In George Orwell’s 1984, Big Brother is a fictional person, one man possessing total power – watching and controlling every move the citizens make. With CBS’s premise of Big Brother, the viewers are able to do the exact same thing, however with limited power as to what happens in the actual game. Every once in a while, they throw us a bone and the show becomes interactive. This year, besides the Have/Have Nots, it was America’s Choice for the Coup D’etat. Viewers voted in droves to turn the power in the house away from Jessie. Whether it was because voters liked Jeff more as a person or to give the underdogs a fighting chance is irrelevant, Jeff won. The power, unbeknownst to anyone else was in his hot little hands.

We could see the pressure building on Jeff that final week. He had a huge secret that he couldn’t share with anyone or he would lose the power all together. However, at this point, we began to see cracks in Jeff’s armor. The other houseguests came at him from every angle figuring he had the Coup. It seems only Jordan was actually surprised when it was revealed.

Jessie was after Jeff but could not put him on the block due to the clique protection. The cliques were now over with each man for himself. Since Jessie orchestrated the evictions of everyone around Jeff, it’s only logical that Jeff was the next to go. Jeff’s move in putting Natalie and Jessie on the block with his power was the right one. It’s what we voted for and he, thankfully, obliged. He knew it would put a target on his back, but he also knew he already had one, this would only add another ring to the bulls-eye.

After the ridiculous cry-fest Natalie, Lydia and Chima had over Jessie, the house was completely divided. Even two archrivals, Lydia and Natalie, bonded over their hatred for Jeff. Chima, I believe, was more upset that her all-mighty power had been usurped. This became painfully aware when she flipped later on that evening, which subsequently led to her eviction by producers. This is the point where Natalie and Kevin cooked up the “Last Minute Lie”. A lie so thinly veiled in desperation that anyone should have been able to see through it. Kevin went to Jeff, telling him he overheard Michele and Russell talking about a Final Two deal together. Stating that, “they didn’t want me to tell you because they wanted to laugh in your face when Russell voted you out.” If I am Jeff, adding that last line, makes the story believable. Would I have believed it completely? No. And neither did Jeff. He confronted Michele about it and her response was her standard, “I don’t remember.” Ugh. She went on to further the others’ lie by adding that he wanted to take out Jeff the following week. I don’t think anyone knows for sure what Michele’s strategy is, or if she even has one. It’s understandable that she wanted the heat off herself for the imaginary conversation, but why say something is true when it’s not? My head was spinning; I can only imagine what Jeff and Jordan were thinking. But, there it was – solidified, Russell wanted Jeff out, he was not sticking to the Final Four deal and Jeff’s chance at the prize would end the following week.

As Jeff and Jordan went back and forth on what they should do, the end result was sticking to numbers. Jordan, as HOH, sent Lydia home over Natalie. Russell’s fate was sealed the following week when Jeff won HOH and POV and sent him packing after making a deal with the enemy. Kevin and Natalie both agreed that neither of them would put Jeff on the block – either if they won HOH or POV. In Jeff’s mind, he was sitting pretty. In the viewers mind, especially those with live feeds, this was gut wrenching to watch – we knew he had just lost the game. It was still a good move for Jeff at the time to eliminate Russell. We will never know if Russell would have come after Jeff sooner rather than later, but after watching his Diary Room sessions, I have no doubt the answer is sooner than their Final Four deal. But, trusting Natalie and Kevin was the worst move he could make.

Kevin won HOH in a hilarious, fall-induced competition. Kevin told both Michele and Jeff that he would be putting them on the block for eviction. Telling them each separately that they were merely a pawn and the other was the target. It didn’t matter to Kevin, one of them had to go. Michele won the Midnight Morph POV competition, eliminating herself from consideration. Jordan would go up with Jeff as the target.

Reality finally began to sink in for both Jeff and Jordan. Natalie immediately washed her hands of any involvement, stating that she couldn’t believe Kevin didn’t stick to the deal. Kevin became increasingly upset that Jeff wasn’t campaigning to him. Michele matter-of-factly shot down Natalie and Kevin’s plan for a Final Three deal with Natalie asking “Yay or Nay?” Michele immediately threw out, “Nay” and continued on her way, leaving Natalie with her mouth agape. Michele later told Kevin that she was voting for Jeff to stay no matter what.

Poor Jordan knew in an instant that it was Jeff that would be leaving and she tried in vain to fall on her sword for him. Say what you will about Jordan, but I think she has a heart of gold. She truly felt that Jeff deserved to be there over her and wanted to do anything she could for that to happen. Thus, she began campaigning for him to stay. I sensed the guilt in Jeff. Here, he wants to stay and win the money, but to do that he has to go against his one, truly ally and a person he has developed real feelings for. He knows she needs the money but she is willing to give it up for him. I felt sorry for her. Up until the Last Minute Lie, Jordan had everyone pegged and now she didn’t trust her gut. She lost faith in herself and felt that Jeff would make it to the end and she, alone, wouldn’t. She felt Jeff carried her, but I see it as an equal partnership. While she may not have won competitions when they were needed, neither did Jeff. Having a true alliance, knowing that you can trust another person unequivocally in that house, gave them their strength. Did it make them a target at the same time? Yes. But, throughout the game, one without the other might not have lasted as long.

On the showmance front, I don’t think Jordan ever suspected for a minute that they would not be the Final Two. Once it hit her that one of them were leaving and it would most likely be Jeff, she was more responsive than ever to him. I see them as having real – beyond the game – feelings for each other. Jordan certainly appears to have fallen for him and Jeff lit up every time she walked in to a room. His smiles to her when she wasn’t looking, or kissing and caressing her while she was asleep, show me that he definitely feels something for her. They both commented on past seasons’ couples in that they looked a bit foolish confessing their love to each other on television. They both said that they would discuss their future once they were out of the house. Of course, viewers that love this aspect really hope there is a future for them. There are so many reasons we see them as a perfect pairing, but there are reasons why it wouldn’t work as well. It’s for them to figure out and by doing it off-camera; I think it proves their true feelings. It’s serious to them in their personal lives and not for the entertainment of viewers.

Last night was Jeff’s farewell to the Big Brother house. Michele voted for him to stay, as she said she would. Natalie voted to evict him after giving him hope until the very last second. Jeff’s coffin was nailed by Kevin having the last say in the tiebreaker. America’s Choice, Jeff, was evicted.

There are so many moves that one can look at in hindsight. I think Jeff played the best game he could have with the cards he was dealt. He’s a competitor. He fought until the buzzer rang and he lost. It hurts. He gone.