A Visit to "Sin City"......and Three More Sent Packing

First of all, let me appologize for being so late in handing this one in....due to some computer glitches, then electronics glitches.....needless to say, hopefully it is better getting it done late versus not at all......LOL

Tonight's epi started with Chris Harrison coming into the living room and greeting the ladies....He proceeded to explain to the ladies that this week will change everything...... They are leaving LA and beginning their journey to find love....... The first stop will be in Las Vegas. They were also informed that there will be an individual date, a group date and the dreaded 2 on 1 date when both ladies need to be packed before the date as one won't be coming home. Before Chris leaves, he tells the ladies to get packed as they will be leaving within an hour.

The first PI comes tonight from Alli....... she goes on to say how she is really wanting the individual date as she can't wait to spend time with Brad. The next PI goes to Michelle who in typical Michelle style, claimed that she can't wait till some of the girls leave as it will leave more room for her luggage....good grief.

We see Brad getting out of his limo at the Aria Hotel. He states that he really loves Vegas and can't wait to show the women the excitement of the city. As Brad stands waiting outside of the entrance to the Aria, we see the ladies pulling up in the limo.....of course it is Michelle the first one out to get a hug from Brad........We then get a PI from Chantal where she states that she loves Vegas and is really hoping to get another one on one date as she really likes spending time with Brad......Foreshadowing?????

As Brad walks the ladies into the hotel and takes them up to the room, he opens the doors to the luxury suite....this of course gets all the women excited and we find them all walking around, exploring.....During this time, we are also shown a PI of Brad stating that he feels he doesn't know some of the women as well as he should and the others that he is developing feelings for, he still has concerns. After the women have a chance to explore the room, they all meet in the living room for a toast and an announcement from Brad where he says that all the ladies will have a date this week and no one will be left out. As he leaves the date card behind and walks out, Michelle is the first one up to grab the card and read it out......Shawntel N......Let's end tonight with a bang........We next get a PI from Shawntel stating how she is really looking forward to tonight and being able to spend time with him.......

Shawntel leaves the room and finds Brad waiting for her.....he then informs her that they will be doing a shopping spree through the mall. We then get a PI from Shawntel as she proceeds to tell us that her local mall in Chico, CA is so small and is surprised with how large this one is.....they walk into the mall to find the icebergs in the entrance......As they are wandering through the shops, it is obvious how they are connecting, having fun and how light their moods are as they are both trying on various clothes and Brad is constantly telling her that they will get that item. Once they are done, they leave the mall and Shawntel goes back to the room to get ready for dinner......Their parting PI's are from Brad: how he loved the date, he found Shawntel to be very sexy and even when she wasn't trying to be sexy, he found her to be even sexier. Shawntel's PI was that she was so happy, felt so natural, felt so much like herself.....

When she gets back to the room, she is showing off her purchases to the other ladies......you can tell they are all not very happy but with Michelle, it was amplified.....big time. Michelle looks at everything that Shawntel was given and asks the question about how much money is sitting here. A look of disgust was on her face when Shawntel told her, and in a PI she states how she wishes that it had been her on that date.......IMO, Michelle is very materialistic and it really showed tonight with regards to what Shawntel got on her date.

As Brad arrives to pick up Shawntel, you can feel the tension in the room, obviously the other ladies weren't happy with what SHawntel got on her date. When Shawntel and Brad leave, we are shown a PI of how she is finding it hard to see him go out with the other women when she has been developing feelings for him.

Brad and Shawntel head up to the roof of where they were earlier in the day......they find a dinner waiting for them. As they are having their dinner, they both get into a conversation about Shawntel's occupation and what she does on a daily basis....you could see Brad push his plate back as this just obviously isn't the topic of conversation that you want to have when you are eating...LOL. At the end of their dinner, he asks her to accept the rose........during a PI he says that he offered her the rose as he feels that they have the basis for a real and true relationship to develop. When she accepted it, he asks what could make the night better, pointing to the sky.......the fireworks begin to go off..... Back at the hotel room, you see all the women running around to the windows to watch the fireworks go off.

Up Next.......group date at the speedway

The date card arrives the next morning for the group date.....as Shawntel reads it out.........Jackie, Emily, Marissa, Chantal, Alli, Lisa, Michelle, Britt. This leaves both Ashley's for the 2 on 1 date. In a PI from Michelle....she is really happy that both Ashleys are going on the 2 on 1 as she will be happy when both are gone from the house. As the limo's pull up and the ladies get out.....we see Brad pulling up in one of the racecars. Chantal is the first one to greet Brad. As Brad greets the ladies, he tells them that Nascar will be performing there in 5 weeks, and that they all will get a chance to race in one of the Nascar cars that day......as the camera pans to Emily, you can just see her tense up. As the ladies get suited up and ready to race, the first group to race are Chantal, Michelle and Britt. As all three cars head out on the track at once, Michelle is going quite slow, then we see Chantal flying around the track which seems to really impress Brad. The next three ladies going out are Alli, Jackie and Marissa. The next PI is of Brad saying how he feels that there is something wrong with Emily as she seems to have a forced smile on her face all day long.

As he takes Emily aside and asks her what's wrong, Emily tells him that Ricky was a race car driver and had a career ending accident on this track. You could obviously see the tension between them and the story really hit Brad.....he appologized for her having to be on this date and told her that she didn't have to do it and he/she/they would all leave the track and it wouldn't be a problem........at this time, Emily says that she really feels that she needs to do the race as she feels that is one of the ways that she can put the past behind her. When they have finished their talk, they head back to the others and prepare to get into the cars for the race. It was very obvious how concerned Brad was that they were on this date and how it was affecting her. In a PI, Brad says that he was really impressed with her tanacity with regards to completing the race. Brad, Emily and Lisa head out onto the track.......during the racing, we are shown a PI of how Emily feels that completing this race will be the beginning of her new life.....her first few laps were for Ricky....The last lap was for herself....a way to put the past behind her and a new beginning on the horizon.

As they head back towards the hotel and the after party, we first get a PI from Alli of how she is really looking forward to spending some time with Brad. As they all get their drinks and settle down, Brad pulls Emily aside first to spend some time with her to make sure she is doing okay. During their chat, you could see that Emily is more relaxed and that she really needed to do that race to put the past behind her. By the end of their time, Brad realized that she is ready to move on, but is also concerned as to whether he can fill that big void left by Ricky and how it will affect their connection.

The next one to get some quality time is Alli. Alli states that she doesn't feel very important, especially after all the time that he has spent with Emily tonight......Brad goes on to tell her that if it was any of the women that felt that way, he would do the same......he just wanted to make sure that the person was okay, and that's all there was to it....

After Alli and Brad had their time, Chantal was the next one to talk to Brad about the date and she too was feeling concerned that Brad was having more feelings towards Emily than herself. Towards the end of their conversation, Chantal asked Brad to let her go if he wasn't feeling the connection between them. By the end of the conversation, Brad voiced in a PI of how he was realizing the women were getting into this more emotionally and how spending so much time with one of the women was affecting the others.....

Meanwhile back at the hotel room, both Ashley's are waiting for the date card to arrive......When it arrives, Shawntel reads it out.......Come hang with the king........Then SHawntel reads part 2 of the date card....Two girls, one rose, one stays, one goes.........

Back at the wrap party, Michelle takes Brad away to hide behind some secluded curtain. As they are talking, Michelle broaches the subject of how there are so many immature girls still there. It is obvious how Michelle is upset that she's on the group date and would rather spend time with Brad alone.....During their chat, Michelle tells Brad that the more time she spends with him, the bigger crush that she is having on him....He agrees. When they come back, Brad reaches for the rose....he asks Emily to join him one more time which you can tell isn't impressing the other women there. As he takes Emily aside, he wants to give her the rose and it is because he wanted her to know how he truely feels about her, that it isn't about tonight. He tells her that the rose is all about her, not about today, Nascar or anything else. He goes on to say that he doesn't care about anything from her past but wants to carry on and will be himself around her.......good or bad, and is giving her the rose because he is falling for her.

Next.........Dreaded 2 on 1 date

As both women head down to meet up with Brad, Brad states in a PI of how uncomfortable this date will be....both Ashley's are friends in the house, he feels comfortable around and likes both Ashley's but has questions about their connections as well. When the ladies arrive, Brad takes them into a room where they are treated to a rehearsal of the hit Vegas show.....Viva Elvis. After the rehearsal is done, they are all invited on stage by the assistant director who then tells them that they all will have a chance to learn the choreography for one of the scenes at which time Brad will have the decision as to which ladie he will invite to join him on stage for the real performance in front of a sold out crowd that night. As Brad and both the women practice their routine, it was up to Brad to decide which lady he felt more of a chemistry for and which one he wanted to invite to continue on the journey with him. During the rehearsal, it was obvious from watching and their PI's, Ashley H was definately more comfortable with Brad than Ashley S. After the practice and rehearsal, they all headed upstairs for dinner. At the end of their dinner, Brad asked Ashley H to join him on stage that night. As the two of them are on stage performing, we get glimpses of Ashley S being driven off in a limo. Kinda felt bad for her as she seemed to be one of the nice ones without much drama.....

The next morning, we get a glimpse of how much in turmoil Brad is once again as he has a teleconference with his therapist on how the journey is going. During his conversation with Jamie his therapist, he is reminded that he is on a quest/journey to find a woman to be his wife and in the process he is going to have to hurt others to get there.....in this journey, he is also going to have to find a way to prevent himself from shutting down as he did the last time and to remain open, no matter how much it hurts him through the process. Be true to what you want out of this process.

Up Next.........Rose Ceremony

So when Brad enters the ceremony tonight, he thanks the ladies for opening up, for trying to stay with the process and he realizes that there are a lot more emotions and tears flowing now but hopes that everyone will stay with it. He also tells the women that he is there if any of them want to discuss their feelings with him.

The first one to get some quality time was Chantal....he tells her that the last time they saw each other, she had tears in her eyes and he wanted to check in with her. Chantal voiced her concerns of how much time was spent with Emily during the group date and how the other women were feeling about it. Brad explains that he would do that with anyone that was having a hard time like Emily was during that date. As they continue their discussion, it is obvious that they both have strong feelings for each other......Chantal even let the "love" word slip......She tried to take it back and say that she is actually crazy about him.

Brad also takes aside Emily, Michelle and Alli of whom he knows from their last conversations has told him that she really doesn't feel very special around the other ladies, so Brad grabs a small cake desert that he had and a bottle of champagne and takes them upstairs to have a private conversation. Brad says in a PI that he really wanted Alli to feel special as she deserves that. Brad tells Alli that the cake has green on it in honour of the dress that she wore the first night that they met........

As the women and Brad are talking in the room, Chris comes in to say it was time for the ceremony.....

Brad hands out the remaining roses.

Shawntel: Single Date Rose, 25, Funeral Director, Chico, CA
Emily: Group Date Rose 24, Events planner, Morganstown, WV
Ashley H.: 2 on 1 date, 26, Dentist, Madawaska, ME

Michelle: 30, Hair Stylist, Salt Lake City, UT
Jackie: 27, Artist, Warwick, RI
Alli: 24, Apparel Merchant, Columbus, OH
Britt: 25, Food Writer, Woodinville, WA
Chantal: 28, Executive Assistant, Mercer Island, WA

My observations:

I do feel that Brad and Chantal, Emily, and Shawntel are getting closer in their relationships. With Chantal and Shawntel, it is fun for the most part, yet they do have some serious conversations. With Emily, it is obvious that they are getting closer, but they still have a lot of serious conversations to come.