7:00 AM
Andrew was the first to awake. He did his morning prayers then headed to HOH to wake up Hayden. He woke him up to tell him that he was not the saboteur, and that he wanted to stay. He told him that if he won VETO he would not take Brendan off the block. That he wants Matt to go next week.

At 8:40 Brendan and Brittany woke up. She was her perky self and wanted pancakes. Everyone else seemed to get up at this time too. They were on inside lockdown, so they were anticipating the VETO competition today.

Brendan tells Annie in the pink room he wants to win HOH and put Hayden up on the block. He thinks Lane will backstab Hayden. He thinks Hayden is playing stupidly.
Annie says that the guys want to vote out Rachel if they can’t vote out Brendon, because they want to take out an ally of his. Annie says they don’t know how close Brendon and Annie are. Annie is pissed about the first HOH comp saying Brendon should have been able to be the last one across. Brendon thinks Hayden wants to hang out with the chicks all summer.

Annie then goes into the cabana room and asked Brittney if she could convince Hayden to evict Brendon. She doesn’t want Brendon to convince Hayden to keep him. Annie was saying that Brendon was all over Annie and when Annie rejected him he went after Kristen and then Rachel. They think it’s disgusting how they are all over each other at night.

Rachel has a talk with Andrew about his inappropriate remarks. She told him the girls think he is a pervert because of the things he is saying. She told him to knock it off, people are uncomfortable. Andrew said that he couldn’t believe that the girls hate him.

11:15 AM
The VETO competition takes place while we get trivia. POV players were: Brendon, Rachel, Hayden, Enzo, Monet and Andrew.

1:30 PM
The feeds come back and we see that Brandon won the VETO! We immediately see Annie and Brandon in the pantry, with Annie telling him that he deserved to win it and she was glad he won it. It was some kind of spelling competition. Brandon leaves and Brittney and Lane join Annie in the pantry. They all say they are [screwed], and they need to come up with a plan and pitch it to Hayden. Annie was clearly playing both sides of the fence; happy for Brandon then saying she was screwed to Britney and Lane.

Enzo was upset over losing. He and Matt headed to HOH to talk to Hayden, but Hayden was in the shower. They agree that Rachel should go but want to talk to Hayden.

Brendon and Rachel chat and Brendon said he didn’t want to be in the house without her. She told him to talk to Hayden and tell him he will not put him up if he is HOH next week.

Matt, Enzo and Hayden talk in the HOH room, Enzo pushes the plan to backdoor Annie. Enzo believes Annie is the saboteur and needs to go. Everyone wants Annie out. She's made alliances with everyone. The girls hate Rachel and will go after her next week.
Hayden doesn't seem sold on it, but is now talking about it and suggests a deal with Brendon to say they will keep Rachel if they vote out Annie.
Matt said that their alliance since day 1 will go down in history (The Brigade alliance of Enzo, Matt, Hayden and Lane).

Brittany then joins and tells them Brendon said he would keep Hayden from putting her up this week if she wouldn't put him up next week. Enzo asks her who she wants gone this week. She says it's tough; one has an alliance with everyone and one is in an alliance with Brendon. Enzo pushes hard for Annie to go. Brittany says she will do whatever Hayden wants, but she's worried about the numbers if Rachel stays. Brittany tells them that Andrew just snapped and yelled at her. She thinks he's with the other side.

Andrew and Hayden chat, Andrew said he wanted Monet to be replacement, but Hayden said no she had to stay for awhile. Hayden mentioned Annie as a replacement and Andrew told him he would vote anyway he wanted. Hayden then told him to chill out with the girls and apologize to them; they were offended. Andrew said he didn’t understand but would do it.

8:00 PM
Matt tells Hayden that Ragan thinks Kathy and Britney are mother and daughter. They find this idea to be very amusing.

Andrew apologizes to Annie for the ‘blanket thing’. She says it took her by surprise and appreciates the apology.

Ragan, Hayden, and Annie are on the BY couches talking about dates. Hayden says that he thinks all first dates should be at nice restaurants cause if you don't make a good first impression, you're dead in the water. Annie says that she's a wonderful girlfriend. Lane asks if she's clingy. Annie says nope. She cooks, she's loyal and understanding. She doesn't think that she deserves to be cheated on but she's been cheated on in every relationship. She can't figure out what's wrong with her.

Rachel attempted to do some type of backward handstand. She failed. There are screen caps of it the Media Forum. She talks to Brendon in the hot tub about how hard she's fought for him. He says he will fight for her too.

Annie told Britney that Andrew apologized for looking under her skirt. Britney said Andrew should apologize to her for taking her head off.

Annie, Enzo, Kathy, Matt, and Britney are in the cabana room talking. Monet and Andrew are there too. Andrew takes the opportunity to explain some about his religion and answers questions.

9:00 PM
Big backyard chat about the state of America and how it needs more focus.
Somehow this evolves to a discussion about boob jobs. Andrew says being asked what he likes better - boobs or butts - is like being asked to choose between children.

Kathy and Monet are inside. Andrew comes in and asks Kathy what the girls are saying about him. Kathy tells him the girls do not talk to her.

Brittney and Andrew pressure Rachel to tell them all the details about her and Brandon. She is reluctant but eventually gives it up. They were lying in the hammock, and Brendon put a blanket over their faces and said he wanted to kiss. Their first kiss had no tongue, but at least one later one did. "Everything has been very polite and under blankets".

Meanwhile Annie and Brendon are lounging in the hammock. Annie says she doesn't like fake boobs. They share some hard life stories and Brendon encourages her about career decisions.

Matt, Lane, Brendon, Monet, and Britney are hanging around the dining room table. Britney says they have to get rid of Enzo before the house gets too empty, otherwise he'll go crazy.

Hayden, Kristen, and Rachel are still around the hot tub. Enzo is swimming in the pool. Rachel says she used to be extremely skinny when she was 22. She says she'd rather be athletic and muscular than a "stick thing". Kristen says she runs and does cardio to keep herself trim.

11:00 PM

Britney and Monet are discussing Annie in the HoH room. According to Britney, Annie thinks Kathy is going up on the block. Annie has no clue she's going up, otherwise she "wouldn't be acting like an idiot". They say Matt is smart and funny. They give him credit for coming up with the plan to get rid of Annie. Monet says the next three weeks need to get rid of Brendon, Andrew, and Rachel in that order.

Britney gets catty about Kristin while Monet sits next to her and agrees with everything. Britney says Kristen has a bad boob job, she's not very pretty and the only reason Hayden is hanging out with her is because he has no other options.

Lane and Hayden talk about replacement noms in the SR. Hayden brings up the others wanting to backdoor Annie. Lane counters that Annie could be convinced to vote with them, but Rachel will not work with them because she is set on Brendon. He thinks noming Kathy is safer. Lane suggests voting Rachel out, but him throwing a vote her way to work Brendon. They talk about backdooring Brendon next week and keeping Andrew because they can work him. They think they will both be safe if Andrew wins HOH.
They talk about Enzo flipping out earlier and Hayden thinks Enzo will be the one to flip out on their final 4 alliance.

Hayden tells Annie that people say she's playing all sides. She says that is bull and denies being in an alliance with Brendon and Rachel. She is going to close her mouth and stop talking game.

Hayden tells Lane that Annie will be on their side if they save her. They have to talk to Enzo about because he is so dead-set on getting Annie out. Lane says he loves beards and thinks they should all grow one.

Annie talks to Brittney and Ragan. She assures them that she is with them and on board with the group's plans. Ragan is asking if there has been a change in who is going. He says no one has said anything to him.

Ragan tells everyone goodnight. He's going to bed. Kathy joins him in the have not room. Kathy tells Ragan that Brendon and Rachel are a force to be reckoned with.
Britney joins them. She wants to know what is going on. Kathy says she's never asked anyone to walk around and gather information for her. Kathy says "there's probably no saboteur in this house, "We're the one's sabotaging everything"

1:00 AM
It was reported that the Saboteur put an 'X' over Britney and Kathy's photos. But there is surprisingly little said about it.

However, Annie is crying in the bathroom. Monet follows her and admits to already crying twice in the house. Annie says she has a lot of family stuff. Her family wouldn't sign anything for the show and she doesn't like it because she literally can't talk about it.

Annie goes back outside. Brendon comforts her. She says she's embarrassed for being the cry baby. BB updated her about 12 hours ago about the family situation.

Annie goes back inside and Brendon goes with her to the cabana room. She talks about how everyone says she's in an alliance with him and they want her out. She blames her PMS. Brendon says she needs to talk to Hayden. They are trying to figure out a plan.

All the while Lane, Hayden and Matt are in the HOH talking about how Annie is stirring up crap. Hayden says neither Annie nor Brittney can keep their mouths shut. Matt thinks Brittney could be the Saboteur.

Matt says he has Ragan and Rachel. Hayden says he has Kristen and Andrew. Lane has the two girls. They have the house covered. Matt says it is a sure thing that Annie is going home this week. Lane is worrying about Enzo screwing things up for their 'brigade' alliance. They say they need to chill him out.

Enzo & Brendon are in kitchen and want Andrew gone next week .They shake on it and Enzo says he wants to be the HOH.

Kathy and Monet are complaining about Annie to Lane while he's in bed. He laughs about it. Kathy says she didn't want Annie to know anything about her going up on the block as a replacement.

Annie is in bed with Brendon. She doesn't like Enzo and Kristen and thinks Matt is with Enzo.

Hayden and Enzo head to the HoH room to talk. Hayden says Annie was crying because her family wouldn't sign anything and didn't want her on the show. Enzo says he thinks Annie is an actress. They agree they need Kristen but she can't know about 'the brigade.'

2:00 AM
Hayden and Kristen are talking in the Cabana room. She says the house is going to split into 2 sides; Hayden's side and Brendon's side. She's says she'll be on Hayden's side. She thinks Hayden needs Andrew and Enzo. The only other girl to consider is Annie. Hayden thinks Annie should go home. Kristen thinks Annie should stay.

Hayden says that he and Kristen are the only 2 in the house that don’t think Andrew is the saboteur. Hayden thinks it is Annie and Kristen says she had a dream that it was Annie too. He tells her about all of Annie's alliances that he's been told about and how she's playing both side of the house.

Things eventually quiet down and everyone goes to bed.

So, is Andrew really the Saboteur? Or is Annie going to be the new house favorite for this role? And who will Hayden nominate when Brandon uses the Veto?

Another fine job by the Updaters today. Thanks!