Bachelor: Women Tell All

I am back again to blog the women tell all..........the only problem was...... I missed the first ten minutes of the show but will try to carry on from then.

When I caught up with the show, they were talking about the new season of the Bachelor Pad coming back this summer. There was a reunion party in New York that was filmed and shown during the women tell all. There were some notables shown like Chris L, Craig R, Kasey from Ali’s season, Ashleigh Hunt, Rozlyn, Gia and Vienna from Jake’s season, Wes, Gwen, Jake, Sarah from Brad’s first season, Nikki from Jason’s season, Erica Rose, Suzie from Jesse Palmer’s season, Krisily from Bach Pad and Charlie O’Connel’s season...................... Then the one in LA had Brian from DeAnna’s season, Natalie from Jason’s season, Vienna from Jake’s season, Bettina from Brad’s first season, Ali and Roberto, and John from Jillian’s season.

The ladies that attended were: Alli, Britt, Marissa, Ashley H, Jackie, Raichel, Ashley S, Meghan, Shawntel, Sarah P., Lisa M., Melissa, Michelle, Madison and Stacey.

After the ladies were introduced, we were “treated” to a clip of the behind the scenes with some of the ladies nastiness thrown in. After the clip ends, Chris gets a word in edgewise and comes up with one of the one liners that he’s used in the past............. “For a host, this is a buffet”. Lisa is the first one to come to Michelle’s defense........or at least she tried by saying that Michelle’s sense of humour is out there and it is easy to take her the wrong way............ then the other women got defensive and were saying that some of the things said were not only hurtful but were absolutely wrong. Jackie even equated her to a spider..........creepy and scarey to be around. Something tells me that this will turn into another Michelle episode.........

The first one in the hotseat tonight was Melissa and they were discussing the Melissa / Raichel feud. It’s the same thing over and over..............she said/she solutions except another 10 minutes of drama of course........LOL. The last words that Melissa said though is that she apologized to Raichel for not getting along.........Chris Harrison was beginning to feel like he was having a “moment” there, so he asked Raichel if she wanted to apologize and of course she said yes, but not to Melissa but to America for how she acted............good grief............Sorry Chris, that “moment” flew away all too quick.

Up next.................the Michelle show starts.

So Michelle comes down to the hot seat and of course Chris was trying to warm things up a bit and smooth things over, but as the conversation started flowing....or the yelling started, I should say.........things took a nasty turn. Michelle went on about feeling guilty for leaving her daughter.....crying bunches and bunches worth of Kleenex and when the other women called her out on it.....Chris shut them down..............Really, really?? Bottom line, it ended up being the drama filled “shit-show” for a big part of the time.

Ashley S was the next one in the hot seat. Although not much was actually said from her other than how it hurt to be let go, and the fact that not much was said at her departure from Brad so she is wanting some closure.

During Ashley H’s time in the hot seat, another clip was shown from her departure and we hear Brad say that up until recently, he thought she might be the one for him, but at the very least, he thought she would meet his family. Until that clip was shown, she honestly still had doubts as to exactly how Brad was feeling for her. Now those questions are answered. Ashley claimed that they had an unspoken connection..........she finally admits that she was in love with Brad and of how she should of said it when given the chance.

Up next..................Brad

So Brad did his dutiful answers with both Ashley S & H, and with Ashley H, it appeared that she finally felt closure. With Ashley S, she got some more compliments from Brad and therefore, appeared to have closure as well. There was also a clip shown of Brad and Chris visiting the school in South Africa, and how the Bachelor “family” is giving back to the community where the filming took place. In Africa, they gave the school there hot water, which is a commodity that we all take for granted they have it in their own yard. After that clip, we were shown a bloopers clip. It was really funny but seemed shorter than in other years??

After Brad left the stage, we were shown clips of Chantal and Emily...............Wonder who it will be??

Things noticed:

Jackie was definitely loose with her words and criticism tonight.......
Michelle and some of her crocodile tears.......
In some respects, the ladies were respectful of each other..........Michelle being the scapegoat for all.

I hope everyone enjoyed this blog..............I will be back next week for the finale. Until then, I hope that everyone has a great week and I’ll be back next Monday.