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Topic #2171956
carly - Feeds back briefly - Kay is saying "I hate messing up. I'm such a failure." NT 1 Replies #2171956 5:08AM 14/08/2005
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carly - Now they've said their goodnights and Kaysar is praying. NT #2171959 5:10AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2172023
joannadanna - All asleep 0 Replies #2172023 5:41AM 14/08/2005
Jennifer rolling in sleep appears restless

Kasar Sound asleep
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Topic #2172037
CougarSpy - This is the latter part of the conversation that took place between Kaysar and Janelle before we went to FISH ~ 4:40 am BBT 2 Replies #2172037 5:49AM 14/08/2005
[Earlier Kaysar was going on about Jennifer. It appears that a lightbulb went off in his head that she was going to screw them. I'm going to try and transcribe it and post it. This is the later part of the conversation up until FISH]

K – There is no sense in stressing out………I got to stick to my gut….What I did from the beginning was play it cool, just be nice to everybody. You’ll make friends in the most unlikely places. You’re doing a great job with Ivette and Beau. I’ll continue to be nice to Maggie. We were in the gym like, you know what Maggie, and it’s so much easier being nice. She’s like yeah, it’s such a relief. I’m like dude; you don’t know how much respect I have for you. I like talking to you and same here. It was like…perfect. So it’s like if we play that card and they see him (James) always like groveling, doing lots of bullsh#t, it’s just going to make him look bad. There gonna, there gonna feel so guilty when this is over, they won’t even do it. You know, so, let’s just hope for the best and continue to do what we are doing. Hopefully we can make it out of this week.
J – I know.
K – We just have to have a lot of faith in god too.
J – I hope it works. I can’t wait till the competition ….the veto meeting…. Two weeks later it’s stupid. It’s really f***’n stupid.
K – I don’t know.

J – <J burps> Excuse me. Geeze!
K – You’re not tired?
J – I guess. <something about not setting a clock tonight???>
K – I know, but believe me, I’ll come back at 6:55.
J – Giggle laughs
K – your like I know…I was sleeping at like the foot of the bed.
J – You were? Why?
K – I swear. I fell asleep.
J – Are you serious? Why?
K – Remember when you were walking over me and stuff?
J – Hmmm
K – That’s when I fell asleep.
J – I thought why didn’t you sleep in the bed.
K – Well, okay…
J – Was it Howie in bed?
K – Howie was there.
J – Okay
K – I woke up a couple of times and there was a big foot, Howie’s foot right here. <Kaysar puts his hand up on his forehead where Howie had his foot>
J – Oh god! That is so nasty. <Kaysar laughs>
K – And then I woke up later….uh, like at 6:50…and I tried to crawl in bed next to you…because it was easy…and you were sprawled out…like all over the whole thing <Kaysar outstretches both arms like he’s laying in bed to show Janelle how she looked> You wouldn’t move…so, I was like forget that. I went I won’t sleep anymore.
J – Giggles
K – Giggle laughs…So I went to the bathroom to like wash my face and I was like washing and you came up with little biddy (squinty) eyes <Kaysar puts his thumb and forefinger together and puts him up to his eyes to show Janelle how she looked> laughs
J – Says something about morning and I didn’t want to look
J – What day is it? <both laughing> I can’t take this anymore…
K – Where am I? Why am I here…

<Kaysar moves in toward Janelle> J – What?
Kaysar whispering in Janelle’s ear – I found it out, you and me, are ???? Janelle pulls away and laughs…
J – Dork, are you serious?
K – Yeah
J – You’re such a dork
K – Don’t say anything
Kaysar was going on about there were people lined up at the door knocking. Janelle asks, “are you serious?” Kaysar says something about Janelle too. She asks about Howie and Kaysar said he didn’t know. Janelle asks who…Kaysar, “trust me…” FISH
[It was hard to hear their whispering. Above are some of the words I made out. It sounded like people on the outside were telling Kaysar about the popularity of Janelle and Kaysar…]
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CougarSpy - Back from FISH: J - …thank you… K - I did it, I started the conversation #2172062 6:18AM 14/08/2005
J – Oh f***’n Kaysar, who cares.
K – I hate messing up. <Pause> D@mmit! ??????
J – I’m the buxom blonde
K – Serious
J – I’m going to be very buxom tomorrow
[Both Janelle and Kaysar are making more comments about the buxom blonde.]
K – D@mmit! Sorry guys…don’t hold it against me. It’s late and I’m acting stupid.

J - …any minute…
K – <Standing> I’ll go to bed after I pray.
<Sound of camera’s whirling around>
K – These guys are funny.
J – All right, let’s go to bed.
K - …you go to bed.
J – All right…Good night, thank you sir <Janelle gets up and goes over and gives Kaysar a hug. They hug each other tightly like old friends do.>
K – All right, have good nights sleep
J – Thank you…See you, good night…
<They both walk into the community bedroom and Kaysar starts chanting…>
K – Buxom, buxom bosom blonde
<Kaysar grabs his mat and Janelle is trying to get into gold room…she says something inaudible to me and Kaysar says, “Wait, wait, wait...” He helps Janelle open door. She enters gold room and Kaysar heads out to living area and sets down his mat.

He goes into the bathroom and slicks back parts of his hair with water, splashes water on his face and arms. He then dries them with a towel.

Kaysar prays… His prayer rug is a beautifully woven tapestry rug. The fringe is a beige/ecru and the tapestry itself is mostly a moss green color.

After prayer, Kaysar puts his prayer rug away and climbs into one of the beds in the community room. >

[I might have changed or left out a few words in this transcript, but this is the gist of it.]

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CougarSpy - This is bits and parts of Kaysar and Janelle’s early morning conversation about Jennifer. This occurred prior to my postings above. #2172076 6:39AM 14/08/2005
He was very agitated talking about Jennifer during this conversation. [My real player crashed, but luckily I was taking notes when it was going on.]

K - Jenny is one psychotic f****d up bitch. There is something wrong with her.
J or K - The power is in the hands of a crazy girl right now. Let’s hope she doesn’t f**k it up. F****’n bitch.

She has a

K - Do you think Rachel is getting annoyed with me?

I just got this feeling today.

Not in that sense, she seems a little agitated.

K - I want to get rid of James so bad
J – What?
K - I want to get rid of James so bad.
J - Me too.

K - Unbelievable.

K – What are you thinking about?
J – What?
K – What are you thinking?
J – What if she puts Howie up?
K – They got to get James out. That would be so f****’n dumb…

K – We have to continue to be nice to them. Tomorrow we got a dumb birthday. We’ll have to be nice to Maggie. Maybe she’ll give us some information. That f****’n bitch.
J –
K – She f****’n lied to me (Jennifer)

J - <Mocking Jennifer.> Kaysar, why do you keep asking? Don’t you trust me?

K - She’ll say and do anything. She’s just like a puppet
J – She’s retarded
K – I’m nervous about this.

K – I really can’t see her doing anything out of the ordinary. If she does, she knows we’ll be gunning for her.

J – I think she has multiply personalities
K – I don’t know what she has.

J – They probably broke up four years ago. He’s trying to hide from the f****”n bitch.

4:43 am BBT - Janelle goes to use bathroom.

J -….do you know what I mean
K – <Talking about what he’s going to say to Jenny> I know you wanted a picture of Dan. Are you going to follow through? <Mocking Jennifer> Of course Kaysar, anything you say.

Kaysar relaying story to Janelle about James saying he has the most stress in the house. He had to worry about himself and Sarah’s feelings. Howie responded, “Whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger bro”. <Janelle starts laughing> you could hear the silence… The look on James’s face and then all of a sudden there was dead silence.

K - My God, can you imagine us two and Howie, this 35 year old clown. Oh jeeza…

[Sorry folks! This was a very good conversation accept for lots of F-words. I left a lot out and only typed bits and pieces as I listened to it. When I went back to try and transcribe it to the best of my ability, my Real Player crashed….grrrrr]

I need to note also, that Janelle told Kaysar about how April and Jennifer were really mad at Ivette. They brought this up to Howie and her and said they wanted to get Ivette out (Evict Ivette instead of Sarah). Yet later they changed their minds and denied it ever happened...I'm really sorry...it was a good conversation. Both Kaysar and Janelle realize now that Jennifer might as they put it, f**k them over.
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Topic #2172364
valentine - The Sandman is In The House 0 Replies #2172364 8:47AM 14/08/2005
and every single one of them is sacked out.

Kaysar is sleeping on his back.

There are a lot of lumps under blankets.
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pooh5983 - Still sleeping NT 0 Replies #2172451 9:02AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2172500
valentine - Ivette Got Up 0 Replies #2172500 9:09AM 14/08/2005
from her bed on the HOH floor.

The camera zoomed in and out on her empty place next to Beau under the white down blankets, but doesn't show us where she went.
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Topic #2172513
valentine - Now She's Back and Slips Silently into Place 0 Replies #2172513 9:11AM 14/08/2005
on the floor.

Beau is next to her and has covered up his head with a sheet. Or a shower cap, I can't tell which.

Whereever Ivette went, she didn't make a sound.
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Topic #2172630
pooh5983 - still in sleepland NT 0 Replies #2172630 9:32AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2172743
Pistol_Pete - All sawing logs... 0 Replies #2172743 10:00AM 14/08/2005
It looks like Maggot is talking in her sleep. No sound though.
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BlueDiva - Howie is up. NT 0 Replies #2172785 10:08AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2172808
ciaobella76 - Howie is awake, goes to WC, washes hands, brushes teeth, goes outside says its freezing, now in SR with Rach. 1 Replies #2172808 10:11AM 14/08/2005
H: i beat you up today RayRay!
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ciaobella76 - H: but i think i'm going back to sleep. He goes back in bed with Janie in GR NT #2172820 10:13AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2172824
moosiecoosie - Howie back to bed NT 0 Replies #2172824 10:13AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2172865
makmadden - Rachel up and doing laundry...rest are asleep NT 0 Replies #2172865 10:20AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2172895
moosiecoosie - Rach outside eating breakfast NT 0 Replies #2172895 10:33AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2172947
bama_chevygal - Rachel finished eating. Rachel sits there, sounds like she is crying. Gets up goes back inside with dishes. NT 0 Replies #2172947 10:45AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2172989
bama_chevygal - Rachel in shower NT 0 Replies #2172989 10:53AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2173024
teetee - Rachel goes into bathroom stall and closes the door to blow her nose, then comes out. NT 0 Replies #2173024 11:04AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2173026
virdee - Rachel is brushing her teeth NT 0 Replies #2173026 11:06AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2173054
virdee - Rachel is playing with her mic NT 0 Replies #2173054 11:13AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2173074
seezall - Rachel folding laundry NT 0 Replies #2173074 11:19AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2173083
virdee - recap 0 Replies #2173083 11:21AM 14/08/2005
Rachel is playing with her mic
Rachel is brushing her teeth Rachel goes into bathroom stall and closes the door to blow her nose, then comes out.
10 am
Rachel in shower NT Rachel finished eating. Rachel sits there, sounds like she is crying. Gets up goes back inside with dishes.Rach outside eating breakfast Rachel up and doing laundry...rest are asleep
Howie back to bedHowie is awake, goes to WC, washes hands, brushes teeth, goes outside says its freezing, now in SR with Rach.
H: i beat you up today RayRay!
H: but i think i'm going back to sleep. He goes back in bed with Janie in GR Howie is up.
All sawing logs... -
It looks like Maggot is talking in her sleep. No sound though.

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Topic #2173091
virdee - on f2 some 1 is snoring i think is april or jani? NT 0 Replies #2173091 11:23AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2173111
virdee - rey say d@mn it NT 0 Replies #2173111 11:28AM 14/08/2005
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virdee - now fish sound NT 0 Replies #2173114 11:28AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2173125
virdee - now fish NT 0 Replies #2173125 11:29AM 14/08/2005
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