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Topic #2176495
memyselfandi - Ivette and Beau join them outside NT 0 Replies #2176495 6:42PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176501
CeiggeP - K, H, Janie, Rae outside still.... 0 Replies #2176501 6:42PM 14/08/2005
J:I don't think A and Jen deserve to be here
H:Maybe America will vote them out
H:April thinks she is a bowm blonde like Janie
Janie:I'll let her be my friend for this week, but after that....(everyone laughs)

BB:did you know that over 15 hundred batteries will be used......

HG:ya ya, you told ud already
K:I think you hit the wrong button BB
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Topic #2176513
ferretkiss - kay: if we get past this week, then we get rid of maggie and jen, its 4 to 3, what are they going to do. 0 Replies #2176513 6:42PM 14/08/2005
how saying summer of secrets, something is going to happen, how do they get rid of enough people. also said something about a double eviction.
jan saying america is going to vote someone out.
rach says what if america voted for hoh.
jan: i never watched season 1 but they (america) literally evicted someone from the household.

rach: i think america likes us, they sent us kayser back.
rach/jan: we should go in there and thank them.
they say not now, after the veto ceremony. (some say they already thanked them - america)

how: if we get by this week, they took a big hit, we didnt.
kay; next week hoh has tiebreaker power.
how: only person i want it more than me getting it is janie. shes the only one who hasnt had it yet.

how: talking about april: she sucks so bad, shes just pathetic.
kay: shes a terrible player,
rach: (think she said shes in it for fame) she wont be friends with those people after this.

janelle has gone somewhere.

rach: one of the four of us has to get hoh this week. i belive america would want to see that too.
kay: god just two weeks and its going to be a lot....(loud plane)

they are at the outside table.

rach: you guys i still cant belive nobody congratulated me after the pov except ivette.
how: maggies acting weird.
rach: congratulations, nothing major.
kay: it seems like she is acting cold towards you.
rach says maggie is conflicted about believing jen/april came up with the evict idea, rach told maggie it was apr/jens idea and maggie is conflicted.

rach says the only people that will be friends after this in the other group is ivette and beau (and two others) the others will not be friends.
jan comes back out saying jam is in the shower.
rach talks about making dinner (think with james - she needs to wait for him.)

they talk they are pissed that the other group did not put their people up.
rach: theyre not going to put their people up.
they talk about james.
(Another plane)

jan says james is convinced that rach threw the bowling ball comp. and that howie made a deal with maggie. rach is suprised and says no.

kay: the guy (james) was playing like an idiot. it was like, what else do you want, we offered you everytning.
rach: so glad you are back kayser.
kay: honestly im so glad to be here, be part of this event.

kay: damn, lets just get past this week, lets not think about the negatives. three out of four already had hoh. most of us already got the veto or were close to getting the veto.
how: noone on their team has the veto yet.
rach laughs and says you are right.

(Another plane !!!)

kay talks about saying want to play with integrity, poured our hearts out, what does jenny do, 8 hours later, turned. we dont need that.
jan: i dont think april and jenny deserve (to be here - i think)
male: maybe america wants them out.
they mock april and jenny saying they are going to be stars after this.

they mock jenny trying to be like jessica simpson with the chicken of the sea.

(Another plane!!!!!!!)

beau and iv have come out, jan asks if beau wants to play chess.
bb plays the recording about 1500 batteries to power your microphones.
they (mostly ivette very loudly) complain to bb aobut the recording.
bb says thank you very much.

they laugh about this, played the wrong recording, etc.

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Topic #2176523
CeiggeP - Iv calling H a 'p*ssy sh*t, your pushups s*ck NT 0 Replies #2176523 6:43PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176556
CeiggeP - I: Kay, are you sure you are glad to be back? K: Ya, look at what I would be missing, all this waisted time NT 0 Replies #2176556 6:45PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176566
CeiggeP - Janie & Beau playing chess, H working out, K laying on round couch, Iv sitting and bitching, sitting and bitching NT 0 Replies #2176566 6:47PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176613
CeiggeP - A,Jen, and Maggie waddle on outside NT 0 Replies #2176613 6:51PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176627
virdee - bb james please trun on u mic? i think NT 0 Replies #2176627 6:52PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176638
CeiggeP - Jen "hates H, he is so gross" yet she sits in front of H again for another back rub NT 0 Replies #2176638 6:53PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176660
CeiggeP - A is tossing clothes in the washing machine while saying "I am gonna hand wash these." NT 0 Replies #2176660 6:54PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176683
CeiggeP - H, Jen and K talking about when BB will give them something to do this week NT 0 Replies #2176683 6:56PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176698
virdee - bb Kaysar please fix u mic NT 0 Replies #2176698 6:57PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176719
CeiggeP - F1 empty LR, F2 empty Kitchen table F3 H rubbing Jen, F4 H, Jen, K NT 0 Replies #2176719 7:00PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176737
CeiggeP - A walking on treadmill with flip-flops on.......why does this not surprise me? NT 0 Replies #2176737 7:03PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176770
virdee - f1 april f2 mag and april f3 jen and h f4 Kaysar jen and howie NT 0 Replies #2176770 7:06PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176781
CeiggeP - M:My job thinks I am going to jail A:are you in trouble? NT 0 Replies #2176781 7:07PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176799
memyselfandi - April: I'm sure we've all done sh!t that we're not proud of... but not really. 0 Replies #2176799 7:09PM 14/08/2005
Maggie and April exercising.

April admits she's said bad things about James before but they've made amends so she doesn't feel bad about it.

Maggie and April discussing how many people watch the show and how weird that is.

April told her company she was going to be on BB and Maggie just got a leave of absence without telling her work she would be gone. She says her work thought she was going to jail.
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Topic #2176817
virdee - fish NT 0 Replies #2176817 7:11PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176858
Dracorana - Jen admits to Howie that she has cheated on her boyfriend 0 Replies #2176858 7:15PM 14/08/2005
Howie is rubbing Jen when she admits that her and her boyfriend have had an off and on relationship. That they split up when she cheated on him with her childhood sweetheart.
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Topic #2176985
memyselfandi - Jen tells Howie Beau has a line in "Pledge This" 0 Replies #2176985 7:29PM 14/08/2005
Then starts talking about her movie that she doesn't have any lines in she said.
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Topic #2177004
memyselfandi - Jenn doesn't like Luke Wilson but does like Dax Shephard 0 Replies #2177004 7:31PM 14/08/2005
Can't say exactly why she doesn't like Luke because of the no slander rule but told Howie that when she started on the movie she had a crush on him but doesn't now. He did have something going with another girl on the movie and apparently still talks to her.
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Topic #2177121
ciaobella76 - Jen and H talking in backyard. Jen saying she tried out for best friends fear factor but couldnt do it because of BB. 1 Replies #2177121 7:43PM 14/08/2005
She also filled out application for Survivor, but decided not to send it in.
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bama_chevygal - Howie said the day he found out he was going to be on BB he was doing a tape for Survivor NT #2177200 7:54PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2177211
SaddleCreek - Kay and Jan walking laps in yard 1 Replies #2177211 7:55PM 14/08/2005
talking about Jan growing up Catholic. Her parents divorced when she was 11. Her mom is remarried, her father will remarry this month.

Jan just said she conciders herself Catholic.

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SaddleCreek - con't #2177242 8:00PM 14/08/2005
more talk about Catholic mass. Kay saying that Catholic Mass is very long.
Jan likes midnight mass. Kay was invited to mass with a friend but didn't go. He went to some church (?) and remembers the songs. Kay took Holy Communion not knowing what it was. Kay held up the line cause he didn't know what to do and the priest was giving him odd looks. He said it was terrible. Jan laughs at him.

Now Kay says he never went to Jewish Temple. Jan either. Jan doesn't like the holidays because of all the food and weight gain. "too much F'in pita bread".

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Topic #2177257
SaddleCreek - They are all having dinner together. Nothing exciting to report. NT 0 Replies #2177257 8:06PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2177410
nikki3 - jen dated a missionary 0 Replies #2177410 8:29PM 14/08/2005
thought that they were going to get back together when he got home from his mission - would not let anybody sit in her passenger seat of her car because he was the last that sat there (ed note - gag, thank goodness this is an elder with his head on straight)
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