Twas the night before eviction and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring not even Chima and her mouth
They thought of the keys on the memory wall with great care
And hoped that tomorrow night theirs would still be there

Soon all the hg’s were fast asleep it did seem
As visions of tomorrow played out in their dreams
With Lydia in her kerchief and Nat curled up on Jessie’s lap
They all settled in to a long BB nap

When down in the kitchen there rose such a clatter
They sprung from their beds to see what was the matter
Out of the hoh room Chima flew like a flash
She looked down to the kitchen then let out a gasp

The fridge door was open and cast a dim glow
There was someone standing in the kitchen below
When what to her wondering eyes did she see
But Jeff standing there looking quite “wizardy”

Jordan giggled and squealed so lively and quick
Jessie burned with jealousy at America’s pick
Jeff said to Chima I’m in charge of this game
Come tomorrow night I’ll choose two names

Now Jessie and Nat you’d better listen you two
Cuz tomorrow night one of you could be screwed
One of your pictures could turn grey on the wall
Your alliance could very well take a great fall

Then with a start and a jerk of her head
Chima suddenly sat up in her bed
She drew in a breath and looked all around
It was just a bad dream Russ was still going down

She laid back in bed and let out a shout
Stick to my plan people I want Russell out
But the wizard exclaimed from somewhere out of sight
We’ll see what happens come tomorrow night!