Big Brother Recap September 10, 2010

You Who Anyone there???????

Well the house guests know the game is over so they did not wake up until 1:15 pm today. Once up Hayden and Lane worked out. They went in the hot tub but barely talked to each other.
Enzo does talk to Lane a bit and tells him that if Hayden is in the F2 he will win.
The boys had to have a an inside lock down because some BB fans were yelling things outside the compound. They boys played blackjack while security took care of the kids on the other side of the fence.
The guys play cards, eat, drink bear, play catch with a nerf football and play pool.
Lane and Hayden briefly get to chat when Enzo went inside, Hayden said that Enzo makes fun of people for sulking when they lose comps, and that he is bummed that he lost the HOH comp and now is going out at F3. Lane said that Enzo would win the $25,000 fans choice for making it to F3.
While getting ready for bed this conversation was held:
Lane goes to the bathroom. Enzo tells Hayden "A couple more days, I wanna get out of here" They both say that they are looking forward to seeing their families. Enzo tells Hayden it sucks that he doesn't even have a shot, he would have liked to have a shot at winning in front of his family. Hayden tells him it isn't over. Enzo says if Lane wins he is taking Hayden. Hayden "Maybe"

Enzo "It sucks to be in this position. I should have been faster on that second quiz"
Hayden "No matter what happens dude, were going to be friends for a long time, the 3 of us. Just keep your head up, we've got a few days!"

Lane comes back in and gets in bed.
All house guests were in bed by 3:00 am. Tossing and turning but not talking at all for hours.
Will these guys survive this boredom? Will Enzo convince them to take him to F2? Will they clean up the pigsty house? Will BB give in and just end this boring existence of the hamsters? Tomorrow will be the same as today, a little football, working out, eating, drinking and waiting for freedom. Thanks to all the recappers who painfully watch this all day