8:00 AM
Andrew is first up and eats breakfast by himself.

9:00 AM
House Guests get their wake up from BB. Andrew voices his displeasure about people being excluded from the big HOH meeting last night to Hayden and Kristen.

Monet and Britney get in some mild Kathy bashing in. Seems they are also unhappy about the big HOH meeting last night too.

We learn Britney wants to buy a gun for protection. Lane tries to talk her out of it.

10:00 AM
Britney, Lane and Monet are in the back yard discussing eBay. Lane paid $3,800 for a motorcycle that he never got. Britney’s mom sells toys online to make extra money for vacations.

In the HOH, Rachel and Brendon discuss Rachel’s confusion over a replacement nomination. This leads to a massage. This leads to an extended ‘work out’ session under the covers. Meanwhile outside, a camera shows a close up on the elliptical. Andrew has gone over 6 miles (ed. I’ll leave it to you who burned more calories).

The feeds are cut for the Power of Veto meeting around 11:30.

12:30 PM
Feeds have returned. It doesn’t take long to figure out that Matt was nominated. Enzo and Lane join Monet and Britney in the Have Not room. Enzo and Lane thought Andrew was going up. Rachel and Brendon lied to them. Monet says, "This is personal" and doesn’t trust Matt. Enzo wonders, “Why would he put himself up as a pawn?”

They think the house has split with Rachel, Brendon, and Matt on one side and on the other side, Monet, Britney, Enzo, and Lane. Enzo smartly changes the subject to winning HOH next week.

Monet asked Enzo if she got the votes would Enzo vote for her. Enzo said yes. Monet thinks she has Andrew and Kathy and Britney's votes. If she gets Enzo she'll just need one more to stay.

Lane gives Matt a heads up that the girls think he was volunteered to being a pawn (ed. Which he did). Lane deflected by pointing out to them that Matt wasn’t a part of the big HOH meeting last night.

Matt goes to Monet and tells her he will campaign for himself, but he will not slander her in any way. He does not understand why Rachel said ‘all that stuff’ during the meeting. He doesn’t admit he asked to be used as a pawn. Monet is acting defeated.

Ragan farts in the kitchen which prompts him to laugh and say, “I can be the gayest gay guy, other times… I have a little bit of Lane in me and a little bit of Richard Simmons. Lane agrees but says, "When you say IN…." and leaves the implication hanging. They both crack up.

Monet and Britney begin a ‘mean girls’ rant about the others. They hate everyone. Kathy is a stupid old hag and a hooker. Britney is glad she kicked Kathy in the head (during a previous competition). Rachel has no personality and is jealous of Monet. Rachel can go back to stripping.

1:00 PM
The ‘mean girls’ rant continues to the point of making fun of the pores on Rachel’s legs. Britney says every time Rachel puts on a skirt, STDs go air born and they need to put on three pairs of underwear. Monet wants to drop kick Kathy off the balcony. Monet mentions the Diary Room is telling her to not give up and reminding her how Dan from the previous season was the most hated person in the house. This of course prompts a feed cut.

Later Rachel and Kathy do their version of the ‘mean girls’ talking about how Britney "ditched" Monet to hang out with the guys in the pool. Brendon wants to apologize to Monet to make her feel better but Kathy and Rachel try to talk him out of it.

Andrew finds Rachel and Brendon to say, “I just want you to know I am not hiding anything from you.” They say they know that and assure him that no one wants him gone.

Andrew then finds Kathy in the bathroom. She tells him they have guaranteed 6 votes to get out Monet including his.

Monet and Britney regroup and trash talk Rachel some more saying she is ugly and looks like a bird. Monet says she will tell the DR to have their finger on the mute button because she's going to swear when she leaves. She doesn’t mean to be bitchy but she is way hotter than Rachel.

Britney makes her way to the Cabana Room to have a cry. After a while Monet joins and they are both cry.

2:00 PM
Matt joins Britney and Monet. He re-channels their sorrow back to bashing Rachel and leaves.

Matt and Ragan talk in the Storage Room. Ragan agrees to let Matt know if votes change in the next 3 days. Ragan says, “No one has my back.” And Matt responds, “You're probably right.” (Ed. They keep right on talking, but I’ll bet that comment will haunt Ragan’s thoughts for days to come.)

Britney and Monet finally get back in the game working Lane for his vote. They think they can get Hayden's and maybe even Kathy's (Ed. Cough Cough). Monet says they should be nice to Andrew too.

Monet and Matt catch Enzo in a suspicious moment in the fridge and call him out jokingly, “We saw that man.” Enzo defends, “What!? I got water.”

Andrew secretly informs Kathy about the showmance between Hayden and Kristen.

5:00 PM
Enzo thinks he's going to ask BB for a therapist and wonders if he would have to talk to them through the mic and not be able to see their face. Enzo really thinks they are going to die from boredom.

Ragan comments that the fish look more active than they do right now. Britney says, “Yeah, because they get to eat pellets!”

Kathy and Rachel appear to be tonight’s chefs, but Rachel brings in Brendon. She feels bad since he’s a Have Not, but he doesn’t mind.

Britney and Monet do another vote count; Britney, Andrew, Lane, Enzo, maybe Hayden.

7:00 PM
The menu has changed from chicken enchiladas to chicken pasta because the sauce wasn't right. Brendon is out and Ragan is now helping.

Before dinner was ready, the stockade bell rang. Rachel and Monet are the only ones that have to get in the dollar bill stockades tonight. To pass the time, Enzo and Rachel attempt a stockade rap. Ragan joins with dancing. Next Monet and Rachel play word games.

Enzo and Ragan wonder how popular this group is with the ratings. Enzo thinks they are getting very high ratings.

The bell rings after an hour and the girls are released from the stockades. Both girls immediately head to the kitchen.

Monet says "If it wasn't for the fact that I wouldn't get my money I would just leave." Monet and Britney are both complaining that Rachel is being nice to them. Monet says "Is she kidding me? Asking about my life? Like she gives a (bleep) about my answers. Are you not getting it by the way I talk to you that I don't WANT to talk to you!" Britney says her Mom is going to be mad at her but she just won't get how hard it is in here. They are both wishing for outside human contact. Both are sure that their mothers cried when they were nominated. Britney thinks her Mom would have done a happy dance when she won the POV.

Rachel thinks BB will stretch out her and Brendon's earlier "big fight" for about 2 days. Even though it only lasted about 10 minutes. Brendon tells Rachel he used to do ballet in high school.

9:00 PM
Show2 Crawl: Rachel is the current HOH. Britney and Monet are nominated for eviction. Kathy has been spending a lot of time with Rachel and is suspected of throwing Britney and Monet under the bus. Brendon, Enzo, Monet and Britney must sleep on cots and eat slop for the week as Have Nots. The Veto competition and ceremony air Wednesday night.

There is a loud roar of laughter when the BB voice says, "Rachel, please treat your microphone with respect!" Seems the pack fell from her pocket and she just let it dangle. They all thought it was hilarious.

Britney and Monet can't believe Kristen is a model and say she looks cross eyed in her picture.

Rachel and Brendon do some more kissing in the HOH. Rachel put on a low-cut black dress that Brendon liked a lot.

10:00 PM
Most everyone is in the back yard just socializing and joking around. The guys feed a huge moth to a spider. Enzo farts several times to provide the main entertainment for the hour to the point Kathy and Monet even bring him some Gas-x pills.

We learn Britney’s mom almost made it on the 1st season of Survivor, but wasn't a good swimmer.

Kristen tells Kathy she worked so hard to keep Andrew off the block and didn't get a thank you. They note his reaction was weird.

Matt and Lane go into the Storage Room to talk. They thought they were ok with Andrew but they now think he has it out for Matt. They are pleased no one knows about the Brigade yet though.

11:30 PM
Enzo creates an elaborate slop dish he's very proud of and shows it to everyone. He is calling pastina and says it would cost $29.95 as an appetizer at a restaurant. Everyone that tried it was impressed.

Brendon mentions that Andrew would be distant for the next 25 hours. He is observing part of his religion. Kristen and Kathy worry that the girls (Britney/Monet) may have said something to upset him or make him switch his vote.

The Brigade members are at the kitchen table joined by Britney and Monet. Britney calls what Rachel said during the POV ceremony; that she's been working on securing the votes for Monet's departure for two days. She thinks Andrew is upset that he wasn't included in last night’s HOH meeting. Britney says this week has changed everybody.

Later at the hot tub, Matt brags to the Brigade that Rachel said exactly what he told her to say at the Veto ceremony (ed. Oh really? Last I knew he did not want it mentioned that he volunteered as a pawn.) They are content with Monet being voted out.

12:30 AM
Two feeds show Brendon and Rachel making out in the HOH and the other two feeds are on a bedroom where Hayden and Kristen are cuddling and whispering in the dark.

Kathy interrupts the HOH showmance to talk game. They want to approach Lane about his vote. They think Enzo is with Monet and Britney and may try to pull Lane in too. Brendon and Rachel discuss sleeping arrangements. She’ll be joining him in the Have-Not room and he feels bad. (ed. I never did see where they ended up)

Hayden and Kristen, mostly spooning, are concerned how to handle Andrew. They think Enzo could be a loose cannon, but Hayden thinks he and Kristen will be safe next week. Kristen whispers to Hayden "You're really cute when you wake up...you remind me of a little kid when you wake up...a grown up sexy kid". Andrew gets up abruptly and leaves the room. Kristen and Hayden agree they should sit up in the bed while they talk so Andrew is not seeing them snuggling.

Regan and Matt begin a long strategy conversation in the hammock.
Regan regrets two things:
1. Agreeing to vote Rachel after Brendon won the POV no matter who went up against her.
2. The entire HOH meeting with Brendon, Rachel, Kristen, Kathy, and Hayden last night.

Ragan spills EVERYTHING that took place in the HOH meeting and feels he is being strong armed into an alliance. He explains their main reason for wanting to put up Andrew was to split the house. With Matt up it’s a sure bet Monet goes home and it doesn’t force the divide that Rachel and Brendon want.

Matt retells Ragan why he volunteered to be a pawn. He couldn’t promise Brendon and Rachel to vote to keep Andrew safe, so he offered himself up.

Ragan doesn’t trust Brendon or Britney, but he would put up Brendon and Kathy and wants Kathy out. He also makes sure that Matt knows Rachel and Brendon think he is suspicious for volunteering to be a pawn and worried he would use it to work both sides of the house. Matt denies telling anyone that he volunteered (ed. though we know he made sure the Brigade knew). They swear each other to secrecy.

Andrew shows up outside; Ragan and Matt quickly say this is their opportunity to make up a story about how Ragan is comforting Matt. Andrew joins them and they tell him Kathy is asleep up stairs and Andrew says, "Oh she sleeps up there now?!" Andrew leaves.

Andrew goes back to bed and reports to Hayden and Kristen that Ragan and Matt are out on the hammock talking.

3:00 AM

Hayden and Kristen are the last ones up and continue to huddle and cuddle. If Hayden was HOH, he’d put up Britney, but neither of them can decide who to put up against her. Hayden says, "I want Andrew to win HOH".

Kristen says, "I have to keep it PG" after giving him a peck on the cheek. Hayden says, "It's hard to keep it PG." The covers go over their heads and they appear to be making out. They emerge and have an awkward conversation. Kristen is concerned with the relationship she has out side the house. Hayden thinks America is going to hate him for being a home wrecker.

Hayden says it’s his fault.
Kristen: "It's not your fault. I've never done that in my entire life. I just feel really bad, really bad, I had no idea this..."
Hayden: "You mean with me?"
Kristen: "Yeah"
Hayden: "Well we can stop..."
Kristen: "I like you so much"
Hayden: "I feel the same way about you...I don't know how to say it, I just want to be respectful."
Kristen says she's not "that type of person" She is trying to keep this as innocent as possible. She is putting herself in her boyfriend's shoes. What if he were on a TV show and was hitting it off with some girl, how would she feel?!
Hayden says he is kind of in the same situation, he was seeing a girl before coming in the house.
Kristen asks Hayden if his girl is going to hate him.
He says no, she's pretty cool. She knew the situation before he went in the house, he told her "don't wait around for me" and kept things open.

Hayden: "Now America knows, they're gonna hate me even more"
Kristen: "They are going to hate me too, they'll think I'm a bitch"
Hayden: "Just as long as they know I wasn't in a relationship, neither were you."
Kristen: "But I was."
He nervously laughs.
Kristen: "Do you want to be with that girl when you get back home"
Hayden: "I did before I came but now I'm questioning...she's great, I just, I don't know..."
Hayden: "Do you want to be with your guy when you get home"
Kristen: "I did before, we had a lot of plans for when I get back...I think he wants to get serious with me, marry me, but the fact that this happened makes me rethink everything. Part of me wishes I would have done what you did, you know, do your thing. I just didn't know this would happen."
She says her friends would look at Hayden and just know he was her type.
Hayden: "I called you a hottie in the DR, more than once"

They finally drift off and the house goes quiet.

Does Monet have a shot at all to stay? Could Matt make a mistake that would flip the house? This is Big Brother and there are three days to eviction.

Thanks to the Updaters for keeping it all straight; even the boring parts. And if you stuck with me through this entire Recap, you are dedicated. If you have the time, there are a couple Recap days available. PM Dreamer and she’ll get you signed up.