8:00 am and Big Brother has decided it is time for the houseguests to get up for the day. Everyone doing their morning primping, Hayden making breakfast, Rachel and Kathy in HOH bed already chatting about Monet. Kathy talking about how upset she is that Money was so disrespectful to her last night. Rachel says I didn't even know that you guys were friends. Kathy is making it sound as though they were just hanging out and it was never anything game wise just family and superficial stuff. Rachel feels that she can talk to Kathy and Kristen but it's becoming obvious that there are several people she cannot talk to. Kathy agrees and says it's just cattiness. She tells a story of when Monet was upset that Kathy was wearing one of Britney's shirts. Kathy says she doesn't like the drama. Rachel says she wishes they could call Monet out. With the whole "Annie thing" she wanted to say something but didn't because of not wanting to call drama. Kathy says it's weird that Monet would come up here and say things about her. Rachel says she knew right away that Monet was playing her and shouldn't have second guessed herself.

Matt and Hayden are hopeful they will get to play in the POV. They discuss the importance of the nominations staying the same.

Britney and Kathy are talking in the BR , Kathy is saying she is uncomfortable because she knows the girls are upset with them. They hug and Britney asks Kathy if she's ok. She says no. Monet comes in and they are telling Kathy that they were told Kathy said something about them. Kathy says she didn't. They are saying they are sorry that it went down like that. Kathy says its ok. Britney tries to explain how they were feeling when they thought that she had betrayed them. Kathy is being snippy with her. Saying she isn't used to people being like that and that people have different morals. Kathy says it was a group decision about the HV comp. Britney says she wasn't upset with Kathy about the comp. She volunteered to be a HV. Brit says you came up to me and hugged me so I didn't think anything of it. She was told late last night that Kathy had said something about her and that it was not Rachel that said anything. Britney says Rachel was as nice as she could be to us and kept her word. Britney says someone else told her that Kathy had said something to her. Kathy says she didn't say anything and she knew nothing about what was said. She says it's someone else throwing you under the bus.

9:00am Time to pick POV players. Ragan is the host, players are Rachel, Brit, Monet ,Brendon Lane and Enzo. Everyone starts scrambling to get ready for POV. Brendon and Rachel talking about possible replacement nominees if someone uses the veto.

10:30am POV Begins! Houseguests do not return until 1:40pm. Britney is the POV winner! Brit and Monet talking about who Rachel can put up against Monet and how they have to turn the house to ensure Monet stays. Up in HOH, Brendon and Rachel discuss who they are going to put up. They talk about using Matt as the replacement or possibly Lane but she doesn't want to make him mad. She says Lane is the logical person though. Brendon says we need to nail Matt down for future weeks so that Matt won't put them up. Regan and Matt join Rachel and Brendon in HOH. Rachel keeps sating she wants someone as a pawn to make sure Monet leaves. Matt tells them they have to be careful who they choose for a pawn since if that Pawn stays, they can easily use that as an excuse to use you as a pawn down the line. Brendon agrees.

Monet and Britney are discussing what they should do about the replacement nom. Who they should get Rachel and Brendon to put up. They think they have several votes and can keep Monet safe. The best case scenario would be for her to put up Hayden but doesn't think she will do that because they would be putting up one of their own. Although they deny that Hayden is part of the Brendon/Rachel alliance. They discuss how great it would be if they can convince he to put Andrew up. Britney says she will give whatever everyone wants if they get Andrew out for her. He's not good for his word, he's creepy and lurking around all the time. Monet thinks if Andrew goes up, she might have a chance. Enzo joins the conversation and is very excited at the possibility of getting Rachel to put up Andrew and they will vote him out.

Britney goes up to talk to Rachel. She tells Rachel that she totally understands the position Rachel was in for nominations and she is not upset with her. Brit lays it on pretty thick about how much she respects Rachel. Rachel seems very receptive and tells Brit that she is glad she won the veto. Brit tries to convince her to keep Monet, but Rachel is afraid Money will come after her.

Monet and Matt whisper in the kit. She thinks they need to get Andrew nominated. Matt agrees that would be great. Matt tells her his idea that they should all threaten B/R by saying if they are put up as a pawn, they will then put up one of them as pawn if they get HOH. Matt saying they would have the votes to keep Monet if Kathy goes up.

Matt now talking with Hayden and Lane. Matt asking if all of them are in agreement about getting Kathy up as a replacement and out. Hayden and Lane says, "Yeah". Matt wants them both to tell B&R to put up a weak player as a pawn. Lane saying that one of the people from the brigade MUST win HOH next week.

Brendon goes into HOH. Hay goes in after him. Hayden asking about the noms, suggesting putting up someone who isn't too strong because they wouldn't go and would come after them. Hayden asks who they are thinking of nominating. Bren tells him that they are thinking about Matt...say Matt was acting sneaky. Hayden agrees and wants wants to know if Matt would be "purely a pawn." Brendon says yes. He says, this will guarantee Monet is out the door. They say that Brit can't win HOH next week so they can put her back up on the block. Brandon saying that the players who are floaters have nothing to worry about right now. Hayden telling Brendon he is not going to mention details to the Brigade about his and Brandon's talk he is just going to say that Brendon didn't tell him anything except he is thinking about putting up weak player.

Monet goes to talk to Rachel. Monet stressing that some other people are always going to kiss the HOH's butt. Monet telling her that she feels Rachel’s motives for wanting her out are personal. They discuss Rachel rolling her eyes during last week's POV name drawing. Rachel saying she was just upset because she thought she was going to go home...Monet saying she didn't understand it and was hurt. Rachel says she feels bad about it and wanted to apologize but didn't want to come off as being fake. Rachel tells Monet that she torn right now and that she thinking about maybe putting up someone who will go home, but worries that Brit and Monet will come after her and Brenden. Monet again saying she wouldn't have come after her and that she won't come after R/B if she stays. Monet suggests Andrew, Monet telling Rachel that the whole house thinks that Andrew is with them in an alliance because he got so excited about her winning HOH. Rachel doesn’t know why they think that. Rachel says that if she puts up Andrew then she wants her and Brit's guarantee that Rachel will not be their targets later. Monet saying she wouldn't be because there are bigger targets for her in the house. Rachel saying that if Andrew goes up then Monet will stay in the house.

6:30pm Kristen ,Rachel and Kathy talking strategy in HOH. Rachel saying she feels like all the girls are trying to get each other out. Kristen says, "yeah". Kristen telling Rachel to take Monet out this week and then take out Andrew later. Rachel saying she doesn't think Monet is going to go home this week and that it is going to be really hard to get Brit out. Kristen saying the guys are not supporting Brit at all and that Monet is "gone". Kristen saying if she won HOH she would put up Brit and someone else but that person would only be a pawn to get Brit out. And that she would tell everyone that if they don't vote out Brit she would be pissed. Rachel telling Kristen there are 2 people she is thinking about putting up -- Kathy and "person x". Doesn't say Andrew. Kris telling Rachel not to put up Lane because he would get pissed and come after her. Rachel telling Kris she doesn't want to use Ragan as a pawn because he will always be someone Rachel can figure things out with and that they are close. Rachel saying she doesn't want to put Matt or Enzo up either. But wonders who Enzo would go after if he won HOH and Kristen thinks Enzo would put up two guys and hope it's not Hayden or Brendon. Rachel telling Brendon that she is scared to cause any unnecessary drama. That this is like a game of chess. Just wants to make the right decision to ensure her safety for the next few weeks so they can at least get to the jury house.

7:30pm Rachel has Kathy get Matt & Regan for her. Kristen and Kathy leave HOH. Rachel tells them her plan of putting up a pawn in order to get Monet out. She is telling them that if she puts up Andrew that they have to promise and not flip to vote out Andrew and keep Monet. Ragan saying he has to play being himself and that he is playing with his heart. Ragan is saying his loyalty is with all of them, Kristen and Hayden and he will not flip his vote. Rachel told Matt that she was considering putting him up as a pawn because no one would vote him out but she doesn't want to do that to him because they are friends. Brendon saying he really likes Andrew so they called them up there to make sure they vote out Monet. Matt doesn't think putting up Andrew is a guarantee Monet will leave the house. Brendon convincing Matt they definitely have the other votes to get out Monet and is mostly concerned about Matt/Ragan flipping. Matt says he would do whatever they want. Matt says she has a better shot of getting Monet out by at putting him up as a pawn! Rachel telling him that he needs to think this thing through and telling him he doesn't want to be on the block. She thinks it would be 9-0 vote for him to stay but she is also afraid that Monet/Brit is going to campaign hard to get Matt to go. Matt still saying it is best for him to go up but wants protection. Also wants Rachel to tell everyone at POV ceremony that it is clear he is only a pawn and that she wants Monet out of the house. Matt says he is going to act all surprised that he was nominated. Matt wants the house to know he is just a pawn and that Monet is the target. Rachel still doesn't want to put him in that position but Brendon and Matt are saying it's for the best. Matt says he will think about it for a while and let her know later tonight.

Matt goes straight to Hayden & Lane and tells them about offering himself as the pawn. He says this will make the Brigade super secret and safe. He just says he needs to be sure he will still be there. He says if he has their votes and just one more (he thinks he has Ragan for sure), then he will be good. He tells Lane to act surprised when he (Matt) is nominated. He doesn't want anyone to know he told him. Lane tells him he won't and that he has the votes. Matt then goes to tell Enzo. Enzo seems skeptical. He thinks that if Andrew went up and got voted out, it would be the whole house against R&B, and not a house split. Matt says no, they'd have Kathy, Ragan, Brendon votes fore sure, and maybe more. He doesn't want to expose the Brigade this early in the game.

At the exact time Matt is telling the Brigade about his plan, up in HOH Rachel tells Brendon she thinks Matt is trying to screw them over. That he can use this as a way to rally those around him to go after Rachel & Brendon. She still wants to put Andrew up. Rachel is surprised that he can't see it. Brendon gets a little upset, that it's not obvious to him. Rachel is pissed that Matt thinks he can get over on her. She thinks that somehow there is some motive behind Matt offering to be a pawn. Brendon trusts Andrew more. Andrew comes in and tells them he doesn’t know what’s going on but Matt just went to Lane and Hayden talking and when he walked into the room they shut down. Rachel and Brendon tell Andrew they may need to put him up as a pawn. Andrew says that if he gets put up, he will get knocked out of the house. He won't hold it against her, but he's pretty sure he'll get knocked out. Andrew leaves. Brendon thinks that he should still put Matt up. Rachel says that Matt will go after them if she puts him up, regardless of his volunteering. She still wants to put Andrew up since she thinks he'll understand. Rachel just told Bren that Matt is a combination of Ronnie & Dan & she came in the house to play like Janelle! She thinks Matt will play a pity party to everyone & then go in the diary & laugh at how stupid Rachel is. She says 'especially since he volunteered' there is no way I am putting him up!

10pm Rachel in BY telling Kristen about the whole Matt situation. She says she is going to put Andrew up but also call Matt out and let the house know he volunteered to be the pawn and is playing all sides of the house (yet she is not putting him up..LOL) Kristen thinks she should put Matt up. Regan joins the conversation and Rachel begins to drink and drink some more. With each sip, she starts insinuating Big Brother “let” Britney win the POV. She keeps using the term “expect the unexpected” as code for Big Brother is rigging the show. Basically telling them to expect Big Brother to set them up and change the game however they see fit. Regan has a little wine and gets a little tipsy. He and Rachel go into HOH to talk game. Rachel tells him her feelings for Matt and how she thinks he is playing her. Ragan is a little baffled and tries to make sense of it (since Matt is his friend). Regan tells her the house has a way of making them play different scenarios in their head and believing the wrong things. He doesn’t want her to rush to judgment on Matt. But he admits, Matt offering himself as a pawn does not make any sense to him. They discuss who is playing the “game” and who isn’t.

11:00pm Monet, Brit & Matt in the kitchen, Brit randomly says “I feel like If I was Michael Angelo and you gave me some plaster and a chisel, I could carve Kristen’s vagina “(LMAO!) They all are hysterical laughing. Saying how you can see it all the time no matter what she is wearing, it is always sticking out and its very wide.

Rachel and Kathy now in HOH. Rachel tells her the whole Matt story. Talking about how the house is definitely splitting. Kathy says its weird and she gets a funny feeling things are just “wrong” in the house. BB rings a bell and everyone goes out to the BY and say they have to go get “stocked”. (Feeds cut out) BBAD shows, Rachel, Monet, Brendon and Lane put their heads and hands into a stockdale, apparently they have to be in it for 1 hr. Rachel suggest they have Britney count for them (a jab meaning how they think she really didn’t win POV fairly).

Midnight, Matt & Enzo head to the H/N room. Matt saying that the plan is on, that he's putting himself on the line for the brigade. Enzo didn't want it to go down this way. Enzo thinks that Brendan & Rachel have managed to build a huge alliance, and that Kristen is on their side now. Matt says if this works, it will be great for the Brigade. If it doesn't, he'll go home. They think Kristen & Ragan are on the other side, even though matt has ties with Ragan. Matt wants to nominate Kathy & Andrew next week, w/ Brendon as a backdoor. Enzo calls Andrew a cockroach who is always sneaking around. Matt thinks that they still can manipulate Ragan & Kristen.

Brendon and Rachel are in the HOH room. He says he asked her to go lay in the hammock and she said no. then she tells him not to talk game to anyone and that's all she did. then he said he came up to HOH room and she asked him to come back in 10 minutes. Brendon said he didn't come here to have a showmance, he came here to play a game. He asks her if she thinks he's making bad decisions, she says yes. She goes on and on about Annie. He says she was not emotionally controlling him. she also thinks he's made bad decisions about other people he can trust. she says, Brendon, you just need to think strategically in this game to get far. It's going to be really hard for us. really hard, and I need you to be prepared for that. Brendon is telling Rachel that it makes him feel sh**y when she undermines him and if she doesn't want his help making decision then to just tell him. Rachel not saying anything. Brendon is apologizing for being a baby and being sensitive. Brendon asking Rachel is he is a liability to her. She is telling him how important the game is to her. He said it is to him too. Rachel telling Bren he has made bad decisions about trusting people and he needs to start thinking strategically about the game "for us". Rachel says they can only trust 3 people but Brendon doesn't know what she's talking about because she has had almost everyone up in the room talking. And then Brendon comments that as far as he knows Rachel might be playing him too and will back door him. Rachel said, "Are you seriously kidding me right now?". She said that this person she is thinking about putting up is going to cause so much "f'ing drama" that they are probably going to lose 3 or 4 people. Then Kathy walks in again. Brendon asked her to leave for a few minutes so him and Rachel can finish talking. Brendon sitting there looking at Rachel in total shock that Rachel is not telling him what she is doing. Rachel saying she doesn't want the two of them against each other. Now she is wondering if Brendon's "you hurt me" speech sounded like a break up speech. Brendon is saying no, that's not what he meant. He says he was hurt that he made her dinner and she didn't care and how he wanted to sit on the hammock with her and she didn't want to. He is telling her he doesn't feel like a part of anything. Rachel reassures Brendon of her loyalties and the two kiss and make up.

2AM Inside, Kristen and Hayden in bed together kissing and spooning. Talking about how they cant let anyone know they are also having a showmance and how it would ruin their game.

3AM Kathy and Rachel in HOH discussing how lost Brit will be without Monet. Shealso tells Rachel about a conversation she had with Matt earlier and she had to pretend she didn't know that Matt had offered himself as a pawn...she says that he wasn't worried about going up, she says she would be worried if she were put up as a pawn. Kathy tells Rachel that Enzo, Lane and others were studying the memory wall today. Kathy does not know where Lane is at, where his loyalty lies Kathy also mentions Brit is smart and Rachel agrees Kathy "She is playing dumb" They both think she is a strong competitor, especially after seeing her win POV. Rachel is confident she has the votes to keep Andrew safe.

Stay tuned…………………