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Topic #2170699
SeaFan - Kaysar, Howie, Jan and Racheal in hotub, talking about Jen backstabing NT 0 Replies #2170699 12:25AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2170703
SeaFan - James in HOH begging Friendship to save him-- they are buying it NT 0 Replies #2170703 12:25AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2170724
ejj1955 - Rachel, Howie, Kaysar in hot tub now. Janelle sitting by the side. (Long) 0 Replies #2170724 12:28AM 14/08/2005
Kaysar going over his convo with Maggie a bit, saying she asked him if anyone asked about their convo; he told her two people and she was surprised more people didn't.
Kaysar: They're afraid of me, they don't want me here.
Howie: Yeah they are.
They talk about how Jenn is frustrated because she's still not getting attention despite being HOH, she didn't even get to run a food comp this week.
Howie: She's dry and bland. . . . She's inconsistent.
Rachel: Could be why they picked her.
Howie: Silent but deadly.
Rachel talks about how they are obsessed with the sequester house.
Janelle goes in the house.
Kaysar: They are all women, they are all driven by their emotions.
Kaysar says James is playing on their emotions.

Howie mentions talking to Maggie, but both Rachel and Kaysar say to let it go. Kaysar says let James struggle on like a fish out of water, it just makes him look bad.

Kaysar says that he told Maggie about talking to Jenn and April, saying to them it's okay they went back on their promise, the goal is still to get James out; Maggie said, what promise? Kaysar was like, you don't know?

Janelle comes back, reports that James is still up there. Let him sleep up there, Kaysar says.
Kaysar still convinced Jenn won't stick it to him.
They start talking about April being a basket case, Ivette talks to April the same way James does.
Janelle brings up again, what if they don't nominate him? Others dismiss this. She suggests they ask if the deal is still good; others say, no, that shows less trust. (ed note: Janelle is the Cassandra of this group.)
Rachel says again, they are set on the sequester house, they don't want to be stuck in there with James. Brings up Jenn's desire to pay off her credit cards, says that's her first objective. They say that Jenn wants the glory of taking out James.
Rachel says she can have the glory, she can have the sequester house, too, she'll be happy to send her there!
Kaysar says you can tell by looking at Jenn that she's boiling inside, she's pissed, she hasn't gotten the attention she wanted.
They agree that she's insecure.
Quiet moment . . . Rachel looks great in her bathing suit; Kaysar is very hot; Howie is wearing his manties again; Janelle all bundled up in a sweater, but beautiful as always.
They try to figure who James would put up if he were HOH. Think he has the most hatred for Maggie.
Kaysar notes that they (the other side) can't think about what might happen because there are too many variables.
Howie notes that he was like that when he was HOH; the other side got to him first.
Kaysar says they wouldn't have done that to anyone else, don't take this the wrong way, Howie, but you're too nice to them.
Howie says he wants to make April take a DOR.
Janelle looks tired, not saying much. All quiet for the moment.
Howie saying if there's another endurance, he'll go for 24 hours.
Rachel says, you say that, but you weren't holding that button.
Kaysar said his body was shutting down; Rachel says hers was too.

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Topic #2170757
SeaFan - Kaysar talking about April and how she is crazy... 0 Replies #2170757 12:31AM 14/08/2005
talking about how the game is an extension of life. Kaysar says its so hummiliating that he has to deal with this stuff. Howie says its all James fault.
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Topic #2170862
ejj1955 - More hot tub talk: 0 Replies #2170862 12:42AM 14/08/2005
Kaysar: It's so humiliating to have to listen to these people. (he just mentioned April)
Howie blames it on James, it's his fault.
Rachel brings up that Sarah was drunk night of the pinata competition.

Janelle heads off to the kitchen again, says she's hungry.

Further James bashing.

Kaysar: Whatever. We're fine, guys, we're fine.

Howie says he'll hate the others for the rest of his life, eternally, if they don't stick to the deal.
Kaysar wants to make April cry.
Howie is blaming them for running the show when he was HOH and then treating him crappy now they have it.
Kaysar says April assured him they were going to stick to the deal.

Howie says it's nice, the hot tub is the perfect temp; also, they got their boy Kaysar back.

Rachel thinks BB rigged the veto comp in their favor because it was so much like coasters and they were the ones who played it the most.
Howie says he didn't play that well because he was so tired. (Note: earlier Rachel said that she wanted Howie to win it, that would have been better than having her win it.)
Janelle: I just have a bad feeling.
Others say, oh, yeah, we all do.
They agree they understand what Jenn did, they would have put up their own, either.
Jan: Kaysar, what if she nominates you?
Kaysar: Then I'm going home.
Rachel goes back to her sequester house theory, how they don't want James there.
Janelle says they should tell Ivette that James was the one running around campaigning for her to go (note: she was up against his girlfriend, I don't think Ivette would be that bothered).

Going in circles again, talking about James.

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Topic #2170887
DraftKing - James is getting grilled by Cappy's Cult 0 Replies #2170887 12:45AM 14/08/2005
Right now James is getting grilled by Cappy's Cult in the HOH room, like something out of the "final two" interview process. James is promising anything and everything to get them to take his side.

James: "I don't respect them (Kaysar's side) as players... I don't respect them on a personal level, and I don't respect them on a game level." He's laying it on thick. Ivette is taking James' side hard (no surprise); there's some skepticism from others. Jennifer is asking some rather pointed questions about him not saying that they (the Cult) went back on their word later. Maggie seems to be the hardest against James, though she's picking her spots carefully to bring up her issues/problems with James.

James is now getting frustrated. "Jennifer, you're making me answer the question over and over," an exasperated James said.
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Topic #2170894
ejj1955 - Rachel: Why'd we move here? What were we thinking? NT 0 Replies #2170894 12:46AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2170978
ferretkiss - part of james plea to hoh group 0 Replies #2170978 12:54AM 14/08/2005
jam: i mean these are 4 people who tried to attack me on a personal level.
apr; you understand howie and rachel and janelle will come back, its a numbers game, kaysers always saying its a numbers game, us we are not into the numbers game, we are just here to enjoy everybodys friendship.
jam: i dont respect them on a persoal level, i dont respect them on a game level. probably the same way you guys dont respect me. i cant go back and change everything ive done.
jen: obviously we cant trust you, (lies about "them" trying to keep ivette)
jam: if they come to me im not willing to put myself on that level. its not about if they come to me, i cannot work with them, thats what has broken me down emotionally. i cant be on their team.
mag: thats very interesting. you say because of sar you cannot be on their team. shouldnt i be able to say because of eric i cannot be on your team. whats the difference.
jam: there may be no difference.

jam: one of the things sar and i talked about before she left, sar told me that she wants me to team up with maggie.
jen asks a question.
jam: you keep asking the question over and over.
jen: its the first time ive asked this question.

the question is something about james linknig up with maggie.
james is being very defensive.
hoh people are questioning him pretty hard.

jam: ill have my answer thursday when i either stay or go. i want to play this game for the fun of it. its beyond me on a level that you guys trusted rachel/howie/janelle.
jen: its not about trusting them, its that we cant trust you. dont think that we trust them.
apr speaks up that they can never trust them.

jen: us saying to kayser ill do wahtever you want. i said what do you want kayser, and he said exatly what i wanted to do.
apr: if we did what they wanted to do, iv wouldnt be here this week, period [ed: ugh].

james says that he respects the way they (hoh group) play the game and he would love to be part of the team.

jen says they know where the other people stand but cant trust james (words to that effect).

jam says that the stress of sarah being put up caused him to do things that he is sorry about. april takes this opportunity to talk about respecting ourselves, stay true to yourself, i really belive that is what our families want to see, what your family wants tosee.
jam says he wants the opportunity to make things right. we are tempted by money and things all the time. but he is playing for something greater now.

apr:money will be gone before you know it.
jam talks about the relationships he has are worth more than money. wants a chance to prove himself after his realization. has to lay it out to you guys. knows he is not the most liked person.

beau has not said anythign.

james keeps repeating himself , talking a lot.
mag suggests do you guys want to talk, (suggesting james should go in notsomanywords).

they say thanks for coming to talk to us. april is up getting a hug from him. now ivette is.

james leaves.

april starts to talkabout what if james stays... he couldnot be part of our major group. not going to sleep up here. etc.............

still talking as if they are undecided.............

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Topic #2171214
Zara - Janelle "do u think Michael still likes me?" 0 Replies #2171214 1:20AM 14/08/2005
Kaysar says yeah..cuz ur perfect
and Janelle is worried about him dating other girls and says Michael might call her his one night stand. Kaysar says "then that's ur problem!" hehehe
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Topic #2171232
ejj1955 - The usual delusion takes over in the HOH room: 0 Replies #2171232 1:21AM 14/08/2005
They're talking about winning HOH for several weeks running--should they take out Kaysar now, how soon do they take out James? Do they want to invite him to sleep in the HOH room next week? or keep him out of the inner circle?

They talk about taking out Rachel, and maybe Howie; April says to keep Janelle because they can manipulate her.

Jenn says when you're a parent, you almost want to die before your kids because you don't want to be without them.
Maggie: That's exactly how I feel about you guys. (Ed note: I throw up a little here.)

More lovefest follows.
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Topic #2171255
ejj1955 - OMG. James and Ivette playing chess; April comes out to give James a goodnight kiss (on the cheek). Good lord. NT 2 Replies #2171255 1:25AM 14/08/2005
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DebbieInc - That was JENNIFER who gave James the hug, then said she's going to sleep ! NT #2171327 1:35AM 14/08/2005
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awshucks - April did give James a kiss on the cheek though before she went (back?) into HoH NT #2171404 1:46AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171460
danieldaniel - primping 0 Replies #2171460 1:55AM 14/08/2005
H flosses loudly.
Jan applies cream/lotion to her face.
K showers and combs his hair.

K: Janelle, win HOH this week!
J: I will, if I'm still here.
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Topic #2171494
CruiseCritic - everyone in HoH awake and talking up a storm, Janie on couch in LR reading bible and Kay washing his face in BR NT 0 Replies #2171494 2:04AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171497
CruiseCritic - Beau and Ivette are sleeping on the floor in HoH and Ivette 0 Replies #2171497 2:05AM 14/08/2005
saying it is sooo hot-they tell her to get out from out of the covers. APril saying poor Jenny has this room and I have gas. talking about Aprils gas. Talking that APrils fart made Jenny and Maggier sit right up in bed and Mags says that the fart PUSHED her out of bed
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Topic #2171510
CruiseCritic - Looks like James in one bed in GR and Howie is in the other one 0 Replies #2171510 2:07AM 14/08/2005
F1/2 both on the HoH room. Kay and Janie not on any feeds.
Howie says his lifestyle never let him watch the show BC of his lifestyle with work, school and softball league. he plays ball on wednesday nights
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Topic #2171526
CruiseCritic - Lots of laughing and talking in HoH room. Jenn talking that she wants to be a host as 0 Replies #2171526 2:09AM 14/08/2005
she is the only girl who has not hosted anything on the show.
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Topic #2171529
CruiseCritic - James said he got Craig Ericksons autograph... NT 0 Replies #2171529 2:10AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171537
CruiseCritic - FISH NT 0 Replies #2171537 2:11AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171549
CruiseCritic - Feeds back and Kay is in kitchen praying and Janie on couch in LR reading bible and APril 0 Replies #2171549 2:13AM 14/08/2005
just asked HoH room if she looks like she is married. hear the answer no. April says she is a "cool wife"
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Topic #2171562
CruiseCritic - Jen is inbetween Maggie and April in the HoH bed and April is 0 Replies #2171562 2:16AM 14/08/2005
complaining that her butt is hanging off the bed..and wants maggie to move. April just said she has to fart real quick and outside of the covers. Maggie tells her to get the F out of the bed. APril asking Ivette if she would please sleep in the bed and let april sleep on floor next to beau. ivette got up and Beau panicked..he does not want april laying next to him with her gas.
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Topic #2171574
CruiseCritic - Ivette just covered up her face and said it smells so bad..Jen and MAggie say that they 0 Replies #2171574 2:17AM 14/08/2005
are not breathing. April asking Ivette to get in bed..Ivette said it will be at least 15 mintues before she gets in there. someone tells Ap to go downstairs. she says no. APril says she is not *******ing- she has a big gas bubble in her stomach
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Topic #2171579
JenJen - The houseguests are talking about Beano, and gas, and whatnot. 0 Replies #2171579 2:18AM 14/08/2005
Predictably, April is the ringleader. April says she doesn't want to be known as "The Farter of Big Brother." Ivette suggests she asks BB for Beano instead of cigs.

All four cams are on the bedrooms...
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Topic #2171581
CruiseCritic - APril asked if everyone thinks she wants to be known as the "farter" on BB NT 0 Replies #2171581 2:18AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171589
CruiseCritic - Maggie just says "oh april- holy shi*" and april just said she hasnt farted again 0 Replies #2171589 2:20AM 14/08/2005
there is a lot of laughing...Ivette just got up and opened the door. APril just asked her if she was sleeping upstaris and Iv said "not if you are going to keep burning holes in the sheets"
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Topic #2171600
CruiseCritic - Janie and Kay are playing chess as feeds leave Howie and James still 0 Replies #2171600 2:22AM 14/08/2005
wake and talking in GR. Beau, mags, jen and Ap still in HoH and talking. april just said "I lvoe you maggie" and talking how ap had gas and maggie woke up out of a dead sleep and had to put her head in her pillow. Ivette has just come back to HoH and is nack on floor next to Beau
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