Rainforrests and Bugs..........Two More are Sent Home

At the start of tonight's epi, we see Brad flying into the rainforrest of Costa Rica........After Brad lands and begins to check out the resort, we hear him saying how he feels more emotionally invested this time compared to the last time at this stage. Next, we see the ladies plane landing in Costa Rica and we get a PI from Ashley H saying how she is looking forward to getting down and dirty with Brad in Costa Rico. As the ladies arrive at the Springs Resort and Spa, they find Brad waiting for them. They all take a tour of the resort. Then Brad takes them to their villa where they all take an opportunity to explore their villa. They find a pool and a hottub awaiting them, and they are also overlooking an active volcano. When Brad leaves, he places the date card on a lawnchair. After Brad leaves, we get a PI from Alli stating how she hasn't had a one on one date yet and she really hopes that this date card is for her. Emily is the one to grab the date card and reads it out........Chantal O.........Close your eyes and hold on tight....love is in the air tonight.............. Then we get a PI from Michelle saying that she can't believe that Chantal has another date with Brad and if Brad is interested in Chantal, then he isn't the one for her. All Michelle can hope for is that Chantal gets attacked by the monkeys. Good grief.......this woman is going somewhat crazy......lol. We get a PI from Chantal that says that she feels that Brad may be doubting her and her feelings towards him after their date in Vegas when Chantal became really emotional. As the ladies are all sitting around talking about Chantal and how this is her second date, Brad arrives to wisk Chantal away in a heli.

As they walk towards the heli for their date, Brad is remarking in a PI of how much fun he has with Chantal on their dates, but he has seen a different side of her the last couple of times they were together, a dramatic side of her that he didn't like so he was interested in finding out if they could get back to the fun loving and adventerous side of her.

Back at the villa, we see Emily and Michelle talking and Michelle is saying how she feels that Chantal isn't right for Brad and how she feels that Chantal won't be coming home tonight. Michelle also tells Emily of how she feels Chantal is very aggressive, very egotistical, and over confident. When Michelle is talking like that, the look on Emily's face says it all......she obviously doesn't agree with Michelle

As the heli is touring over the rainforrest of Costa Rico, Brad and Chantal are nearing their destination. Brad tells Chantal what they are going to do on their date and Chantal immediately is so excited. Apparently it is the longest zipline in the world that they will be going on. In a PI, Brad states how he is looking forward to having back the confident, independant woman that he had in the beginning that he fell for.....if they don't find that connection again, then he will be extremely disappointed at the end of their date.
After they went down a lot of zip tracks, it was obvious that the two of them were getting closer and having a lot of fun together. At their last stop on the zip line, they look over to the bushes and find monkeys playing in the trees. In a PI, Brad states that he is absolutely having fun with Chantal and can absolutely spend the rest of his life with this girl.....

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, the group date card arrives........Love springs eternal..........Jackie, Michelle, Emily, Ashley, Shawntel, and Britt.......... This leaves the last individual date for Alli.

Back with Brad and Chantal, they are driving along the river till they come along a picnic site set up for them. Chantal remarks in a PI of how she is really having feelings for Brad that she hasn't felt for a long time. As they are enjoying their food and picnic, it begins to pour rain again. They quickly gather up some stuff and head to Brad's suite. It seems everytime they are together it is raining. Brad gives Chantal a shirt of his to change into.

Meanwhile, we get a PI from Michelle saying how happy she is that the rain has come and she is really hoping that it completely ruined their date.

When she comes out of the room, you can see how taken aback Brad is with seeing Chantal in his shirt. As the two of them sit down on Brad's balcony, the two of them get into some serious conversation of how Chantal acted in Vegas and how Brad felt that she was being dramatic and playing games with him. Chantal immediately appologizes for that and says that she never meant to come across like that but was going through a hard time in Vegas and it showed. Chantal then tells Brad that she wants this to be everyday and also wants them to have a forever.......You can tell how Brad is taken aback again. As Brad offers the rose to Chantal, we get a PI from Chantal telling us of how tonight was different....of how she can tell that tonight was all about giving in and falling in love......she also says how that is what happened for her....she felt like she was falling in love with Brad.

Up next............group date

As the ladies are in the truck going out to their group date, get a PI from Michelle saying how she hates group dates. As Michelle states, they are wet and cold in the caravan and she is still trying to wrap her head around the fact that Chantal came home with a rose, according to Michelle, Chantal isn't Brad's girl....she is. They arrive at their destination, Pure Trek Canyoning, and find Brad waiting for them. It is a six on one group date all about adventuring and conqueoring fears. As Brad leads them down this path, Brad states in a PI of how group dates are becoming very hard for him......trying to find the happy medium between comforting the ladies and equalizing their time. Once they get to where they are going, we get a PI from Jackie saying how scared she is to rappel down the waterfall. Then we get another PI from Michelle whining of how pisssed she is that Brad is taking other ladies to a rapell site knowing the pact that they had made before when they rapelled down the building. Shawntel N. is the first one down followed by Britt, then Ashley, Emily, and then Jackie who is obviously having a hard time with this.....being totally afraid of heights.......

we then get another PI from Michelle of how she feels Jackie is being over dramatic and she is tired of the game that Jackie is playing........good grief. Michelle states in a PI of how annoying it is that Brad is being so nice to the other girls.........Michelle and Brad are the last ones to go down and they rapel to the bottom together. This of course makes the other women jealous, especially Jackie who voices this in one of her PI's. She didn't understand how Brad couldn't of done the rapel with her instead considering how scared of heights Jackie was.

Next, Brad and the ladies head back to the resort where they are going to jump into the natural hotsprings from the volcano. The first one to get some one on one time with Brad is Jackie.......as they head over to a secluded part, Brad says that he is really proud of what Jackie accomplished.....Jackie says that she is wondering why Brad couldn't of rapelled down with her. It gave Brad a pause as now he realized that Jackie was jealous of what he did with Michelle.....so he told Jackie of the pact that he had with Michelle.

Meanwhile back at the villa, the date card arrives for Alli. As Chantal reads it out, it says...........Alli, meet me at the alter.......Brad. This is when Chantal and Alli were going out to the balcony and they find a beetle on the table.......Chantal is trying to get the beetle outside when Alli freaks out and panics as she is afraid of bugs.

Back at the springs, the ladies are in the hottub talking and we get another PI from Michelle.......wow, this lady knows how to talk.......and she has had enough of the other women and they all need to go home so she can be alone with Brad............

Meanwhile Emily and Brad have gone to another secluded place and are talking.......and he was saying how excited he was to see her today. Emily states how she has a way of sabataging good things that are happening to her.........Brad then tells her that he won't allow that to happen this time. They end their quality time together with a nice kiss.

As Michelle and Brad are having their quality time together, they hear the screaming from the villa regarding Alli/Chantal and the beetle.....LOL. Michelle is telling Brad how she is surprised that Chantal came home from their date as she really feels that Chantal isn't right for him. She also tells Brad that she felt that all Brad wanted was a sexy date with Chantal in Costa Rico. When their time was up, Brad states in a PI of how he really really likes Michelle, but doesn't like the fact that she gets pissed off at him over nothing. When it comes time for Brad to hand out the rose, he says that he isn't going to give it out tonight.......the roses mean more to him now than they ever have before and he really needs to think about who he is going to give the rose to. Michelle's last PI regarding the group date is that it is about time that Brad starts making decisions about who to hand out the roses to and who needs to go home......if Brad isn't ready to make those decisions, then she will have to take matters into her own hands.

UP next.........Alli's date at the alter

As Alli is getting ready for her one on one date, she is packing up her suitcase and stating in a PI of how she is really looking forward to getting the rose, coming back with a glow like the others have done on their one on one dates. As the ladies are waiting for Alli's date, they begin to talk about what the alter part of Alli's date means. Then Brad shows up on a horse and is bringing another one for Alli to use. In a PI, Brad states how he is really looking forward to the date to find out if he and Alli have a real relationship forming. After going through the fields and woods, they get off the horses and head down a path through the trees till the get to a stream and a cave entrance where they find some hard hats waiting for them. Brad then leads Alli deeper and deeper into the cave. You can tell that Alli is getting more and more anxious the deeper into the cave they go.....they then come across some spiders and bugs which of course freaks Alli out......the deeper they go, they then find some bats.......Alli is obviously becoming more and more uncomfortable. When they get to the end of the cave, they come across some natural stairs leading to the top of the cave......these stairs are what the locals call the alter. As they get to the top, there is a flat area where Brad proceeds to set up a picnic area for them.

Later they find themselves back at the springs for a romantic dinner. Brad states in a PI of how by all accounts he should be really enjoying this, but they are only accomplishing some small talk that is really going nowhere.

Back at the villa, we see the ladies discussing the connection that Alli and Brad have going, when Chantal says that the only connection she see's happening is a friendship connection between them.

Back at dinner, Brad asks Alli about her previous relationships......In a PI, Brad is realizing that the only connection they have is through friendship......and he can't really see himself ever falling in love with Alli. At the end of their date, he tells Alli that he can't offer the rose to her and according to Brad, he likes Alli, but the spark just wasn't there.

Up next...........a visitor joins Brad in his suite

After his date with Alli ends, Brad heads back to his suite and states that he feels emotionally drained and he isn't 100% confident in his choice today and feels that he needs some down time. A knock on the door brings Michelle into his suite where it is obvious that she just wanted to have some extra one on one time and a make out session with Brad. She also tells Brad that she is very upset that Chantal is still there and if he ends up with Chantal, he'll be very disappointed. At this time, she also takes the opportunity to try to tell Brad who to get rid of and in what order, Britt, Jackie, Chantal. which leaves Shawntel, Emily, Ashley, and Michelle as the final one .......talk about taking things into her own hands.........good grief. As Brad states, there are six other women there other than Michelle that he needs to think about and that he has to consider them.....sometimes he feels that he is being pulled into multiple directions and he is realizing that Michelle might be the main cause of it.

Up Next..........Cocktail Party

Emily is the first one to have some quality time with Brad at the Cocktail party. Brad states that he feels good things about Emily but is also scared of her. Emily admits that she realizes that she said a stupid thing at the group date about sabataging everything good that comes her way and wanted to set the record straight with him.......when in actual fact, she has a tendancy to pull away from people when things get complicated. Brad then states in a PI of how he refusses to give up on Emily and he wants to keep going with their relationship.

Meanwhile Chantal, Britt, Jackie, and Shawntel are trying to find out what Brad meant at the beginning of the cocktail party when he said that there are some that have given him grief about not handing out the rose on the group date.........by the end of the night, they have come to the conclusion that the only one that did that must of been Michelle and of how Michelle slipped away to Brad's suite after his date with Alli. In a PI, Chantal states how she feels that this is a competition and a game to Michelle and that Chantal doesn't like it.

Brad then takes Michelle aside and tells her that he feels that they have taken 10 steps back in their relationship and doesn't like the direction that they are going in because Michelle won't let things go and they have the same conversation over and over again without going forward.

When Michelle goes back to where the ladies are sitting, Chantal confronts Michelle and asks her if she has any idea why Brad would of made the comment regarding him being given grief about not handing out the rose on the group date........this is when Michelle admits to going to his suite for a short time after the date he had with Alli.

The next person to have some quality time with Brad is Shawntel....she brings up the topic of not handing out the rose on the group date. To make things a little lighter during their quality time, they play the silence treatment game.......the first one to break during the game was Shawntel.....they end their quality time with a kiss.

Chantal is the next one to have some quality time with Brad.....she proceeds to tell him that she has fallen in love with him. Brad asks her why she knows she feels that way.........Chantal says that up until their date in Costa Rico, she said that everything was all about her....when she will have time with him, how she is feeling about this.......now she says that she wonders how Brad is feeling with things....and what he needs. Brad then tells Chantal that he needed that and thanks her for admitting her feelings to him.........it had made his night. In a PI, Brad admits to coming into the rose ceremony in the lowest of lows but after hearing that admission from Chantal, it had completely turned his day around.

Up next...........actual rose ceremony

The roses were handed out:

Chantal: Individual Date Rose 28, Executive Assistant, Mercer Island, WA

Ashley H.: 26, Dentist, Madawaska, ME
Emily: 24, Events planner, Morganstown, WV
Britt: 25, Food Writer, Woodinville, WA
Shawntel N: 25, Funeral Director, Chico, CA
Michelle: 30, Hair Stylist, Salt Lake City, UT

This leaves Jackie as the only one going home at the Rose Ceremony. As Brad takes Jackie out to say good bye, we get the usual message from the limo as they head out. Meanwhile Brad heads back inside to make the usual champagne toast and a message as to where they are going next.