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Topic #2173841
joannie - April: "What would you do if me, you and Jennifer were the final 3?" 0 Replies #2173841 1:16PM 14/08/2005
Mag: "I'd give it to you."

Arril: "Are you sh*tting me!!??"
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Topic #2173848
ferretkiss - apr to mag: what would you do if it was you, me andjen at the final 3? mag says: 0 Replies #2173848 1:17PM 14/08/2005
give it to you guys.
cause i felt like youguys have saved me.
apr: yea, i dont want credit for it or anything, but we did. you would have been out. (Talks about kayser)
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Topic #2173867
joannie - April talking about how 'evil' Rachel is. 0 Replies #2173867 1:19PM 14/08/2005
April: "She's just evil! I go off on her in the DR now." [snickering]
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Topic #2173882
joannie - Maggie: "The entire group hates James... 0 Replies #2173882 1:20PM 14/08/2005
...so what is the point in getting rid of him?"
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Topic #2173897
joannie - Maggie points out that Janelle is pretty smart and 0 Replies #2173897 1:22PM 14/08/2005
she's flying under the radar.

April: "She is. Her whole plan is to play dumb."
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Topic #2173914
joannie - April: "So you think we're going to put Kaysar out?" 0 Replies #2173914 1:25PM 14/08/2005
Mag: "Yes. But either way I'll be happy."
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Topic #2173937
memyselfandi - April and Maggie up in HOH bed still talking... 1 Replies #2173937 1:28PM 14/08/2005
April: If James stays we need to include him as much as possible, but we need to include him as least as possible. If that makes sense. (Ed: No)

Maggie thinks Sarah told James to do whatever it takes to win not to become a better person, April decides Sarah was too stupid to think that way. A: Not to be mean or anything.

Jen called to Diary Room and they leave
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ejj1955 - April said the EXACT same thing about including/not including James last night. NT #2174036 1:44PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2173942
joannie - BB: "Jennifer, please go to the DR." 0 Replies #2173942 1:28PM 14/08/2005
April: "Oh sh*t."

Mag: "I don't even have my clothes on yet."

[preparing for lockdown.]
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Topic #2173957
hbb98 - Didn't see this posted.....Camera's zooming 0 Replies #2173957 1:30PM 14/08/2005
in on color pic's of Eric in the HOH room as April & Maggie were sitting on the bed talking and Sarah's in the Gold room as James left the room.
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Topic #2173959
joannie - Kaysar is still in bed. NT 0 Replies #2173959 1:30PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2173968
joannie - Howie and Rachel have joined Ivette, James, Beau at the outside table. NT 0 Replies #2173968 1:31PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2173990
joannie - Jenn is jumping on Kaysar who is still in bed 0 Replies #2173990 1:34PM 14/08/2005
Jenn: "Get out of bed, you f*cking bum!"

April: "Then there's Janelle in there---hungover."
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Topic #2174005
memyselfandi - Jennifer: "Kaysar don't pretend you like to sleep. I saw you up for 14 hours one day." 0 Replies #2174005 1:36PM 14/08/2005
Jennifer is taking his covers, hitting him with pillows and yelling at him to get up.

Kaysar is finally out of bed at 1:30 BB time. He says he has a headache from sleeping so much. April is b*tching at him for the two of them being so loud playing chess the night before.

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Topic #2174012
joannie - Janie has joined the outside bunch 0 Replies #2174012 1:38PM 14/08/2005
Kaysar stands in the barracks toying with his hair, staring into space.
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Topic #2174021
joannie - April and Jenn in the HOH room 0 Replies #2174021 1:40PM 14/08/2005
April: "So have you decided on the James thing yet? You haven't decided? You're indifferent?"

Jenn is noncomittal.
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Topic #2174033
strad - Jen- I need to get the easy things out of the way 0 Replies #2174033 1:43PM 14/08/2005
I NEED to get the speech written for evicting james or kaysar
Jen saying that the group keeps saying the same thing over and over about james and kaysar
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Topic #2174037
memyselfandi - April and Jenn up in HOH bathroom discussing Kaysar/James 0 Replies #2174037 1:44PM 14/08/2005
April: The deal with James if you put James up that's an easy speech.

Jennifer: If you choose Kaysar that's obviously a big speech. The hardest thing about this is making my decision so I want to get the easy ***** out of the way. Get the speeches out of the way either way it happens.

April coaching her that her Kaysar speech would be about how the other team was totally frazzled last week without him coaching him.

Jennifer: They're going to be so pissed if I put up Kaysar that they're not going to listen anything I want to say. (wants it to be short and sweet)

April argues that if Kaysar is gone the target could go to Ivette as her taking in James.

April: "We'll just play it stupid."

Jennifer says they get stupid without Kaysar so play more emotional.
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Topic #2174039
joannie - April is trying to coach Jenn on a good nomination speech for Kaysar 0 Replies #2174039 1:44PM 14/08/2005
Jenn: "They're going to be so mad if I put up Kaysar that they won't listen to what I have to say."
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Topic #2174083
joannie - Jenn and April discussing final votes 0 Replies #2174083 1:51PM 14/08/2005
Jenn: "Look at the numbers. We already know who is going to be on the jury. If it's one of us against one of 'them', then we will win."
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Topic #2174095
DALLAZMEX - april thinks she and jennifer will win in the end thanks to america's choice votes.. 1 Replies #2174095 1:52PM 14/08/2005
after last night she said "wouldn't it be funny if we just send kaysar right back out the door and say f you america"

what a bitchole!

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DALLAZMEX - they also said they have texas' vote. WTF? NT #2174110 1:53PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2174112
joannie - Jenn: "Why does America love Kaysar? Because of what he did to Eric. 0 Replies #2174112 1:53PM 14/08/2005
Now we are about to do the same thing to him."
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Topic #2174140
strad - april-beau hasnt been playing this game 0 Replies #2174140 1:54PM 14/08/2005
april- am i flying under the radar
Jen- well you give the appearance of playing the game
april I havent thought about the end till the last couple of days
if i'm up against janelle I win
Jen well they might throw a curveball and let America Vote
April only if one of the jurors drop out
Well we know America likes Kaysar
Jen because he stirred things up .Well with this nomination we will stir things up and we have Texas
Jannie is aMERICAS Bitch
so no one will vote for her
maggie says if it comes down to the 3 of us she will give it to us >But reallly she owes it to us
Getting rid of Kaysar will benefit us
N\If we have james no one will vote for james
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Topic #2174162
memyselfandi - A and Jenn debating America's feelings on game 0 Replies #2174162 1:56PM 14/08/2005
April: I really believe America would vote for us (to win). Not me and you, but the Friendship because we have played the game with integrity.

Jennifer: Not to mention we have Texas on our side. Anytime they're voting and there's someone from Texas, they win.

Jennifer: They're not going to pick Ivette. Because even though she's entertaining. She's America's bitch.

ON Maggie:
Jennifer says I'd never tell us this but she owes us.

April says they could have easily gone with Kaysar.

April: It looks like it wouldn't benefit us (to vote off Kaysar), but it would.

Jennifer thinks James has no hope that he's staying.
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Topic #2174217
joannie - April: "I trust your judgement, if you've decided on Kaysar..." 0 Replies #2174217 2:00PM 14/08/2005
Jenn: "I don't know who I've decided on yet. Sometimes I think James in the morning, and later I think Kaysar..."

April: "You have to think about what's best long term for us."
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Topic #2174251
joannie - April: "As much as I love Beau to death... 0 Replies #2174251 2:04PM 14/08/2005
...I would put him and Ivette up if it came down to us five."
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