BB12 Recap 7.14.10

All houseguests were up by about 8:45 with the usual primping and prepping for the day. Matt, Rachel, Kathy & Britney discuss the ‘crickets’ and how they were chirping on and off all nite. These are the same crickets that Enzo said goodnight to last nite, thinking they were some kind of clue. None of the risers are talking about crickets as clues, just very irritating or funny.

Guys are outside mimicking the SAB’s computer generated voice

Brendon & Ragan talk about Annie leaving & Brendon says he hopes she leaves with some dignity, while Ragan thinks & likes that she goes out fighting! They both wish that production would throw them back their ball that went over the wall yesterday. They start talking about the Saboteur (*hereafter referred to as the SAB) and predict that he/she will make a big appearance tonight. They then discuss the possibility that the SAB could be someone that isn’t drinking making Kathy & Britney the prime suspects. Kathy may not be drinking cuz one of her ex’s had a drinking problem but Britney always talks about partying and yet doesn’t drink in the BB house? Highly suspect to Brendon!

They also question Britney’s engagement. Say she was not wearing a ring in sequester.

Antarctic encounter between Rachel & Annie in the bathroom. Rachel already in attendance when Annie arrives and you can almost see the frost forming on the mirrors. No words were spoken.

Rachel goes outside and Brendon ask what she’s up to & she says she is going to stretch! Brendon seems to be the morning camera guys fave as we follow him into the kitchen to find Monet laughing & ripping on everyone snoring last nite. Brendon apologizes because they are sleeping together in the big bed after Annie got mad at Brendon and commandeered Monet’s bed for herself. Then Money & Britney in the bathroom getting ready for the day.

Houseguests have been called into the diary room, almost as soon as the wakeup calls were over. Goodbye messages & filler for the Wednesday & Thursday network shows, most likely.

The boys are on the couches in the backyard and Lane says ‘look at all our toys’ with boredom & apathy conveyed and Enzo retorts, “don’t hate, masturbate”!

The boys then discuss their plans for the day, mixing up what is obviously boring to them by changing shower/workout to workout/shower and then Enzo suggests that he is going to learn to play chess today. Lane immediately asks ‘whose gonna teach ya’? Good camaraderie ensues.

Britney & Monet in the bathroom discussing the implications of Annie’s revelation that Brendon works in medical/surgical something. They think it might be sales. They have surmised that he is definitely smarter than they originally thought & he is definitely a nerd by his mannerisms & interest in nerdy things.

They agree that it is going to be a long stressful day because of Annie begging & fighting to stay. Britney then reveals her plan to steal something from every houseguest & sell it on Ebay. She especially wants to steal Enzo’s original meow meow t-shirt and find his missing hat before he does cuz she thinks his stuff will be most valuable.

Kathy states that she is not a morning person or a ten o’clock person, she is more of a NOON person. Outside, girls are stretching & talk turns to kids and Brendon wants his kids to know their timetables by 3. He loves Baby Einstein. Kristen & Rachel say they learned theirs really early & then talk turns to Britney & her experience in pageants. Says they helped her with public speaking & even though she is from a small-town she does not have a small town mentality. Brendon hates kid pageants, thinks they are sick. Britney hates the fake teeth and hair.

Brendon relays an odd/sad story about a fellow kindergarten student dying and the class planting a tree and when he went back the tree was huge. Says he had dreams about the child drowning and then her family drowning. Serious issues in that manchild!

Matt & Ragan join, lifting weights. Ragan turns conversation to fun by mimicking the pageant announcers and suggest they put on a kiddie pageant in the BB house!

Britney doesn’t really like people making fun of the pageants. She is very supportive of them & still attends with friends.

Annie in the hammock with Lane being lite and fun and funny. For now. Ask Lane how much he weighs and Lane implies that she wants him to lay on her in that twenty something ’everything is sexual’ way that he has. Annie says ewwwwww! They get into a discussion about Andrew and they think he uses his religion to make them feel guilty. Lane says ‘what makes him better than me, that little hat’? Lane also points out that when Andrew does something like the dishes for everyone, he makes a big deal about it afterward, making sure that everyone knows. And he talks to his wine and is just generally creepy and goofy.

Brendon & Rachel eating bkst & doing their kissy/sexy banter/baby talk. More pageant talk from the girls then nap talk. Hayden already going to take a nap.

Lots of casual banter. Lane trying to mack on Monet while he is showering & she is getting ready for the pool while both are in the bathroom. Brit, Kath & Enzo talking about how out of control Annie is going to get. Kathy says she is going to run out of advil from the stress of trying to calm her down. Britney says DON’T, let her blow up! Then Enzo asks if Fred Flintstones wife’s name is/was Betty and an intellectual dissertation of the more complex intricacies of the Flintstone movie and TV show follows.

Houseguest discussion about BB9 and the winner being in jail and none of them ever going to make BB All-stars. Matt makes an outrageous comment about physical abuse and becoming the best BB Matt.

Brendon & Rachel get called to the diary room together, portending more shomance airtime. Houseguest go Woooooo & Britney suggest it is conjugal Diary Room. Funny stuff.

Conversation turns to Lydia & her drunker escapades & Ragan says this years group would lock her in the Diary Room and leave her there. All agree that Janelle was super great and there is some general Nerd Herd knocking. Rachel, Monet, and Ragan talk about Janelle's "Bye bye bitches."

Lots of bubbles today (feeds blocked out by multi-colored bubbles) and then we have an indoor lockdown with noise outside. Then another message from the SAB. He/She says they escaped the block this week and that leads to rampant speculation. Andrew goes to the HOH and tells Hayden it means that Brendon is the HOH and they have got to get rid of him. Andrew super worried about his safety in the house before he is even nominated. Worried about Lane coming after him and Brendon and says he hates a lot of people in the house.

Meanwhile, Enzo, downstairs is determined to decipher the clue & will give up napping to do it. Most of the HG’s seem pretty blasé about the SAB and continue their chatting and napping.

Overall this newest SAB message seems to have landed in the BB house with a big “whatever” by most of the guests. They talk about it when it is fun but don’t seem annoyed at all by any prank or message and just don’t seem to really care who the SAB is because it hasn’t effected them, yet!

Hayden locks himself out of the HOH, then gets the HOH camera & the gang takes pictures in the cabana room and the inside couches and some of the 4 former havenot Houseguests in the Have Nots room. Hayden then gets called to Diary Room to do HOH twitter and blog, we get bubbles when he started talking about it.

Someone has put tape over Britney & Enzo’s face but the consensus is that it is a prank and not the work of the SAB. The Cabana Crew; Kathy, Kristen, Andrew, Rachel, Brendon & Ragan all agree. Brendon then explains that he & Rachel were never in the Diary Room together. He was in the bathroom & not available so they called in Rachel.

Monet, Kathy, Britney & Annie in living room (most use of the living room by a BB house group in regular time) talking about how they have refused to say things that they don’t mean or want to say just because Diary Room is telling them to do it. They are talking in whispers but the camera feed immediately but not quickly enough, changes to another room & they get the standard “you are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room with other houseguests” from the BB Voice.

This group of houseguests is proving itself to be the most BB savvy in terms of the knowledge of BB edits and the negative press they will get if they are inappropriate sexually or drunkenly or in ANY way. They are constantly referencing Chima, Lydia, April & Ollie as bad examples and Jeff/Jordan & Janelle as good examples of BB play and popularity. This overall savvy use of their BB knowledge may be great for the stress levels in the BB house and for their lives after they get out but it is wreaking havoc on the feeds and the usual fights and drunken hilarity that other casts have provided by this time. Even the BB staff seems to be aware of it and the cameras are now moving to other rooms as soon as the current HG’s start talking about the past HG’s.

An intense discussion in the hangout room between Ragan, Kristen, Rachel, saying the SAB doesn’t make a lot of sense because the lock on the door may have been put there by BB because they had to do the scene several times.

Hanging out in the Cabana Room turns to fun talk and fun contests when Rachel & Kristen decide to arm wrestle. This even wakes up Matt who has been sleeping in the corner of the big bed & seems to around Enzo, Hayden & Lane. A little bit of a draw with Kristen getting the edge.

Cameras move when Lane asks Matt to spoon with him & Matt says ‘I would like nothing more’! Quite funny but the cameras had moved to another room & we could only hear it not see it. Meanwhile Britney has figured out that Andrew has spent the whole day tracking the different noises and beeps and pings that the SAB has put all over the house. Now, she Hayden and Monet are going over the numbers of everything in the house, which Monet knows inside and out. They have figured out that there are different sounds in the house which include a chirp, a high pitched buzz in the kitchen, a stopwatch sound and a plain beep

They have been on indoor lockdown for 4 hours now. The inside lockdown turns out to be 6 hours.

Enzo, Britney & Monet decide that Andrew must not win HOH and that he and Rachel are going up with them trying to backdoor Brendon. There are alliances and sub alliances all over the house but a definite split is building with Enzo, Britney, Kathy, Monet on one side and Hayden, Kristen, Brendon, Ragan and

Annie’s begging for votes to stay in the house has been much more subtle today but relentless. She never stops at any opportunity to point out why it is so much better to keep her. The HG’s have become masters at giving her what she wants to hear and then immediately turn to someone privately and agree that she HAS TO GO! She is definitely getting voted out tomorrow. The people that originally liked her have overdosed on her rinse, cycle, repeat of all the wrong things that have been done to her in the house & she has given no good/rational reason for the houseguests to vote out Rachel. She keeps saying that the Rachel/Brendon alliance needs to be broken up, that they are too powerful but no one sees them as powerful and they are so open about their alliance/affection for each other that it is a non issue.

The house seems to slowly be separating based on social interactions and who is developing friendships with whom. One camp consists of Monet/Britney/Enzo/Kathy/Matt/Lane and the other consists of Kristen/Rachel/Brendon/Hayden/Ragan/Andrew. There are multiple private one on one alliance and of course the “brigade” alliance but friendships are forming and being able to stomach someone’s personality on a daily basis trumps alliances every time.
During the Wednesday TV airing, in real time the BB houseguests got toys. They don’t realize that toys are often an indication that the houseguests are too boring. Oblivious to the implications, they dug in thinking they were indicators of tomorrows HOH comp. The infamous huge golf putters from last years Chima meltdown came out to play and everyone practiced.

Brendon cooked a meal that looked very good and seemed to please the camera guys because they showed numerous close-ups. Pork and rice and veggie stir-fry. Few of the houseguests thanked Brendon but they all ate voraciously, especially Matt. No one offered to do the dishes and when Brendon just started doing them himself other HGS ridiculed him for it and accused him of showing off by cooking so much. Clearly, the games have begun albeit a little slower than last year but just as vicious.

Girls casually gather in the Have Not room & conversation turns to boobs. Rachel says she doesn’t’ like hers. She thinks they are too big & wants them removed. Kathy says she is thinking about having hers taken out as well, had had them for 20 years. Rachel asks if they are saline, Kathy says yes & Rachel says they look better than some friends who have only had them the last couple of years. Rachel then comments that her insert scars are really bad and the camera zooms in as she attempts to show Kathy how bad they are. Rachel talks about how hard it is having such large breasts because that is all people look at apparently oblivious to the fact that she is wearing two shirts which are both gaping open with her breasts clearly on display. Annie is in the room the whole time, quietly fuming and uses this info to fuel her anti-Rachel rants.

Brendon & Lane have a great conversation in the kitchen about their respective homes. Lane loves where he lives but has problems with the HOA restrictions and his mortgage has increased. Brendon says he lives in one of those areas where a lot of people have foreclosed. Later Lane tells some interesting stories about life on a ranch and discusses how much he loves and animals and would love to own his own ranch one day.

Brendon talking to Kristen, Rachel & Ragan says that he wants Britney/Monet on the block next week. Mentions Monet winning the 10k but Britney needs to go first.

Moments later, Hayden, Lane and Matt are on the backyard couches and Lane says he wants Brendon out next. He is a physical threat and the loss will sting several other players and make them weak. They all nod and agree.

Annie talking to Matt about gameplay and votes she might have. Says that she is really frustrated about no one deciding who they are voting for. She is very suspicious of the friendship growing between Rachel and Kristen. Matt actually tries to explain to her why some people don’t see Rachel as a threat but she dismisses it. He listens to her for quite a while but as soon as the talk ends he tells Enzo that he wants to avoid her the rest of the time she is in the house.

They have gotten two bottles of wine and 12 beers but most of the houseguests don’t touch it because they all want to be in good shape in case the HOH comp is endurance or hardcore. Later when Lane goes to open a bottle of wine Britney freaks out and tells him that they are saving it for tomorrow night. He laughs at her and says it is a good thing you aren’t the only houseguest here. She pleads with him that they want to save it for tomorrow so they can have double the amount and Lane says maybe they won’t give them more if they don’t drink this.

Brendon & Hayden are in the HOH talking game and Annie comes up, sees Brendon and promptly leaves. All the houseguests are talking game now, getting paranoid and nervous about what all the beeps and noises mean and who is going to win tomorrows HOH comp.

When the hamsters start going to bed, Ragan, Matt & Enzo end up having a game strategy session/slumber party. Matt says they are decompressing. They are reviewing the insanity of just being in the BB house and how they didn’t expect it to be so hard and so boring. Andrew joins them and they talk about how long they were in sequester before they even got to the BB house. Twice Andrew laughs and starts to say something but stops. He is the only one that does not complain about being in sequester.

Kathy in the BY smoking and talking to Rachel and Brendon and then Kristen comes out and says she is having her second glass of wine. They are all casual and comfortable together.

Lane is up in the HOH talking game with Hayden. Confused and wary of Enzo’s gameplay even tho he is one of the “brigade”. Both agree that they do not want Annie blowing up tomorrow and being like “that” on national TV. Both saying they cannot trust Enzo. Lane definitely thinks that Matt is the SAB. Both he and Hayden compare notes about the sofa and the blackout and Lane says Matt was there and then he wasn’t. Hayden says Matt is always talking about the SAB to further throw them off that it is him. Hayden is afraid that Britney will put him up but Lane reassures him that Britney is dead set on getting Brendon & Rachel out. Enzo has now joined them and they all agree that Annie has to go. Enzo says she almost talked him into keeping her and if she is that strong that he can change his mind then she has to go. Then the weird HOH paranoia starts and they convince themselves that Rachel & Brendon are not kissing when they are alone together, they are just strategizing because they knew each other before the BB house. Enzo goes over all the possible HOH’s and comes to the conclusion the “brigade” is safe no matter what. Then he repeats it over and over until Hayden stands up to make his escape and they all go downstairs.

The houseguests mostly didn’t drink to be ready for the HOH comp but they are all so nervous they can’t sleep and gather in the backyard except for Ragan/Matt who are sleeping and Andrew who is staring at the wall in a dark room trying to listen for the cricket chirps or beeps.

Enzo is called into the Diary Room and cannot sleep when he comes out & wakes up people in his room & starts cracking them up with Enzoisms.

The night ends with Rachel & Brendon doing their science foreplay in the cabana room and Kristen & Hayden washing the dishes. Kristen & Hayden move to the backyard couches very close to each other and talk gameplay but Hayden always goes back to asking Kristen about herself and telling her how he likes her and they both worry that other houseguests are catching on to how much time they spend together.

Shomance.2 and the Games, have begun!