Big Brother Recap Aug 10 & 11

We have SMACKDOWN & The Nelly Queen Crowns his Rag Hag

Tuesday August 10, 2010

Overnight, Rachel decided upon the questions she needed to ask the Diary Room to discover whether or not Matt was lying about winning the Dollar Card when he opened Pandora’s Box. Rachel seemed satisfied with the info the DR gave her but she wasn’t allowed to tell anyone so Hayden & Enzo went in with questions of their own but came out confused more than anything else. Brain trusts, indeed, lol.

Meanwhile, since Ragan & Matt saw Brendon looking at the rule book, Ragan, being the Nelly Queen that he is, ran to the DR to warn BB that they needed to be on the lookout, in case Brendon or Rachel broke some rules. Yes, Ragan, BB needs to be on the “lookout” because they don’t have cameras & people watching the cameras 24/7. Communication PHD, indeed, lol!

Britney is getting very nervous as well because she thinks Rachel may have won some kind of super power that can save her from eviction.

Houseguest awake & getting ready for the day

Kathy outside for morning smoke, Lane joins her & she proceeds to use her upstanding morals & good values to bash Rachel’s loud voice. Cuz that’s what people with good morals & family values do. They don’t get out of bed & explain to the loud person that they are keeping said moral person awake, no they wait until they can gossip & belittle the person behind their backs. Kathy says “She was loud, the last thing I heard was her GD awful cackle!” Klassy Kathy, all the way!

Lane asks Hayden & Enzo what Rachel was talking about last nite & they both give him the same vague answer. He laughs & says ‘good your stories match, I guess you’re not the SAB’. It is interesting to note that Hayden & Enzo are now clearly holding back info from the Brigade.

Enzo is worrying about his weight & missing his wife.

Backyard with Enzo & Matt. Matt is lying to Enzo that BB said they do go through your luggage & they did get his old Dollar Sign from the wiener comp & they repurposed it. Enzo doesn’t challenge Matt but we know from the conversations last nite that Matt is now digging a bigger grave for himself because Hayden & Enzo no longer believe his lie.

Enzo is telling Matt about Rachel going over the rule book. Enzo is not happy with Kathy jumping on the bash Brenchel bandwagon. He wants Kathy to SHUT UP.

They both want Brendon to win the next HOH so Brendon does their dirty work, getting out one of the non-Brigade members; Britney, Ragan or Kathy.

Matt wants Britney to go first because he says she is more ’devious’ and has won more Veto’s but Enzo thinks Ragan is lethal & wants Ragan out next. Enzo clearly sees that Matt is campaigning for Ragan to stay and he doesn’t like it.

Good natured chat between Lane, Hayden & Brendon, on the backyard couches, about Britney’s lack of sports knowledge & how you can’t talk to her and then general observations about how it is futile to fight with women. Funny stuff & no bash zone, for once.

Lane & Brendon agree that they prefer older women because there is less drama. Brendon thinks Rachel will grow out of her ‘Vegas’ obsession & move to LA & get a good job and maybe go back to school at UCLA. Awwwww, a guy that thinks his love will change a woman for the better. Um, the price is WRONG Bob, I mean Brendon, lol!

Matt is alone in the HOH with Lane & lying to Lane that BB said they can & will go through the houseguests luggage. Matt is not keeping his lies straight & seems to think that none of the Brigade talk to anyone but him. If the keeps this up, his diabolical world is going to come crashing down much sooner than expected.

They have a good laugh over the fact that Rachel & Brendon have come up with every four person alliance in the house, except for the real one; the Brigade.

Britney and Ragan start their paranoia in the Cabana Room but move it outside so they can talk more freely in the hammock. Brit is convinced that Rachel holds some secret power or is the SAB & Ragan is urging her on, to cover his own SAB moves. Their paranoia & conspiracy theories are only interrupted for bash sessions. Lather, rinse, repeat. At some point they try to drag Hayden into the conversation but he politely declines, giving up nothing of his own thoughts or knowledge.

Britney concludes the conversation by suggesting they all kill themselves if Brendon is on the block next week & wins POV.

Hayden & Ragan continue strategizing & Rachel tells them that there are eggs to eat if they want them. Kathy comes out & interrupts their conversation to show how moral she is by immediately bashing Rachel & Brendon for breathing the same air that she breathes. How dare they!

The rest of the morning is filled with napping, random Jedi training by various houseguests & another plot by Brendon to make himself look evil so Rachel has a better chance of staying in the house.

Ragan, Enzo, Hayden & Britney are on the backyard couches & Ragan is worrying about how complicity he has been in the Brenchel bashing & afraid that he is going to look like the “evil gay guy.” Hayden says that he has been saying really bad things to vent but he is not happy with himself while Britney talks over him & exclaims that Brenchel deserve everything they are getting and more because Brenchel are evil & play dirty.

Hayden & Ragan disagree with her but she continues to talk over them. She thinks that Brenchel deserve to be treated meanly. Ragan starts rationalizing his insane behavior towards Brenchel & Britney urges him on, reminding him that Brendon attacks women.

Ragan does a complete 180 to side with Britney and another Brenchel bashing ensues. It isn’t pretty and Enzo tries in vain to stop it, several times. The only thing that stops any of the bashing is their stomachs and once in a while they talk about food. Ragan again says that baby food has no nutrition in it. I can’t even begin to comment on what a ridiculously ignorant observation this is, because we all know that Mother’s feed their infants and toddlers baby food so that they will die of malnourishment. Right Ragan? The food talk doesn’t last long & they are back on the Brenchel bashing cycle ad nauseum.

Brenchel napping, others laying on the backyard couches.
Not much game talk but Britney does disclose that she has been to the live taping of the Letterman show but doesn’t like him because he had an affair.

Lane & Enzo alone in the kitchen make fun of all the JedI training, with Enzo saying he discovered that in the first week there was an HOH & then there was a different one in the second week. Lane says he learned that every Thursday there is a comp to determine who wins HOH. Funny stuff.

Matt meets with some of the Brigade members and they worry that Brenchel might want to call a house meeting. Matt keeps saying how worried he is about next week, knowing that he has all of the power in the house, because of his Diamond Power of Veto. Matt again volunteers to be put up as a pawn, clearly wanting to be on the block as often as he can be without being sent home, hoping to break DrWill’s record.

Matt & Ragan are out on the backyard couches talking about HOH pictures. Enzo comes out to join them & they start bashing fat women & making fun of a fat woman ever trying to be on BB.

Lane & Britney join Matt, Enzo & Ragan and they all start speculating about who the SAB is. Most agree that it has to be Kathy because she is the only one stupid enough to do it. They all think that no matter how much money you are offered to do it, it isn’t worth messing up your gameplay in the house. Ragan is very quiet during this discussion.

SAB talk turns to Brenchel bashing, led by Britney, with Ragan joining in with gusto & others cosigning the relentless character assassination.

The guys laugh about thinking Kathy was Britney’s Mother & Britney says her Mother is meaner than she is and that she is probably bashing them right now on one of the boards. Nice. Not. The rotten apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Britney’s Mother made it to the finals for casting of the first season of Survivor. I think Richard Hatch might have had some trouble, if she had made it on the show! Gird your loins, indeed!

At 2:30, Ragan says he is hungry but too afraid to go in the house by himself so Matt goes in with him to protect him from Rachel. O, you poor silly Nelly Queen, the only thing that needs protecting is your career!

At the pool, Hayden & Lane start a diving game that entails diving thru the inner tube & they almost have Britney talked into doing it but BB puts an end to their play time.

Enzo, Brendon & Rachel on the backyard couches. Rachel thinks that America loves to hate her. LOL, at least the girl has some insight! Brendon thinks America has probably made drinking games out of Rachel plugging Vegas. Wow. These two are horrible to watch but they really do have some good insight into how they are being perceived by us.

Brendon starts some Matt bashing, encouraged by Enzo. They talk about Matt & Ragan getting so close & Brendon uses some decidedly non PC descriptions & says the “Gay Dude & the Midget, sounds like a bad sit-com.”

Indoor lockdown

Brendon & Hayden alone in the Storage Room. Brendon discusses the chances of Rachel staying if he keeps pissing off Ragan & Britney. Hayden is kind but noncommittal & keeps telling him that he & Enzo will have to vote with the rest of the house or it puts a target on them. Brendon wants to call a house meeting to call out Matt on his dollar lie about Pandora’s Box. Hayden doesn’t think it will help. Enzo comes in & reinforces what Hayden has been saying. Brendon says he is done with the BB game & sick of the backstabbing people in the house, i.e. Britney & Ragan & Matt. Brendon ends the conversation telling Hayden that Lane is not to be trusted. Hayden tells Brendon about going up to the HOH last nite & everyone spying on Brenchel on the HOH screen.

Lockdown is over.

Ragan has now taken back everything he said about NOT wanting to be mean to Brenchel anymore. He is retelling the saga of Brendon blocking his way outside & how he stepped on Brendon’s foot or flip flop. It gets worse every time he retells the story & he has retold it five times in five minutes. Such a nelly queen, like I haven’t seen since my last summer vacation in Provincetown! Britney is very excited to use this latest outrage as an excuse for more Brenchel bashing & soon Kathy joins them.

Ragan thinks Brenchel is picking on him because he is too afraid to pick on any of the other guys, apparently forgetting what a mean, vile, person he has been towards Brendon since almost day one. Sure Ragan, tell yourself those pretty little lies!

Outside, Rachel is surmising that there latest gambit is a big failure and it is just firing everyone up to get rid of her even more, just to make Brendon mad. This is probably the first day since week one that Brenchel have been tolerable & not all VEGAS & slurpy kissy but it is too little too late & one will soon be gone.

Later, Kathy comes out & for some unknown reason, Brenchel vent to her about how wronged they are in the house & Kathy drinks it all in, anticipating the attention it will get her from the “cool kids” when she spills all of the new info. Pretty pathetic stuff.

Ragan & Britney have had a dual diary room session & Ragan is very proud of how many times he insulted Brendon’s deformed toe. Because we all know that people with PHD’s in communication have to resort to making fun of physical deformities to get their own need for attention met. Well done, Ragan! Ragan continues showing the loving benevolence that is his true character by saying he will NOT participate in tonight’s Pool Tournament because he hates Brendon that much & refuses to even play pool with him. Well, la de da, miss Scarlet! Why don’t you take your bucket & shovel & just run home & play by yourself? What a tool!

Rest of the evening is spent in dinner prep & power lounging. Rachel seems to be resigned that she is leaving & is in a funk but wants to enjoy her time with Brendon.

Ragan is justifying his bullying of Brendon because Brendon’s behavior towards him reminds him of when he was bullied as a kid. Get a shrink, this is BB, not psycho land! What? This is PsychoLand? Oh, never mind then!

Kathy seems to think he is justified & likens it to her being bullied in high school because she was pregnant. The emotional baggage these people dragged into the BB house with themselves must have been truckloads but the pity parties are growing trite. Ragan starts to get a glimmer of hid good self & how he can resolve the tension in the house but Britney puts an end to all of that & Ragan thinks all of his actions will be justified. Sorry Ragan, once again you are completely off base. But good luck with all that!

The rest of the evening is spent with Brendon trying to get votes for Rachel to stay & Ragan having one of his endless game talks with Matt in the HOH. Ragan refuses to name names or talk specifics so the point of the conversation is beyond any rational comprehension but Matt clearly enjoys having smoke blown up his ass so it continues ad nauseum.

Later, Enzo tells Hayden that he is sick of the tension in the house & thinks it is all caused by Britney & Ragan. He & Hayden agree that they want to keep being nice to Brenchel because it is two jury house votes.

Rachel in the backyard talking to Britney & Ragan who are on the hammock. Rachel is being nice but just her breathing in the same area as Ragan seems to have caused him great distress & he lashes out at her as soon as she asks him how his day was. Ragan begins bashing Rachel, to her face this time, about some slight she handed him on some other nite when she was drunk. When she says she doesn’t remember it, he gets more agitated & says he is DUN with her ‘reality.’ Britney chimes in to say she does not want to get involved but SURPRISE SURPRISE, she sides with Ragan’s version of past BB history.

This is Ragan verbatim, “I don't get the behavior. I don't get it. And I've seen a lot in my years. I don't know how to respond. When I see the behavior I have been seeing. I don't engage in it. I don't. The intent is not to be mean to you…. *Long pause) when people aren't aware of their actions or how they might be interpreted by other people, it's not my job to make you see what's going on.” Apparently it is his job to bash them mercilessly & then justify it to himself.

This starts a major blow-up as Rachel gets more emotional and breaks down into tears & leaves. Brendon comes out & starts defending her to Ragan & they get into it with the first real BB fight of the season.

Brendon calls Ragan out for being Rachel’s best friend & now picking on her & being cruel to her & Ragan retorts that Brenchel are the “gruesome twosome.” Britney starts to laugh & Brendon calls Ragan a douche bag. Ragan calls Brendon a Neanderthal but mispronounces it & Brendon corrects him. Britney makes the mistake of laughing again & Brendon tells her he can’t wait to see how many chicks Nick is f**king while she is stuck in the BB house.

Lane goes to the hammock to comfort Britney & when she has figured out a good retort she walks into the kitchen & tells Brendon that it is “no wonder your family doesn’t support you, you humiliate them.” She is very proud of herself & upon telling the backyard group, Kathy tells her she did good & is proud of her.

They get libations & Brendon puts the wine opener in his pocket & won’t give it up. LOL, petty but it cracks me up how juvenile they all become.

Brenchel are in the Taj room rehashing fight night, while everyone else is in the backyard doing their own version of the rehash. My only problem is that I dislike all of them & have no one to root for in this game, so it all just seems like petty melodrama with no payoff. So much for my summer diversion.

It’s like being dragged to the coliseum to watch the lions battle the Christians when all you wanted to do was go to a petting zoo.

Rachel tells Brendon that Ragan can’t stand her theatrics and Brendon’s reply is “my God, this from the most dramatic theatrical wild gay guy I've ever seen on this show?” Sad, but funny & too true.

They lather rinse, repeat their Ragan bashing, only mixing it up every once in a while to include Britney. Meanwhile, out in the backyard the “good people” are doing their usual evening Brenchel bashing, only mixing it up to comment on the pool game being played.

Brendon gets called to the diary room & Hayden, Ragan, Britney, Kathy & Matt assemble in the HOH room for the third nite of their talk show.

Ragan goes on & on about Brendon’s deformed toe & how Rachel is the second coming of the Blair Witch & if any of it is funny, the humor is lost on me. It is petty & vile & vicious. I never said undeserved, lol, just petty & vile & vicious & I see Matt slowly but surely becoming the Lord of the Flies.

This goes on for hours, literally. While Brenchel wonder why they are so despised. Seriously? Really? You don’t remember being an ungodly bitch during your last HOH & telling everyone to Bring it? Well, this is them BRINGING IT! It ain’t pretty but you asked for it! Rachel does have one interesting observation/question about why Britney is so mean when she is so pretty. That is the question of the season, at least in my book!

Kathy is talking to Brenchel and stakes another claim about maintaining her moral values & integrity in the house will I die laughing.
So far, Kathy has informed us:
a. that her deputy buddies beat up a ‘perp’ who sicked his dog on her, because they like her & watch out for her.
b. watched movies while they were supposed to be doing surveillance on stakeouts.
c. confiscated nice cars or jewelry or whatever they wanted from drug dealers & then manipulated the system so that they can get them at the police auction for pennies on the dollar.
All of these comments are on the feeds & yes, I will be happy to give you times & dates, just ask. Kathy had a much better chance of keeping her morals & her job intact when she kept her mouth shut.

Ragan is up in the HOH talking to the live feedsters & telling us how good a person he really is & he is only acting this way because Brendon is making him. Yeah, right, the might & powerful Brendon is pulling Ragan’s strings. Shut up Nelly & buy a backbone, would you?

Ragan concludes his delusional ramblings with this gem, “It's not gonna be in my best interest, I don't want to be the typical stereotypical drama queen, even though I cry every other second, so how do I deal with Brendon and Rachel? The gruesome twosome.”

When Ragan finally goes downstairs, Kathy, Britney & Matt join him & start psycho-analyzing Brendon’s behavior & when Kathy says he probably acts that way because he was picked on as a child, Ragan says he hopes it was really bad. And the descent into the Lord of the Flies continues.

Enzo won the pool tournament tonite & has been carrying the ‘trophy’ around with him all nite.

Brenchel are alone in the Taj Room having a ‘stress-reduction’ interlude. The other houseguests are in the kitchen discussing how much BB had to pay the new SAB to get them to take the job. Britney believes it is 20k & of course we know she is right on the money. They talk about this for a long time with Ragan present and all agree that only Kathy, Brendon or Rachel would be stupid enough to ruin their game by being the SAB.

They move on to some Jedi training with Britney leading the pack in her knowledge of personal data about each houseguest. Matt only chimes in to mislead or give false information & they never question him.

It doesn’t take long before the comp training turns to Brenchel bashing & this time Enzo is leading the pack with steady urging from Matt.

Britney thinks Brendon’s head looks like a penis & blah blah blah, lather rinse repeat. Britney seems to be taking great pleasure in getting Enzo riled up to physical violence against Brendon and all we are missing is the head of a pig on a stake for this to be the real Lord of the Flies, as Matt starts bragging on his ability to ‘kick the shit’ out of Brendon even though he is twice his size. Right, Matt, keep telling yourself stuff like that if it helps you get through life.

Britney tells them all to ignore Brendon when he finally gets evicted, to not even get up & walk him to the door. Enzo wants to spit on Brendon & wonders if that is allowed.

Later, when the bashing has subsided & the others have gone to get ready for bed, Ragan & Britney have a pity party for themselves & lather, rinse, repeat about how put upon they are while Matt uses his duckies to try to get them all in a row about how the next weeks will play out. Boring stuff.

He concludes this endless mind game by thanking his wife & parents for sending him the tools to use to work everything out *the duckies, and concludes all of the scenarios with him winning the 500k.

Houseguest all asleep about 3:30am

Wednesday August 11th, 2010

Wake up call. Very little movement until about 9:15.

Kathy smokes, Brendon works out, Hayden naps, Enzo plays pool, while Ragan joins Matt upstairs in the HOH bed. Matt sleeps while Ragan watches the spycam & then goes to sleep. Ragan sees Brendon on the spycam & wants to ‘spit some venom on him’ before the day is through. Nice sentiment to start the day with!

And the CROWNING ceremony commences:

Ragan interrupts his Brendon bashing long enough to tell Matt how much he loves Britney now. He doesn’t mention the fact that he loved Rachel for the first two weeks but does say, “I am going to share this with you, the first couple of weeks, I couldn't stand Britney, I wanted her out of this house, now, I adore her.” Looks like the Nelly Queen has found his Princess Hag. Let us mere mortals quiver in the wake of their “fierce” meanness.

Britney comes up to join them & Ragan calls the HOH a “happy & welcoming place with no vile people.” Britney stands at the HOH door to spy on Brenchel & tells Matt & Ragan that Rachel is talking about gaining weight because she doesn’t have enough guys to screw in the BB house. I am so glad there aren’t any vile people up in the HOH room & so disgusted that there are NO people to root for this season. They are all vile, disgusting statements on the selfish excess of the American public. YIKES! Expatriot much?

Matt is convinced that somebody messed with his suitcase & Britney immediately blames it on Rachel because she came up to use the HOH bathroom.

Brenchel are being calm & nice to whoever is in the kitchen and whoever they are nice to, starts bashing them to whoever will listen, as soon as they are out of Brenchel’s ear shot. Kathy is especially adept at accepting Brenchel’s kitchen kindness & then using all of her best Sunday Morals to bash them. Nice.

Most of the houseguests think there will be a double eviction & they have an early lockdown.

Brenchel are packing and having a nice conversation about the Universe & Life & their dogs while Britney & Ragan are playing chess & plotting the demise of said Universe because it gives life to Brenchel & that is not to be tolerated. Ok, a little writer’s embellishment there but you get the idea. Rachel is getting closer to the person she was during her first week in the BB house when she was on the block but not full of drama & confused direction from the Diary Room as to how she should portray herself. Don’t get me wrong. Brenchel are one of the least likeable matchups in BB history but the people they are playing against are so vile that it makes it hard to like anyone, ANYONE!

Matt takes his HOH pictures and they all assemble for the now requisite pic in the Cabana Room. Brenchel look nice but Britney & Matt pose as if they are the devils & it kind of skeers me! Matt manages to get someone to take some pics of the Brigade & before he goes in to blog for us, he asks Brit if she wants to see the pics he took. She tells him to delete everyone of Brenchel because she is so sweet & pretty & kind like that.

Brenchel move thru the house with most houseguests being amiable. Hayden chats a bit, Lane smiles but is quiet, Enzo makes nice to their faces & then shoots their backs when they walk away.

More Brenchel packing & Brendon explaining that Rachel should take his deodorant because he is going to use his BO as a tactic in the game. Rachel has a good laugh over this idea & they actually seem to be getting along & not bickering with each other or bashing other houseguests. Kind of a pleasant but very quiet afternoon.

Wait, I typed too soon. In the Jumanji room, Ragan & Britney are plotting to hide things around the BB house just to mess with Rachel’s head & make her think BB is doing it for the HOH comp.

Brendon paints Rachel’s toenails while Ragan & Britney cement their place in BB history as the most dislikeable pair since BB6 Maggie & Ivette.

Houseguests have been on inside lockdown since 10am & there is a lot of banging going on outside in the backyard. We also get another visit from the BB SAB and this time the SAB message implies that Rachel & Brendon may have some kind of secret power that is going to allow them to stay in the BB house. I don’t understand how that is going to Sabotage anything but I have never understood why BB comes up with these stupid twists that amount to NOTHING.

The houseguests spend the rest of the afternoon playing mind games about the SAB’s message & how it must mean that Brenchel have the power to stay this week. Matt urges this on even though he knows that he holds the Diamond Veto & all the power in the house. Rachel just laughs because the SAB told the houseguests something that is upsetting to them.

We come back from a long Bubbles interlude to all of the houseguests sitting around the big table & enjoying their halfway mark celebration. They have the big cake with their pictures on it & they seem to be getting along. Seem to. While the rest of the house is tipsy & giddy, Ragan is alone in the HOH room spying on the rest of the house & telling the Live Feedsters that his SAB message was meant to be a cruel prank against Brenchel and he doesn’t understand why Rachel is so happy & Britney is so worried. He seems very disappointed that his attempt at cruelty was misconstrued. Ragan is bitter & seems shaken that even with a PHD in communications he is completely misunderstood. Oh poor bitter baby, you will have years to ruminate on all your mistakes & misconceptions in the BB house. Years.

As soon as Brenchel leave the party to finish packing in the Taj Room, (what the hell are they packing, they have been doing it all day!?!?!?) the rest of the houseguests start their usual Brenchel bashing & Britney invites Lane up to the HOH for a special “Queen & his Princess of Mean” bash session.

Matt, Enzo & Hayden strategizing about the Brigades reign of the house for the rest of the game. Matt interrupts the strategizing to express his contempt for Britney & Ragan taking over his HOH. I don’t think Enzo or Hayden bought this feeble attempt at covering what is clearly his second alliance in the house. Matt does observe that Britney is evil, saying “she is an evil little vixen.”

Somehow the Brigade has decided that Ragan & Britney need to go before Brendon, because they are smarter & stronger but we all know how insights get forgotten in the BB house. The strategy session ends when Britney joins them in the Cabana room. She says that she would rather see Brendon leave than Rachel because she can’t stand Brendon in the house for another day.

Britney leaves to take a bath in the HOH & Ragan comes in & bashing ensues.

Matt alone in the HOH bathroom, hid his Diamond POV in the tank but is now taking it out, then we get Bubbles.

While Brenchel are in the Taj giving each other souvenirs to remember each other by, the Cabana room is Brenchel bashing until Lane & Enzo tell Britney to dial it down. Lane has one funny moment in the bathroom shower asking Enzo why he calls him white trash. No mention of whether or not Lane is planning another masturbation session in the shower. (He revealed his penchant for self-pleasuring in the shower because if he faces the wall a certain way, the camera can’t see him or tell what he is doing.)

Hayden & Matt in HOH playing out all the possible scenarios for the coming weeks with Matt’s duckies. It goes in circles & is finally interrupted when Britney, Kathy & Lane come up.

Rachel & Brendon alone in the Taj Room with the lights out & begin their doing their sexual goodbyes. Don’t know what happened but the next time we see them, they are up & Brendon is digging for gold, again, GROSS & they are strategizing with Hayden.

Hayden & Enzo definitely want to keep Brendon because they don’t trust Matt or Lane’s closeness to Ragan & Britney, respectively.

The Usual suspects are up in the HOH preparing for tonight’s episode of their BB talk show, called Just The Tip. These are funny, intelligent people & I just wish they could find something else to talk about on their Talk Show besides Rachel’s sluttiness & Brendon’s deformed toe. It devolves very quickly into making fun of kids on the Short Bus, Britney is especially harsh & no amount of outer beauty can redeem the maggots that drop from her mouth in her pretense of humor. It is awful. School yard bullying at its worst & Ragan chimes in like he does, just to bring the proceedings even lower on the evolutionary scale. Sad stuff.

Brenchel in Taj Room making out. The rest of the houseguests in the HOH doing super duper Jedi training led by Britney.

Britney knows all the details of everything that has happened in the house & you can almost hear her Mother & Nick screaming at the Feeds, telling her to SHUT UP & quit sharing her vast knowledge with people who do not have her back. But her ego won’t let her miss this opportunity to showoff & so she continues sharing the information that might have ensured her HOH victory.

Meanwhile the Brigade has decided that they want Brendon to win the next HOH so that he gets the blood on his hands, putting up & evicting Ragan, Britney or Kathy. The Brigade are playing a very long game of Hot Potato when it comes to HOH & ruining their jury votes & I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.

Brenchel are saying their goodbyes & for once, it is almost palatable to hear them coo to each other. Thank God one of them is leaving because they were as hard to stomach as the Brenchel bashing and maybe now, the BB12 season can begin!

Britney is working hard to convince the assembled houseguests that Brendon, NOT Rachel, is leaving tomorrow because Rachel got a “special power” because Matt opened Pandora’s Box.
There is some confusion & concern about who Kathy would nominate if she wins the next HOH and that worry is ended when Ragan & Britney start talking about them & the Brigade being the BEST final 6 EVER & how it guarantees that a GOOD person will win the money this season. *cough cough, keep telling yourselves that, if it helps you get through the day!

When Ragan finally goes to bed & Britney soon follows, the Brigade meets in the downstairs bathroom & Matt once again offers his services to be on the block.

Britney freaks them all out when she pops in for a few minutes before going to bed & Matt goes up to the HOH.

Enzo, Lane & Hayden on the bathroom couches talking about plans for the next 3 weeks. Enzo says he is afraid to go to the TAJ room to sleep because he is afraid of the “voodoo” stuff that Rachel may have created. They all agree that they think Rachel is totally crazy.

They seem to all agree that Matt is expendable now but they want the rest of them to be safe. Their good natured gameplay quickly turns to mean girl bashing about Brendon’s body. Lane is the one that starts it, again. Lane is clearly self-conscious about his own body & never misses a chance to slam Brendon’s physique which is clearly better than Lane’s.

Will getting rid of one of Brenchel finally start the BB12 season in earnest? Will there be a double eviction today? Will Matt get to show us & the Brigade his “diabolical genius” by using the Diamond Power of Veto? Will Ragan out his love & allegiance to his new found despicable Princess? All will be revealed in due time, on this season of Big Brother & the LIVE FEEDS!