No Romance for Britt, Drama Queen is Finally Sent Packing

As tonight's epi begins, we are shown a tropical paradise complete with white sand beaches and beautiful blue is the beautiful Island of Anguilla in the Carribean Sea.

We get some PI's from Shawntel and Ashley describing their adventure so far and how they are arriving in the tropical paradise....... They arrive on the island in a speedboat and make their way up to their villa to check everything out. Their villa, at CuisinArt Resort and Spa, is complete with a pool, patio, and hottub. As they gather in the backyard on the day bed, Chris Harrison shows up to inform the women of what will happen this week...... They will have 4 dates in total, 3 individual dates and a group date. There won't be any roses on the individual date, but on the group date, there will be a rose up for grabs. After making his customary speach, he leaves the date card on the table and takes off.

Shawntel is the first person to grab the card and read it out.......Three things I would bring to a deserted island......a picnic lunch, Champagne and Emily.......Brad. Emily is noticibly very excited and heads off to get ready for her date, meanwhile the other ladies have gathered around the pool by the time that Brad arrives. As Brad and Emily takes off for their date, Brad states in a PI of how in Costa Rico they fumbled a little bit in their relationship but Emily has everything that he is looking for in a woman and quite frankly, he doesn't think he deserves her. As they are sitting on the park bench, they are enjoying their champagne when the heli arrives. As Brad and Emily board the heli, in a PI, Brad states that he is hoping that their relationship will really take off. As they are taking a heli tour around the island, they come upon a private island, Sandy Island. Their heli lands and they walk along the beach till they come across a picnic area. As they settle in, Brad states in a PI of how this is an ideal place to tell a woman how he is feeling about her........ Brad proceeds to tell Emily that he cares more for her than he should tell her right now.... Brad carries on to tell Em that he is really falling for her, but is also wanting to take this slowly as that is how she wants it.

As they sit on the beach, you can see the sunset in the west as the moon is rising in the east.

Meanwhile back at the villa, the date card arrives......Shawntel N. let's find love on the streets of Anguilla......Brad.

Back at the beach, we see Emily and Brad walking along the beach to where their dinner is awaiting them. After they sit down and get settled, Emily states to Brad of how she really needed to hear from him of how he is feeling for her. It really made her feel special to hear these things. Emily then tells Brad of how she is really missing Ricky but knows that she needs this time to figure out who she is apart from being a mom. Then Brad broaches the subject of a hometown date and whether Em will allow him to meet her daughter......Emily tells Brad that she is over protective when it comes to her daughter and that she hasn't introduced Ricky to anyone in her past relationships and that she doesn't want to confuse her by doing that. Brad then proceeds to tell Em that it would be really huge for him to have that opportunity......Emily then states that she doesn't know how she could expect someone to ask her to marry him if that person hasn't met Ricky. Brad then states in a PI of how he wanted to reassure Em that they will have a hometown date and everything is good between them, no matter if he breaks the rules or not. Brad then proceeds to tell Em that he is liking what is happening between them and that there will be a hometown date so if she needs to make it.

As they enjoy a long kiss while standing on the beach......Brad states in a PI of how this kiss tonight was more than just a kiss......

Up next.........Brad and Shawntel in Ebinezer

As Shawntel heads out to meet up with Brad, she finds him standing in front of a sign saying "Welcome to Ebinezer". After they do their usual hug and welcome kiss, they head off down the streets of Ebinezer on bikes exploring. Brad states in a PI that you learn a lot of someone by travelling with them so today's date is all about learning of their connection on a day to day basis by doing a day to day thing. As they are riding through the streets, they come across a market complete with a "band" playing the local music.....this is where they enjoy a game of domino's and meet up with a generous, nice lady called Aunt Bee..... In a PI, Brad states how he is finding Shawntel's confidence very attractive and how she really just enjoys life. In Shawntel's PI, she states how much she enjoyed being with Brad, and of how she enjoyed watching Brad interact with the locals.....he is about the all around perfect guy! After doing their walk through town, they come to a grassy area and Brad tells Shawntel that he finds conversation and just being with her very easy, of how he finds that nothing has to be forced between them. Shawntel tells Brad that she has only told 2 men in her life that she loved them.......with Brad, she feels that she is well on that path again and is finding herself falling in love with him. Brad states in a PI of how yesterday's date with Emily was so perfect and that they connected on such a deep level, that tonight's date with Shawntel will have to be very big.

As they head to their private cabbana at the Dune Preserve at Bankie Banx, they walk towards their private cabbanna for dinner. Shawntel tells Brad that she really wants him to go to Chico to meet her family, and that she is really close to her mother and asks Brad how he feels about his mother. Brad states in a PI the fact that he can talk openly and easily with Shawntel about his father blows him away and that he can't even talk to his brothers about the same things. As they are sitting there having their dinner, the rain starts pouring which time they enjoy a very romantic kiss. Brad says in a PI of how he can't really come up with a more romantic moment than this......kissing a woman in the pouring rain. Brad and Shawnel are treated to a private concert from Bankie Banxers.....a really well known group in the Carribean.

Meanwhile back at the villa, the next date card arrives...........Britt, let's set sail on the sea of love.......Brad. This of course sends Britt over the moon as this is her first one on one date with Brad. Next we get a PI from Michelle, AKA drama queen, of stating that she is jealous and that this is a complete waste of a good one on one date and of how their ship on the sea of love will go down.......good grief, does this woman ever quit??

Back on the beach, Brad and Shawntel are having a nice a PI, he states that they have a nice romantic connection and how their time together is special. As they leave the concert, they walk along the beach and then they take their shirts and shoes off and go for a dip in the ocean. Brad states in a PI of how tough this will be for him to decide who he is going to take to the hometown dates.

Next up........Brad and Britt on the Sea of Love

The next morning, they are all waking up and Britt is getting ready for her date. Brad arrives to pick up Britt for their date. As they head down the along the beach, Brad says that he has picked up the women in Heli's, convertibles, boats, but never a yacht.....then we are seeing a huge yacht sitting in the ocean.

As the other women gather to watch them head off........ you see Brad and Britt heading out through the ocean towards the yacht. The we are given another PI from the mouthpiece/drama queen this season about how this yacht is a complete waste on Britt.....then Michelle proceeds to tell us of how she can't even see Britt and Brad friending themselves on facebook........really Michelle, don't you think you have had enough face time yet?????

After Brad and Britt board the yacht, they head out on a sail around the Island of Anguilla till they come across their own private cove for the day.....Little Bay, Anguilla. Brad proceeds to tell them what they are going to do for the day......they will be climbing the rocks and then cliff jumping into the ocean. After they get to the top of the cliffs, Brad easily jumps off and waits for Britt below. As Britt gets ready to jump, it is very obvious, her fear of jumping from the cliff. After some coaxing from Brad, she takes the leap........ When they are finished cliff jumping, they head to the beach for a chat.

Meanwhile back at the villa, both Chantal/Shawntel's are talking and tell each other how they feel, it is more like a friend relationship going between them. Then there is a knock at the door and they find the next date card awaiting them. As the card is read out, Ashley, Chantal and Michelle........This is the dawn of a new love.......Brad. Michelle then states plain and clear of how she doesn't want to go on a date with the other women and of how group dates suck.

Back at Little Bay, we get a PI from Britt stating how she is having a tough time stating how she is feeling and the thought of putting herself out there terrifies her as she is extremely afraid of rejection and admits that she really has a tough time showing her affection....... Meanwhile, Brad admits in a PI of how they are sitting around in Little Bay, one of the romantic places that he has been in the world and he really isn't feeling anything romantic towards Britt, he really doesn't have the urge to reach over and kiss her. He also hopes that tonight will be better.

As both Brad and Britt arrive back on the yacht dressed for dinner, they head up to one of the upper decks where they find their dinner waiting for them. As they are having their dinner, Brad states in a PI of how he is not feeling the romantic connection with Britt.....He then proceeds to try to tell Britt that their romantic connection isn't there and how on the last time that he did the show, he was crucified for stringing along the women, he isn't going to do that this time so has to say goodbye to her.... Unfortunately for Britt, she doesn't get it the first time and proceeds to mention to Brad of how she wants to carry on their relationship to find out if there is actually something there. Brad informs her that it won't work and that they have to say goodbye now. As Brad leads Britt down the stairs and towards the back of the boat where they find a dingy waiting to take Britt back to the villa.

As Britt enters the villa, the ladies are glad to see her back and want to hear about things, when Britt tells them that she has to pack as the romantic connection with Brad just isn't there and it is her time to leave. This emotionally hits the other women and they eventually head to bed.

Up next.........the group date from hell

Brad heads over to the ladie's villa to wake them up, the time on the video stated 2:07am......after he surprises the ladies and wakes them up, they proceed to a room in the resort where he then tells the ladies that they will be taking part in the Sports Illustrated, Swimsuit Edition. After the ladies are "made up" for the photoshoot, they all head down to the beach. Chantal states in a PI of how you have to get dressed up in a bikinni and act sexy when you really don't feel it, is scarry to her. She then proceeds to tell us that she has eaten so much the last few days that she feels like a "fat lard". The Photographer is Raffeal Muzziko (sorry for the spelling??) First up at the photoshoot is Ashley.....she does a few poses in her swimsuit, then takes her top off and places shells on her ?? and has a few more sexy photo's taken before her shoot is done, next up is Chantal who definately takes some nice sexy poses and looks like she is really getting into it before she too removes her top and has some topless photo's done as well. Last is Michelle who has some sexy photo's done on her own before including Brad in some sexy pics. As Brad lays on the beach and Michelle poses on top of him, they get into some racey pics of them kissing which of course sends Ashley and Chantal over the edge. Neither of them can believe that what they witnessed actually happened......Chantal states in a PI of how hard it is to see the guy that she loves kissing the other women, it's brutal. Brad then states in a PI of how Michelle got aggressive but he also got caught up in it, and how he noticed the looks on the other women's was obvious how much they were hurt by Michelle's display. He also goes on to say that he really hopes that he can calm everyone down at the pool party, but is afraid that things will get worse before they get better.

As the four of them get to the pool, they head into the pool and swim for a while before Brad takes Ashley aside for their quality time......At the beginning, Brad states to Ashley that his feelings for her haven't changed one iota....not at all. Ash tells him that she really needed to hear that and by him saying those things, it does make things better and she really needed him to say these things. Ash proceeds to tell Brad that he needs to do what is best for him, if that means that it isn't her, she will be okay in a while, but if it is her, she'll be extremely happy.

When their time is over, Brad comes back to take Chantal aside. Brad takes Chantal to the beach for their quality time. She tells Brad that she loves him but her feelings are really being put to the test when she sees the guy she loves, kissing the other women. She also tells Brad that she would make the worse mistake of her life if she was to ignore the feelings she was having for Brad. Then Brad tells us in a PI of how when Chantal told him that she loves makes him a truely happy guy.

Next up with Michelle's quality time, he tells Michelle that they might be too much a like and that they might just go around in circles and not get things solved......

Chantal takes Brad aside once again and she calls him out on a few things........she feels that Brad is a little cool today and that she is worried that he might be shutting down on her. He tells her not so and that he is trying to be appreciative, respectful and aware of everyone's feelings as he interacts with the various women. Meaning, he is watching Michelle's and Chantal's reaction when Ashley is doing the photoshoot and so on with the other women and unfortunately it is coming off as cool and disconnected. Brad is stating in a PI of how he is worried now of who he is going to give the rose to and what that says to the other women and if they will permanently shut down because of it. Brad comes back to grab the rose.....

As Brad takes Ashley aside again, they are enjoying their time together but is telling Brad that she hopes she isn't ruining what they have.....when she gets to this point, she feels that she might shut down and revert to her shell so she won't get hurt. She doesn't want to do that but feels it might happen......Brad decides to give the rose to Ashley and goes back to collect it at which time, it was very evident from Chantal's face that she is extremely disappointed. When Brad comes back to Ash with the rose, she runs up to meet him and realizes that the rose is for her.

When Brad and Ash get back to where Chantal and Michelle are sitting, Brad first asks Michelle if she is okay at which time Michelle just gives Brad the grumpy sourpuss look without talking, but Chantal emotionally breaks at that moment.......Ash tries to comfort her but to no avail. Brad asks for some time alone with Chantal and Ash and Michelle leave to go back to the villa.

When Brad has a chance to talk to Chantal, it is obvious her emotions are going wild. She is trying to understand why she didn't get the rose and what that means for their future..... Brad tries to console her but Chantal isn't having anything to do with it. Even after their talk, he and we can tell that Chantal is still really upset, and this of course sends Brad into a tailspin wondering if he had done the right thing.

Up next........Rose Ceremony

As the ladies arrive at The Bleu, where the rose ceremony will take place, they are all remarking how beautiful it is there. As all of the ladies are having a toast to their final night together, we see Brad at his deliberation area under a cabanna on the beach......Chris Harrison shows up for a talk with Brad. As they talk, Brad mentions that he wants to bypass the cocktail party and carry on to the rose ceremony itself as he has already made up his mind who is leaving and didn't feel it right to prolong their anxiety over a cocktail party, knowing full well it wouldn't change his mind no matter what they said. Chris agreed and left to tell the ladies what was going to happen. As the ladies make their way down to the beach for the ceremony, we see Brad at his cabanna still thinking.

The roses were handed out to:

Ashley H.: Group Date Rose, 26, Dentist, Madawaska, ME

Emily: 24, Events planner, Morganstown, WV
Shawntel N: 25, Funeral Director, Chico, CA
Chantal: 28, Executive Assistant, Mercer Island, WA

After the roses were handed out, Brad takes Michelle up to the limo, as they leave the beach, he asks if he can have her, then asks if they want to once again. When Michelle gets into the limo, she acts like she is wiping tears away, then proceeds to lay down in the back about a drama queen......she didn't even give the customary good bye talk. Good grief......sorry folks but IMO, good ridance. Brad states in a PI of how their physical chemistry is there, the other factors that make a connection work, just aren't. The physical part of their relationship will eventually wear off.

Brad then heads back to the other ladies and makes the the single most important thing to here's to possibly extending that family.

My observations:

Emily: Brad seems to be more into her as the episodes go along, but not as much openly expressed chemistry between them that there is with the other women there.

Chantal: How he is totally happy that Chantal can express her love for him and how good that makes him feel.

Shawntel: Their connection seems more natural and un-forced, but IMO, still something missing compared to the relationship between Brad and say Chantal.

Ashley: Still an emotional connection there......but Physically, is there enough??

Well, that's all for this week. Hope everyone enjoyed the blog and will be back next week for another. Have a great week everyone!!