8:00 AM
Brendon is the first up. He gets Rachel and they head out back to talk some serious game. They run down the status of the other House Guests. Rachel noted last week Kristen wanted to get Britney and Kathy out, but now she’s real friendly with Kathy. Brendon is worried about Enzo and Britney. He has a strategy to keep Enzo angry about the people that dropped out of the HOH early to be the ‘Haves’. Brendon is going to work on Hayden. He asked Rachel to work on Britney.

Lane, Enzo, and Hayden are together reinforcing the new strategy from last night to vote Andrew out. Lane reports that Britney plans to vote Kathy out.

At that very moment, Kristen and Ragan are in the hammock discussing how hard it is to decide who to vote for.

10:00 AM
Kathy works on Lane and Hayden saying she will go after Brendon and Rachel but Andrew won't.

Matt informs Lane and Hayden that Andrew might have been faking being shut out of the HOH meeting last week. Lane notes that Andrew was smiling that whole time.

Rachel and Kristen are in the Taj Room. Rachel asks Kristen straight out if she would put Rachel and Brendon up. Kristen replies, “I don't know. I don't want to. I know it’s what the House wants.”

Elsewhere Matt tells Ragan he wants to keep Brendon and Rachel around until double eviction.

11:30 AM
There is an outside lockdown in prep for the Veto meeting. Before the feeds are cut, Ragan makes a case to Matt that leaving Andrew and Brendon in the house is like keeping two alpha males. That would keep him and Matt off everyone’s radar.

12:30 PM
Feeds return and we learn Brendon did not use the Veto as expected. However, we also learn what should have been an uneventful Veto meeting has actually turned the house upside down.

It seems Andrew targeted Brendon and Rachel in his take-me-off-the-block speech and Rachel huffed and puffed throughout it. This set off the major activity of the afternoon, which was House Guests discussing if they thought Rachel’s reaction was an act, Andrew’s speech was an act, and if Brendon and Rachel are really in a secret alliance with Andrew. What was a shift in the winds to evict Andrew has turned to an all out paranoid cyclone with Andrew square in its path.

Ragan notes to Hayden that was the weirdest POV meeting so far.

Kathy tells Ragan she is mad that Andrew asked her to speak first so he could throw her under the bus in his speech. Ragan thinks there will be a twin head of household next week and if Kathy gets it, she should not feel pressured to do what the other one wants.

Matt tries to go with the house flow but also takes every opportunity to tell anyone that will listen why it is still a good idea to keep Andrew. He makes sure everyone knows he won’t believe a word that Brendon and Rachel say for the next week because they will do anything to make it to the jury together.

Elsewhere Andrew walks in on Brendon and Rachel cuddling in a bed and leans over to give Rachel a kiss on the cheek. Andrew says "Don't worry, but you overplayed it!” Rachel starts to cry as Andrew leaves. Rachel says "You guys are way more manipulative then I am."

2:00 PM
Brendon joins Matt, Hayden and Enzo in the HOH. Enzo asks what Brendon's take on the situation is. Brendon says that he doesn't like people targeting him but he came to compete, not throw competitions. He does not say who he is voting out but continues to say he came to compete and he wants to see strong competitors stay in the game.
Ragan goes fishing for information from Andrew but doesn’t seem to be getting much in the way of satisfactory answers. Andrew says he is not mad at Brendon and Rachel, but he'll go after them like everyone else. The rest of the time he awkwardly complements Ragan on being a competitor.

Matt tells Brendon that BB took away the spy cam remote. He figured out how to change the title’s on the screen and changed the title on the Kitchen view to read ‘Hayden's Alliance’ as a joke.

Rachel gives Ragan and Hayden the ‘poor me’ spiel saying she and Brendon have to win every POV because they are the target. She was shocked by Andrew’s speech.

Privately Rachel asks Hayden if he and Kristen have a showmance. He says no because she has a boyfriend.

3:00 PM
We hear Andrew mumble under his breath that Kathy is campaigning against him even though she says she isn't.

Kathy and Kristen talk about the new found friendship between Britney and Rachel.

4:30 PM
Brendon and Rachel have a big disagreement. When Rachel asks Brendon about there being a plan with Andrew, Brendon says there is no plan, just that Andrew will seem like he doesn't like Rachel to keep their alliance secret. Rachel wants to know why she’s been blindsided by this. Brendon still seems to want to keep Andrew and Rachel says she is going to keep Kathy.

In this conversation Brendon says that Andrew threw the POV to him. Andrew told him to ‘Stay’ twice in the competition. Rachel says “I hope you and Andrew know what you are doing because you are playing with fire and I’m fire.”

Outside, Andrew asks Matt if he still reads his letter from his wife. Matt says he reads it every day. Matt says he wasn't concerned that anything would be wrong but he was concerned that he does so much around the house. He’s happy that people are coming over and staying over and stuff.

After Matt leaves Andrew whispers to himself “Yeah, I don't believe him.”

Britney tells Lane she doesn't want to be portrayed as Miss Prissy. She goes fishing and hiking and she used to play in creeks, catch tadpoles and kill stuff. She's not pink nail polish and tiaras.

Brendon and Rachel are alone in the kitchen. Brendon says he wants to say something but they are on TV. He whispers something to her and she giggles. Brendon then tells her that he loves her. Britney enters and says to Brendon and Rachel that they are having "eye sex".

Out back, Britney says that if BB would just play some cheesy music she could pretend she is on a cruise.

7:00 PM
Lane confirms to Ragan and Matt that he is voting Kathy to stay.

Hayden and Kristen joke about winning HOH. If she wins, he will be allowed in her room, but with limited access.

9:00 PM
Show2 Crawl: Matt is the current HOH. Andrew and Kathy are nominated for eviction. Matt is keeping his options open until after the Veto before deciding his true target. Britney thinks Hayden and Kristen are not in a shomance but are actually related. The Brigade is hoping the master plan is to backdoor Brendon. The Veto competition and ceremony will air Sunday night (ed. Oops, somebody forgot to update the next show day).

Matt and Andrew chat. Andrew hopes his POV speech doesn't backfire on him. He asked Matt if he gets four votes to keep his word not to vote him out as the tie breaker. Matt agrees as long as Andrew will keep his word about not going after Matt.

Kristen jokes to Kathy about BB not being able to use her in any episodes and she'll be the girl just walking around. Kristen and Hayden confirm to Kathy they will vote out Andrew.

Ragan, Matt and Andrew discuss past seasons at length. Britney joins and describes an imaginary girl, Nicole, who's seeing her fiancé Nick; A biker girl/bartender who is also a hot runner. She says that her Nick is with her right now. She is very animated and entertaining.

Enzo, Hayden, Lane, Kathy and Kristen are in the Cabana room. General chit chat. Lane wants to know why they call it a pizza pie when it isn’t a pie.

In the HOH, Britney, Rachel and Matt talk about how BB might edit each of them.
Britney is worried she is being portrayed as the prissy princess. She says the day she wore the tiara around was a HUGE mistake.
Matt says Kristen may be portrayed as the spiritual hippy chick.
Monet was the "sporty girl next door".
Britney says Rachel is probably the loud outrageous chick.
Brendon’s the All-American college athlete guy.
Matt says Hayden is like this season's Jeff but a little more surfer.
Lane was supposed to be the down home country guy.
Matt says Enzo is totally the Jersey guy.
Rachel says with her they wanted a vixen.
Britney thinks they wanted her to be the new Jordan.
They go over who they thought was the saboteur at different stages of the game.
Britney says the DR wouldn't tell her if the life-long-friends message was true but they told her the beeping devices were from the saboteur. This makes Rachel think that there really are two friends in the house. They talk about Kristen's boyfriend. She says they were together for 2 months prior to her coming on BB. They note she doesn't really talk about him.

After Kristen leaves, Britney asks if anyone has seen Hayden and Kristen cuddling. Rachel says no, but says that they do make decisions together and brings up Kristen telling her that she controls Hayden's vote. Matt says that's pretty funny she would say that (ed. I wonder why?)

1:00 AM
In the Taj, Hayden tells Kristen it is a lock that Kathy is staying in the house. Hayden says that one of them has to win HOH this week or they are going home. They kiss before she goes back to her bed. She thinks they have a few more minutes to cuddle before someone comes in so she goes back to his bed and they start kissing again. They eventually go back to separate beds but continue to chat. He tells her Lane said that people think that they are connected outside the house; that they may be cousins.

About this time Britney tells the HOH crew how Kristen said all the kids in her family have "en" on the end of their name. So she draws the conclusion that Hayden is Kristen’s sibling.

Enzo and Kathy whisper in the bathroom. Kathy says the reason she voted for Matt was because she was going against what Rachel and Brendon told her to do. Enzo asks her who Rachel and Brendon wanted to put up last week. She says they talked a lot about Kristen and Hayden.

2:00 AM
Matt tells Britney he has been working on Ragan that Brendon and Rachel must go. Britney thinks Matt is America's Player and that's why he didn't put them up. Matt thinks he could be a replacement nom if Hayden and Kristen go up and one comes down.

Enzo asks Matt if Kristen knows she is a target for Rachel and Brendon. He says she does know and she is totally fired up and ready to fight. Matt says it sounded like Rachel wasn't going to vote for Andrew to stay. Enzo says, "Andrew, poor guy, he never got a shot. He went from a weenie to the saboteur to Capt. Kosher."

3:30 AM
Enzo leaves the HOH, whistles and rips a "Grenade!" and he's off to bed. The house goes quiet.

Will Andrew’s speech be his demise? Does he really have a plan with Brendon? Will anyone ever suspect there is a Brigade in the house?

Thanks go to the Updaters who keep us all informed!