Who is the target and who is the pawn???

9:30 AM – The house guests got their wake up call from BB. The first conversation of the morning, was between Lane, Enzo and Hayden. They discuss how pretty Matt is sitting how nobody will put him up, how he won’t win HOH because then he would have to choose a side. They also discuss how he got Kathy out when the brigade had agreed to bring her to final 5 with them. Matt came in and he immediately turned everything around saying he was the victim because they were going to vote him out last night. They denied it and said that Brendon was going to send him out.

At 11:30 Am the have and have not competition started. When the feeds returned at 1:15 we see the guys dressed as cowboys and Britney dressed like Alice in Wonderland with a pretty fluffy dress. The competition had something to do with drinking gross contraptions. We then learn that Brendon, Hayden and Enzo are the have nots for the week. We also learn that America voted for broccoli and bean dip for the have not food for the week (good thing they all sleep in the same room the gas in that room could fuel a jetliner). We also learn that they won a grill in the competition.

Brendon was the first one to talk to Britney about her nominations. He immediately tells her he saved her last week, gave her a chance and that Matt and Reagan threw her under the bus last week wanting him to put her up. He said that if she goes back on the deal that he will lose his, Rachel and Kathy’s jury vote. He offered her another deal, that if she didn’t put him up that he wouldn’t put her up next week. He then said Matt and Reagan are the strongest couple in the house, that they have an F2 deal and they would put her up in a second.

Britney then talked to Hayden and said that Brendon threw Matt and Reagan under the bus. Hayden didn’t agree or disagree with her. She basically said he was not the target at all. Lane came in and Hayden left. Lane told her that Brendon has some influence in jury house, but people vote they want to. He also said no one has said anything bad about Nick. Matt comes in and she rehashes the conversation she had with Brendon, Matt laughed can said he was lying. Matt kept saying that it didn’t matter who she put up against him, they all had to prevent him from winning POV. Matt said it was dumb for Brendon to believe that he could talk her out of putting him up, and wanted her to put him up . He just kept laughing about it.

Brendon returns to HOH again, and said that the only reason Matt is on her side is because he wants her to have the blood on her hands, and that not too many people would be upset if she put Matt up. He said Matt would have to pick sides this week if he had won HOH and didn’t want to, so he wants her to do it for him. He tells her that Matt will get rid of her in a heartbeat. By keeping him in the game it assures her that he won’t be going after her, he only wants Ragan and Matt out.

Once Brandon left Lane and Enzo chat with Brit. She asks them if they all want Matt out. She said the house wanted Brendon out. Lane said that he wanted Brendon out too, however to put Matt up as the pawn and let them fight it out for POV. She said she already told Matt he was not going up. Enzo said that next week who does she think will have her back. Lane said we will, but did she believe Matt would? Lane said that Matt is playing everyone. They said that if Matt ends up with anyone at F2 that he would win and no one would want to sit next to him there. Enzo said that she should tell Matt that he is the pawn but she had to be sure he played in the POV because we don’t win anything and she wanted to make sure that Brendon didn’t win.

Britney gets called to the DR. TO get ready for nominations probably, right before they cut the feeds she pulled Matt into the storage room to talk to him. When the feeds return we hear Britney talking to Lane saying she asked Matt if he would go up as a pawn he said NO. So she put Enzo up as the pawn.
The nominations are Brendon and Enzo. Brendon is upset and telling Lane and Enzo that Brit is untrustworthy and not to cut any deals with her, he said he is going to fight to stay here and get her out too. Enzo talks to Brit and she swears on Nick (her boyfriend) that Enzo will not go home this week even if Brandon wins POV. Enzo tells her that they have to stick to the plan to backdoor Matt.

After a steak dinner cooked by Lane, they choose players to play in the POV. Ragan will not be playing he is the host, so Brit, Enzo, Brandon, Matt, Hayden and Lane are playing.

A little bit later Brandon was crying in the have not room, whispering that he has never been with so many people that dislike him so much. He starts chatting to Rachel telling her that he loves her and that she does not want to see him yet etc.

Britney gave Joker's a shout out! Thanks Brit.

Small groups of house guests spent the night studying the order of events that have happened in the house. They expect a double eviction this week and expect the How Bad do you want it type VETO comp. Everyone seems down to whoever wins VETO taking Enzo down so Matt can go up. Brandon went as far as to tell the guys that he does not want to win the money now he just wants revenge and to get Matt, Reagan and Brit out of the house.
Lane and Brit have this conversation later that night:
Lane tells Brit that what he is going to say is important and she can't go tell anybody. She says she won't.

Lane tells her she needs to make a big move this week- back door Matt.

Lane tells her that if Hayden or Enzo wins POV they are taking Enzo off.
He says Matt is a bigger threat than Brendon. Brit says if they backdoor Matt, Brendon will still be coming after her. He says Brendon would put up Ragan and Brit, and ragan would go. But Brit says "what if Ragan won POV?" Lane says they haven't thought of that.

Brit says if Brendon wins POV tomorrow, she is on board with getting Matt out but if he doesn't win the POV she says she feels safer with Matt than Brendon.
She worries that her and Hayden are just trying to get her to do this because it will benefit them...she asks him if he likes Brit or Hayden better. He doesn't really answer.

Brit says she wants a Final 3 deal with him and Hayden.
Brit thinks his arguments for Matt being the saboteur are interesting but she says he swore on his wife that he wasn't....Brit then remembers that Matt asked her tonight if her and Lane were the pair (the lifelong friends) and thinks Matt could put her and Lane up against each other.

Lane says the game has really started now and getting rid of Matt would be a big move.
A late night chat happens with the brigade, Matt tells them that there would be no way that Brit will put up Reagan if POV is used, so one of them will be up and one will leave. So they all agree to fight for POV. They want their brigade T-shirts from BB.

Once Matt leaves to go to bed, Lane whispered to Enzo and Hayden that he talked to Brit and she will use Matt as the replacement if POV is used. He told Hayden that she wanted a F3 deal with him and Hayden.
All house guests were in bed and quiet by 2:43. Resting up for the all important POV tomorrow.

So who is the target and who is the pawn this week? Will the 3 brigade members actually vote out Matt even over Brendon? Will Brit put Matt up? Who will win the POV? Only time will tell! Thanks updaters for another great job covering the feeds today!