The brigade cracks, Regan Melts and Britney saved by tears once again

9:30 am – Matt and Regan are first awake this morning, Regan immediately talks to Matt and tells him he does not know what to do. Matt said do what he has to do and Regan said that Brendon is a personal player not a game player so he will come after him. Matt comments that they don’t know how Brendon operates because he has always been tied to the hip of Rachel. Regan then said that the lie they told Brendon at the last second about everyone voting out Rachel actually saved Enzo and Hayden and they won’t be put up.

Regan then goes to talk to Brendon. He tells him he understands what he did last week was to save Rachel and he found that admirable. He then said he has gotten in trouble in the game because of who his friends are not for lying. He then brings up being bullied as a child and that is why he is the way he is. Regan then tells Brendon that he has stuck his neck out for Rachel and Brendon throughout the game, like in the first HOH, and when he was second to last in the endurance comp he bargained for them to stay with Matt. Brendon falls for all the crap Regan said and apologizes if he was bulling him or making him be uncomfortable. Regan then tells him that he can’t play in the next HOH so he will be probably gone next. He then said any deal he makes with him will be truthful. Brendon said that he wants to trust Regan more. Regan said that only him and Matt make real deals that will be upheld. He said he has to make real deals or he will be gone if he does not win POV.

Meanwhile Hayden and Enzo have a discussion in the storage room. They want to keep Brandon to F^ so he can get rid of Matt. (Is this a breakdown in the brigade???), they don’t feel they will be able to get rid of him any other way.

Brendon briefly talks to Kathy and tells her he is not putting her up. Then an outside lockdown was called. When the lockdown was over they see the kitchen table has been replaced with a smaller one.

1:00 PM – Britney decides to talk to Brandon in the HOH. Brendon starts conversation by saying he was sorry for the things he said to her at the last POV, but he loves Rachel and wanted to try to protect her. Britney turns on the faucet and cries saying Brendon hurt her with the things he said especially about her boyfriend Nick. She then said that the house was afraid of Rachel because she was so strong, that it was all strategic (your good bye message indicated that too Britney). Britney said that she just wants an opportunity to save herself in this game (does not want to be backdoored). Brendon kept asking her for a deal and Britney never took the bait. She left in walked Lane.
Lane tells him that Regan is no good and will do nothing for his game. Lane tells him anything he does he will not take personally. He then said that he can put up Britney because he (Lane) would not be able to do it himself. He tells Lane he will let him know but he still had Hayden and Enzo to talk to. Lockdown outside again called.

Once the lockdown was over they discover that America voted for them to have eggplant and escargot. The have-nots were not to thrilled.
Brandon and Haydon chat. Brandon tells him he is leaning towards putting up Britney and Regan. Regan because he is good at quiz type comps and Britney because she is Britney. Also it gives them a chance to save themselves. He then said that Lane has not been on the block and should be shaken up a bit. Hayden tried to persuade him away from that idea. Brendon then said he wants to break up a pair, so it probably will be Lane and Britney.

Hayden leaves and tells Enzo everything that was said. They tell Lane. He freaks and said that he will freak out and throw things if he is nominated with Britney.

4:14 PM – They got another saboteur message saying there is another couple in the house. That it was a girl guy relationship that started before they entered the house. None of them believe it, they think that it is all BS. Matt said that America is telling the Saboteur who to target. Both Britney and Kathy swear that it is not them, they knew no one before entering the house. Regan commented that there was no pranks just messages from the Sab.

Matt went up to HOH to talk to Brendon, and Brendon said that he will not put him up if he promises not to backdoor him or put him on the block. He said he needs him to win POV. He then tells him that he wants to put up Lane and Britney and that he will tell them before hand. He said that it gives Britney a chance to fight for POV but if she does not win it she will probably go. Brendon then tells Matt that he wants him to win and use the money on his sick wife (fake sick wife).
Enzo and Brandon meet, Brandon tells him he has to step up his game and win something.
Britney goes up to HOH and begs Brendon not to put her up. Said she does not want to be backdoored. Said she does not want to go. Tells him she has no alliances in the house. Brendon then said he is giving her a chance to fight for POV and save herself.

9:30 PM – After a two hour feed outage, the feeds finally return and we find out that Lane and Regan are nominated. Regan seems devastated that he was nominated and not Britney. Britney believes that her or Matt will be backdoored. Brendon does pull Lane aside and tell him he was not the target. He then tells Lane that he didn’t put up Britney because she fought her ass off to be there and he will not backdoor her either.
After a brief feeds outage, we hear that Matt and Britney are not playing in the POV. So Brandon, Lane, Regan, Kathy, Enzo and Hayden are playing.
Matt and Regan have a brief conversation about POV. Matt tells him to win it but Regan said even if I win it then you will go up, Matt assures him to just win it he was not worried about going up and that he was securing the votes to keep Regan there. Regan has a meltdown with Britney and is sure he will be leaving.
Regan while alone in the Have not room had this conversation with himself: He says...

Best case Matt wins POV and saves him, Brit goes up, they save Brit.

Next, he wins POV, Matt goes up (he sighs loudly here), we save Matt.

Everything in between, would probably mean Matt goes home.

Ragan looks very upset at the idea of Matt going..."Ah god"

"This is my opportunity to shine."

He's tapping his chest...starts to cry.

"This just seems like a lose-lose. Even if I win, one of my 2 best friends goes home."

Saying he will be mortified when he watches the episodes and sees how much he's been crying..."how pathetic I'm being"

"The worst part is not being evicted, but going to sequester with Rachel and soon after Brendon, and soon after Kathy. So who am I gonna talk to?"

"I can't think that far in advance. I just have to think about tomorrow and doing what I have to do."

"I'll either rise to the occasion or crumble under the pressure."

The brigade meet and decide if any of them win Veto then they will pull Lane off the block and convince Brendon to put up Britney. That Brit did not go up because she promised him something and cried.
Hayden and Enzo meet separately and want Britney put up and gone. Both agree that in F@ they don’t want to be sitting there with Matt. They say they need Brendon around for awhile to do their dirty work.
The house is all quiet at 3:00 am.

So… who will win POV? Will Matt use the diamond POV to save either Regan or Lane? Who will be the replacement if it is used? Who will go this week? The Brigade is starting to crack with all side alliances who will show their colors first? Only tomorrow will tell!!!!