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Topic #2171604
CruiseCritic - Maggie just said "gnight guys I love you" everyone says goodnight and 0 Replies #2171604 2:24AM 14/08/2005
they are trying to make sure that aprils butt is hanging off the bed and april says she cannot sleep on the same side all night. she wants maggie to move over and maggie starts singing "I am on the edge" and FISH.
they are back and sounds like they were scolded for singing and talk about the carpet muncher song being sung all the time
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Topic #2171608
CruiseCritic - SOunds like tommorrow (maybe?) is Maggies BDAY - they asked her what song 0 Replies #2171608 2:25AM 14/08/2005
she requested and she said she forgot to request a song
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Topic #2171609
JenJen - Jen to April: Is your ass directed in my general direction? 0 Replies #2171609 2:25AM 14/08/2005
Jen, April, Ivette and Beau jockeying for position in bed.

April says she can't sleep.


Back! They're singing Beau's Song in bed now. Everyone else must be asleep.

Talking about Maggie's birthday now. Going to sleep except for April's chattering. April says Maggie has requested Li'l Jon be played for her birthday.

April now says the "***** nightlight" is keeping her up.
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Topic #2171613
CruiseCritic - Beua just got up and turned off the HoH spycam and they all say goodnight 0 Replies #2171613 2:26AM 14/08/2005
again. april says good night to pepperoni
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Topic #2171617
JenJen - No Shoutouts! Beau yells to April as she shouts out to Pepperoni. 0 Replies #2171617 2:27AM 14/08/2005
Jen sounds like she's wheezing. April and Beau ask if she's having an asthma attack.

Housemates are quiet now.
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Topic #2171618
JenJen - April, Jen, Beau and Ivette Quiet and Sleeping! 2:28 NT 0 Replies #2171618 2:28AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171621
CruiseCritic - Quiet for a few minutes in HoH with shots of Kay and Janie on F3/4 0 Replies #2171621 2:28AM 14/08/2005
playing chess. No feeds of Howie and James in GR
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Topic #2171627
CruiseCritic - Howie talking about the dates of the show and that something is 0 Replies #2171627 2:30AM 14/08/2005
going to happen. maybe double eviction. the math shows 5 more weeks..with 7 more evictions.
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Topic #2171632
JenJen - Kaysar and Janelle playing chess. Kaysar: Are you ready to play the game? NT 0 Replies #2171632 2:31AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171635
CruiseCritic - there is a twist in there, something is going to happen...if we go 7 weeks 1 Replies #2171635 2:31AM 14/08/2005
we will be in October from this thursday. Howie says he saw a paper where it said it COULD BE 100 days
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JenJen - Howie and James talking in bed NT #2171645 2:32AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171639
CruiseCritic - its the summer of secrets says Howie, something is going to happen NT 0 Replies #2171639 2:31AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171647
CruiseCritic - Howie talks about not talking to his mom now for 6-7 weeks or so 0 Replies #2171647 2:33AM 14/08/2005
and James talking about his sister and brother
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Topic #2171654
JenJen - Kaysar and Janelle at chess, Janelle yawning, very quiet, intense but tired game NT 0 Replies #2171654 2:35AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171656
CruiseCritic - Janie and Kay playing chess and not much conversation goign on 0 Replies #2171656 2:35AM 14/08/2005
right now and all you can hear is general chitchat with Howie and James in the GR
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Topic #2171682
CruiseCritic - James says there is a lot at stake here and talks about trying to keep 0 Replies #2171682 2:41AM 14/08/2005
himself and sarah safe. Howie says blind-date and elimidate different. James telling howie he expects to win but what do you want to come out of this. h says he plays to win and have fun. james asks if he expects notoriety. H says he didnt expect to become famous BC of the show. James tells him he will be recognized. Howie realizes that. he wants to still be a meteorologist...that is his plan in life. James saying not even 100 ppl have done this show. they figure it is 78. Howie says they are part of a unique group like the army. (what?)
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Topic #2171685
JenJen - James to Howie: "Can we expect some notoreity out of this stuff?" 0 Replies #2171685 2:42AM 14/08/2005
Howie: "Maybe if you write a book as James of Big Brother. I don't know to expect too much. But millions of people watch this show and people will recognize you. I want to be a meterologist, so it can't hurt me."

James: "Only 100 people can say they've been on Big Brother."

Howie: "It's like the Marines or Navy. A brotherhood."

(((Ed: Ummm.... no. It's not.)))
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Topic #2171687
CruiseCritic - Janie just says "i love playing chess with you, it is so fun" to Kaysar NT 0 Replies #2171687 2:42AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171693
CruiseCritic - James talking about the BB group really is a brotherhood and talk now about Hardy 0 Replies #2171693 2:44AM 14/08/2005
and going in his club. James asks about Janie and Janie knows Hardy. More talk about Jase...
james says that AMerica thinks that they know you from watching this show.
Comparing knowing MJ and we dont know what kind of cereal Micheal Jordan eats, but AMerica knows what we eat.
they now switch to talk of april farting...and now janie
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Topic #2171695
JenJen - Howie seems to have connections to previous seasons. 0 Replies #2171695 2:45AM 14/08/2005
Claims to know Jase, for example. Hints at Belly Bar.

James: "America thinks they know you. We all fart. The girls fart all the time. Janelle was letting them rip."

Howie: "Jen will not fart in front of you. Some girls refuse to say they poop, too."

James: "When I first started dating a girl, I would never take a ***** at her house."
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Topic #2171699
CruiseCritic - Kay saying to Janie "this is really a good game" they are playing intently with 0 Replies #2171699 2:46AM 14/08/2005
not much conversation. Howie and James now talking about taking a dump and how they dont do it on dates. Howie says he would hate to see a woman take a dump. James says he and sarah have 3 BRs and one he uses for dumps only.
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Topic #2171702
JenJen - FISHY TIME!!! NT 0 Replies #2171702 2:46AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171703
CruiseCritic - James brings up website and FISH NT 0 Replies #2171703 2:47AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171707
CruiseCritic - Feeds back to shot of empty LR couches/empty kit table and Janie and Kay on F3/4 playing chess NT 0 Replies #2171707 2:49AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171711
JenJen - Elimination Room, Table, Kaysar + Janelle chess on all cams NT 0 Replies #2171711 2:49AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171751
JenJen - Kaysar and Janelle having an intimate conversation while playing chess. 0 Replies #2171751 3:11AM 14/08/2005
Kaysar: I'll give a speech at your wedding. You'll have lots of beautiful children running around. Your house will be perfect and he'll take good care of you. You'll wake up every morning to him whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

What are you concerned about?

Janelle: I'm just covering my fat! What are you concerned about, Kaysar?

Kaysar: I don't know. Should I be...

Janelle: Yes!

Kaysar: I'm concerned about your happiness, Janelle. Whether you and Michael will live happily ever after.

Janelle: Quit teasing me!! You shouldn't make fun of my feelings.

Kaysar: No, I'm not.

Janelle: Yes, you are.

Kaysar: Let's just have good conversation, Janelle. (seems buzzed) What do you want to know?

Janelle: Nothing.
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