the door. As the others get up, Britney describes the noises outside as “loud and intense”. Shortly after in a private moment she is seen giving a big kiss and a wink to the bedroom camera.

Britney feeds the fish. She has an audience.

Britney tells Lane she wants to be a Jockey and asks if there is somewhere she can go to learn. Lane says “Yes!” then mutters “My bed”. Britney smiles and responds, “Langel… what has come over you today?!”

Lane goes to the HOH and listens to music while watching Britney on the spy screen. This goes on for about a half hour.

2:00 PM
Enzo observes they haven’t had the POV ceremony yet.

Lane gives a long animated simulation on flying a Cessna to Enzo, complete with preflight inspection, radio procedures, instrumentation, and all the way through landing. Enzo is very enthusiastic and repeats everything Lane says. He does however refuse to go down with the plane preferring to “go down with a parachute!” Britney is there and at one point murmurs, "I don’t think y'all are gonna make it."

Britney uses the arts and crafts kit to fashion yet another tiara.

3:00 PM
While Hayden is up in the HOH doing his blog for the week, the others really start to question why things are not according to schedule. Enzo thinks there may be a competition today, “It’s probably Luxurious. That pig wasn't luxurious. We had to clean up after. That’s not luxurious!”

Lane fashions a Freddy Kruger hand.

Enzo says he is thinking about watching a game on the living room big screen and proceeds to stretch out on the couch.

4:00 PM
Hayden comes out with the HOH camera. It’s picture time!
Britney takes one of Hayden and Enzo giving a thumbs up.
She takes one of Lane up on the balcony looking down while wearing a hat.
They put a dorag and shades on Britney and coach her on how to do gangsta poses.
They take one of Lane and Britney hugging.

5:00 PM
Britney is preparing shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches for everyone. She talks about an imaginary woman (she’s named Nicole) that is probably with Nick cuddled up by a fireplace whispering sweet nothings into each others ears.

Enzo is surprised there are people that blog about the live feeds. Britney explains how it works and says there is someone blogging right now about her talking about them blogging about the live feeds. Jokersupdates.com is mentioned.

All Houseguests are locked down inside the HoH room for awhile, further fueling speculation of what is going on with the schedule.

6:30 PM
They all sit down to eat the shredded BBQ chicken on toasted buns. More production talk (ed. and I am noticing that they have not cut feeds all that much and they are not even getting warnings from BB anymore). They have all done their ‘good bye’ Diary Room sessions now. They had to do them for everyone except Hayden (the HOH).

The guys all go lie on the couches in the living room while Britney makes “eewy geewy yummy cookies” then joins the crew in the living room. Lots of general chit chat, celebrities they’ve met.

9:00 PM
Sho2 Crawl: Hayden is the current HOH. Lane and Britney are nominated for eviction. Hayden is promising both Lane and Enzo to take them to the final 2. This season’s final POV competition and ceremony air Wednesday night.

Britney and Lane are in the HOH talking about who Lane should take to the final 2 if he wins the last HOH. Britney thinks he has a better chance of beating Enzo over Hayden, but she says it comes down to the jury voting personally or competitively. Lane wants to take Hayden over Enzo because he would rather Hayden win the money.

Hayden and Enzo join them. Enzo thinks they should play hide and seek to take advantage of how trashed the house is.

After listening to Enzo go on an on for the last several days about how famous he will be and all the offers he will get, Britney flat out tells him to be prepared. He will not be that famous when he leaves the house. He doesn’t agree.

Lots of general chit chat again. They note it only rained once while they’ve been there and it was only for a few minutes. Also the bugs are really big.

Britney initiates a Final 4 season 12 toast.

Britney notes they just did good bye messages with the Diary Room guy who does them on Thursday normally. She's guessing there will be a live POV ceremony Tuesday since they didn't have it today. This finally gets Buttonboy’s attention and we are treated to some intermittent feeds as they hash through other clues and possibilities.

Britney says “We are a WAY different cast than past seasons.”

Hayden gives a very graphic description of his knee injury.

They cleared off the HOH table and to prepare playing Blackjack.

The Blackjack game is in full swing. Enzo is very excitable. They are using hot tamales for chips.

They talk about what wakeup music they got today, 2 Usher songs and some Ludacris.

1:00 AM
The card game has broken up and Britney dyes Lane's beard.

Enzo tells Hayden he thinks Lane will take Hayden to the Final 2. Hayden is surprised at this and thinks the only way he'll make it is by winning the final HOH.

Enzo says he knows voting out Lane would be the best thing for him but he is just thinking about having the Brigade make Final 3, "We are awesome, we are greatness!"

Lane joins Hayden and Enzo in the HOH. Enzo brings up the scenario of keeping Britney over Lane. Enzo says he would never do that, he is looking forward to the 3 of them making Final 3 and having a great week together, "We're the Brigade, were going to the Final 3!" They all say the other 2 will win before themselves.

2:00 AM
Hayden, Enzo and Lane have gone to the Jumanji Bedroom. Britney was asleep there.

They seem to be back to thinking there will be an eviction on Wednesday now.

Enzo tells them he threw the paint can challenge. Hayden "I knew you threw that!" Enzo says the rope one he did not throw.

There is much talk about past seasons and how they would have done on those seasons.
Of course they talk about the greatness that is The Brigade.

3:00 AM
Hayden and Enzo are still going strong. They decide to play 20 questions.
And more talk about the greatness that is The Brigade.

4:30 AM
Hayden and Enzo finally settle into bed and Enzo says he's sleeping in all day tomorrow. With that the house goes quiet.

As we prepare to enter two days of blocked feeds we are left to ponder who will be evicted and what the first round of HOH will be like. Will anyone try to last more than an hour in Endurance this time? And will the SuperPass “special programming” be worthy of our attention? I am personally hoping for a feed leak or two.

Thanks as always to the live feed updaters. I tip my hat to you all.