What a long hot Summer it's been, eh? It seems like only yesterday that Brandon was talking his way, ever so not politically correctly, out of the house and the Age of Jessie was fresh and new as a puppy at christmas! Laura was doing her best Bikini Dance in the BY and Natalie had yet to tell a lie, Casey was the funky teacher dude that hadn't gone the Way of the Banana and Ronnie... well, there was still hope for Ronnie and Chima. Ahhh, Good times. Good times!

This article is about the Season of Big Brother 11. The remembrances that mattered... the fights, oh yes, the delicious over-the-top boobs-in-your-chest Cauliflower-ed Terrorist vs. Oh-No-She-Dinna Diva and the Rat Infested Ramblings of the Seriously Deranged Lunatics of our Lovely Asylum that Big Bro has kindly provided full camera coverage and, for a nominal monthly fee, Live Feeds! (Good luck in canceling those feeds girls, it's a life time contract apparently! Next time be sure to read the fine print!). Yeah. Good Times. Good Times.

Now that the play has come to it's inevitable ending (and some will argue pre-ordained by the BB Gods to anoint Jordan as the Princess Regent according to some arcane sacrificial ritual that can only be de-coded by Tom Hanks as the Smart Guy in the DaVinci Code... but I digress). I, for one, do not believe Jordan was The Chosen One. She's just a very good floater/coat-tail rider and one lucky blonde! She's a half million dollars richer and good for her! We all know how badly she needs the money and it's nice to know that it's not going to go to Natalie's Liars Club or whatever. Ok, Nat got $50K... hey, let's begrudge her something for all that effort! Besides, Uncle Sam is going to take about 50 percent of that off the top! Personally, I had hoped against hope that Jordan would 'man up' and take Kevin ... cause in my HUMBLE opinion Kevin did the most to justify a "good" 2nd place. But I can't begrudge Jordan her decision ... it was in her best interest to take that yap-dog with her as The Ultimate Pawn. Still, it's fun to hear Natalie spin it, is it not? But I digress.

On a personal note, I've had an absolute blast writing a few articles here at Jokers and, of course, all those Siggys by Zenny! It really is a fun hobby of mine to come up with all those banners over the course of the season (click on my name to see my collection for this year!) Also, if anyone is interested in being a Partner/Investor in Ziggy's Big Brother Bobble-Heads ... drop me a line! But I digress.

Well, time to draw this poorly thought out summary to a close guys. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... blah blah blah. Throw Rocks! Toona! Obsolete! Gucci! And all those funny, funny moments as well as those tender tear filled ones that we will all fondly recall ... while we digress... to the next Summer's Smash-Mouth Fest known as Big Brother 12.

See ya then Jokers!

Zenny (Thankya, thankya very much)