Hometown Visits: Bocca the dog, Accadian Lifestyles, Crematoriums, and Butterfly Kites.....still one more leaves.

As tonight's epi starts, Brad is in New York reminicing on the season and the connections that he has formed with the remaining women:

Chantal O: Brad says that Chantal isn't timmid or shy and that he has so much fun with her, she has a lot of spunk and fire which was shown on the first night that they met. He also states that she is completely different than the other women. Although he still has some questions regarding Chantal, in a lot of ways, he wants Chantal to be his wife and doesn't hold anything back when it comes to her. Brad is hoping to find a less emotional Chantal in her hometown and that they can continue forward.

Ashley H: On the very first night that they met, he knew that there was something special there. He finds Ashley to be so happy, outgoing, energetic and bubbly, but the last couple of weeks, he saw a different Ashley......one that he had doubts about so is looking forward to finding the Ashley that he once saw.

Shawntel N: Brad says that with Shawntel N, she is beautiful and unassuming......with her, there is no rollercoaster, no games and now it is even getting better.

Emily: Emily has been through a lot and the one love that she has had was killed in a plane crash. The problems that he is encountering with Emily is that she still has so much love for her ex, that it sets the bar really high for any other man that would come into her life. The other thing that Brad is concerned with is that he doesn't know how he will mesh with Ricky.....Emily's Daughter. He is wanting the opportunity though as Brad states.......Emily has everything that he wants in a wife.


First hometown date is with Chantal O. Brad is really hoping to find the same Chantal that he fell for on that first night.....in a PI, Chantal states how this is really big....bringing Brad home to show him what her life is like in Seattle, introducing him to her family and really hoping that all goes well today as she has already told him that she loves him and she is really hoping that they can carry onto the next step. Chantal is waiting for Brad in the park when he pulls up.....he starts running to her and she does the same....after a long hug, they set down to talk. As Brad states that he is nervous as he really wants her family to like him, Chantal jokes with him stating that the shoe is on the other foot now and he's on the hotseat.......if her parents don't like him, he's a gonner.......LOL. On their way to Chantal's place, Brad states in a PI of how during their last time together in Anguilla, she seemed so rattled....it is really nice to see the old Chantal back that he first fell for. As they pull up at Chantal's place, they find her dog and two cats waiting for them....they grab a beer and settle down on the couch for a nice chat, Chantal tells Brad that Bocca the dog, and Jinx and Baily the cats are a group package and they all will go where she goes. As they are talking, it is obvious that Brad has Bocca's approval considering Brad was previously warned that Bocca might take a nip out of Brad......LOL.

After their time at Chantal's, they head over to her parents place....when they pull up, we get a PI from Brad stating how huge this is for him, meeting the possible inlaws....and another PI from Chantal really hoping that this will go okay considering the last time she told her family that she loved someone was nearly 10 years ago.

As they enter the house, Brad is introduced to mom, Billy Joe(SP), dad, Micheal, brother Conner(SP)........as they all settle down for a chat, they all seem to be getting along fine and in a good mood. Then they all had a good laugh when Chantal started off the first night's meeting and BRad proceeded to tell the story of her getting out of the limo and after the introductions were made, she said this is for all the women in america, and he slapped his hands together and explained that Chantal slapped his face......her mom seemed surprised, the brother found it funny and the same for her father. Chantal and her father then went outside to have a chat......After their chat, Chantal's PI was stating of how important it is to her that she has her father's appproval......
Next, Brad and Micheal head out for a chat......as they are walking along, they come along the statue and Micheal explains it to Brad.....at that point, they get into a conversation of how Micheal's dad was a masonry and then Brad explains that his grandfather was a brick masonry as well. This is when through their discussions, Brad begins to realize exactly how close and connected Brad's and Chantal's families are.....Brad hasn't seen his father for numerous years, and that is when Micheal speaks up and says that he never saw his dad for the last 15 years before he died. Brad then states that there is one thing that is certain.....he will be a damn good father to his kids......as they end their conversation, Brad still hadn't asked Micheal for his permission/approval to ask Chantal for marriage if it came to it, when Micheal himself broached the subject and stated that he might never see Brad again, or Brad and Chantal might get married, but he definately gives his approval.

Meanwhile, Chantal and her mother are talking and that Chantal is telling her the feelings that she is having for Brad and although it is scary to her, she honestly didn't know if she would have those feelings again.

A final PI from Chantal's dad states that he respects Brad, finds that Brad is very respectful for everyone and would totally be proud to have Brad as a son-in-law. With Chantal's PI, she states how important it was to get the approval from her family of which she got.........Brad's PI was saying how important it was to meet her family, get the approval he got and to know now that he would really like to be a part of Chantal's family.


Next up, they arrive at Ashley's hometown of Madawaska, Maine.....as Ashley states in a PI, being back home makes her feel grounded and that today will be real big for them. After they meet up in the park and have a quick chat, they head towards the restaurant where she had her first job. As they sit there in the restaurant, Ashley introduces Brad to her Accadian lifestyle so to speak, the first thing that she introduces him to is a dish called Poutine......which as it happens considering that Ashley's hometown is on the Canadian border is also a good Canadian snack.....it is frenchfries with melted cheddar cheese and gravy on top of it all. If you want a real rich and filling snack.....it is really worthy of trying. Love it myself. When the waitress comes to take their order, she is speaking to BRad in French....since they are along the Canadian border in the east, it is natural that French and English languages are both observed, no matter what side of the border you are on. Anyways, Brad tries to answer the waitres by saying Si`, in a PI, Brad states how he is answering her question by saying yes....problem was, he was answering in Spanish instead of in French. After a few laughs, the poutine order is in and they are back to their general chit chat.

Ashley nearly has a fit when she see's Brad digging into the poutine with a fork........the truely best way is to eat it with your fingers.....it's the half of the fun of the dish. She then picks up a frenchfry to feed to him and of course he has to open his mouth wide to get it in and states that she found the crown in his mouth, of which he replied.......spoken like a true dentist.......some more laughs ensued before they were done their poutine and carried onto their next adventure on their date.

Next they end up at a seafood shop to pick up some Maine lobsters, then onto the outdoor farmer's market of sorts where they pick up the rest of their supper ingredients along with another lesson for Brad......paying for their veggies through the honour system and dropping money into the drop box provided. As they continue along their journey to her parents house, they find the Madawaska sign and after some promptu photo shoots, they head along their way.

As they pull up at her parent's place, there are PI's from Ashley stating how excited and proud she is to introduce everyone, and one from BRad stating how he is thrilled to see the excited and energetic Ashley back that he fell for on that first night. Brad is introduced to her family Mom, Laurie, Dad, Mike, along with Ashley's sister, Christy. After dinner, Ashley has a talk with her father, then Ashley's dad, Mike takes Brad aside for a chat. Ashley states in a PI of how the hometown date really set things up for her and of how she is really thinking that her and Brad are meant to be. Brad then states in a PI of how he doesn't want to leave this family, this town, and he damn sure he doesn't want to leave Ashley. Ashley is the type of woman he can see himself with.


Up next, they head to Shawntel N's hometown of Chico, California for a visit to the moratorrium and her family......In Brad's opening PI, he states that he has had a gutt feeling about Shawntel and how their relationship is just there, he has lots of fun with her and in Anguilla, it was so easy and natural. As they begin their tour through Shawntel's work place, you can virtually see how uncomfortable Brad is during the tour.....as they carry onto where the crypts are, the tension and uncomfortable ness is palpable. I am finding it odd that Shawntel can't pick up on it. As Shawntel is showing Brad more and more of her career and life, you can tell it is weighing heavily on him....the facial expressions as she describes things is pretty obvious to me.....

Once she leads him into the embalming room and he lays on the table, it is so obvious that this is really creeping him out as she goes on to explain her daily tasks when it comes to embalming a body. As Brad states in a PI, he really doesn't know if he can take this kind of a life on a daily basis, the life of continually discussing the death of people and what that all entails. As they leave the crematorium, in Shawntel's PI, she states how it felt so good having him there laying on the prep table and listening to her work.....she went on to describe how comfortable he seemed with the tour and process......by the looks on his face several times throughout the tour, it was extremely obvious that he was anything but comfortable there.

Next, Shawntel takes Brad to meet the family....her mom, Coleen, her dad, Rick, her sisters, Destiny and Vanessa. As the dinner progresses, we see Rick, Shawntel's dad saying how he is tired of the business and he is handing it over to Shawntel.....at this point, you can see how taken aback Brad is with the comment, leaving us with the impression that Shawntel never told Brad these plans. Shawntel realizes.......oooops, the cat is out of the bag, so she takes her father aside to talk to him about her feelings for Brad. During their conversation, it was obvious that Rick isn't impressed with the possibility that Shawntel might not carry on with the family business and it is disturbing to him......even at that, Rick did give the familie's approval to Brad at the end of the night.

As the two of them are saying their good-byes, Shawntel informs Brad that she is now in love with him and is really looking forward to their continued relationship.


As Brad ends his hometown date tour with Emily in Charlotte, North Carolina, he is really looking forward to the possibility of the two of them progressing in their relationship and is wondering if he will have the chance to meet her daughter Ricky.

In Charlotte, Emily and her daughter have already met up and are walking through the park on their way to meet up with Brad. When Brad finally meets up with Emily and her daughter, he sees that it is going to be a slow time to get to know the daughter. As they sit in the park having a picnic lunch, Brad tries to engage Ricky in conversation but as Brad states, she really takes after her mamma and is very shy at the beginning. Before long though, he has Ricky chasing after the butterfly kite gift and they are all having a fun time together.

As they leave the park and head to Emily's, Brad states in a PI of how he would welcome and cherrish the opportunity of becoming a father figure to little Ricky. Of how important it was to him that Emily introduced her daughter to him and of how comfortable he was in the family situation.

As they arrive at Emily's, Ricky runs up the stairs as she wants to show Brad the playroom that is set up for her. As they all sit down to play a board game, it is obvious that the shyness of Ricky towards Brad has completely worn off and they are all enjoying their time together. Once the night is over for family time......Brad is invited upstairs to say goodnight to Ricky......he jumps at the chance and climbs the stairs very enthusiastically to say his goodnight's to Ricky. It is very evident of how Ricky's enthusiasm to say goodnight to Brad has touched him.

Once Brad and Emily come back downstairs, it is very obvious that Brad is uncomfortable showing his affections towards Emily with Ricky upstairs and says as much to Emily. It has nothing to do with his feelings but rather with the reasoning that he is just wanting to show his respect towards Ricky and Emily considering their situation.......Emily states in a PI that Brad Womack ain't getting out the front door without giving her a kiss. Brad also states in his PI of how he really wants to show Emily of how he is feeling towards him but doesn't want Ricky to be uncomfortable if she wakes up and finds Brad kissing her mom. As Emily walks Brad to the door, she explains that it is okay to kiss her goodnight, so she reaches up and takes one. As they share some nice kisses before he leaves, he states in a PI.....Thank god above that this woman told me not to worry about it as kissing this woman is so damn perfect. As Emily states in her parting PI, this day was perfect and she can't wait till Brad stays with them forever.

Up next...........Rose Ceremony

They find themselves back in New York for the Rose Ceremony and Brad and Chris are sitting in their deliberation room having a chat before the ceremony.......they have a look back at the hometown dates and of the feelings that Brad has towards their time there. After a brief rundown of the hometown dates, Chris leaves Brad to welcome the women to the ceremony. After his customary speech, in walks Brad to hand out the roses:

Ashley H.: 26, Dentist, Madawaska, ME
Emily: 24, Events planner, Morganstown, WV
Chantal O: 28, Executive Assistant, Mercer Island, WA

Receive the roses, leaving Shawntel N. going home. As Brad walks her out, they say their goodbyes and she carries on her way in the limo.

Well, that's all for this week......Hope everyone enjoyed it and I will be back next week to sum up the Fantasy Dates for you all. Until then, Have a great week!!!!!!!!